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General DisclaimerAlthough Cisco has attempted to provide accurate information inthis Guide, Cisco assumes no responsibility for the accuracy ofthe information. Cisco may change the programs or productsmentioned at any time without prior notice. Mention ofnon-Cisco products or services is for information purposes onlyand constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation ofsuch products or services or of any company that develops orsells such products or services.ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED ON THIS WEB SITE ISPROVIDED “AS IS,” WITH ALL FAULTS, AND WITHOUTWARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED ORIMPLIED. CISCO AND ITS SUPPLIERS DISCLAIM ALLWARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED INCLUDING,WITHOUT LIMITATION, THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY,FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ANDNONINFRINGEMENT, OR ARISING FROM A COURSE OFDEALING, USAGE, OR TRADE PRACTICE.CISCO AND ITS SUPPLIERS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FORANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, ORINCIDENTAL DAMAGES INCLUDING, WITHOUTLIMITATION, LOST PROFITS OR REVENUES, COSTS OFREPLACEMENT GOODS OR SERVICES, LOSS ORDAMAGE TO DATA ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF THEGUIDE OR ANY CISCO PRODUCT OR SERVICE, ORDAMAGES RESULTING FROM USE OF OR RELIANCE ONTHE INFORMATION PROVIDED, EVEN IF CISCO OR ITSSUPPLIERS HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITYOF SUCH DAMAGES.Many of the Cisco products and services identified in this Guideare provided with written software licenses and limitedwarranties. Those licenses and warranties provide the purchasersof those products with certain rights. Nothing in this Guide shallbe deemed to expand, alter, or modify any warranty or licenseprovided by Cisco with any Cisco product, or to create any newor additional warranties or licenses.

CONTENTSIntroductionCisco Products Quick Reference Guide (CPQRG) iCPQRG Background iCPQRG Ordering Information iHow to Get More Complete Product Information iCisco Systems Overview iiCisco Channel Partner Program iiiFor More Information iiiReseller and Customer Support iiiReseller Sales and Technical Assistance Contact Information iiiHelpful Cisco Web Sites ivPartner and Reseller Service and Support Offerings vProduct Warranty Information viCisco Capital Financing viCisco Authorized Refurbished Equipment (US and Canada Only) viiCisco Services viiCHAPTER 1RoutersRouters at a Glance 1-1Sample Routing Solutions Overview—WAN & Internet Data Center 1-3Cisco Routers Port Matrix 1-4Memory Information for Routers 1-6Cisco SOHO Series Ethernet, ADSL over ISDN, ADSL and G.SHDSL Routers 1-8Cisco 800 Series 1-9Cisco 1700 Series 1-11Cisco 2500 Series 1-14Cisco 2600 Series 1-16Cisco 3600 Series 1-22Cisco 3700 Series 1-26Cisco 7200 Series 1-31Cisco 7300 Series 1-35Cisco 7400 Series 1-38Cisco 7500 Series 1-40Cisco 7600 Series 1-45Cisco 10000 Series 1-47Cisco 10720 Series 1-49Cisco 12000 Series 1-51Cisco SN 5400 SeriesStorage Router 1-55

CHAPTER 2LAN SwitchingLAN Switching Products at a Glance 2-1Cisco LAN and MAN Products Port Matrix 2-2Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series 2-3Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series XL—Modular Switches 2-4Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Intelligent Ethernet Switches 2-6Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series XL 2-10Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Intelligent Ethernet Switches 2-12Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series 2-15Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series — Fixed Configuration 2-17Cisco Catalyst 5000 Family 2-18Cisco Catalyst 6500 Family 2-20Cisco Catalyst 8500 Multiservice Switch Routers 2-24CHAPTER 3Wireless LAN ProductsWireless LAN Products at a Glance (IEEE 802.11b) 3-1Sample Wireless LAN Solution Overview—In-Building or Site-to-Site 3-2Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Access Points 3-2Cisco Aironet 1100 Series Access Points 3-5Cisco Aironet 5 GHz 54 Mbps Wireless Client Adapter 3-6Cisco Aironet 350 Series Client Adapters 3-8Cisco Aironet 350 Series Workgroup Bridge 3-10Cisco Aironet 350 Series Wireless Bridge 3-12Cisco Aironet Antennas and Accessories 3-14CHAPTER 4IP Telephony, Video, & Web CollaborationCampus IP Telephony, Video, & Web Collaboration at a Glance 4-1Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones 4-3Cisco CallManager 3.3 4-4Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC) Enterprise Edition 4-8Cisco IPCC Express Edition (Formerly IP ICD) 4-9Cisco IP IVR 4-10Cisco Unity—Unified Messaging and Voice Mail 4-11Cisco Personal Assistant 4-13Additional Cisco IP Telephony Applications 4-14Cisco SRS Telephony 4-14Cisco IP Phone Messenger 4-15Cisco IP SoftPhone 4-15Cisco IP Manager Assistant 4-15Cisco Conference Connection 4-16Cisco MCS 7800 Series Media Convergence Servers 4-17Cisco MCS 7815I-2000 4-17Cisco MCS 7825H-2266 4-17Cisco MCS 7835H-2400 and Cisco MCS 7835I-2400 4-17Cisco MCS 7845H-2400 and Cisco MCS 7845I-2400 4-17Cisco ICS 7750 Integrated Communications System 4-18Cisco IAD 2400 Series Integrated Access Device with IOS Telephony Service (ITS) 4-21Cisco Voice Gateways 4-22Cisco VG248 Voice Gateway 4-22Cisco IP/VC 3500 Series Videoconferencing Products 4-22Cisco IP/TV 3.4 4-23

Web Collaboration—Cisco Web Collaboration Option 4-24E-Mail Response Management—Cisco E-mail Manager 4-25Cisco Emergency Responder 4-25Cisco ATA Series of Analog Telephone Adaptors 4-27CHAPTER 5VPN and Security ProductsVPN and Security Products at a Glance 5-1Cisco PIX Firewall Series 5-2Cisco IOS Firewall 5-5Cisco VPN 3000 Family 5-6Cisco Intrusion Detection System Network Sensors 5-8Cisco Security Agent 5-10Cisco 7100 Series 5-11Cisco Secure Access Control Server for Windows 5-14Cisco Secure User Registration Tool 5-15CHAPTER 6Content Networking ProductsContent Networking Products at a Glance 6-1Content Networking Overview 6-2Cisco Content Engines 6-2Cisco CSS 11500 Series Content Services Switches 6-4Cisco LocalDirector 6-6Cisco Content Distribution Manager 4600 Series 6-7Cisco Content Router 4430 6-9Cisco Content Switching Module 6-10Cisco SSL Module for Catalyst 6500 6-11Cisco 11000 Series Secure Content Accelerator (SCA 11000) 6-12Cisco CTE-1400 Series Content Transformation Engine 6-13Cisco DistributedDirector 6-14Cisco GSS 4480 Global Site Selector 6-15

CHAPTER 7Broadband and Dial Access ProductsBroadband and Dial Access Products at a Glance 7-1Remote Dial Access—Data and Voice (VoIP) 7-1Broadband Cable 7-1DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Access 7-2ATM Multiservice WAN Switching 7-2Long Reach Ethernet 7-3Memory Information for Access Routers 7-3Cisco AS5350 Universal Gateway 7-3Cisco AS5400 Series Universal Gateways 7-6Cisco AS5850 Universal Gateway 7-9Remote Dial Access Network Management Products 7-11Universal Gateway Manager (UGM) 7-11Cisco Universal Gateway Call Analyzer 7-11Cisco Resource Policy Management System 7-12SS7 Signaling & Softswitch Products 7-12Cisco SC2200 Signaling Controller 7-12Cisco PGW 2200 Softswitch 7-12Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch 7-13Additional Remote Dial Access Products 7-13Cisco uBR7100 Series Universal Broadband Router 7-13Cisco uBR7246VXR Universal Broadband Router 7-15Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router 7-16Cisco RF Switch 7-17Broadband Cable—Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) 7-19Cisco uBR900 Series Cable Access Routers 7-19Remote Cable Access—Network Management Products 7-20Cisco Cable Manager 7-20Cisco Cable Diagnostic Manager 7-20Cisco Broadband Troubleshooter 7-20Cisco Broadband Configurator 7-21DSL Remote Access—Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) 7-21Broadband Services Aggregation 7-21Cisco 7200 Series 7-22Cisco 7301 Series 7-22Cisco 7400 Series 7-22Cisco 10000 Series 7-22Cisco 6400 Series 7-23ATM Multiservice WAN Switching 7-23Cisco BPX 8600 Series—Advanced ATM Multiservice Switches 7-23Cisco MGX 8850 ATM Multiservice Switch 7-24Cisco MGX 8830 ATM Multiservice Switch 7-25Cisco MGX 8200 Series 7-25Cisco MGX 8230 Edge Concentrator 7-25Cisco MGX 8250 Edge Concentrator 7-25Cisco IGX 8400 Series Multiservice WAN Switch 7-25Cisco Long Reach Ethernet Solution 7-26Catalyst 2950 LRE Series Intelligent Ethernet Switches 7-26Cisco 575 and 585 LRE CPE Devices 7-27Cisco LRE 48 POTS Splitter 7-27

Cisco Building Broadband Service Manager (BBSM) Version 5.2 7-28Cisco BBSM Hotspot Server Version 1.0 7-29Sample LRE Solution Overview—Broadband Internet Access for MxU 7-29CHAPTER 8Optical TransportOptical Transport Products at a Glance 8-1Sample Metro Optical Transport Solution Overview— Delivering Multiservices to the Edge 8-2Cisco ONS 15200 Optical Metro DWDM Series 8-3Cisco ONS 15302/15305 SDH Multiservice CPE & Aggregation Platforms 8-3Cisco ONS 15454 and 15327 Multiservice Provisioning Platforms 8-4Cisco ONS 15501 Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier 8-5Cisco ONS 15530 8-5Cisco ONS 15540 Extended Services Platform (ESPx) 8-6Cisco ONS 15600 Multiservice Switching Platform 8-7Cisco Transport Manager (CTM 4.x) (Element/Network Management) 8-8CHAPTER 9IOS Software & Network ManagementCisco IOS Software & Network Management Products at a Glance 9-1CiscoWorks for Windows 9-2Cisco IOS Software 9-4Quality of Service (QoS) 9-4Converged LAN/WAN and Telephony Networks 9-5Security 9-5Cisco IOS NetFlow 9-6Cisco IOS Routing Services 9-6IP Routing Protocols 9-6Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) 9-6IP Multicast and Multicast Solutions 9-8IPv6 9-10Cisco IOS Software Release Process 9-10Cisco Network Management Overview 9-11Cisco Network Management Products 9-11CiscoWorks Small Network Management Solution 9-11CiscoWorks Small Network Management Solution Components 9-12CiscoWorks Routed WAN Management Solution 9-13CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 9-14CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution 9-16CiscoWorks IP Telephony Environment Monitor 9-18CiscoWorks Voice Manager for Voice Gateways 9-19CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager 9-21Cisco Ethernet Subscriber Solution Engine 9-22CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine 9-23CiscoWorks Hosting Solution Engine 9-24Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Network Analysis Module 1 and 2(with NAM software version 2.2) 9-25

IntroductionCisco Products Quick Reference Guide (CPQRG)CPQRG BackgroundThe Cisco Products Quick Reference Guide (CPQRG) is a handy, compact referencetool that includes brief product overviews, key features, sample part numbers, andabbreviated technical specifications for many of Cisco’s products. The CPQRG isprimarily published to support Cisco partners, resellers, sales account teams, and evenend-user customers who need a broad, high-level overview of Cisco products, but atthat moment do not have access to Cisco’s Web site, the Cisco Connection Online(CCO) at this book is only published twice per year, there are likely to be new products,configurations, and part numbers not included in this edition. Note: For the mostup-to-date and comprehensive information about Cisco products and solutions, pleaserefer to our on-line information or consult a Cisco representative.CPQRG Ordering InformationAdditional printed copies of this book can be purchased on an as-needed basis orthrough an annual subscription. To order, see questions regarding the CPQRG ordering process, please send an email [email protected] questions, comments or to download an Adobe PDF version of the CPQRG, go to to Get More Complete Product InformationCisco ProductCatalogCisco ConnectionOnline (CCO)For more comprehensive information on all of Cisco’s products, please refer to the Cisco Product Catalog r even more complete product and solution information, please go to CCO at addition to product, technology, and network solutions support, CCO provides a wealth of information includinghow to find an authorized representative or partner, how to order products, technical support/customer service,Cisco Corporate news and information, and links to training/events/seminars.Cisco Products Quick Reference Guide (CPQRG)i

Cisco Systems OverviewCisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco’sInternet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of the Internet andmost corporate, education, and government networks around the world. Cisco providesthe broadest line of solutions for transporting data, voice and video within buildings,across campuses, or around the world.Today, the Internet and computer networking are an essential part of business, learningand personal communications and entertainment. Virtually all messages or transactionspassing over the Internet are carried quickly and securely through Cisco equipment.Cisco solutions ensure that networks both public and private operate with maximumperformance, security, and flexibility. In addition, Cisco solutions are the basis for mostlarge, complex networks used by corporations, public institutions, telecommunicationcompanies, and are found in a growing number of medium-sized commercialenterprises.Cisco was founded in 1984 by a group of computer scientists from Stanford University.Since the company’s inception, Cisco engineers have been prominent in advancing thedevelopment of IP- the basic language to communicate over the Internet and in privatenetworks. The company’s tradition of innovation continues today with Cisco creatingleading products and key technologies that will make the Internet more useful anddynamic in the years ahead. These technologies include: advanced routing andswitching, voice and video over IP, optical networking, wireless, storage networking,security, broadband, and content networking.In addition to technology and product leadership, Cisco is recognized as an innovatorin how business is conducted. The company has been a pioneer in using the Internet toprovide customer support, sell products, offer training, and manage finances. Drawingupon the company's own Internet best practices and core-value of customer focus,Cisco has established the Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) dedicated tohelping top business leaders transform their own businesses into e-businesses.As a company, Cisco operates on core values of customer focus and corporatecitizenship. The company’s philanthropic efforts are committed to helpingcommunities prosper while also encouraging Cisco employees to learn about the needsof the communities where Cisco operates. Also, to help bolster education around theworld, the company has founded Cisco Networking Academies in 128 countriesdedicated to teaching students to design, build, and maintain computer networks.Cisco Systems Overviewii

Cisco Channel Partner ProgramWhether you provide services, solutions or a combination of both, Cisco is committedto your success. The Cisco Channel Partner Program can help partners create asustainable business model in a fast-changing environment, where customers requirevalue-added services, focused technical expertise, and higher levels of satisfaction. Asa Cisco certified partner, you'll have the backing of the Cisco brand, and access toworld-class products and service packages, technical support, productivity tools,online training, marketing resources and sales promotions.The Partner Program integrates the technology focus of each Cisco PartnerSpecialization, flexible individual career certification requirements, customersatisfaction targets, and pre- and post-sales support capabilities. These elements makeup the points-based structure of the overall program requirements. There are threepartner certification levels: Gold Certification, Silver Certification, and PremierCertification.The Partner Program requires every partner to specialize in technology areas as part ofthe program requirement. You may choose the technology area for Specialization, butmust earn a minimum number of Specialization points to become certified. You maydecide to be strictly a specialized partner or specialize your organization as a means toachieving certification. Either way, you'll have access to structured training roadmaps,free online technical and sales education and video-on-demand content to build yourknowledge and skill level through the Partner E-Learning Connectionhttp://cisco.partnerelearning.comFor More InformationSee the Channel Partner Program Web Site: you are interested in reselling Cisco product without becoming certified orspecialized, see and Customer SupportReseller Sales and Technical Assistance Contact InformationCustomer Help LinesUS Distribution Presales Helplines1Presales—Partner/Reseller HelplinePost-Sales—Technical Assistance Center (TAC)Contact InformationComstor: 800-COMSTOR, option 3Ingram Micro: 800-445-5066, enter Ingram customer #, dialextension 24041Tech Data: 800-237-8931, extension 77776800 553-6387 (within U.S.)408 526-7208 (outside U.S.) 553-6387 (within U.S.)408 526-7209 (outside U.S.)[email protected] (e-mail)1. Follow voice prompts to access: Pre-sales Assistance of Network Validation & Product Information, ResellerSupport, Customer Service, Service Contract Sales, Reporting a technical problem/open a trouble ticket, andSeminars, Events, Training & CertificationCisco Channel Partner Programiii

Helpful Cisco Web SitesCisco Web SiteURL1Worldwide Contacts office locations; directions; maps; and sales, partners, and channelcontacts.Partner Relationship Central a Channel Account Manager (CAM), Distributor, apply to the CiscoChannel Partner Program, or update your profile.Technical SupportFor customer support tips, software center, online documents, and more.Cisco Products Quick Reference /serv tips.shtml guide is available on line (in PDF and HTML); it is continually updatedbetween bi-yearly printings. CCO login required.Cisco Subscription Service service for one-time purchase of or annual subscriptions to thisguide or other Cisco documents and CDs; order online, or order by phone bycalling 800 768-7162 (U.S. or Canada) or 925 327-4072 (outside the U.S.). HelpSearch partners’ frequently asked questions and ask for the help you needCertification/Specialization ApplicationApply for a Cisco Certification or SpecializationFind a Channel Account ManagerSearch for the Cisco Channel Account Manager assigned to your companyPartner RegistrationBegin your relationship with Cisco by registering as a Cisco Registered orCertified ner AMLOC/jsp/cam G/jsp/GetLogin.jsp?page ners/partners tool ster.doTool IndexGet CCO AccessRegister for a guest-level ID as a prerequisite for partner levelaccessAssociate Myself With A PartnerIf you are an employee of Cisco Registered and Cisco Certified orSpecialized Partners, you can associate yourself with your company andupgrade your current ID to partner GetLogin.jsp?page ls/GETLOG/welcome.doPartner Self ServiceUse this suite of tools to manage personal and company information in theCisco partner databaseUpdate Company tification/If you are a registered partner administrator, you can update company andcontact informationWorldwide Distributors Web Site, by country, of authorized Cisco Distributors who stock and resell Ciscoproducts.Distribution Product Reference Guide (DPRG) list of pricing information, part numbers, and more for distribution(2-tier) products. Data is refreshed nightly. CCO login required.Partner Business Central—Browse and Configure An ecommerce web site with a configuration tool to validate channelproduct options; also select and compare products, check price andavailability, and submit your order to your distributor online. CCO loginrequired—click on “Browse and Configure Products”. MatrixLast order and end-of-life dates for Cisco co University—Offers detailed course material on the latest technical http://cisco.partnerelearning.comtopics throughout the year targeted for Resellers, Partners and Cisco Salesrepresentatives. Also see the Partner E-Learning Connection.1. Additional CCO access required for most URLs.Reseller and Customer Supportiv

Partner and Reseller Service and Support OfferingsVarious partner and reseller service and support programs are available according tocertification level and method of purchase from Cisco:Method ofPurchaseDirect from Cisco(only available toPartners withDirect contracts)2-Tier (through aDistributor)Service and Support Offerings System Integrator Support—System Integrator Support 98 (SIS98) program is designed for Silver and Goldpartners who wish to provide their own brand of support to their end customers with back-end support fromCisco– SMARTspares provides partners using SIS98 the opportunity to leverage Cisco’s logistics infrastructure toprovide their customers with enhanced delivery services. Shared Support—Currently only available in the US, Cisco’s Shared Support program is designed for Silver andGold partners who wish to provide their own brand of support to their end customers while leveraging Cisco’sTechnical Assistance Center (TAC) and logistics infrastructure Cisco Brand Resale—Program allows partners to provide Cisco’s services (SMARTnet, etc.) directly to their endcustomers Packaged Services—Partners and Resellers may purchase warranty extension, hardware replacement,installation and configuration, technical support, software upgrades, and online services. Several of theseservices have been bundled together to offer convenient service solutions for Cisco customers.Packaged Resalable Service Products (only via Distributors/2-Tier):ProductDescriptionMaintenance ServicesSMARTnetMaintenanceProvides customers with software maintenance, registered access to CCO, advance replacement of hardware,and technical support required for self-maintenance. SMARTnet maintenance has three delivery options: SMARTnet 8x5xNBD (Next Business Day)—8 hours/day, 5 days/week, next-business-day hardwarereplacement SMARTnet 8x5x4—8 hours/day, 5 days/week, 4-hour hardware replacement SMARTnet 24x7x4—24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 4-hour hardware replacementAvailable through resellers and distributors.SMARTnet OnsiteProvides all the benefits of SMARTnet maintenance, plus one of the following onsite hardware services forrepairs: SMARTnet Onsite 8x5xNBD—8 hours/day, 5 days/week, next-business-day response SMARTnet Onsite 8x5x4—8 hours/day, 5 days/week, 4-hour response SMARTnet Onsite 24x7x4—24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 4-hour responsePackaged SMARTnet OnSite 24x7x4 provides SMARTnet OnSite 24x7x4 service in a shrink-wrapped package,allowing it to be effectively marketed through resellers.Cisco AdvanceAdvance Replacement offers customers the flexibility to cover their equipment with an advance replacementReplacementservice only. Cisco Advance Replacement comes with a full year of advance replacement coverage, guestaccess to the public portion of Cisco Connection Online (CCO), and a single technical support incident. Thisservice is intended to be used by customers who need to supplement service offered by their reseller with areplacement option from Cisco.Software Application Software Application Support plus Upgrades provides customers with software upgrades and maintenanceSupport plus Upgrades releases for Cisco Application Software, registered access to plus technical support, for one year.(SASU)For when a customer needs investment protection on software purchases and/or access to the latest softwarewhile eliminating unexpected budget revisions.Noncontract andCisco provides noncontract services at current time-and-materials rates. For more information contactConsulting ServicesCustomer Services at 1-800-553-NETS or 1-415-326-1941.Startup ServicesTotal ImplementationServices (TIS)Cisco Total Implementation Solutions (TIS) is a portfolio of services that deliver the tools, expertise, andresources needed to install, configure, and implement Cisco equipment. TIS is intended to supplement servicesthat resellers provide, either directly or indirectly, to their customers. Product Components: Installation,Configuration, and Implementation. For more information, see More InformationSee the Partner and Reseller Support Services Web page at: (CCO login required)Partner and Reseller Service and Support Offeringsv

Product Warranty InformationAll Cisco hardware and software products are covered for a minimum of 90 days. Someproducts have a longer or more appropriate coverage, ranging from One-Year toLimited Lifetime warranties. Note that all Warranties are applicable to original owneronly and support is subject to product end-of-life terms.Warranty1Entitlements DescriptionCisco Standard 90-dayHardware Warranty,Software Warranty andLicense Agreement(78-5235-vvrr)90-Day Limited HardwareWarranty(78-5236-vvrr) Advance Replacement shipping within 10 business days from RMA date, within 90 days of originalshipment from Cisco or from Cisco Reseller 90-Day Assurance that the Media SW is delivered is defect-free and the SW conforms to its publishedspecifications Guest Access to Cisco Connection Online (CCO) Advance Replacement shipping within 10 business days from RMA date, within 90 days of originalshipment from Cisco or from Cisco Reseller 90-Day Assurance that the Media SW is delivered is defect-free and the SW conforms to its publishedspecifications Guest Access to Cisco Connection Online (CCO)One-Year Limited Hardware Advance Replacement shipping within 10 business days from RMA date within One Year of originalshipment from Cisco or from Cisco ResellerWarranty (78-10747-vvrr) 90-Day Assurance that the Media SW is delivered is defect-free and the SW conforms to its publishedspecifications Guest Access to Cisco Connection Online (CCO)Limited Lifetime Hardware Advance Replacement shipping within 10 business days from RMA date during supported life of theproduct, starting original ship date from Cisco or Cisco reseller. (fan and power supply warranty limitedWarranty (78-6310-vvrr)to 5 years from ship-date) 90-Day Assurance that the Media SW is delivered is defect-free and the SW conforms to its publishedspecifications Guest Access to Cisco Connection Online (CCO)End-User Software License 90-Day Assurance that the Media SW is delivered is defect-free and the SW conforms to its publishedspecificationsAgreement and Software End User License Agreement termsWarranty (78-3621-vvrr) Guest Access to Cisco Connection Online (CCO)5-Years Limited Hardware Replacement shipping within 15 business days from RTF date within 5 years from the original ship dateand 1-Year Limited Software from Cisco or Cisco reseller One-Year SW support includes availability of bug fixes and maintenance releasesWarranty (78-13712-vvrr) Cisco TAC 24x7 support for P1/P2 cases for Five years Guest Access to Cisco Connection Online (CCO)1. “vv” and “rr” suffixes of the warranty document numbers represent the revision and version numbersrespectively.For More InformationSee the Web site: warranties listing.htmlCisco Capital FinancingCisco Systems Capital offers a variety of financing and equipment leasing alternatives,both short term and long term, to customers and partners in the United States, Canada,Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. Cisco Capital’s financial solutions offercustomers the ability to acquire new technologies or refresh existing equipmentthrough flexible, easy-to-use programs.For More InformationSee the Cisco Systems Capital Web site: the United States, call 800 730-4090.Product Warranty Informationvi

Cisco Authorized Refurbished Equipment (US and Canada Only)Customers looking for used Cisco equipment can now be assured of the quality andsupport they come to expect from new Cisco products, through the Cisco AuthorizedRefurbished Equipment program. Cisco Authorized Refurbished Equipment givescustomers a price competitive alternative to buying uncertified and unlicensedproducts off the secondary market. All equipment sold through this program is labeled“Refurbished by Cisco Systems,” indicating that the product is Cisco tested,refurbished, authorized, and supported. The program is limited to certain countries,so interested customers should check with their local Cisco account manager of Ciscoauthorized reseller for availability.For More InformationEnd order refurbished equipment program description.htmlResellers: (click on “Refurbished Products”)Cisco ServicesCisco Services offers a wide range of services and support to customers, partners andresellers. Through a suite of support services Cisco enables you to improve the overallefficiency of your network operations and network performance, while benefiting fromthe broad range of Cisco engineering knowledge and experience base, leading practicesand innovative, web-based tools.Cisco Advanced Services (AS)

Cisco SOHO Series Ethernet, ADSL over ISDN, ADSL and G.SHDSL Routers 1-8 Cisco 800 Series 1-9 Cisco 1700 Series 1-11 Cisco 2500 Series 1-14 Cisco 2600 Series 1-16 Cisco 3600 Series 1-22 Cisco 3700 Series 1-26 Cisco 7200 Series 1-31 Cisco 7300 Series 1-35 Cisco 7400 Series 1-38 Cisco 7500 Series 1-40 Cisco 7600 Series 1-45 Cisco 10000 Series 1-47