Weight Transfer SystemFor Deere 1770/1790/1795 12 & 16 Row PlantersWith In-Cab Control

The Martin weight transfer system consists of bolt on brackets, apressure relieving control valve, an in cab control box and the associated cabling. Transfer of the weight from the center of the planter tothe wings reduces compaction and ground pressure, more evenlydistributing the weight to where it is needed most to ensure uniformpressures and planting depths from the row units. The valve and control system respond to changes in pressure very quickly, so the system is well capable of maintain the pressures over rapidly changingfield conditions without a problem.1790/1795 WTS (900079/900072)1770 WTS (900083)

Kit Includes: In-Cab Control Box with harness (Electronic PWM version) Bolt on brackets Grade 8 mounting hardware Industry standard durable hydraulic valve NOTE: Kit does not include custom hydraulic hoses or fittings Check fit up for Center Frame Mounted Fertilizer Tanks and Brackets for possibletank mounting bracket modifications needed In-Cab Control Box—Allows for easy adjustment asyou plant Hydraulic control kit provides durable and quickadjustmentRugged Electronic PWM control box allows forfine tuning of industry standard hydraulic valve

WTS for 12 or 16 row JD1770 (900083)Patent Pending Can be used with framemounted openersInterlocking tab and slot design fit together to transferload to the tool bar

WTS for 12 or 16 row JD1790 (900079) or JD1795(900072) Bolt-On Bracket design (no welding)provides easy installation Combination of L bolts and row unitmounting bolts pulling in two directionsensure brackets stay put

Pinch Row Compaction Pinch row compaction leads to shorter, stunted plants, restricted roots andultimately yield loss. Pinch-row compaction can have a negative consequence to getting cropsoff to the right start. Issues that can occur due to side-wall compaction include poor germination, non-uniform emergence, limit crop development and restricted rootestablishment and growth. Restricted root growth will negatively impact nutrient uptake even whensoil test values indicate sufficient nutrition.Three-year Practical Farm Research(PFR) shows an average of 12.6Bu./A. yield loss on pinch rows fromcentral-fill planters.

Compaction reduces plant vigor and yield. Shallow or inconsistent planting due to poorcontrol of planter wings alsorobs yield.Most planters have a “weightproblem”. Excess weight in thecenter of the planter or improper weight distribution is a constant concern.Stunted roots from pinch rowson the left are dramaticallysmaller than the roots fromcorn planted by the planterwings.Worried about the constant changing downforce fluctuations asyou plant seed and apply fertilizer?The Martin-Till WTS is your planter’s solution!

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The Martin-Till WTS is your planter's solution! V112519 See more Martin-Till Planter Attachments on the web! Go to and Browse the Store and Product Catalog CONTACT US Martin Industries 206 Elk Fork Rd Elkton, KY 42220 United States of America