NXS and Precision Benchrest Models

Nightforce research and development teams, located in CentralIdaho, design technically advanced riflescopes to perform inuncompromising situations.The philosophy of the company is highly specialized and focusedon building the ultimate instrument for the application. Ourresearch and testing has developed new standards inmanufacturing and quality control. Every Nightforce scopereceives 100% individual inspection and must pass vigoroustesting prior to shipping. Our commitment to ultimate riflescopeperformance by using cutting edge technology and advancedoptical/mechanical designs is unparalleled in the industry.1

NIGHTFORCEOwners ManualNXS and Precision Benchrest ModelsEvery Nightforce riflescope is of exceptional quality anddesigned to be the ultimate instrument for its application.1

Important InformationFAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS MOUNTINGPROCEDURE MAY VOID WARRANTY.Your riflescope and rifle are only as good as the link betweenthem. The mounting of your riflescope is as important as thebedding of the rifle’s action to the stock. To ensure the highestlevel of performance the following steps in the mountingprocedure must be followed as described.Major concerns in riflescope mounting (materials/design).(A) Aluminum - A quality aluminum ring and base combinationdesigned for competition rifle shooting are acceptable whenbeing used on benchrest or light recoil rifles.(B) Steel - A high quality ring and base combination of theweaver type design or similar is required for field useand/or high recoil applications. See “ACCESSORIES” forsuggested base options.Under no circumstances do we recommend the usage of turn instyle rotary/dove tail type ring and base designs, especially thoseequipped with windage adjustment.2

Ring AlignmentMost production rifle actions or ring and base combinations are not manufactured accurately enough to ensure proper alignmentout of the box. After properly securing bases and rings to the action, alignment and compression of the rings is required prior tomounting the riflescope. To fulfill this requirement a 30mm lapping bar kit is available from Nightforce or other suppliers ofprecision shooting products. This lapping bar kit consists of a steel bar 30mm in diameter with a handle attached and a nonimbedding lapping compound. This tool is used to remove unnecessary material from the lower halves of the rings eliminatingmisalignment. This procedure allows both rings to align with one another, thus creating a stress-free platform for the riflescope.Step OneWith bases and lower halves of the rings securely mounted to the rifle, mount the 30mm steel lapping bar and tighten top ringhalves. This procedure will cause the rings to compress and take set to the lapping bar instead of the tube body of the riflescope.Do not use the riflescope in place of the steel lapping bar.Step TwoRemove the lapping bar and apply lapping compound to the lower ring halves. Perform lapping procedure until a maximum of 75% ofthe surface area has been lapped of the lower ring halves. (Note: or until the bar moves freely. i.e. no binding halves.)Step ThreeRemove the lapping bar and clean all surfaces with alcohol or other solvent to ensure an oil free surface.Step FourSet the Nightforce riflescope to the highest magnification. Place the riflescope in the lower portion of the rings as far forward aspossible. Install the top ring halves evenly front and rear. Tighten ring screws with just enough tension to still allow the slightmovement of the riflescope. Hold the rifle in your normal shooting position and slowly move the riflescope back until the full fieldof view is obtained. It is recommended to mount the riflescope at this position or slightly forward to ensure maximum eye relief.Step FiveFocusing the eyepiece - this procedure focuses the reticle to your eye. (This has no effect on the image unless severely out of adjustment).(1)Check that the riflescope is set at the highest magnification.(2)Set the parallax adjustment to the infinity setting [ ] on the riflescope.(3)Look through the riflescope eyepiece to determine if the reticle is clear and in focus instantly. Note: All Nightforceriflescopes are factory set for an average individual eye strength, thus adjustment may not be necessary. Looking at thereticle for an extended period of time during this process will cause your eye to compensate, resulting in false indication ofreticle focus.(4)If adjustment is necessary grasp the eyepiece and rotate counter clockwise – loosening it away from the lock-ring whileholding the riflescope from turning in the rings. Several turns of the eyepiece are necessary to achieve any measurableaffect. Once reticle focus is achieved, lock the eyepiece by threading the lock-ring back to the eyepiece.(5)Fast focus eyepiece. Not all Nightforce riflescopes are equipped with a lock-ring on the eyepiece. If your riflescope model isequipped with a fast focus eyepiece ie. No locking ring, simply perform steps 1, 2 & 3 above to set eyepiece focus.Final StepFirst, level the rifle, then hang a plumb by a line at 100 yards. Rotate the riflescope in the rings until the vertical portion of thereticle is parallel with the plumb line. Tighten rings evenly both front and rear until riflescope is secure. Your Nightforce scope isnow properly mounted.3

Establishing a ZeroZero the rifle using the center aiming point of the reticle at your desired zero range. (A 200 yard zero is common). If yourNightforce riflescope is equipped with target turret adjustments you may set them to zero with the supplied hex wrench andrecord the rotation setting your zero is on for both windage and elevation. These are the horizontal indicator marks located belowthe rotating dials. You have now established a zero to which you may return.NF Target Turret Indicator MarksNXS Target Turret Indicator MarksCreating a Drop ChartWith your elevation and windage target turret adjustments zeroed and recorded, set up a target at the first distance you wish toshoot beyond your established zero. From your zero, count the number of clicks up to hit the target. Record the number of clicksand so on for each range. Now that you have compiled the number of clicks to hit the targets at all the various ranges, you cansimply convert the number of clicks to M.O.A. by determining the click value of your specific Nightforce riflescope. For 1/8 (.125)M.O.A. click value, divide all click numbers by 8; this converts clicks to M.O.A. clicks. For Nightforce riflescopes with 1/4 (.250)M.O.A. click value divide by 4 to convert to M.O.A. This information is compiled to form a drop chart (see top of following page).This drop chart provides you with the information needed to hit your target using M.O.A. plus clicks. Example: Utilizing thetarget turret adjustments with a click value of 1/8 M.O.A. and your drop chart, you can determine the distance requires 8 2 clicks (8.2). Utilizing center aiming point at any power magnification, turn the elevation target turret 8 M.O.A. 2 clicksand shoot. For Nightforce riflescopes equipped with 1/4 M.O.A. click value, turn the elevation target turret adjustment 8 M.O.A. 1 click from your zero.NF Target turret adj. 1/8 (.125) M.O.A. click value4NXS turret adj. 1/4 (.250) M.O.A. click value

1/8 M.O.A. Drop ChartYardsClicksElevationM.O.A. clicks200001/4 M.O.A. Drop ChartYardsClicksElevationM.O.A. 500276.3600668.2600338.1Note:Divide clicks by 4 (.250) for 1/4 M.O.A. click value or 8 (.125) for 1/8 M.O.A. click value.Example:(A) 27 clicks divided by 4 equals 6.75 M.O.A. (27 4 6.75 M.O.A.) or 6 M.O.A. 3 clicks(6.3)(B) 27 clicks divided by 8 equals 3.375 M.O.A. (27 8 3.375 M.O.A.) or 3 M.O.A. 3 clicks(3.3)Parallax AdjustmentAll Nightforce riflescopes feature an adjustment for eliminating parallax.Parallax is the apparent movement of the reticle in relation to the target as the shooter moves his eye across the exit pupil of theriflescope. A nod of the head up and down will quickly determine if parallax is present. If parallax has been eliminated the reticlewill remain stationary in relation to the target regardless of head placement. Thus not influencing the accuracy of the shot.Nightforce has two different styles of parallax adjustments. Your Nightforce riflescope will be equipped with one of the twodepending on model.Left – Adjustable objective located on the front objective end. Indicated inyards from 25 to infinity [ ].Right – Side focus adjustment located on the riflescope saddle opposite fromthe windage adjustment turret.Battery InstallationIf your Nightforce riflescope is equipped with reticle illumination, it will be one of the two following options:Left – NF rheostat battery compartment(A) Variable rheostat mounted on eyepiece. To install the battery unscrew the battery compartment capcounter clockwise using a coin or screwdriver while holding the rheostat to prevent it from rotating.Place a new battery (CR2032 Panasonic or equivalent) positive ( ) side up or facing you. Replace andtighten the cap.Left – NXS rheostat battery compartment(B) Integrated reticle illumination/parallax adjustment system. To install the battery unscrew the batterycompartment cap counter clockwise while holding the parallax adjustment to prevent it from rotating.Place a new battery (CR2032 Panasonic or equivalent) positive ( ) side up or facing you. Replace andtighten the cap.Battery Duration: Depending on the intensity and conditions, your battery can last up to 720 hours of continuous use.5

Illumination System OperationVariable rheostat mounted on eyepieceTo increase or decrease reticle illumination rotate numbered rheostat dial from one to ten.Operation of NXS Integrated Illumination SystemTo activate reticle illumination pull outward on the parallax turret assembly.To deactivate the reticle illumination push inward on the parallax turret assembly.Adjusting the variable illuminationreticle intensity on the NXS riflescope.When the Nightforce NXS reticle illumination system is activated it will illuminate at onepredetermined setting. You have the ability to change the reticle illumination intensity by turning asmall rheostat located inside the battery compartment. Using a small jewelers screwdriver, turn therheostat counter clockwise to increase the illumination intensity or turn the rheostat clockwise todecrease the illumination intensity.Care and CleaningUse a lens brush to remove loose particles of dust and a high-grade glass cleaner applied on a cotton swab. Do not apply excessivepressure and begin moving in a circular motion from center to outer edge of the lens.Mounting SystemThis mounting system offers unequalled machined precision and durability.Nightforce bases are CNC machined from a single steel billet and are availablefor Remington, Winchester, Weatherby and Savage actions. The one-piece andtwo-piece mounting system can increase internal adjustment of the scope by40 M.O.A. and 20 M.O.A. respectively.Steel 30mm Picatinny or Mil-Spec rings position NXS scopes low on the rifleand are sold in serialized matched pairs. Nightforce Rings are available in.885", 1.0" and 1.125" heights.AccessoriesVisit for complete information on these other fine Nightforce products, made in the U.S.A.:Mirage Tube6TripodDrag BagTorque WrenchLapping Bar

Nightforce Owner SurveyAnswering the following question will help us maintain the high level of quality andservice Nightforce owners have come to expect. We encourage your input.What changes or modifications would you recommend be made to improve this product?Other Comments:Owner Registration CardPlease fill out and return this product registration card within 30 days of purchase.Return to the address below. We retain this card for warranty eligibility.Name:Address:City:State:Model No.:Serial No.:Date of Purchase:Zip:Phone No.:Purchased From:Where did you hear about our products?Attach Proof of Purchase:Lightforce USA Inc.P.O. Box 9 Orofino, Idaho 835447

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NIGHTFORCELimited Lifetime WarrantyYour Nightforce Riflescope is unquestionably warranted to be free fromdefects in materials and workmanship. Exclusions to this warrantyinclude/but are not limited to: abuse, mishandling or improper mounting.In the event of a defect in materials or workmanship we will repair orreplace the instrument at our option, provided you return the scopepostage pre-paid along with a description of the defect with yourshipping address and phone number to the address below.Lightforce, USA Inc.P.O. Box 9 Orofino, Idaho 83544 208-476-9814 (tel) 208-476-9817 (fax) www.nightforcescopes.com9

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To activate reticle illumination pull outward on the parallax turret assembly. To deactivate the reticle illumination push inward on the parallax turret assembly. Adjusting the variable illumination reticle intensity on the NXS riflescope. When the Nightforce NXS reticle illumination system is activated it will illuminate at one predetermined .