APRIL 16-19, 2020at theDoubleTreeby Hilton HotelSan Antonio DowntownJoin your fellow cemeteriansfor 2-1/2 days of learning,networking and reflection:2020Exploring CatholicCemetery OperationsSan Antonio, TXRites, Rituals andBurial GuidelinesDeveloping CemeteryRules and RegulationsForms and Record KeepingAccounting and FinanceLegal AwarenessStrategic Marketing andDevelopment IdeasWE GLADLY INVITE STAFFFROM ALL AREAS OFCEMETERY OPERATION:PASTORAL CARE,ADMINISTRATION, SALES,MAINTENANCE ANDCUSTOMER SERVICE.ECCO

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!We have all heard this saying before! This exciting CCC short course is updated annually givingyou the opportunity to immerse yourself in the day to day operations of a Catholic Cemetery fromthe viewpoint of your peers. The Catholic Cemetery Conference is pleased to present “ECCO”, the“Exploration of Catholic Cemetery Operations”. The seminar will provide you with a changingcurriculum of current Administrative, Finance, IT and/or Marketing information, historical andcultural background of the host location, a deeper understanding of our Catholic rituals, thelatest news from our Legal expert and many useful tools to effectively participate in the dailyoperation of your cemetery. This program is geared for those who are new to any aspect ofCatholic Cemetery operations as we believe the operation of our cemeteries is a ministry ofpeople who work together serving the people of God. We gladly invite staff from all areas ofcemetery operation: Pastoral Care, Administration, Sales, Maintenance and Customer Service.You will join other cemeterians for a time of learning, networking, prayer and reflection. You willreturn refreshed and ready to put your new skills and ideas to work for your staff, your entirecemetery team and the families you serve! This year our course will include an onsite visit tothe first Catholic Crematory in Texas!Thursday, April 16th6:00 pm6:30 pmcemeterians and those in the cemeteryindustry. Informal lecture with audienceparticipation including: questions duringlecture, audience sample scenarios andrelevant “hands on stories”.RegistrationWelcoming Remarks & Opening PrayerIsmael GalvanAdministrator,Executive Director,Catholic Cemeteries of theArchdiocese of San AntonioWith so much regulation, what arethe basics? If you had to know just onething — what would that be? Thissession provides an overview of thebasics of running a cemetery.Join us for “light fare” and dialogue! Thisevening will give you the opportunity to meetyour fellow attendees and set the stage forour exciting program!Overall, the presentation will: Review the internal operationsof a cemetery including Hiringand Firing; Discuss the external operationsof the cemetery from a legalperspective.WHY YOU ARE HERE!Richard Peterson, CCCE, CCEPresident, Catholic Cemetery Conference,Director of Cemeteries Associated CatholicCemeteries, Seattle, WAAll cemeterians are fulfilling a necessary needfor families suffering the loss of a loved one.Being a CATHOLIC cemeterian is so muchmore! Mr. Peterson will offer his insights onwhy our daily work is important to our Church- how we fulfill both Corporal and SpiritualWorks of Mercy through our Ministry. Thiswork is not just a job; it is a loving service toevery soul baptized into the Body of Christ.10:30 amREFRESHMENT BREAK10:45 amRULES & REGULATIONS FORCATHOLIC CEMETERIESMarianne LinnExecutive Director,Catholic Parish Cemeteries Association,Pittsburgh, PAMember, CCC Education CommitteeRegardless of the size of your cemetery,each and every one needs Rules andRegulations to govern & protect. Thiscourse will cover the basic who, what andwhy for both staff and visitors. Attendeeswill receive example take home copies ofprinted documents from one or morecemeteries along with a sample MicrosoftWord file to jump start planning andimplementation.Friday, April 17th7:30 amBreakfast8:00 amRegistration8:30amNUTS & BOLTS OF THE THINGS WE DO– LEGAL AWARENESSPoul Lemasters, Esq.Lemasters ConsultingThis session provides simple steps that can beimplemented to help you stay aware of issuesand avoid legal problems that can target12:00 pmLunch

E CCO 2 02 01:00 pmROMAN CATHOLIC RITES, RITUALS& BURIAL GUIDELINESDeacon John M. Johnson, CCCE3:30 pmEvery cemetery must have a monthlyfinancial statement and each cemeterydirector and department head should befamiliar with his/her operating results.This short course will cover the basiccomponents of the Balance Sheet andStatement of Operations. Our instructorwill also cover the most pressing need forevery cemetery - the PermanentMaintenance Fund – why you need it andhow to start it! If your fund is alreadyestablished, is it sufficient?Chancellor, Roman Catholic Diocese of Tulsa, OKMember, CCC Education CommitteeSpeaker, CCC Podcast, January 2020As Catholic Cemeterians we are dedicatedto building the Kingdom of God throughthe Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.It should be our focus that all families,guests and employees feel the lovingarms of Christ embrace them when theyare on our property. One of the keyopportunities is at the committal service.The care with which we bury the deadexpresses our faith. A solid understandingof the Rite of Christian Burial (Vigil,Funeral Liturgy and Committal) will assistall cemeterians in ministry as we serve intheir time of need. Canon Law andliturgical law will be discussed as theypertain to Catholic beliefs for the burial ofthe body and cremated remains.Attendees are welcome to bring theirquestions regarding burial procedures. Abrief overview of the components of theOCF (Order of Christian Funerals) isincluded in this session.2:15 pmStretch Break2:30 pmFORMS AND RECORDS FORCATHOLIC CEMETERIESMarianne Linn, Executive DirectorCatholic Parish Cemeteries Association,Pittsburgh, PAMember, CCC Education CommitteeFollowing up on our morning session, thisafternoon we will review the basic formsall cemeteries need to maintain properrecords including a discussion of thenecessity for each cemetery, whetherdiocesan or parish, to be knowledgeableof State and local laws for the collection ofrequired and pertinent information andrecording of same. Our instructor will alsoreview the components of a standardsales contract and burial forms and the allimportant work order. Sample forms willbe provided as “take home” materials.INTRODUCTION TO CEMETERYACCOUNTING & FINANCE - THEPERMANENT MAINTENANCE FUND4:30 pm5:00 pmOpen Q&AClasses end for the dayFree night to explore downtownSan Antonio - The Alamo, stroll alongor take a gondola on the famousRiver Walk, etc.Saturday, April 18th7:30 amBreakfast8:30amKEEPING PACE WITH THE MARKET– STRATEGIC MARKETING ANDDEVELOPMENT IDEAS TO KEEPYOUR CEMETERY ACTIVEMary Jo Frick, CCCE Treasurer, CatholicCemetery Conference, Chair, CCC EducationCommittee, Executive Director, CatholicCemeteries of the Archdiocese of Miami, Inc.To be financially viable, every cemeteryneeds to be “busy”! What are you doingto attract new families to your cemetery?How do you stay in contact with yourlegacy families to ensure that their legacystays intact? Do you have optionsavailable for those who wish to cremate?Even a cemetery that is deemed “out ofspace” may still have opportunity! Do youhave brochures and a website? Do youregularly post articles on Facebook? Inother words, are you relevant? This willbe an interactive class so bring yourquestions!

S ch e d u l e10:00 amRefreshment Break10:30 amHOW TO DETERMINE IF THE PROJECTYOU ARE CONSIDERING WILL WORK– DON’T PRICE YOURSELF OUT OF THEMARKET OR SELL YOURSELF SHORTcemetery, the Archdiocese acquiredthe existing development and theonsite crematory, making it the 4thArchdiocesan cemetery for San Antonioand the first Catholic crematory in thestate of Texas. Our tour will include anonsite factual tour of the crematory anda grounds visit where our host willdemonstrate the results of Cemeterymanagement efforts to increase graveinventory by closing roads and bringingin fences at nearby San FernandoCemetery #2.Mary Jo Frick, CCCE Treasurer, CatholicCemetery Conference, Chair, CCC EducationCommittee, Executive Director, CatholicCemeteries of the Archdiocese of Miami, Inc.When (or if) you are considering a project foryour cemetery, how do you know if it isfinancially viable? Do you know what youranticipated return will be? Should you offerdiscounts? How should you price each spacein your project? Like real estate in general,selection of a final resting place in acemetery is all about location, location,location! This quickly moving class will giveyou tools and food for thought along withideas for how to use them to make the newproject you are considering a true asset toyour cemetery and the most appealing newidea for families!12:00 pmLunch1:00 pmLoad Buses1:30 pmVISIT TO SAN FERNANDO CEMETERY#3 WITH ON-SITE CREMATORY5:00pmCelebration of the Mass with theMost Reverend Gustavo-Garcia-Siller,M.Sp.S., Archbishop of San Antonio5:45 pmBoard buses for return toDoubletree Hotel7:00 pmClosing Reception, Dinner andCertificate PresentationsRichard Peterson, CCCE, CCEPresident, Catholic Cemetery ConferenceSunday, April 19thIsmael GalvanAdministrator,Executive Director,Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdioceseof San AntonioThe Archdiocese of San Antonio currentlyowns and operates four (4) cemeteriesthroughout the geographic area. SanFernando #3 was purchased by theArchdiocese in 1981. Originally a Protestant10:00 amDepartureThank You for Joining Us!E CCO2 02 02020 SEMINAR PRESENTERSIsmael GalvanExecutive DirectorRichard Peterson,CCCE, CCEPoul Lemasters, Esq.Marianne Linn,Executive DirectorMary Jo Frick,CCCEDeacon John M.Johnson, CCCEMost ReverendGustavo-Garcia-Siller,M.Sp.S.

Registration InformationProgram FeeThe registration fee for this program is 375 (member), 425(non-member) and includes all course materials and instruction;welcome reception; breakfasts and lunches; coffee/refreshmentbreaks; round-trip transportation for cemetery site visit; farewellreception/dinner Saturday evening, and certificate of completion.To Register by MailComplete this registration form and mail it with your check or creditcard information for 375 (member), 425 (non-member):2020 EXPLORING CATHOLIC CEMETERY OPERATIONSCatholic Cemetery Conference1400 South Wolf Road, Building #3Hillside, IL 60162-2197To Register by FaxComplete the registration form and fax it to the Catholic CemeteryConference at 708.202.1255. While we will gladly accept a faxregistration for this program, you will need to put the payment foryour registration fee in the mail to CCC at the address above. Uponreceipt of payment, a letter of confirmation will be sent.To Register Through Our WebsiteVisit Go to Programs andclick the Registration button. Follow directions to register and forpayment options.Hotel InformationDoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Antonio Downtown502 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78207ph: 210-224-7155Reservations may be made directly to the hotel. Be sure tomention “Catholic Cemetery Conference” to receive our specialrate of 130 single/double. Reservation cutoff date is April 2, 2020.Reservations after that date will be made on availability.Cancellation PolicySeminar tuition less a 100 administrative fee is refundable if noticeis received by April 15, 2020.Questions?Please call Dave LaBarre, CCC Executive Director at 708.202.1242or email on Form2020 Exploring Catholic Cemetery Operations - April 16-19Yes! Please register me for the Exploring Catholic Cemetery OperationsDoubleTree by Hilton HotelSan Antonio Downtown502 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd.San Antonio, TXPhone: 210.224.7155Make checks payable to the Catholic Cemetery ConferenceNameregistration(s) 375/person (member)Titleregistration(s) 425/person (non-member)OrganizationCredit Card payment — you may also contact:Mailing AddressJoe Murray at 708.202.1242City, State, Zip CodeMail this form with your registration fee to:PhoneFaxE-mail AddressCredit Card:VisaMaster CardCardholder NameAccount #Expiration DateSecurity CodeDiscover2020 EXPLORING CATHOLIC CEMETERY OPERATIONSCatholic Cemetery Conference1400 S. Wolf Road, Building #3Hillside, IL 60162-2197 Fax this form to: 708.202.1255 Register/Pay through CCC’s Go to Programsand click the Register button.Your faxed registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Seminar HotelDoubleTree by HiltonSan Antonio Downtown502 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd.San Antonio, Texas 78207ph: 210-224-7155To Make Your Room Reservations:Call the hotel directly at 210-224-7155. Mention that you will beattending the CCC Exploring Catholic Cemetery Operationsand provide them with the group code “Catholic CemeteryConference” to receive our special rate of 130.00.Cut Off Date is April 2, 2020TransportationSan Antonio International AirportDistance From: 9 milesTravel Time: 12 minutesEstimated Cab Fare: 28Estimated Lyft Fare: 23Additional Amenities the Hotel Offers: Complimentary self-parking Complimentary in-room and public Wi-Fi;high speed internet Outdoor pool, veranda and cabanas Complimentary fitness center Business Center open 24 hours; express mail,fax, printer, and copy machines Dry cleaning service Lounge Automated teller ATM 3 fee Complimentary local area transportation Bar & ConciergeE CCO2 02 0

receipt of payment, a letter of confirmation will be sent. To Register Through Our Website Visit Go to Programs and click the Registration button. Follow directions to register and for payment options. Hotel Information DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Antonio Downtown 502 W. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78207 ph: 210-224-7155 Reservations may be .