DIVISIONDIVISIONMORTARMASONRY PRODUCTSSCGSELF CONSOLIDATING GROUTStructurally Sound. Highly Fluid.SPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout (SCG) is a dry preblended grout specifically designed tobe highly fluid without segregation of the constituents. SPEC MIX SCG is used to bond togetheradjacent masonry units, fill bond beams and occupy all areas around steel reinforcement in thecores of the masonry assemblage without mechanical consolidation or reconsolidation, whilemeeting ASTM C 476 and TMS 402/602 requirements for reinforced masonry construction.SPEC MIX SCG offers significant labor saving opportunities to the masonry contractor whileproviding enhanced performance over standard grout products and conventional groutingtechniques. SPEC MIX SCG provides superior fluidity over conventional core fill grout withincreased cohesion while offering excellent resistance to segregation of the fluid grout mix.Masonry cores can be easily and completely filled with no consolidation effort (mechanicalvibration), and SPEC MIX SCG produces masonry cores without voids, even around heavilycongested reinforcing steel and other obstructions. Using SPEC MIX SCG will ensure high structuralintegrity of both reinforced and un-reinforced masonry assemblages. Only the addition of wateris needed to produce a self consolidating grout with total quality control and consistency in everybatch that is ready to use when it is needed.TYPICAL MATERIALSPORTLAND CEMENTPOZZOLANIC ADMIXTURESPERFORMANCE ADMIXTURESAGGREGATESFINE (SC-02)COARSE (SC-03)6917109

SPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout (SCG) is designed to completely fill cores in masonry units at a higher rate of flow than standardmasonry grout. All the constituents of SPEC MIX SCG are dispersed and suspended evenly throughout the masonry core; therefore, no mechanicalconsolidation or reconsolidation during or after placement at any lift height is required. Anytime structural reinforcement (core fill grout) is necessary,SPEC MIX SCG can be used to create a high quality structurally reinforced masonry assemblage.HOW SCG IS PRODUCEDCROSS SECTION OF THE 18THCOURSE. HIGH FLUIDITY WITHNO SEGREGATION OF GROUTMATERIALS.WALL HEIGHT 12.67 ft (3.9 m)SPEC MIX SCG is a dry, preblended mix containing cementitious materials, special admixturesand dried aggregates formulated for superior fluidity and cohesion that meets compressivestrength requirements of reinforced masonry construction in all types of grout applications.SPEC MIX SCG is manufactured with the finest raw materials available in each geographicregion. SPEC MIX SCG is available in both coarse and fine formulations. Each mix produceshigh quality grout providing excellent compressive and shear bond strength, increased adhesionto masonry unit cores and reinforcement steel resulting in a unified structural masonry system.Packaged completely dry, SPEC MIX SCG eliminates the inconsistencies associated with fieldproportioned grouts while offering the contractor the flexibility to mix as little or as much groutas required, when needed. The SPEC MIX manufacturing process first extracts the moisturefrom the aggregate, since wet aggregate directly affects the quality and consistency of core fillgrout. The specified mix design is entered into the computer batching system where each of theingredients is weighed separately. A digital print out displaying proper proportions of each batchmay be kept as a permanent record. Next, the product is completely preblended and packagedin the appropriate size bag. SPEC MIX SCG products are designed to meet ASTM C 476 propertyrequirements for core fill self-consolidating grout. SPEC MIX SCG is accepted for all types ofmasonry construction with submittals available upon request.HOW SCG IS USEDSPEC MIX SCG products are dry, preblended products that are used primarily for groutingmasonry cores. Due to the high fluidity of SPEC MIX SCG, cells that are to be filled shouldbe cross-webbed with mortar at the core of the CMU. This will prevent leakage into adjacentcells that do not require core fill grout. Like ordinary grout, SPEC MIX SCG should be installedin accordance with the provisions of the local building code, ICC, MSJC, and The AmericanConcrete Institute’s requirements and specifications TMS 402/602.1 Building Code Requirementsfor Masonry Structures and Specification for Masonry Structures. SPEC MIX SCG may be used inboth low-lift and high-lift applications. Special consideration should be used in selecting the typeof grout used for a particular application. Always check project specifications and structural notesto ensure proper product selection has been made (See TMS 402/602 Table 1.20.1). SPEC MIXSCG may be placed by hand or or by mechanical delivery. SPEC MIX SCG should be discardedafter 30 minutes from the time of initial mixing. SPEC MIX products are custom packaged toproject specification. Handle and store products according to SPEC MIX recommendations; theymust be kept dry, covered, and protected from weather and other damage.CROSS SECTION OF THE 9THCOURSE. HIGH FLUIDITY WITHNO SEGREGATION OF GROUTMATERIALS.CROSS SECTION OF THE 2NDCOURSE. HIGH FLUIDITY WITHNO SEGREGATION OF GROUTMATERIALS.CROSS-WEB MORTAR AT ALL GROUTEDCELLS TO CONTROL SPILL-OVER.SCG EASILY FLOWS THROUGH CONGESTEDVERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL REINFORCED CELLS.SCGCMUSPEC MIX SELF CONSOLIDATINGGROUT ADHERES TO THECONCRETE MASONRY UNITSTO PROVIDE AN INTIMATE BONDRESULTING IN A DURABLEMASONRY ASSEMBLAGE.THIN SECTION PHOTOMICROGRAPH: MAGNIFICATION 50X

Engineering DataOur Engineers focus on superior product performance through constant research and use of advanced technology to develop innovativematerials for better masonry wall systems. Following that protocol, SPEC MIX SCG is specifically engineered to create a highly fluid, cohesive,masonry grout. Unlike standard core fill grout, SPEC MIX SCG is a homogeneous product that eliminates the need for mechanical consolidationor reconsolidation because it evenly disperses and suspends the specially graded aggregates in the mix. SPEC MIX SCG is formulated with thenewest generation of water reducing and viscosity modifying admixtures to achieve the properties reported below. The aggregate gradations havebeen optimized to meet ASTM C 404 requirements.SCG Use GuidelinesTYPICAL PRODUCT TEST DATAPROPERTIESCOARSE SCGFINE SCGCOMPRESSIVE STRENGTH (ASTM C 1019), 28-DAY3,000 PSI (20.6 MPa)Minimum*3,000 PSI (20.6 MPa)Minimum*SLUMP FLOW (ASTM C 1611)24 to 28 in(610 mm to 710 mm)24 to 28 in(610 mm to 710 mm)2 to 5 seconds2 to 5 seconds00T50VISUAL STABILITY INDEX (VSI)* Mix designs are available with a minimum compressive strength ranging from 3,000 PSI (20.6 MPa) to5,000 PSI (34.4 MPa). Contact your local SPEC MIX Representative for more information.GROUT SELECTION & LIFT HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS TMS 402/602 TABLE 1.20.1MINIMUM WIDTH OFGROUT SPACE, 2,3MAXIMUM GROUTPOUR HEIGHT ft (m)MINIMUM GROUT SPACEDIMENSIONS FOR GROUTINGCELLS OF HOLLOW UNITS, 3,4FINE¾ in (19.1 mm)1 ft (0.30 m)1½ x 2 in (38.1 x 50.8 mm)FINE2 in (50.8 mm)5.33 ft (1.63 m)2 x 3 in (50.8 x 76.2 mm)FINE2½ in (63.5 mm)12.67 ft (3.86 m)2½ x 3 in (63.5 x 76.2 mm)FINE3 in (76.2 mm)24 ft (7.32 m)3 x 3 in (76.2 x 76.2 mm)GROUT TYPECOARSE1½ in (38.1 mm)1 ft (0.30 m)1½ x 3 in (38.1 x 76.2 mm)COARSE2 in (50.8 mm)5.33 ft (1.63 m)2½ x 3 in (63.5 x 76.2 mm)COARSE2½ in (63.5 mm)12.67 ft (3.86 m)3 x 3 in (76.2 x 76.2 mm)COARSE3 in (76.2 mm)24 ft (7.32 m)3 x 4 in (76.2 x 102 mm)GROUT LIFT HEIGHT REQUIREMENTSMSJC SPECIFICATION FOR MASONRYCONSTRUCTION SECTION 3.5 D GROUT LIFTHEIGHT FOR SELF-CONSOLIDATING GROUT:1. WHEN PLACED IN MASONRY THAT HAS CUREDFOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS, PLACE IN LIFTS NOTEXCEEDING THE GROUT POUR HEIGHT2. WHEN PLACED IN MASONRY THAT HAS NOTCURED FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS, PLACE IN LIFTSNOT EXCEEDING 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m).MSJC SPECIFICATION FORMASONRY CONSTRUCTION SECTION3.5 E CONSOLIDATIONCONVENTIONAL GROUTS NEED TO BECONSOLIDATED AT THE TIME OF PLACEMENTACCORDING TO THE FOLLOWING1. CONSOLIDATE GROUT POURS 12 in (300 mm) ORLESS IN HEIGHT BY MECHANICAL VIBRATION ORBY PUDDLING2. CONSOLIDATE POURS EXCEEDING 12 in (300 mm)IN HEIGHT BY MECHANICAL VIBRATION, ANDRECONSOLIDATE BY MECHANICAL VIBRATIONAFTER INITIAL WATER LOSS AND SETTLEMENTHAS OCCURRED.SCG MIXES NEED NOT BE CONSOLIDATED ORRECONSOLIDATED. SEE TABLE AT LEFT FORGROUT LIFT MAXIMUMS.1 Fine and coarse grouts are defined in ASTM C 476.2 For grouting between masonry wythes.3 Grout space dimension is the clear dimension between any masonry protrusion and shall beincreased by the diameters of the horizontal bars within the cross section of the grout space.HIGH-LIFT SCG POURLOW-LIFT POUR4 Area of vertical reinforcement shall not exceed 6 percent of the area of the grout space. Masonry Standards Joint Committee TMS 402/602 Table 1.20.12 ft LIFT(0.61 m)5.33 ft LIFT(1.63 m)12.67 ft POUR(3.9 m)5.33 ft LIFT(1.63 m)LIFTCLEANOUTSPEC MIX SCG IS ENGINEERED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE IN BOTHSPEC MIX SCG IS ENGINEERED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE INLOW-LIFT AND HIGH-LIFT GROUT POURS.BOTH LOW-LIFT AND HIGH-LIFT GROUT POURS

SCG SELF CONSOLIDATING GROUTField Testing and HandlingSampling and testing SPEC MIX SCG in accordance with applicable ASTM standards should be performed to ensure that the proper consistencyis achieved. Slump flow, T50, and the VSI of the SPEC MIX SCG should be checked first following the instructions indicated below. Casting prismsfrom the sample should be conducted according to the instructions in the “Casting SCG Prisms” section below. Procedures for curing and testingthe specimens for compressive strength should follow ASTM C 1019 specifications as outlined below under “CASTING SPEC MIX SCG PRISMS.”On the job site, SPEC MIX SCG should be discarded after 30 minutes from initial mixing to ensure product quality and performance. SPEC MIX SCGmust be kept dry, covered, and protected from weather and other damage at all times. Visit for further information and a videodemonstration of testing procedures.1FIELD TESTING FOR SLUMP FLOW, T50 & VISUAL STABILITY INDEX (VSI):Testing the plastic properties of SPEC MIX SGC requires the following tools:1. SLUMP CONE2. NON-ABSORPTIVE SCG SLUMP-FLOW TARGET3. TAPE MEASURE4. STOP WATCH OR TIMER (IN SECONDS)There are three tests conducted in the field to measure the plastic properties ofSPEC MIX SCG:Slump Flow, T50 and Visual Stability Index (VSI).234SLUMP FLOW is the measurement of the fluidity of the grout mix. The slump flow ismeasured in accordance with ASTM C 1611. It is tested using an upright or inverted slumpcone filled with SPEC MIX SCG and then released on a level surface containing the Nonabsorptive SCG Slump-Flow Target. The spread (diameter) of the slump flow is measuredonce it stops moving. SPEC MIX SCG mixtures are specially formulated to produce acohesive material with a flow of between 24 in to 28 in (610 mm to 710 mm) with nosegregation. If the slump flow is not in the 24 in to 28 in (610 mm to 710 mm) range, it is likelythat the water or dry SPEC MIX SCG material quantity needs to be adjusted to either increaseor reduce fluidity.T50 is the next test which is performed during the slump flow procedure. T50 is the time,in seconds, in which the slump flow reaches a diameter of 20 inches (50 cm). The T50measurement is an indicator of the relative viscosity of the SPEC MIX SCG. T50 values shouldbe between 2 and 5 seconds. If the T50 is not in the 2 to 5 seconds range, it is likely that thewater or dry SPEC MIX SCG material quantity needs to be adjusted to either increase orreduce fluidity.VISUAL STABILITY INDEX (VSI) is an indication of the stability and/or resistance tosegregation of the fluid SCG mixture or material. The VSI of fresh SPEC MIX SCG is visuallyestimated by observing the SPEC MIX SCG for signs of segregation and bleeding. VSIobservations can be made during the slump flow test and are recorded as a value between0 and 3. Segregation can be identified as a halo of paste along the perimeter of the SPECMIX SCG slump flow sample. Bleed water can be identified by water pooling at the surfaceor edges of the SCG sample. Correctly mixed SPEC MIX SCG shows a VSI of 0 to 1. If theVSI is above 1, it is likely that the water or dry SPEC MIX SCG material quantity needs to beadjusted to improve stability.STABLEUNSTABLEVSI - 0VSI - 1VSI - 2VSI - 3NO BLEED WATER,NO MATERIALSEGREGATIONSLIGHT BLEED WATER,NO MATERIALSEGREGATIONSIGNIFICANT BLEEDWATER OR MATERIALSEGREGATIONSIGNIFICANT BLEED WATERPRESENT AND MATERIALSEGREGATIONCASTING SPEC MIX SCG PRISMSIn comparison to casting normal grout prisms, note the following:51. PRIOR TO CASTING THE GROUT PRISMS, THE SLUMP FLOW, T50 AND VSITESTS MUST BE COMPLETED.2. POUR SPEC MIX SCG INTO THE MOLD IN ONE LIFT, NOT MULTIPLE LIFTS.3. SPEC MIX SCG SHOULD NOT BE RODDED IN THE GROUT MOLD.IN PHOTOS 1-4, THE SLUMP FLOW TEST IS BEING CONDUCTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH ASTM C 1611 PROCEDURES.1 FILLING AN INVERTED SLUMP CONE WITH SPEC MIX SCG IN ONE LIFT AND RAISING 6 TO 12 in (150 TO 300 mm). 2 MEASURINGTHE TIME IT TAKES FOR THE SCG TO REACH 20 in (50 cm) (T50). 3 MEASURING THE DIAMETER OF THE SCG. 4 RECORDING THE FINALSLUMP FLOW MEASUREMENT AND CHECKING THE VSI. 5 PREPARING THE SCG CMU MOLDS PER ASTM C 1019. NOTE THAT MOLDS AREBEING FILLED IN A SINGLE LIFT. DO NOT ROD SPECIMENS.


SCG (SELF CONSOLIDATING GROUT)MIXING INSTRUCTIONSMixing SPEC MIX SCG from our silo systemwith 3,000 lb (1,360.7 kg) and 80 lb (36.2 kg)bags is slightly different compared to standardmasonry grout. Since SCG is completely dry,preblended with aggregates and admixtures,the following steps are required:WEAR IMPERVIOUS GLOVES, such as nitrile.1. A mechanical batch mixer is stronglyrecommended. Only hand-mix upon thewritten approval of the project specifier orengineer.2. Always use clean, potable water.3. Start by adding 80 percent of the estimatedwater content required. The optimal amountof mixing water necessary is predeterminedby SPEC MIX’s engineers and is availablefrom your local SPEC MIX representative.4. Add the dry SCG and mix for at least twominutes.Note: Due to unique chemistry of thespecialized admixtures in SCG, thesematerials need approximately two minutes toactivate.5. After two minutes of initial mixing and themix appears fluid and consistent, temperthe SCG with water as needed to achieveoptimal fluidity without segregation. Totalmix times are between 3 to 5 minutes andshould be consistent from batch to batch.Water/SCG ratios should also be consistent.Although a visual test of the cementitiouspaste and aggregates will indicate when ahomogenous mix is achieved, it is imperativeto perform a slump-flow test, T50 test, andAPPLICABLE STANDARDS: ASTM AND TMS ASTM C33 STANDARD SPECIFICATION FORCONCRETE AGGREGATES: ASTM C 150 STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR PORTLAND CEMENT: ASTM C 260STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR AIR-ENTRAINING ADMIXTURES FOR CONCRETE: ASTM C 404 STANDARDSPECIFICATION FOR AGGREGATES FOR MASONRY GROUT: ASTM C 476 STANDARD SPECIFICATION FORGROUT FOR MASONRY: ASTM C 595 STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR BLENDED HYDRAULIC CEMENTS:ASTM C 618 STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR COAL FLY ASH AND RAW OR CALCINED NATURAL POZZOLANFOR USE IN CONCRETE: ASTM C 989 STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR SLAG CEMENT FOR USE IN CONCRETEAND MORTARS: ASTM C 1019 STANDARD TEST METHOD FOR SAMPLING AND TESTING GROUT: ASTM C1093 STANDARD PRACTICE FOR ACCREDITATION OF TESTING AGENCIES FOR MASONRY: ASTM C1157STANDARD PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION FOR HYDRAULIC CEMENT: ASTM C 1314 STANDARD TESTMETHOD FOR COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH OF MASONRY PRISMS: ASTM C 1611 STANDARD TEST METHODFOR SLUMP FLOW OF SELF-CONSOLIDATING CONCRETE: TMS 402/602 SPECIFICATION FOR MASONRYSTRUCTURESa visual stability index (VSI) assessment toensure the mix is ready for installation. Seethe Field Testing and Handling section onthe previous page which lists the equipmentrequired and procedures to conduct a properslump-flow test.Visit for additionalinformation as well as a video demonstration ofmixing procedures.SIZES AND EQUIPMENTSPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout is availablein 80 lb (36.2 kg) packages for easy handloading or in 3,000 lb (1,360.7 kg) reusable bulkbags to be used with the various SPEC MIX silosystems. When using the silo system, once thebulk bags of mortar are delivered to the projectsite, the portable silo is loaded with a jobsiteforklift and the product is dispensed into amechanical batch mixer.How to Specify SCGSPEC MIX Self Consolidating Grout should beinstalled in accordance with the provisions ofthe local building code and applicable ASTMand TMS standards. Good workmanshipcoupled with proper detailing and designassures durable, functional, watertightconstruction.Follow proper cold-weatherand hot-weather masonry procedures attemperatures below 40 ºF (4 ºC) or above 100ºF (38 ºC) respectively.LIMITED WARRANTYIN THE UNITED STATESNOTICE: Obtain the applicable LIMITED WARRANTYat or send awritten request to SPEC MIX, LLC, Five ConcourseParkway, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA.AVISO: Obtenga la GARANTÍA LIMITADAcorrespondiente en o envíe una solicitud por escrito a SPEC MIX,LLC, Five Concourse Parkway, Atlanta,GA 30328, USA.IN CANADASPECIFIED GROUT MUST ACHIEVE COMPRESSIVE STRENGTHS OF AT LEAST 2,000 PSI (13.7 MPa)AT 28 DAYS. WHEN COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH IS SPECIFIED, ADMISSIBLE UNDER ASTM C 476,GROUTS ARE DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE THOSE PROPERTIES. TESTING SHOULD BE CONDUCTEDFOLLOWING ASTM C 1019 AND ASTM C 1611 PROCEDURES. THERE ARE GENERALLY TWO TYPESOF GROUT USED IN MASONRY APPLICATIONS: FINE GROUT AND COARSE GROUT. FINE GROUTCONTAINS MAXIMUM SIZED AGGREGATES OF 3/8 in (9.5 mm) WHILE COARSE GROUT CANNOTHAVE AGGREGATES EXCEEDING 1/2 in (13 mm). THE TYPE OF GROUT USED WILL DEPEND ONTHE DIMENSIONS OF THE VOIDS BEING FILLED. PLEASE CONSULT LOCAL BUILDING CODESFOR SPECIFIC PROVISIONS AND CONSULT WITH ACI 530-11 TABLE 1.20.1. THE CONTRACTORON THE SITE WILL TYPICALLY NEED TO ENSURE THAT THE GROUT IS SUFFICIENTLY FLOWABLEUSING THE OUTLINED FIELD TESTING METHODS. ADDING TOO MUCH WATER CAN COMPROMISECOMPRESSIVE STRENGTH BY RAISING THE WATER/CEMENT RATIO OF THE GROUT. SPEC MIXPRODUCTS ARE REGULARLY TESTED TO ENSURE THAT PRODUCT MEETS SPECIFICATIONS.1230 EAGAN INDUSTRIAL RD, STE160, EAGAN, MN 55121LIMITATIONSNOTICE: Obtain the applicable LIMITED WARRANTYat or send awritten request to SPEC MIX, LLC, Five ConcourseParkway, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA.AVIS: Obtenez la GARANTIE LIMITÉE applicable Ou envoyez unedemande écrite à SPEC MIX, LLC, Five ConcourseParkway, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA.TECHNICAL SUPPORT CONTACT VISITYOUR LOCAL SPEC MIX MANUFACTURERWWW.SPECMIX.COM CONTACTSPEC MIX PHONE: 888-773-2649FAX: 651-454-5315T 888-773-2649 F 651-454-5315 WWW.SPECMIX.COMSPEC MIX PRODUCTS ARE PRODUCED BY ITS MANUFACTURING FACILITIES THROUGHOUT THE U.S. AND CANADA. EACH MANUFACTURER ADHERES TO A STRICT QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM TO ENSURE COMPLETE QUALITY CONTROL IN EVERY BATCH. 2019 SPEC MIX

SLUMP FLOW is the measurement of the fluidity of the grout mix. The slump flow is measured in accordance with ASTM C 1611. It is tested using an upright or inverted slump cone filled with SPEC MIX SCG and then released on a level surface containing the Non-absorptive SCG Slump-Flow Target. The spread (diameter) of the slump flow is measured