DR-4530 COVID-19FEMA’s SCHEDULE OF EQUIPMENT RATESDEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITYFEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCYRECOVERY DIRECTORATEPUBLIC ASSISTANCE DIVISIONWASHINGTON, DC 20472‐The rates on this Schedule of Equipment Rates are for applicant owned equipment in good mechanical condition,complete with all required attachments. Each rate covers all costs eligible under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Reliefand Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. § 5121, et seq., for ownership and operation of equipment, includingdepreciation, overhead, all maintenance, field repairs, fuel, lubricants, tires, OSHA equipment and other costsincidental to operation. Standby equipment costs are not eligible.Equipment must be in actual operation performing eligible work in order for reimbursement to be eligible. LABORCOSTS OF OPERATOR ARE NOT INCLUDED in the rates and should be approved separately from equipment costs.Information regarding the use of the Schedule is contained in 44 CFR § 206.228 Allowable Costs. Rates for equipmentnot listed will be furnished by FEMA upon request. Any appeals shall be in accordance with 44 CFR § 206.206 Appeals.THESE RATES ARE APPLICABLE TO MAJOR DISASTERS AND EMERGENCIESDECLARED BY THE PRESIDENT ON OR AFTER August 15, 2019.FEMA Code IDCostCodeEquipment DescriptionEquipmentSpecificationsCapacity or SizeHPNotes2019UpdatedRateUnit8010Air CompressorAir Delivery41 CFMto 10Hoses included.hour 1.628011Air CompressorAir Delivery103 CFMto 30Hoses included.hour 9.868012Air CompressorAir Delivery130 CFMto 50Hoses included.hour 12.498013Air CompressorAir Delivery175 CFMto 90Hoses included.hour 20.988014Air CompressorAir Delivery400 CFMto 145Hoses included.hour 32.138015Air CompressorAir Delivery575 CFMto 230Hoses included.hour 57.058016Air CompressorAir Delivery1100 CFMto 355Hoses included.hour 95.608017Air CompressorAir Delivery1600 CFMto 500Hoses included.hour 98.558040Ambulanceto 150hour 28.098041Ambulanceto 210hour 41.188050Board, Arrowto 8Trailer Mounted.hour 4.538051Board, Messageto 5Trailer Mounted.hour 11.608060Auger, PortableHole Diameter16 Into 6hour 2.348061Auger, PortableHole Diameter18 Into 13 4.658062Auger, Tractor MntdMax. Auger Diameter36 Into 13Includes digger, boom andmounting hardware.hourhour 3.25to 100Includes digger, boom andmounting hardware. Add thisrate to tractor rate for totalauger and tractor rate.hour 34.93hour 35.278063Auger, Truck MntdMax. Auger Size8064Hydraulic Post Driver8065Auger8066AugerHorizontal Directional BoringMachineHorizontal Directional BoringMachine8067Auger, Directional Boring MachineAuger, Directional Boring Machine8068Bush HogBush Hog - Model 3268068-1Bush Hog8068-2Bush Hog24 In250 X 100300DD-140B YR-2003hour 172.2950 X 10024Average to 7,000 lbshour 33.837,000 - 10,000 lbs45JT920L (2013)hour 41.04Single Spindle Rotary Cuttershour 20.61Bush Hog - Model 3210Lift, Pull, Semi-Mount & Offset Modelhour 28.74Bush Hog - Model 2815Flex Wing Rotary Cuttershour 43.178070Automobileto 130Transporting people.mile 0.5458071Automobileto 130Transporting cargo.hour 12.438072Automobile, Policeto 250Patrolling.mile 0.5458073Automobile, Policeto 250Stationary with engine running.hour 16.058075Motorcycle, Policemile 0.5058076Automibile - Chevy Trailblazer6 or 8 clhour 23.998077Automobile - Ford ExpeditionFire Command CenterEcoBoost V-6hour 19.628078MRAP Armored Rescue VehicleMilitary Suplus Vehicle8079MRAP C-MTVSearch and RescueMulti-Theater (MilitarySurplus)Vehicle285 to 300gvwr 55000 Lbs3602015 Model375-450Qualified foe operational rate onlHr. 51.80to 350Qualified foe operational rate onlHr. 48.35

8080All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 110cc, 4-Wheel; 20" tyre6.5-7.5hour 8.238081All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 125cc, 4-Wheel; 21" tyre7.6-8.6hour 8.678082All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 150cc, 4-Wheel; 22" tyre9.0-10.0hour 8.688083All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 200cc, 4-Wheel; 24" tyre12-14.0hour 9.238084All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 250cc, 4-Wheel; 24" tyre15-17hour 9.818085All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 300cc, 4-Wheel; 24" tyre18-20hour 10.668086All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 400cc. 4-Wheel; 25" tyre26-28hour 12.208087All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 450cc, 4-Wheel; 25" tyre26-28hour 13.078088All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 650cc, 4-Wheel; 25" tyre38-40hour 13.868089All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Engine 750cc, 4-Wheel; 25" tyre44-46hour 14.798110Barge, DeckSize50'x35'x7.25'0Push by Tug-Boathour 52.008111Barge, DeckSize50'x35'x9'0Push by Tug-Boathour 61.968112Barge, DeckSize120'x45'x10'0Push by Tug-Boathour 109.978113Barge, DeckSize160'x45'x11''0Push by Tug-Boathour 136.908120Boat, TowSize55'x20'x5'to 870Steel.hour 352.718121Boat, TowSize60'x21'x5'to 1050Steel.hour 400.328122Boat, TowSize70'x30'x7.5'to 1350Steel.hour 624.568123Boat, TowSize120'x34'x8'to 2000Steel.hour 1,181.868124Airboat815AGIS Airboat w/spray unit15'x8'400hour 32.708125Airboat815AGIS Airboat w/spray unit15'x8'425hour 33.068126Swamp BuggyConquest360hour 41.358130Boat, RowHeavy duty.hour 1.468131Boat, RunaboutSize13'x5'to 50Outboard.hour 12.558132Boat, TenderSize14'x7'to 100Inboard with 360 degree drive.hour 16.588133Boat, PushSize45'x21'x6'to 435Flat hull.hour 235.038134Boat, PushSize54'x21'x6'to 525Flat hull.hour 290.748135Boat, PushSize58'x24'x7.5'to 705Flat hull.hour 355.708136Boat, PushSize64'x25'x8'to 870Flat hull.hour 359.368140Boat, TugLength16 Ftto 100hour 47.358141Boat, TugLength18 Ftto 175hour 70.558142Boat, TugLength26 Ftto 250hour 90.108143Boat, TugLength40 Ftto 380hour 215.098144Boat, TugLength51 Ftto 700hour 302.018145Jet Ski3-seaterhour 27.708146Jet Skihour 8.608147Boat, Inflatable Rescue RaftZodiac0hour 1.138148Boat, Runabout190-250hour 65.518149Boat, removable engine1544 lbs2000 Johnson Outboard Motor w 15"shaft15hour 1.588151Broom, PavementBroom Length96 Into 100hour 30.418153Broom, Pavement, MntdBroom Length72 Into 18hour 6.248154Broom, Pavement, PullBroom Length84 Into 20hour 23.758155Broom, PavementBroom Length72 Into 35hour 25.288157Sweeper, Pavementto 110hour 78.798158Sweeper, Pavementto 230hour 102.038180Busto 150hour 21.608181Busto 210hour 25.828182Busto 300hour 39.658183BlowerGasoline powered Toro Pro Force27hour 15.408183xMosquito Sprayer2015 Adapco Guardian 95 EShour 18.838184Back-Pack Blowerto 4.4hour 1.538185Walk-Behind Blower13hour 6.838187ChainsawBar Length 20 in3.0 cu in2.7hour 1.918188ChainsawBar Length 20 in5.0 cu inhour 2.598189ChainsawBar Length 20 in6.0 cu inhour 2.77011 passenger capacity15-gal; 350 lbs3.4Add Prime Mover cost for totalrateAdd Prime Mover cost for totalrate

8190Chain SawBar Length 16 in2.5 cu in2.4hour 1.808191Chain Saw (STIHL)Bar Length 25 in7.5 cu in3.62hour 3.738192Chain Saw, PoleBar Length 18 in4.0 cu in3.2hour 2.108193Skiddermodel 748 Eto 173hour 56.258194Skiddermodel 648 G11to 177hour 105.448195Cutter, BrushCutter Size8 ftto 150hour 119.528196Cutter, BrushCutter Size8 ftto 190hour 134.748197Cutter, Brush10 ftto 245hour 142.318198Bruncher CutterCutter SizeCutter, Brush - 247 hp, 1997 Model511 Fellerto 247hour 193.958199Log Trailer40 ft0hour 10.158200Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity6 Into 35Trailer Mounted.hour 8.978201Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity9 Into 65Trailer Mounted.hour 17.068202Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity12 Into 100Trailer Mounted.hour 24.898203Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity15 Into 125Trailer Mounted.hour 35.758204Chipper, BrushChipping Capacity18 Into 200Trailer Mounted.hour 50.418208Loader - Tractor - Knuckleboommodel Barko 595 MLto 173hour 169.748209Loader - Wheelmodel 210 w/ Buck Saw 50 inch Barto 240hour 98.488210Clamshell & Dragline, Crawler149,999 lbsto 235Bucket not included in rate.hour 134.688211Clamshell & Dragline, Crawler250,000 lbsto 520Bucket not included in rate.hour 178.828212Clamshell & Dragline, Truckto 240Bucket not included in rate.hour 147.058218BOMAG CompactorBW100AD-333Hour 24.808219Compactor -2-Ton Pavement RollerSingle Drum Vibratoty Compactor28hour 28.728220Compactorto 10hour 15.928221Compactor, towed, Vibratory Drumto 45hour 33.568222Compactor, Vibratory, Drumto 75hour 24.098223Compactor, pneumatic, wheelto 100hour 26.908225Compactor, Sanitationto 300hour 96.118226Compactor, Sanitationto 400hour 154.638227Compactor, Sanitation535hour 264.2582288229Compactor, towed, Pneumatic, WheelCompactor,Towed Steel Drum StaticCompactor8240Feeder, Grizzly8241to 2.9 TonPlus tow TruckHercules PT-11,10,000 lbs11-Wheels (Towed)hour 18.48GTD-5412020,000 lbsGrid Drum (Towed)hour 16.22to 35hour 25.47Feeder, Grizzlyto 55hour 33.558242Feeder, Grizzlyto 75hour 65.188250Dozer, CrawlerDeere 450J LTto 75hour 54.208251Dozer, CrawlerDeere 650K LGP; ROPS/FOPSto 105hour 65.148252Dozer, Crawlerto 160hour 98.778253Dozer, Crawlerto 250hour 153.358254Dozer, Crawlerto 360hour 218.478255Dozer, Crawlerto 574hour 317.498256Dozer, Crawlerto 850hour 358.488260Dozer, Wheelto 300hour 66.268261Dozer, Wheelto 400hour 101.228262Dozer, Wheelto 500hour 184.088263Dozer, Wheelto 625hour 239.318269Box Scraper3 hitch attach for tractor; 2007 Befcohour 3.658270Bucket, ClamshellCapacity1.0 CY0hour 4.648271Bucket, ClamshellCapacity2.5 CY0hour 8.818272Bucket, ClamshellCapacity5.0 CY0hour 13.198273Bucket, ClamshellCapacity7.5 CY0hour 23.318275Bucket, DraglineCapacity2.0 CY0hour 3.988276Bucket, DraglineCapacity5.0 CY0hour 9.93Make/Model: CAT D10T (disc. 2014);Protection: EROPS; Type Semi-U0Includes teeth. Does not includeClamshell & DraglineIncludes teeth. Does not includeClamshell & DraglineIncludes teeth. Does not includeClamshell & DraglineIncludes teeth. Does not includeClamshell & DraglineDoes not include Clamshell &DraglineDoes not include Clamshell &Dragline

8277Bucket, DraglineCapacity10 CY08278Bucket, DraglineCapacity14 CY08280Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity0.5 CYto 458281Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity1.0 CYto 908282Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity1.5 CYto 1608283Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity2.5 CYto 2658284Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity4.5 CYto 4208285Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity7.5 CYto 6508286Excavator, HydraulicBucket Capacity12 CYto 10008287Excavator2007 model Gradall XL3100 III8288Excavator8289Does not include Clamshell &DraglineDoes not include Clamshell &DraglineCrawler, Truck & Wheel.Includes bucket.Crawler, Truck & Wheel.Includes bucket.Crawler, Truck & Wheel.Includes bucket.Crawler, Truck & Wheel.Includes bucket.Crawler, Truck & Wheel.Includes bucket.Crawler, Truck & Wheel.Includes bucket.Crawler, Truck & Wheel.Includes bucket.hour 14.19hour 18.72hour 18.97hour 36.06hour 55.30hour 158.86hour 264.64hour 304.91hour 466.41184hour 102.622003 model Gradall XL4100 III238hour 117.66Excavator2006 model Gradall XL5100230hour 109.038290Trowel, ConcreteDiameter48 Into 12hour 4.948300Fork LiftCapacity6000 Lbsto 60hour 14.738301Fork LiftCapacity12000 Lbsto 90hour 21.128302Fork LiftCapacity18000 Lbsto 140hour 28.798303Fork LiftCapacity50000 Lbsto 215hour 63.258306Fork Lift Material handlerDiesel, CAT TH360B6600-11500 gvwr lbs94.93.1- 3.5 Mtonhour 44.628307Fork Lift Material handlerDiesel, CAT TH460B9000 Lbs94.94.5 - 4.9 Mtonhour 51.938308Fork Lift Material handlerDiesel, CAT TH560B10000 Lbs117.54.5 - 4.9 Mtonhour 56.148309Fork Lift Accessory2003 ACS Paddle Fork0hour 3.538310GeneratorPrime Output5.5 KWto 10hour 5.368311GeneratorPrime Output16 KWto 25hour 7.818312GeneratorPrime Output60KWto 88hour 25.568313GeneratorPrime Output100 KWto 125hour 43.608314GeneratorPrime Output150 KWto 240hour 62.838315GeneratorPrime Output210 KWto 300hour 85.708316GeneratorPrime Output280 KWto 400hour 103.348317GeneratorPrime Output350 KWto 500hour 114.238318GeneratorPrime Output530 KWto 750hour 202.008319GeneratorPrime Output710 KWto 1000hour 225.348327GeneratorPrime Output800 KW1065hour 232.468328GeneratorPrime Output900 KW1355hour 295.158329GeneratorPrime Output1000 KW1000Openhour 356.948320GeneratorPrime Output1100 KW1645Openhour 393.438321GeneratorPrime Output2500 KWto 3000hour 553.788322GeneratorPrime Output1,000 KWto 1645Enclosedhour 450.788323GeneratorPrime Output1,500 KWto 2500Enclosedhour 583.018324GeneratorPrime Output1100KW2500Enclosedhour 567.488325GeneratorPrime Output40KW63Openhour 23.168326GeneratorPrime Output20KW35Open/Closeedhour 18.058327Generator LargePrime Output80 KW120Hr. 31.658328Generator Heavy DutyPrime Output2000KWHr. 490.008330GradersMoldboard Size10 Ftto 110hour 43.988331GradersMoldboard Size12 Ftto 150hour 63.638332GradersMoldboard Size14 Ftto 225hour 80.438350Hose, DischargeDiameter3 In0hour 0.168351Hose, DischargeDiameter4 In0hour 0.248352Hose, DischargeDiameter6 In0hour 0.628353Hose, DischargeDiameter8 In0hour 0.62OpenIncludes Rigid and Articulateequipment.Includes Rigid and Articulateequipment.Includes Rigid and Articulateequipment.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.

8354Hose, DischargeDiameter12 In08355Hose, DischargeDiameter16 In08356Hose, SuctionDiameter3 In08357Hose, SuctionDiameter4 In08358Hose, SuctionDiameter6 In08359Hose, SuctionDiameter8 In08360Hose, SuctionDiameter12 In08361Hose, SuctionDiameter16 In08380Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity0.5 CYto 328381Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity1 CY8382Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity8383Loader, Crawler8384Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.Per 25 foot length. Includescouplings.hour 0.92hour 1.71hour 0.31hour 0.37hour 1.17hour 1.11hour 1.73hour 3.29Includes bucket.hour 19.59to 60Includes bucket.hour 36.872 CYto 118Includes bucket.hour 69.24Bucket Capacity3 CYto 178Includes bucket.hour 103.22Loader, CrawlerBucket Capacity4 CYto 238Includes bucket.hour 123.738390Loader, WheelBucket Capacity0.5 CYto 38hour 20.808391Loader, WheelBucket Capacity1 CYto 60hour 41.338392Loader, WheelBucket Capacity2 CYto 105hour 38.108393Loader, WheelBucket Capacity3 CYto 152hour 46.178394Loader, WheelBucket Capacity4 CY232hour 76.278395Loader, WheelBucket Capacity5 CY255hour 79.508396Loader, WheelBucket Capacity6 CYto 305hour 116.128397Loader, WheelBucket Capacity7 CYto 360hour 129.408398Loader, WheelBucket Capacity8 CYto 530hour 188.878401Loader, Tractor, WheelBucket Capacity0.87 CYto 80Case 580 Super Lhour 37.138410Mixer, Concrete PortableBatching Capacity10 Cft8Diesel Poweredhour 3.138411Mixer, Concrete PortableBatching Capacity12 Cft11Gasoline Poweredhour 4.318412Mixer, Concrete, Trailer MntdBatching Capacity11 Cftto 10hour 15.328413Mixer, Concrete, Trailer MntdBatching Capacity16 Cftto 25hour 20.478414Truck, Concrete MixerMixer Capacity13 CYto 300hour 84.718419Hand-Held, Pavement BreakersWeight25 90 Lbs0Air Tool/Electric Powerhour 1.128420Self-Propelled Pavement Breaker,to 70-80Self-Propelled (Diesel)hour 59.548421Vibrator, ConcreteHand Heldto 4hour 1.638423Spreader, ChipSpread Hopper Width12.5 Ftto 152hour 90.678424Spreader, ChipSpread Hopper Width16.5 Ftto 215hour 125.198425Spreader, Chip, MntdHopper Size8 Ftto 8Trailer & truck mounted.hour 4.778430Paver, Asphalt, Towedhour 12.678431Paver, AsphaltCrawlerto 50hour 76.418432Paver, AsphaltCrawlerto 125hour 96.528433Paver, AsphaltCrawlerto 175hour 144.698434Paver, AsphaltDoes not include Prime Mover.Includes wheel and crawlerequipment.Includes wheel and crawlerequipment.Includes wheel and crawlerequipment.Includes wheel and crawlerequipment.hour 224.018436Pick-up, Asphalthour 98.068437Pick-up, AsphaltCederapidsCR MS-2113 to 140Asphalt-Pick-up Machinehour 140.598438Pick-up, AsphaltBlaw-KnoxMC-330184 to 200Asphalt-Pick-up Machinehour 189.758439Pick-up, AsphaltMTV 1000Cto 275Asphalt-Pick-up Machinehour 214.038440StriperPaint Capacity40 Galto 22hour 16.928441StriperPaint Capacity90 Galto 60hour 24.248442StriperPaint Capacity120 Galto 122hour 45.288445Striper, Truck MntdPaint Capacity120 Galto 460hour 83.358446Striper, Walk-behind12 Gal5hour 4.238447Paver accessory -Belt ExtensionPaint Capacity2002 Leeboy Conveyor BeltExtension24' X 50'0crawlerhour 33.488450Plow, Snow, Grader MntdWidthto 10 Ft0Include Grader for total costhour 28.288451Plow, Snow, Grader MntdWidthto 14 Ft0Include Grader for total costhour 33.21035,000Lbs & Overto 250CAT-926to 110

hour 25.230Include truck for total costWith leveling wing. Includetruck for total costhour 41.04Tailgate, Chassis0Truck not includedhour 8.24MountingDump Body0Truck not includedhour 10.55Spreader, SandMountingTruck (10yd)0Truck not includedhour 13.418458Spreader, ChemicalCapacity5 CYto 4Trailer & truck mounted.hour 6.308469Pump - Trash Pump10 MTC2" Pumpto 710,000 gphhour 7.878470PumpCentrifugal, 8M pump2" - 10,000 gal/ 4.5Hoses not included.hour 6.318471PumpDiaphragm pump2" - 3,000 gal/ 6Hoses not included.hour 6.988472PumpCentrifugal, 18M pump3" - 18,000 gal/hr. pumpto 10Hoses not included.hour 8.058473Pumpto 15Hoses not included.hour 12.088474Pumpto 25Hoses not included.hour 13.778475Pumpto 40Hoses not included.hour 16.988476Pumpto 60Hoses not included.hour 27.458477Pumpto 95Hoses not included.hour 32.778478Pumpto 140Hoses not included.hour 41.848479Pumpto 200Hoses not included.hour 50.798480Pumpto 275Does not include Hoses.hour 68.338481Pumpto 350Does not include Hoses.hour 81.668482Pumpto 425Does not include Hoses.hour 99.018483Pumpto 500Does not include Hoses.hour 117.218484Pumpto 575Does not include Hoses.hour 136.538485Pumpto 650hour 154.888486Aerial Lift, Truck MntdMax. Platform Height40 Fthour 11.638487Aerial Lift, Truck MntdMax. Platform Height61 Fthour 21.998488Aerial Lift, Truck MntdMax. Platform Height80 Fthour 39.808489Aerial Lift, Truck MntdMax. Platform Load - 600Lbshour 42.168490Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height37 Ft. 15hour 9.028491Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height60 Ft. 30hour 17.398492Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height70 Ft. 50Does not include Hoses.Add this rate to truck rate fortotal lift and truck rateAdd this rate to truck rate fortotal lift and truck rateAdd this rate to truck rate fortotal lift and truck rateArticulated and Telescoping.Add this rate to truck rate fortotal lift and truck rateArticulated, Telescoping,Scissor.Articulated, Telescoping,Scissor.Articulated, Telescoping,Scissor.hour 31.578493Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height125 Ft. 85Articulated and Telescoping.hour 56.708494Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Height150 Ft. 130Articulated and Telescoping.hour 73.908495I.C. Aerial Lift, Self-PropelledMax. Platform Load - 500 Lbs75"x155", 40Ft 802000 Lbs Capacityhour 29.718496Crane, Truck MntdMax. Lift Capacity24000 Lbs0Include truck rate for total costhour 16.548497Crane, Truck MntdMax. Lift Capacity36000 Lbs0Include truck rate for total costhour 23.178498Crane, Truck MntdMax. Lift Capacity60000 Lbs0Include truck rate for total costhour 37.468499Pump - Trash-PumpCPB Rating - 10MTC10000 gal/Hr7Self- Priming Trash Pumphour 7.768500CraneMax. Lift Capacity8 MTto 80hour 40.758501CraneMax. Lift Capacity15 MTto 150hour 67.838502CraneMax. Lift Capacity50 MTto 200hour 93.958503CraneMax. Lift Capacity70 MTto 300hour 180.238504CraneMax. Lift Capacity110 MTto 350hour 258.238510Saw, ConcreteBlade Diameter14 Into 14hour 7.628511Saw, ConcreteBlade Diameter26 Into 35hour 12.478512Saw, ConcreteBlade Diameter48 Into 65hour 26.818513Saw, RockBlade Diameterto 100hour 35.138514Saw, RockBlade Diameterto 200hour 68.858517Jackhammer (Dry)Weight Class25-45 Lbs0Pneumatic Poweredhour 1.778518Jackhammer (Wet)Weight Class30-55 Lbs0Pneumatic Poweredhour 2.028521ScraperScraper Capacity15 CYto 262hour 133.808522ScraperScraper Capacity22 CYto 365hour 174.308523ScraperScraper Capacity34 CYto 500hour 322.778452Plow, Truck MntdWidthto 15 Ft08453Plow, Truck MntdWidthto 15 Ft8455Spreader, SandMounting8456Spreader, Sand84574" - 40,000 gal/hr.4" - 40,000 gal/hr.81 Ft -100 Ft. Ht.

8524ScraperScraper Capacity44 CYto 604hour 354.848540Loader, Skid-SteerOperating Capacity976 - 1250 Lbsto 36hour 26.838541Loader, Skid-SteerOperating Capacity1751 - 2200 Lbsto 66hour 35.478542Loader, Skid-SteerOperating Capacity2901 to 3300 Lbsto 81hour 38.728550Snow Blower, Truck MntdCapacity600 Tphto 75Does not include truckhour 35.398551Snow Blower, Truck MntdCapacity1400 Tphto 200Does not include truckhour 94.728552Snow Blower, Truck MntdCapacity2000 Tphto 340Does not include truckhour 143.888553Snow Blower, Truck MntdCapacity2500 Tphto 400Does not include truckhour 156.938558Snow Thrower, Walk BehindCutting Width25 into 5hour 2.978559Snow Thrower, Walk BehindCutting Width60 into 15hour 14.478560Snow BlowerCapacity2,000 Tphto 400hour 234.498561Snow BlowerCapacity2,500 Tphto 500hour 256.208562Snow BlowerCapacity3,500 Tphto 600hour 285.568563The Vammas 4500Snow Remover26ft Plow, 20ft Broom Airblast428Equip with Plow & Broomhour 260.008564The Vammas 5500RM30096"W x 20"D350Soil Stabilization, Reclaimerhour 212.008565Oshkosh Pavement SweeperH-Series420Equip with Broomhour 229.008569Dust Control De-Ice Unit1300-2000 galhour 3.548570Loader-Backhoe, Wheelhour 23.958571hour 33.36hour 43.46hour 49.55hour 14.97173"Lx98"Wx51"H5.5Loader Bucket Capacity0.5 CYto 40Loader-Backhoe, WheelLoader Bucket Capacity1 CYto 708572Loader-Backhoe, WheelLoader Bucket Capacity1.5 CYto 958573Loader-Backhoe, WheelLoader Bucket Capacity1.75 CYto 1158580Distributor, AsphaltTank Capacity Mounted on Trailer550 Gal16Hydro Pump w/100' 1/2" hoseLoader and Backhoe Bucketsincluded.Loader and Backhoe Bucketsincluded.Loader and Backhoe Bucketsincluded.Loader and Backhoe Bucketsincluded.burners, insulated tank, andcirculating spray bar.38Truck Mounted. Includesburners, insulated tank, andcirculating spray bar. Includetruck rate.hour 22.45Truck Mounted. Includesburners, insulated tank, andcirculating spray bar. Includetruck rate.hour 32.52300hour 43.57280hour 90.678581Distributor, AsphaltTank Capacity Mounted on Trailer1000 Gal8582Distributor, Asphalt8583DistributorTank Capacity Mounted on TruckETNYRE Oil Distributor Model PB3484000 Gal8584DistributorETNYRE Quad Chip Spreader8590Trailer, DumpCapacity20 CY0Does not include Prime Mover.hour 13.138591Trailer, DumpCapacity30 CY0Does not include Prime Mover.hour 13.378600Trailer, EquipmentCapacity30 Tons0hour 16.718601Trailer, EquipmentCapacity40 Tons0hour 18.498602Trailer, EquipmentCapacity60 Tons0hour 19.308603Trailer, EquipmentCapacity120 Tons0hour 30.528610Trailer, WaterTank Capacity4000 Gal0hour 15.858611Trailer, WaterTank Capacity6000 Gal0hour 19.498612Trailer, WaterTank Capacity10000 Gal0hour 22.768613Trailer, WaterTank Capacity14000 Gal0hour 28.398614Truck- Water Tanker1000 gal. tank175hour 35.848620Tub Grinderto 440hour 98.308621Tub Grinderto 630hour 148.628622Tub Grinderto 760hour 189.568623Tub Grinderto 1000hour 332.798627Horizontal GrinderModel HG6000630hour 59.128628Stump Grinder1988 Vermeer SC-112102hour 48.598629Stump Grinder24" grinding wheel110hour 46.318630Sprayer, SeedWorking Capacity750 Galto 30hour 14.788631Sprayer, SeedWorking Capacity1250 Galto 50hour 19.748632Sprayer, SeedWorking Capacity3500 Galto 115hour 32.528633Mulcher, Trailer MntdWorking Capacity7 TPHto 35hour 15.59Includes a centrifugal pump withsump and a rear spraybar.Includes a centrifugal pump withsump and a rear spraybar.Includes a centrifugal pump withsump and a rear spraybar.Includes a centrifugal pump withsump and a rear spraybar.Trailer & truck mounted. Doesnot include Prime Mover.Trailer & truck mounted. Doesnot include Prime Mover.Trailer & truck mounted. Doesnot include Prime Mover.

8634Mulcher, Trailer MntdWorking Capacity10 TPHto 55hour 23.128635Mulcher, Trailer MntdWorking Capacity20 TPHto 120hour 33.588636ScraperSoil Recycler WR 2400w 317 gal fuel tank563hour 265.768637Trailer CAT26 CY of soil in one dump33013 CY of soil each berryhour 95.108638Rake0Towed by Beach vehiclehour 15.788639ChipperDouble Belly Bottom-dump TrailerBarber Beach Sand Rake 600HDr,towedWildcat 626 Cougar Trommel Screenchipper w belthour 35.388640Trailer, OfficeTrailer Size8' x 24'0Cargo Size 16fthour 2.318641Trailer, OfficeTrailer Size8' x 32'0Cargo Size 24fthour 2.768642Trailer, OfficeTrailer Size10' x 32'0Cargo Size 20fthour 3.698643TrailerHaz-Mat Equipment trailer8'x18'0Move by Tractor to Locationhour 38.888644Trailer, Covered Utility Trailer(7’ X 16’)0Move by Tractor to Locationhour 5.888645Trailer, Dodge Ram8' x 24' shower trailer- 12 showershour 30.338646Trailer, Dodge8' x 32’ flatbed waterhour 28.608650Trencherto 40hour 16.918651Trencherto 85hour 29.538654Trencher accessories2008 Griswold Trenchbox0hour 1.968660Plow, CablePlow Depth24 into 30hour 13.778661Plow, CablePlow Depth36 into 65hour 40.078662Plow, CablePlow Depth48 into 110hour 44.60Derrick, Hydraulic DiggerMax. Boom 60 Ft, 12,000 Ft-LbHydraulicLift Capacity 15,500 Lbs275hour 35.078671Derrick, Hydraulic DiggerMax. Boom 90 Ft, 14000 Ft-LbHydraulicLift Capacity 26,700 Lbs310hour 56.12867228-32 ton Head134KW178Hour 109.208680Movax SP-60Truck, Fire -Industrial -112Ft LadderAerial PlatformPump/Tank Capacity3000gpm/1000 gal Water or Foam600Hour 198.308681Truck, Fire, Engine Type-1Pump/Tank Capacity1000GPM/300galEngine, with Pump & Rollhour 140.008682Truck, Fire, Engine Type-2Pump/Tank Capacity500GPM/300galEngine, with Pump & Rollhour 132.008683Pump/Tank Capacity150gpm/500gal,115-149Hose 1-1/2"D 500' Longhour 119.308684Truck, Fire, Ladder(48ft)(Type-III)Truck, Fire, Aerial (CumminsIXL9)100Ft LadderPump/Tank Capacity4501500gpm Monitor/nozzlehour 178.008685Truck, Fire, Ladder(48ft)(Type-I)Pump/Tank Capacity2000gpm/500gal1000gpm/400gal, 500gpm MasterStream200-250Hose 2-1/2"D 1200' Longhour 154.008686Truck, Fire, Ladder(48ft)(Type-II)Pump/Tank Capacity500gpm/300gal,100-199Hose 2-1/2"D 1000' Longhour 131.508687Truck, Fire, Support Water Tender S1Pump/Tank Capacity300GPM/4000 gal115-149S1 Water Tenderhour 114.508688Truck, Fire, Support Water Tender S2Pump/Tank Capacity200GPM/2500 galS2 Water Tenderhour 103.508689Truck, Fire, Support Water Tender S3Pump/Tank Capacity200GPM/1000 galS3 Water Tenderhour 79.008690Truck, Fire - Water TenderPump Capacity1000 GPM @150 psihour 70.338691Truck, Fire, TankerPump/Tank Capacity1250 GPM/2500 gal500hour 74.578692Truck, Fire, PumperPump/Tank Capacity1500 GPM/1000 gal500hour 81.108693Truck, Fire, PumperPump Capacityhour 84.048694Truck, Fire Aerial Ladder (75Ft)Pump/Tank Capacityhour 121.008695Truck, Fire Aerial Ladder (150Ft)Ladder lengthNo Platform,hour 146.438696Truck, Fire (Rescure)No LadderRescure Equipmenthour 96.368697Truck, Fire, Tactical Water Tender T1Pump/Tank Capacity250GPM/2000 galhour 119.508698Truck, Fire, Tactical Water Tender T2Pump/Tank Capacity250GPM/1000 galhour 102.678699Truck, Fire, Engine Type-3Pump/Tank Capacity150GPM/500galEngine, with Pump & Rollhour 126.508700Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw15000 Lbsto 200Diesel Enginehour 25.468701Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw25000 Lbsto 275Gasoline Enginehour 40.368701-1Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw25000 Lbs200Diesel Enginehour 28.558702Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw30000 Lbs217Diesel Enginehour 32.908703Truck, FlatbedMaximum Gvw45000 Lbsto 380Diesel Enginehour 52.738708Trailer, semi48ft to 53ft, flat-bed, freight, two axle50,000 gvwr0hour 8.678709Trailer, semienclosed 48 ft to 53 ft, two axles50,000 gvwr0hour 9.828710Trailer, semi28ft, single axle, freight25,000 gvwr0hour 10.01867012510125,000 MGVW2004x2-AxleWalk-behind, Crawler & WheelMounted. Chain and Wheel.Walk-behind, Crawler & WheelMounted. Chain and Wheel.Includes hydraulic polealignment attachment. Includetruck rateIncludes hydraulic polealignment attachment. Includetruck rateSonic Sidegrip Vibratory PileDriver2-1000gpm Nozzles 1-Eachside of Platform2000 GPM1500GPM/600 gal475150 FT330175Enclosed

08711Flat bed utility trailer6 tonhour 3.218712Cleaner, Sewer/Catch BasinHopper Capacity5 CY50Truck Mounted. (350 gal)hour 25.518713Cleaner, Sewer/Catch BasinHopper Capacity14 CY60Truck Mounted. (1500 Gal)hour 32.028714Vactor-Combined Sewer Cleaning800 Gal Spoils/400 Gal Water500/800 gal190with water & waste Tankshour 85.10Vector Combine Vaccum Truck1500 gal Water15 Cu Yd330with water & waste Tankshour 86.948715Truck, Hydro Vacmodel LP555DT36 - Hp pump36Towed by tractorhour 18.508716Leaf VacTow by Truck 22,000 cfm capacity85Leaf Vac Truck Code 8811hour 52.938717Truck, Vacuum60,000 GVW400hour 76.728719Litter Pickermodel 2007 Barberhour 9.608720Truck, DumpStruck Capacity8 CYto 220hour 57.708721Truck, DumpStruck Capacity10 CYto 320hour 72.058722Truck, DumpStruck Capacity12 CYto 400hour 79.628723Truck, DumpStruck Capacity14 CYto 400hour 77.508724Truck, Dump, Off HighwayStruck Capacity28 CYto 450hour 136.578725Truck, DumpStruck Capacity18 CYto 400hour 91.658730Truck, GarbageCapacity25 CYto 255hour 49.798731Truck, Garbage32 CYto 325hour 57.068733E-BAM ServicesCapacityEnvironmental Beta Attenuation AirMonitorhour 3.078734Attenuator, safetythat can stop a vehicle at 60 mph0hour 5.648735Truck, Attenuator2004 Truck Mounted for 60 mph0hour 3.898736Truck, tow1987 Chevy Kodiak 70175hour 28.738744Van, CustomSpecial Service Canteen Truck350hour 18.358745Van, stepmodel MT10FD300hour 22.058746Van-up to 15 passengerlight duty, class 1225-300hour 20.488747Van-up to 15 passengerlight duty, class 2225-300hour 20.778748Van-cargolight duty, class 1225 - 300hour 22.448749Van-cargolight duty, class 2225-300hour 22.688750Vehicle, Smallto 30hour 6.418753Vehicle, Recreationalto 10hour 2.878754Motor CoachGVW 50534Passenger TransportationHour 63.948755Golf CartCapacityhour 3.808770Welder, Portableto 16hour 4.118771Welder, Portableto 34hour 7.218772Welder, Portableto 50hour 13.668773Welder, Portableto 80hour 13.758780Truck, WaterTank Capacity2500 Galto 175hour 31.058781Truck, WaterTank Capacity4000 Galto 250Battery operatedIncludes ground cable and leadcable.Includes ground cable and leadcable.Includes ground cable and leadcable.Includes ground cable and leadcable.Include pump and rear spraysystem.Include pump and rear spraysystem.hou

The rates on this Schedule of Equipment Rates are for applicant ‐ owned equipment in good mechanical condition, complete with all required attachments. Each rate covers all costs eligible under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. § 5121, et seq., for ownership and operation of equipment, including