Electric wire rope hoists

Quality at your fingertips ABUS electric wire rope hoistsQUALITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPSWE DELIVER THE SOLUTIONType D crab units on double girder overhead travelling cranesType E monorail hoist on a type VS pillar jib craneType E monorail hoists on type ELV single girder overheadType E monorail hoist on a type EDL underslung overheadtravelling cranes.travelling craneABUS GM wire rope hoistsAbsolute reliability is one of the most important features forGM electric wire rope hoists. These units cover an extremelya wire rope hoist. To ensure the highest possible reliabilitywide load capacity range, from 1,000 kg to 120 tonnes. Andlevels in everyday operation, our crane systems are made tothe comprehensive standard equipment means that eventhe most stringent quality standards. ABUS GM electric wirea standard ABUS electric wire rope hoist is a versatile unitrope hoists are produced using the most advanced technologyright from the start. Additional equipment is also availableavailable and continue to bear witness to their reliability,for special applications. Order an ABUS GM electric wire ropesafety and durability year after year, from motor to rope,hoist and you can be sure that you have opted for a top-qualitygearbox, brakes and electrical and electronic systems. Apartmaterial handling unit.from quality, versatility is an outstanding feature of ABUS23

ABUS modular wire rope hoist ABUS electric wire rope hoistsABUS MODULAR WIRE ROPE HOIST:TECHNICAL INTELLIGENCE IN TOP SHAPEMODERN, FUNCTIONAL APPEARANCEAND HIGH-QUALITY COLOUR CONCEPT.The modular ABUS wire rope hoist covers theThe convenient folding mechanism makesload capacity range up to 5 t, 2 fall in the rangeassembly of the wire rope hoist on the crane1 t – 2.5 t and 4 fall from 2 t to 5 t.very simple.ModelReevingSWL (t)Hook path (m)The modular wire rope hoist is driven by atrolley travel motor operated with a frequencyconverter. The hoist drive has a 4-pole .55.0126The switch cabinet of the wire rope hoist hasa modular design: all components are ‘plug189189C (mm)540427567500and play’ and can be purchased on the openH (mm)217217217217market from well-known manufacturers –a huge service advantage!motor with frequency converter control asstandard. The lifting speed can be eitherinfinitely adjustable or used to simulate poleswitching. The maximum lifting speed is loaddependent and achieves double the nominallifting speed when running empty. A patentedThe reeving of the wire rope hoist can beinductive measurement technique guaranteesconverted: from 4 fall (4/1) to 2 fall (2/1) andthe load measurement even when the hoist isvice versa. This is of benefit if the operatingat a standstill.conditions change or the wire rope hoist isto be sold. The conversion is quick and easy,since the deflection roller crosshead and theThe modular wire rope hoist is equipped withfixed point crosshead are mounted through aan LED matrix display, which shows variousreliable bolt connection on the trolley frameoperating information of the ABUControland can be easily changed as required. TheABUS modular wire rope hoist is equippedwith adjustable and cushion-mounted trackguide rollers as standard and thus preservesthe lower flange of the crane.4crane control as well as the status reportsThe trolley frame consists of bolted andof the crane components. Errors can thus becompressed side walls. This innovative andquickly and easily identified and eliminated.patented type of connection from ABUSThe LED display shows the characters withimpresses with its high precision and stability.plenty of contrast and can be easily read.5

ABUS GM wire rope hoists ABUS electric wire rope hoistsABUS GM WIRE ROPE HOISTS QUALITY FEATURES2 CROSS TRAVEL SPEEDS AND GALVANIZEDROPE AS STANDARD FEATURESHoisting gearCross travel driveLightweight gear units with silent-running flat bevelled gearsTwo compact epicyclic reduction gears with pole-changingdeliver the torque required. Four different gear ratios arebrake motors directly drive two wheels.available for each model.Hoist motorElectrical systemSturdy pole change motors with cylindrical rotors andThe easy-to-service control system with ABUS LIS control unitintegrated safety brakes are the powerhouse of ABUS wireincludes motor protection functions, operating hours meterrope hoists.and overload protection function.Rope guideCross travel trolleyA resilient low-friction plastic rope guide designed as anHoist trolleys are fitted with four flanged wheels withexpanding ring provides positive guidance for the rope. Thepermanently lubricated roller bearings, designed for use onrope guide also reduces wear on the rope and rope drum. Ittracks with parallel flanges. Wheels for tracks with inclinedis also easy to install, reducing maintenance requirements forflanges are available as an option.the unit as a whole.Bottom blockSafety brakeEasy plug-in connectorABUS emergency limitswitchThe elegant bottom blocks are equipped with edge protectorsThe dual-disk electromagnetic brake features automaticThe factory fitted ABUS plug and socket connections reduceTwo standard switching points for the highest hook positionaround the rope opening. Long service lives and high safetybraking in the event of a power failure. Asbestos-free brakeinstallation and maintenance work to a minimum. Connectionsensure double safety.levels are outstanding features of the resilient annealed steellinings designed for approx. 1 million braking operations makeare easy to assemble and dismantle. Furthermore incorrectrollers with machined rope grooves and annealed load hooks.for long maintenance intervals.connections are impossible.67

ABUS electric wire rope hoists – the technology ABUS electric wire rope hoistsABUS ELECTRIC WIRE ROPE HOISTS –THE TECHNOLOGYGM electric wire rope hoists demonstrate the highquality level achieved by ABUS: developed using advanced calculation and CAD programs optimized by continuous incorporation of experience obtaineddrives, standard motor protection functions12Hoist design1098resistance765432Rope drive1HHGGLow weight and compact dimensions are top priorities inthe ABUS design brief, which is why ABUS developmentABUS wire rope hoists are extremely compact units, robustFFwith the competition. Outstanding design features include theABUS wire rope hoists. Combined with wear-resistant ropedrums and rollers, these ropes make it possible to produce anparallel configuration of rope drum and hoist motor, modularEEdesign and the functional arrangement of all components.extremely compact rope drive without making any sacrifices interms of reliability and durability.Joints with direct fits between components such as hoistDDmotor, gears, rope drum and limit switches save parts andCCimprove reliability. Modular hoist motors increase flexibilityin type selection and facilitate potential service requirements.BBDIN ISO 2768 - mKAllgemeintoleranz:ADIN ISO 1302Oberflächen:1:2Maßstab:Gewicht:kgWerkstoff und Norm:DokumentationÄnderung:25000012engineers have selected high-strength galvanized wire ropeswith compacted strands and a special structure for use onand easy to maintain, which can easily stand up to comparisonHoist motorssimulation programs e nhanced corrosion protectionheights and drive groups for a wide range of applications.11with the aid of finite element improved abrasion7 basic types available in various models with speeds, liftingqualityDeveloped and optimized enhanced fatigue strength high structural coherencewith the CE mark for use in the European Economic Area;ISO 9001 quality system ensuring constant high levels of improved tensile strengthstresses reliable, durable units for load capacities from 1 t to 120 t made and tested at advanced production facilities, with anRope drumsunder cyclic bendingin testing and use future-oriented technology: two-speed hoist and cross travelABUS wire ropes1110987654Sonnenweg 1D-51647 GummersbachTel. 49 2261 37-0Format:A1pA:JaFax 49 2261 37-247ABUS-ElektroseilzugSeiltrommel 266 kpl.Erst.Gepr.Urspr.:DatumName111631 - 003Ers. f.:Bereich:ESBlatt:01Sprache:DSupporting structure, trolleys and drive systemsElectricsThe hoist types described on pages 10 to 14 are the resultThe control systems used for ABUS wire rope hoists featureof integrating standard hoists in chassis designed forproven technology and are of modular design, covering adifferent applications and combining them with variousvery wide operating range. All motion functions are designedtypes of travelling gear. Compact dimensions, low headroomfor two-stage pole change operation. The systems aredimensions, favourable end approach dimensions, practicalitydesigned for ease of installation and maintenance and reliableand quality are outstanding features of all these hoists. In theoperation, with fuseless circuitry, ducted wiring and non-ABUS uses sturdy cylindrical rotor pole change motors withcase of crab units, the supporting structure is connected to thescrewed terminalselegant continuous cast aluminium sections, integrated safetyend carriages by machined joints and bolts, allowing accuratebrakes and easy-to-use plug and socket connectors. Hoistswheel positioning to precision engineering standards. Inare supplied as insulation class F, IP55 protected units. Statoraddition, articulated end carriage joints ensure that all foursubdivisions are optimized for higher electrical efficiency,wheels are always firmly positioned on the tracks and thatsmooth running and improved thermal capacity in servicethe wheel loads on the crane bridge are properly distributedwith frequent switching operations, allowing smaller sizesin accordance with the structural design of the system. Thecompared with conventional motors. Automated windingtravelling gear includes flanged wheels with roller bearings.production ensures reproducible quality.In combination with individual drive systems, they formcompact direct drive units requiring almost no maintenance.Hoist gearsHoist brakesAs regards mains operation, pole change cylindrical rotorPrecision flat bevelled gear units in light alloy housingsDual-disk electromagnetic brakes ensure automatic brakingbalance weights on the motor shaft and integrated diskwith case-hardened gears, high-grade surface treatment andon power failure. Environmentally sound brake liningsbrakes make for smooth acceleration and braking almostpermanent oil lubrication ensure high reliability and smoothdesigned for approx. 1 million braking operations allow longunaffected by the load on the system. Other optional featuresrunning with a minimum of maintenance.maintenance intervals.available for even smoother running include smooth startingmotors with smooth start-up characteristics, additionalunits and smooth switching relays.89

ABUS GM wire rope hoists for single-girder cranes ABUS electric wire rope hoistsABUS GM WIRE ROPE HOISTSFOR SINGLE-GIRDER CRANESType E – monorail hoistType S – side-mounted hoistA compact designed monorail hoist with low headroomWith its optimized hook height, this hoist, which can be useddimensions and two direct drive cross travel motors. The crosson crane bridges with a span of up to 35 m or more, hastravel trolley is adjustable to suit various flange widths. Theseadvantages over other types in terms of investment return.most cost effective and frequently ordered hoists have a load Compared with a single girder crane crane using a type Erange from 1 t to 16 t SWL.monorail hoist, the building height can be reduced.ModelReevingLoad cap. (t)GM 8004/13.269-400176GM 830830196196213213251251251273273293293GM 2000GM 3000GM 5000GM 6000Hook path (m) Compared with a double girder crane crane of about theC (mm) H (mm)same height, the loads on the crane track and the building12are significantly lower.1110987564321HSupport rollers with swivel mountGFModelReevingLoad cap. (t)Hook path (m)GM 8004/13.269-C (mm) H (mm)GM 1000GM 2000GM 420440700555290290290360CType U – monorail hoist with twin trolleysBA monorail hoist with twin trolleys for high load capacities andAlong hook paths. Cross travel trolley designed for direct drive16without exposed reduction gearing. As the load is distributed1514load cranes can be operated on ordinary rolled section beamsK1518.51132180GM 25612411615180180180Änderung:304110Faltmarkierung bei Verkleinerungvon DIN-A0 auf DIN-A1796857463524Sonnenweg 1D-51647 GummersbachTel. 49 2261 37-0Format:A1pA:JaBauart S (ABUS Katalog)1Erst.Fax 49 2261 37-247DatumGepr.Urspr.:Comparison of the headroom of different hoists, SWL 10 t, span 25 000 mmNameSchulz,A.Schulz,A.216925 - 001Ers. f.:Single girder craneDouble girder craneSingle girder torsion box cranewith type E monorail hoistwith type D crab unitwith type S side-mounted hoistLKC (mm) H (mm)JJHHC100010GM 7000Hook path (m)109506118177020.09HLoad cap. (t)4/1Einschienenlaufkatze10MLusing this hoist. Load capacity range: 6.3 t to 25 t.Reeving11Mfor monorail track applications. With short spans, even high-GM 50001212over eight wheels, ordinary rolled section beams can be usedModel13GGFFEELKZLKELSED10D11CCBereich:ESS

ABUS GM crab units for double-girder cranes ABUS electric wire rope hoistsABUS GM CRAB UNITS FORDOUBLE-GIRDER CRANESType D – standard crab unitType Z – twin barrel crab unitA compact designed crab unit for the medium load capacityA compact designed crab unit with twin barrels and articulatedrange, with articulated end carriage joints ensuring positiveend carriage joints ensuring positive contact of all four wheelscontact of all four wheels with the track, with two direct drivewith the track, two direct drive cross travel motors. Loadcross travel motors. Load capacity range: 1 t to 63 t.capacity range: 8 t to 120 t.Load cap. (t)4/13.26GM 1000GM .,35,34,2GM 3000GM 5000GM 6000GM 70001)Hook path (m)9-91218 2491220 3010 1520 3010 1515 2020 3010 156,6 1030 4515 22,517 27.310 159 14.2C (mm)H gejointModelGM 5000GM 6000GM 7000C(mm)Hook path (m)H(mm)ReevingLoad 120022.5 27.5HReevingGM 800CModelTrue vertical lift (without hook movement or turn)Type ZA – low headroom twin barrel crab unitType DA – low headroom crab unitIn contrast to type Z, the supporting member with the hoistIn contrast to type D, the supporting member with the hoistThe hoist headroom is therefore reduced to a minimum. This isbetween the end carriages is equipped with articulated joints.the option to use where very little headroom is available aboveThe hoist headroom is therefore reduced to a minimum. Thisthe crane. ABUS advisors will be happy to provide you withis the option to use where very little space is available abovetechnical data and dimensions.between the end carriages is equipped with articulated joints.the crane, as an alternative to type DQA, also a low headroomoption. ABUS advisors will be happy to provide you withtechnical data and dimensions.Type DQA – ultra low headroom crab unitAn ultra low headroom crab unit with the rope drum axis inCross travel drivesWheel diameter 280 mmEpicyclic geared motorsthe direction of cross travel, articulated end carriage jointsensuring positive contact of all four wheels with the track, twodirect drive cross travel motors. Load capacity range: 1 t to 40 t.ABUS advisors will be happy to provide you with technical dataand dimensions.12Wheel diameter 350 mmFlat-geared motors13

Drive group (FEM group) selection ABUS electric wire rope hoistsA SUBJECT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO NEGLECT:DRIVE GROUP (FEM GROUP) SELECTION800 . 2000L - 204 . 41 . 6000 . 4 . E100 . 20Main cross travel speed (m / min)Trolley wheel diameter (mm)Trolley typeModel generationHook path (mm)No. of driven ropesNo. of fallsFEM groupRope speed (m / min)Type of motorLoad capacity (kg)Model size (GM 800)Line of productsPrevious designation:GM 820 L6- designation (36 – 43 characters):GM 800.2000L-204.41.6000.4.E 100.20REEVING OF THE ABUSELECTRIC WIRE ROPE HOISTSApart from the type of hoist required, the load capacity, thehook path and the lifting speed, the drive or FEM group is one ofIn addition to the mean working time per day, tm (total hoursare known, the correct drive group in accordance withthe main criteria to consider when selecting a hoist. The driveassessment of the load spectrum is essential for selecting theDIN 15020 or FEM 9.755 can be selected using thegroup must be selected to ensure that the hoist is used for itsappropriate drive group. The value tm is given by the followingfollowing table.intended purpose. Standard hoists are normally designed for aequation:Load spectrum Definition of load spectrummean theoretical service life of 10 years, subject to operationin accordance with FEM 9.511. If the drive group selected isnot appropriate in view of actual service conditions, the actualType 4/2 – DType 6/2 – ZMean working time tm per working day in h0tm 2 x mean lifting height (m) x load cycles (1/h) x working time (h/day)5010060 (min/h) x lifting speed (m/min)service life may be considerably shorter than 10 years. Theresults are excessive expenditure for maintenance, repairs andMean lifting height:overhauls. The crane operator is under an obligation to takethe average hook travel under actual operating conditions1(light)appropriate action to ensure that the expended portion of theservice life does not exceed the theoretical service life statedLoad cycles:in the operating instructions. When the theoretical service lifethe average number of lifting operations per hour. A load cyclehas expired, the hoist must be decommissioned. Continuedconsists of one lifting and one lowering operation, i.e. twooperation is allowed if it has been determined that therehook movements (lifting operations with an empty hook as aare no objections to continued operation and the conditionsresult of process conditions must also be taken into accountfor continued operation have been defined. Normally, a fullin determining load cycles, but also make the load spectrumoverhaul of the hoist will be required. In general, the inspectordetermined less severe).requirements is to ensure that each hoist is only operatedWorking time:within its safe working period (S.W.P.).average working time per day within which the above-(k 0,50)only operated at maximumload in exceptional cases,mainly operated at very low load,small dead load0 16,7 33,3(0,50 k 0,63)operated quite frequently at maximum load,operated continuously at low load,medium dead load 22-44-88 - 16 16 11-22-44-88 - 16 0,50,5 - 11-22-44-8 0,250,25 - 0,50,5 - 11-22-41Bm1Am2m3m4m40% of operat. time2(medium)requires the hoist to be overhauled. The objective of theseType 2/1 – E, D, UIf the mean working time tm and the load spectrumcumulated of operation of the hoist per day), the correct% of max.ult. loadGM5010010073% of max.ult. loadEXPLANATION OFTYPE DESIGNATIONmentioned average load cycles per hour are performed.4720% of operat. time0The following table indicates the theoretical service life D inType 4/1 – E, D, UType 8/2 – DType 8/2 – Z1Bm/ 1Am/M3M42m/M53m/M64m/M7LineloadspectrumTheoretical service line D (h)1light3 200 6 300 12 500 25 000 50 0002medium1 600 3 2006 300 12 500 25 0003heavy duty8001 6003 2006 300 12 5004very heavy duty4008001 6003 20050100average lifting speed (normally the maximum lifting speed) atwhich the load cycles are performed.The selection of the next highest FEM group results in3(heavy duty)a doubling of the theoretical service life if the operating(0,63 k 0,80)operated frequently at maximum load,operated continuously at medium load,heavy dead loadconditions assumed remain unchanged. FEM 9.755 gives moredetailed information on this complex subject.% of max.ult. loadDrive group0Lifting speed:hours for FEM groups 1Bm, 1Am, 2m, 3m and 4m.40% of operat. time6 3000090 100Type 6/1 – DType 4/2 – ZType 10/2 – Z4(very heavyduty)Type 12/2 – Z(0,80 k 1)operated regularly at maximumload,very heavy dead load% of max.ult. load80% of operat. timeDrive/FEM group in accordance with DIN 15020 or FEM 9.5111415016

Accessories ABUS electric wire rope hoistsACCESSORIESABUS LIS control system –the nerve centre of your ABUS wire rope hoistThe ABULinerStooled down crab units allow double girder overhead travellingis an effective solution when precise positioning is requiredthe crane track. The higher position of the crane bridge withABUS wire rope hoists are equipped with an intelligent LISwith variable speed hoists. This frequency converter alsoa stooled down crab unit may be a decisive advantage, forcontrol system, available in two versions – LIS-SE and LIS-SV.allows the maximum speed to be increased above the ratedexample when handling bulky machines or large tanks.Both versions feature an overload protection device whichspeed when lifting part / reduced loads. ABULiners are alsoreliably protects the hoist against overloading. While theavailable for long and cross travel.cranes to be installed even where there is little space aboveLIS-SV uses a strain gauge signal to measure the load, theSignal processing unitLIS-SE calculates the current load on the hook on the basis ofthree-phase current and voltage measurements made whilethe motor is running.Both types of control unit may be equipped with an optionalload display for visualizing the load. All LIS control units areequipped with an operation hours meter for determining theexpended portion of the service life. For precise determinationof the remaining service life, a load population recorder inOptional twin hoist operation for for the transport of particularlyaccordance with FEM 9.755 is available as an option. Thisheavy and bulky loads. The wire rope hoists are controlled fromensures safe working periods over the entire service life of thethe crane control either individually or as a pair. A real safetyAnti-sway motion sequences with two speedoperationhoist. The load population recorder is designed to allow therelevant values to be read out easily by the operator. In additionto these features, LIS control units are designed for a numberadvantage for your transport task.For those wanting to optimally transport sensitive or largeof other functions to ensure safe, low-maintenance operationloads, ABUS is expanding its pole-switchable system with theof all ABUS wire rope hoists. The combination of actively failLoad display in the radio controlsafe electric and electronic circuitry meets the highest safetyrequirements and is in accordance with the diversity and activeAZS smooth starting unit and the SU-2 smooth switching relay.These electronic systems are adjustable and allow the craneoperator to use the acceleration and improved decelerationfail-safe requirements of the applicable standards.characteristics for sensitive control of the long and cross travelmotions as an alternative to the frequency converter.The integrated motor overcurrent protection system andthe guided start-up function reliably protect the hoist motoragainst thermal overloading, provided that a proper use isgiven. If the motor current continuously exceeds the maximumvalue, the overcurrent protection function shuts down theCurrent sensorLarge load displayCalibrated weighing hookmotor. The guided start-up function prevents excessive inchingKnowing what is hanging on the hook is important for manyoperation when the high hoist speed is selected. Anothercrane operators: weighing goods and invoicing them tofunction with considerable benefit to the user is regenerativecustomers, loading trucks, charging production plants withbraking. During each braking operation from high hoist speed,weighed material, complying with safety regulations for loadsthe motor is briefly operated as a generator to slow the hoistor determining the weight of containers - the ABUS weighingbefore the mechanical brakes are operated, significantlyUpper blockhook block is often the economically advantageous solution.extending the service life of the brake linings.measurement axleIt is a digital commercial scale of accuracy class III with EUVario-Speed for type ZVario-Speed offers four different lifting speeds for twinin anchor point cross armpole change hoist motors either together or alternately. The1/6precision lifting speedoperating times of the hoist motors in alternating operation1/21are controlled by special software as a function of travel, taking1/1main lifting speedalternating operation.The weighing electronics consist of modern SMD technologyin a robust industrial design. The weighing module integratesoptimally into the bottom block of ABUS wire rope hoists.171/2 main lifting speedFour lifting speeds are obtained by combining parallel andcrane scale is calibrated and delivered ready for operation.Measurement axle1/12into consideration the maximum rope deflection allowed.approval from the German National Metrology Institute. TheMeasurement axle installed/2 precision lifting speedbarrel hoists. This feature is obtained by operating the two1 : 121:61:21:1Further possible options are available on ourwebsite. Or simply contact us.1819

ABUControl ABUS electric wire rope hoistsABUCONTROL:LIFTS CRANES TO A NEW LEVELABUS cranes with control via ABUControlOperating data, settings, service information. Thanks to thecan be adapted to your application by themodern KranOS interface, you can keep tabs on the crane. Formeans of travel profiles. Cranes with two fixedwireless use with any laptop or tablet with browser. Speedingspeeds move in a completely different wayup regular annual inspections into the cranes controlled by frequency converter,for example. Travel and hoist profiles allowcranes to be adapted to your current orrequired situation. This eliminates the needfor your crane operators to adjust existingcranes, making them more likely to feel theincreased productivity from the additionalcrane system.ABUControl relies on tried-and-tested freely availableThe ABUS sway control increases safety andcomponents from renowned electronics manufacturers.convenience during transportation of goodsReplacement or repair requires neither ‘specialist knowledge’in sensitive areas. Sway control is basednor ‘software licences’. You remain in complete control of theon mathematical calculations. Travel speeds,crane at all times and have a free choice of service partner.acceleration and deceleration of crane andABUControl - a unique promise for simple maintenance andhoist, the hook position and length of the loadrepairs.lifting attachment are taken into account.Even people who rarely operate cranes cantransport loads safely with the aid of the swaycontrol feature.The ABUS synchronisation control of twohoists on one crane makes the safe handlingof long products possible. Divergence oflifting speeds is prevented effectively throughconstant regulation even where different wirerope hoists are used. This requires the craneto be equipped with a frequency converterfor lifting. Travel speeds are regulated evenon cranes which run in tandem. Two cranes,maximum of four hoists and their hoistingmotions, all regulated.2021

ABUS quality standards ABUS electric wire rope hoistsABUS QUALITY STANDARDS:PRECISE, MODERN PRODUCTION PROCESSESShot blast plant for wire rope hoist side platesMechanical machining of the wire rope hoist housing on4-axis milling centresThe structural steel construction of the trolley frames isCorrosion protection and surface finishing using water-basedcarried out with the aid of a welding robot. This ensures shortpaintsthroughput times and consistent welding performance.Advanced CNC lathes are used to turn the rope drums in oneFinal assembly and functional testsoperation, an approach that ensures perfectly smooth runningof the rope drums during operation.2223

ABUS quality standards ABUS electric wire rope hoistsABUS CRANE SYSTEMS – GETTING INTO THE NUTSAND BOLTS OF MATERIALS HANDLING SOLUTIONSABUS deliberately specialises in off-floor lifting and load handlingthrough to implementing complete materials handling for loads up to 120 t. Not only because this load rangeABUS crane systems – getting into the nuts and bolts of materialsincludes by far the majority of all materials handling applications,handling solutions. And all our services are characterised by thebut also because specialisation enables us to utilise rationalisationspecial ABUS attitude: we offer not only a bare product, but alsopotential most effectively. ABUS offers a comprehensive range ofpractical advice and assured quality. The product guarantee whichreadily available, efficient load handling systems: jib cranes,we offer is still unique in our field and individual user supportoverhead cranes, monorail trolley tracks, electric wire rope andand a nationwide after-sales service network with rapid, effectivechain hoists, a wide variety of components and, last but certainlyresponse are all part of the ABUS service.not least, the HB light crane track systems. Our services range24from the development of solutions for bespoke applications rightABUS crane systems and components:Overhead CranesJib CranesHB light crane track systemsLightweight mobile gantry LPKElectric Wire Rope HoistsElectric Chain Hoists and High-Performance Components25

Complete solutions fr

ABUS modular wire rope hoist ABUS electric wire rope hoists The modular ABUS wire rope hoist covers the load capacity range up to 5 t, 2 fall in the range 1 t - 2.5 t and 4 fall from 2 t to 5 t. The convenient folding mechanism makes assembly of the wire rope hoist on the crane very simple. The modular wire rope hoist is driven by a