PRODUCT OVERVIEWOpenText TeamSiteCreate individualized omnichannel digital experiences securely at scale with afuture-proof, headless web content management systemDrive loyalty withindividualized andoptimized digitalexperiencesDelivering meaningful digital content to customers on theirdevice of choice is no longer nice to have, it is expected. Withdigital teams collaborating on the business and technical sidesof an organization to generate these relevant experiences,users require the right tool to easily execute tasks.Improve productivityand collaborationwith AI and machinelearningIntegrate with anysoftware, includingmarketing automationand analyticsSecurely deployin the cloud andensure complianceOpenText TeamSite enables non-technical users to easily contribute to pageand content creation, allowing developers to prioritize high-value IT projects.Its sophisticated architecture is flexible enough to accommodate the specificneeds of any organization. TeamSite simplifies the process of managing contentacross all marketing channels, including websites, mobile platforms, email, social,eCommerce, composite applications, collaboration sites and portals. From a singleinterface, users can author, test and target content, localize, manage rich media,design websites and mobile applications and publish content.Streamline publishingWith drag-and-drop tools and in-context editing, users can create and publishdigital experiences without IT assistance, reducing time to market for newcampaigns. Organized by projects, Experience Studio, TeamSite’s user interface,enables users to collaborate throughout the creation and publishing process andconfigure the workflow to suit each team’s needs. This ensures all content meetsbusiness standards before it goes live.

Create once, instantly use anywhere"With OpenText TeamSite,eight people manage18,000 pages in 15different languages for 20TeamSite is headless, allowing users to work on a single platform to publishcontent optimized for individual channels, including mobile devices, wearables,webpages, social networks and more. TeamSite offers organizations content itemsto automatically repurpose content for any platform, saving time and resources andensuring brand consistency.different vacation clubsDeliver outstanding omnichannel experiencesand member audiencesUsers can see how the content will appear on a range of devices, from mobilephones to in-store digital displays, before it goes live and customize it on-theglass. TeamSite detects the type of mobile device being used and only delivers thecontent appropriate to it.with segmentation andpersonalization. That’s anabsurd amount of leverageto gain from a contentmanagement platform."Ed O’ConnorDirector of Global Ecommerceand Digital MarketingWyndham Destination NetworkProvide individualization at scaleTeamSite connects to native and third-party systems to analyze customer data, suchas profile information from a CRM, geographic location, clickstream data, referralURL and transaction history. Combining TeamSite with other OpenText solutions,businesses can understand customer behavior to provide realtime, personalizedcontent in context, including offers, related topics and microsites, and enable targetingto create better experiences and drive revenue.Create content intelligentlyThe solution allows users to edit content quickly, repurpose existing assets anddeliver information to audiences faster with artificial intelligence and machinelearning. Users can build pages faster with relevant content suggestions andleverage OpenText Magellan to summarize longform content and customize iton-the-glass before publication. TeamSite also enriches information (metadata)about media assets using rich media analysis (AI/ML) for accurate and consistenttags, saving time and ensuring content can be easily identified for use in targetedmarketing and personalization activities.Optimize online experiences based on visitor behaviorIntegrated with OpenText Optimost and OpenText Magellan Data Discovery, userscan improve segmentation and targeting. Test combinations of copy, offers, layouts andmore to determine the best design to quickly adapt to changes in visitor preferences.Personalized, dynamic,omnichannel experiencesAuthoringDeploymentExperience Studio Easy-to-use user interface Powered by OpenText TeamSite OpenText OpenDeployRuntimeOpenText LiveSite Content Services REST APIsOpenText LiveSite Display Services Presentation tierPublishingworkflowOpenText TeamSite overviewOpenText TeamSite2/5

OpenText TeamSite featuresIntuitive user interfaceExperience Studio includes drag-and-drop tools and on-the-glass (WYSIWYG)editing capabilitiesCentralized managementManage content from a single location and instantly deliver it to any displayMulti-channel formsDrag-and-drop form creation for internal content creation and external sitecontent collectionMulti-channel presentationPreview content as it will appear on nearly any device, edit images and text on-theglass to customize content by device and create custom groups to test content oncommon devices prior to going live with the mobile emulatorMobile-first approachUse a template design that is mobile-ready with responsive design out-of-the-box,create and design content for hybrid apps and automatically generate a mobile appand publish updates without having to republish and generate app notificationsIntelligent content creationLeverage artificial intelligence to repurpose longform content, receive relevantcontent suggestions with indexing and metadata analysis and automatically tag richmedia assets upon upload or on-demandTranslation automationLocalize content and view realtime translations from Google Translate; workflowconnects with in-house or third-party approversAsset managementBuilt-in asset management; drag and drop assets from a desktop and applypermissions to control access; deliver high performing rich media experiences byusing adaptive media deliverySocial and campaign managementCurate campaign-ready content to incorporate in customer-facing communications;utilize campaign management capabilities for Twitter and emailPersonalizationTarget visitors with relevant customer experiences; automatically extract metadataand organize content, including keyword suggestions, for website search, dynamicpersonalization and SEOOptimizationBuild and manage different versions of the same page to generate the mosteffective user experiences via A/B and multivariate testing; target Cloud Segmentswith OpenText Optimost integrationEvent trackingTrack events anywhere on the page for customer journey mapping; integrates withOpenText Core Experience Insights to view and analyze dataContent source frameworkCreate and collaborate in a preferred content source platform or enterprisecontent management solution; Google Team Drive and OpenText Content Serverconnections are available out-of-the-boxURL ManagementAssign a permalink (vanity URL) to pages and items; localize URLs to matchaudience's language and improve region-specific SEOTemplate-driven content creationDesign pages easily with WYSIWYG editing and predefined templates; automaticallycomponentize and convert HTML from creative agencies into TeamSite templatesProject-based organization of information Gain a multi-site and multi-project-based view of content, templates, websites andresources to promote collaboration and reuse of assetsSearch, sort and filterOpenText TeamSiteUse pre-built widgets and connectors to enable website indexing and crawling tosupport website search capabilities, including faceted search and recommendations3/5

OpenText TeamSite featuresPre-built functionalityChoose from a comprehensive library to quickly build lead generation forms,site search, dynamic hyperlinking and targeted promotions; out-of-the-box toolsinclude video, image and content item listsTotal complianceRollback to previous versions on-demand; robust tracking for regulated industriesout-of-the-boxContainerization for the cloudScale production instances with Docker containers; patch or upgrade instanceswithout losing data, content and customizationsConnect to any softwareTeamSite can be configured for seamless integration with software, connectingan entire MarTech stack, including preferred analytics, campaign managementand targeting tools, to protect existing software investments and simplify thelearning curve for CMS users. When paired with a Single Sign-On solution, such asOpenText Directory Services, Experience Studio becomes a dashboard to launchintegrations, saving time and simplifying the user experience.Do more with rich media assetsIn addition to built-in asset management capabilities, TeamSite also integrates withOpenText Media Management for more robust requirements. This allows users toimport, reference and publish approved, compliant digital assets to take advantage ofadaptive media delivery, as well as asset performance tracking.Manage content more efficientlyTeamSite provides a robust set of dependency management services to trackasset relationships. Updating the master asset automatically alerts the ownersof the local variations to update the asset through a workflow, allowing users tochoose an automated translation service or translate it manually using in-houselanguage authors.Enhance security and authentication and save moneyTeamSite’s proprietary web versioning technology archives copies of individualassets and entire sites so users can compare, track or rollback any part of a websiteto remain compliant with industry regulations. Workflow automation also streamlineslabor-intensive archiving. OpenText provides its customers with a free enterprisegrade Single Sign On (SSO) solution, providing two-factor authentication for users tolog in easily across all their enterprise products.Become more agile with the cloudOpenText TeamSite Cloud offers digital experience management to removethe burden of everyday operation and maintenance. The fast and economicaldeployment provides immediate access to the latest tools for content authoringand management, testing, optimization and analytics. Updates are automatic andIT colleagues can pursue more strategic initiatives. OpenText Managed Servicesoffers a fully managed, subscription service delivering improved performance andavailability for TeamSite Cloud.OpenText TeamSite4/5

Rely on a solution that delivers resultsLearn moreJoin the conversationSee the demoTeamSite powers more than 10,000 websites across the globe for some of theworld’s most successful companies. OpenText CEM solutions empower organizationsto understand and engage audiences, reach new customer segments and deliverdynamic and personal experiences across every channel. With a portfolio of industryleading products, OpenText helps businesses increase revenue, conversion rates andcustomer satisfaction.Associated service options available OpenText Consulting Services OpenText Managed Services OpenText Learning ServicesTeamSite helps organizations future-proof their digital presence. With minimalfinancial investment, it establishes a strong foundation for an entire customerexperience platform. As a connected, headless CMS, TeamSite delivers a strong userexperience for internal users and customized interactions on any device for externalvisitors. Recognized by analysts and customers for its superior authenticationabilities, scalability and security, TeamSite continues to be trusted worldwide.About OpenTextOpenText, The Information Company, enables organizations to gain insight throughmarket leading information management solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. Formore information about OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTEX) visit: with us: OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea’s blog Twitter 2021 Open Text. All Rights Reserved. Trademarks owned by Open Text.For more information, visit: on 08.21 18564.EN5/5

glass. TeamSite detects the type of mobile device being used and only delivers the content appropriate to it. Provide individualization at scale TeamSite connects to native and third-party systems to analyze customer data, such as profile information from a CRM, geographic location, clickstream data, referral URL and transaction history.