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ContentsGETTING STARTED . 4Install the Connect Me Software. 4Launch Connect Me . 4To Uninstall Connect Me. 4System Requirements. 5KNOW YOUR CONNECTION MANAGER . 6Select Connection Interface . 6The Main Window: Wi-Fi Version . 6Main Window: 3G Version. 7Controls for the Main Window . 8The Main Window: Mini Bar Version . 8The Menu Bar . 8Connections . 8The Options. 9Help . 9Self Service . 9The System .10Automatic vs. Manual Connection .10ESTABLISHING MOBILE CONNECTIONS. 11Manually Connecting to 3G Mobile Networks .11Locking and Unlocking Your Mobile Device.11Diagnostics: Device Tab .12Diagnostics: Network Tab.13ESTABLISHING WI-FI CONNECTIONS. 14Manually Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network .14The List of Wi-Fi Networks.14Wi-Fi Network List - Display Options .16Options for Connecting to a New Network .16What is a Closed Network? .17How To Access a Closed Network .17Wi-Fi Encryption.17Username and Password Logon Window .19Ad Hoc Connections.20THE WI-FI INFO WINDOW . 23Wi-Fi Info: Device Tab .23Wi-Fi Info: Network Tab .23TEXT MESSAGING (SMS) . 24Short Message Service.24The Text Messaging Client.24Viewing and Managing Messages.24Sending Text Messages .26Using the Address Book .27ON BOARD USAGE METER . 29Configuring the on board Usage Meter .29Usage Meter: 3G & Wi-Fi Tab.29Usage Meter: Advanced Tab .30-2-

VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS (VPNS). 32Supported VPN Clients .32Configuring a VPN Connection.32Using a Non-Supported VPN Client .33Automatically Launching a VPN Connection.34CREATING AND MANAGING NETWORK PROFILES. 36Creating and Importing Wi-Fi Profiles.36How to Edit a Network Profile .38How to Remove a Network Profile.38The Network Profiles Window.38Profile Properties: Mobile.42Profile Properties: Wi-Fi .43Profile Properties: IP Settings .43Advanced IP Settings.44Advanced IP Settings: Protocols Tab.45Advanced IP Settings: WINS Tab.46PROFILE PROPERTIES: GENERAL. 47Proxy Settings .48Proxy Settings: Advanced .49CONNECTION MANAGER SETTINGS . 50Accessing the Settings Window .50Settings: Application.50Settings: Connection Timeout .51Settings: Hardware .52The Device List .53Device Properties Window .55Settings: Sounds.56Settings: Updates .56Settings: VPN .57TROUBLESHOOTING . 58By Error Number .58By Problem Description .68Accessing the Windows Device Manager.71Correcting Default Connection Settings .72Querying a Wireless Modem .72Resolving Application Conflicts .73Zero Config Wi-Fi .74Technical Support .75-3-

Getting StartedInstall the Connect Me SoftwareTo install Connect Me From a downloaded file Download the Connect Me Client from Navigate to the folder in which the Setup.exe file was saved Double click the Setup.exe file Follow the on screen instructionsTo Install Connect Me From a 3G Mobile DeviceSome 3G mobile devices are capable of storing the Connect Me installer intheir memory. If you have such a device and Connect Me has been preloaded on the device by the manufacturer, the Connect Me installer will belaunched the first time you connect the device to your computer. Justfollow the instructions on screen to complete the installation.Launch Connect MeOnce your hardware is installed and ready to connect, double click theConnect Me icon on your desktop.To Uninstall Connect MeWindows Vista and Windows 7 Select Control Panel from the Windows Start menu Select Uninstall a Program from the Programs group Select Connect Me from the list of applications that appears Click UninstallWindows XP Select Control Panel in the Windows Start menu Click Add or Remove Programs Select Telecom NZ Connect Me from the list Click Remove-4-

System RequirementsWindows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Processor300 MHz, 32 bit1 GHz, 32 or 64 bit 1Ghz, 32 or 64 bitRAM256 MB1 GB1 GBHard DriveSpace100 MB120 MB120 MBInternetExplorerIE 5.5IE 7IE 8OS ServicePackService Pack 3Service Pack 1(or above)-Additional Requirements: Windows Vista and Windows 7 requires a DirectX 9.0 (or better)graphics accelerator Internet Connection (if downloading the installer from the Internet) CD-ROM (if installing from CD) Compatible Wi-Fi device for wireless LAN connections Compatible 3G mobile (GSM) device for wireless WAN connections-5-

Know your Connection ManagerSelect Connection InterfaceClick these tabs to switch between the two versions of the main window:Wi-Fi version3G versionThe Main Window: Wi-Fi Version You can do the following here: Select different networks with Choose an Available Network Create and edit network profiles by selecting Options then Profiles Configure various user preferences settings by selecting Options andthen Settings Connect/Disconnect from the network See how long you have been connected with the Connection Timer (youcan hide this on the Application tab of the Settings window) See if you are connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) (thismight not appear if your VPN client software is not supported by theConnect Me software) See how strong your signal is with the signal strength indicator-6-

Main Window: 3G VersionThis window will display information about the status of your current 3Gmobile connection (if any).You can do the following here: Connect Me should automatically select the TelecomNZ network or oneof our roaming partner networks. Connect to establish a connection tothe selected network Track your total data usage in Data Usage Indicator. The bar is greenup to the monthly maximum for your data plan. Usage over yourmonthly maximum is shown in red. Clicking this indicator opens theUsage Meter.Note: This indicator does not appear until Usage Meter has beenconfigured.Note: The Connect Me usage meter is a guide only and does notaccurately reflect your billed data. Always check the online usage metersat Create and edit network profiles by selecting Options and thenProfiles Configure various user preference settings by selecting Options andthen Settings Connect / Disconnect from the 3G mobile network See your connection status for currently selected network See how long you have been connected with the Connection Timer.When connected to a 3G mobile network, this indicates how long it hasbeen since the connection was established. You can hide this on theApplication tab of the Settings window The roaming indicator will appear if the currently-selected 3G mobilenetwork is a roaming network. E.g. you are roaming off the TelecomNZhome network if you connect to this. Consult your contract or for more information-7-

Controls for the Main WindowThe buttons in the upper-right corner of the main window control theappearance and location of the window.Reduce the window to an icon on the task bar at the bottom of thescreen.Display the mini bar version of the main window. Clickreturn the window to full size.toClose the Connect Me application.The Main Window: Mini Bar VersionThis is useful when you want the Connect Me software to take up lessspace on screen.The Menu BarConnections ( new messages)OptionsHelpSelf ServiceConnectionsThis provides various tools to enhance or provide information on yourwireless connections. They include:Messages. Click this to view and/or send messages in the TextMessaging Client. The number of new messages will appear tothe right of this icon.Mobile Info. This displays some technical information about themobile network you are connected to (if any) and your current3G mobile device.Wi-Fi Info. This displays some technical information about theWi-Fi network you are connected to and your current Wi-Fidevice.-8-

User Login. Opens a window that allows you to enter a standarduser name and password combination as a default for certain WiFi connections. See Username and Password Logon Windowfor more information.To close the Connections Tray, click the Connections icon again.The OptionsThis contains a number of options for configuring the Connect Me softwareand your wireless device(s):Settings. Allows you to configure a number of personalpreference options.Profiles. Used to create and edit network profiles and to settheir priority.SIM Lock. Lock and unlock your 3G mobile device. See Lockingand Unlocking Your Mobile Device for more information.HelpThis includes items which may answer questions or help withtroubleshooting problems.Help. Opens the help system.History Log. Opens the Advanced Tab of the Usage Meter. Thisis a troubleshooting tool that provides details on connections,disconnections and detection of new wireless devices.Get Diagnostics. Generate a file containing diagnosticsinformation. If you contact customer support, you may be askedto provide such a file to help troubleshoot any difficulties youmay be having.About. Contains version information for the Connect Mesoftware.Self ServiceThis provides a list options to give you one click access to online SelfService areas such as usage meters and prepaid top ups.Prepaid Top Up. To top up prepaid mobile accounts.-9-

Your Telecom. To manage your accounts online. You can:-View your bills online-Turn off your paper invoices and statements-Get details of recent calls you’ve made-Check your broadband usage-Update your account details and email preferencesUsage Meter. To open the online prepaid usage meterThe SystemWhen Connect Me is running, it may place an icon like the examplesshown below in the Windows system tray.The Wi-Fi interface is selected.The 3G interface is selected.For either version of the icon, the number of green bars represents thestrength of the signal being received from the currently-selected network. By clicking on this icon you can open the main window of the ConnectMe software, if this is already open, you will move it in front of theother open applications. Note: you can also right click and select show to do this. Right click on Help opens the help system Right click on Exit you can exit Connect MeAutomatic vs. Manual ConnectionBy default, Connect Me will automatically select an available network andestablish a connection based on the priorities specified in the NetworkProfiles window. However, you can manually select a network if youwish. See the following topics for instructions: Manually Connecting to a 3G Mobile Network Manually Connecting to a Wi-Fi NetworkIf you manually connect to a network, it will disable the automaticconnection for that technology type (e.g. 3G Mobile or Wi-Fi). If you wishto return to automatic connection mode, restart the Connect Me software.- 10 -

Establishing Mobile ConnectionsManually Connecting to 3G Mobile NetworksBefore you begin, you will need: A 3G mobile device capable of establishing connections. Windowsdevice drivers for this device must be properly installed according tothe manufacturer's instructions A valid Pre-paid or Post-Paid account with TelecomNZ. A network profile configured to access TelecomNZ (Connect Me createsthese automatically when you connect a supported 3G mobile device)Follow these steps to connect to a 3G mobile network: If you have not already done so, connect the device that you wish touse Select the 3G tab in the main window. If your device is properlyconnected and configured, the Connection Manager will search for anavailable network and select an appropriate network profile to use forthe connection When Connect Me is ready, it will display the words ‘Ready to connect.’Click Connect to establish a connectionOnce connected, Connect Me will display a timer indicating the duration ofthe current connection.Locking and Unlocking Your Mobile DeviceYou can lock your 3G mobile device to prevent it from being used byyourself or others. A locked device cannot be used to establish aconnection.Locking the Device Select Options and then SIM Lock in the menu bar Enter your current SIM PIN in the space provided Click OK to lock the deviceUnlocking the Device Select Options and then SIM Lock in the menu bar Enter your current SIM PIN in the space provided Click OK to unlock the device- 11 -

PUK CodesDevices sometimes have a limit to the number of incorrect PINs you canenter. This ranges from three to ten possible PIN entry attempts. If youfail to enter a correct PIN within the number of permitted attempts, awindow that allows you to enter a PUK Code appears.Note: Depending on who you ask, PUK stands for either "PersonalUnblocking Key" or "PIN Unlock Key." But, both names refer to the samecode.To enter a PUK code and reset your 3G mobile device's PIN: If you do not know your device's PUK code, contact technical support toobtain the correct code. The TelecomNZ default PUK code is '1234' If it is not already open, open the ‘Enter PUK and Change PIN Code’window by selecting Options and selecting SIM Lock in the menu bar Type your PUK in the Current PUK Code box Enter your new PIN in both the New PIN Code and the Confirm NewPIN Code boxes Click OKImportant: If you enter the PUK code ten times in a row incorrectly,your SIM will be disabled permanently.To view information about your 3G mobile device or your current 3Gmobile connection: Select Connections and then Mobile Info in the menu bar The Mobile Info window provides useful information on your computerand your 3G mobile deviceThe Two Tabs in the Mobile Info window are:Diagnostics: Device TabThis tab contains detailed information about your device which is accessedvia the driver installed on your computer. If the driver contains noinformation or information that is incorrect, it will be reflected in theappropriate field.The information you will find in the Device Tab is as follows: OS (SP): The operating system currently installed on your computerand any service packs (updates) that have been installed for thatoperating system Port: The communications (COM) port that your wireless device iscurrently attached to Modem Manufacturer: The name of the manufacturer of yourwireless device Modem Model: The model name of your wireless device Hardware ID: The hardware ID of your wireless device- 12 -

Device Driver: The version of the driver for your wireless devicecurrently installed on your computer Firmware Version: The version of your wireless device's onboardoperating software Serial Number: Your wireless device's serial number IMSI#: A mobile subscriber's SIM is assigned a unique 15 digit IMSI(International Mobile Subscriber Identity) code. This allows any mobilenetwork to know the home country and network of the subscriber IMEI#: International Mobile Equipment Identifier, a number stringuniquely identifying a 3G mobile device Phone Number: The telephone number of your 3G mobile device Phone Battery Status: The status of your phone's batteryDiagnostics: Network TabThe Network tab contains information about the mobile network you arecurrently connected to (if any). Network Type: The type of 3G mobile network you are connected to Network Name: The name of the 3G mobile carrier you are connectedto Signal Strength (%): The strength of the signal being received fromthis network, as a percentage of a maximum possible signal strength Signal Strength (dBm): The strength of the signal being receivedfrom this network APN Used: The name of the access point to which you are connected Country: The country in which the network access point is located Status: Indicates whether you are currently connected or disconnected Data received during the session: The amount of data received overthis connection since it was established (in bytes) Data sent during the session: The amount of data sent over thisconnection since it was established (in bytes) IP Address: The IP address you are using for this connection- 13 -

Establishing Wi-Fi ConnectionsManually Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network Select the Wi-Fi tab in the main window If you have not already, connect your Wi-Fi device to your computer. Ifyour device is properly connected and configured, Connect Me willbegin searching for an available network. When Connect Me is ready,the button below the signal strength indicator will display the name ofthe network that has been selected Click Connect to access the selected network To connect to a different network, click the button below the signalstrength indicator. Then select the network you want to connect toNote: To connect to a ‘closed’ item in the networks list, you mustcreate a profile for that network. See ‘How to Access a Closed Network’.PromptsConnect Me will attempt to establish a connection to the selected network.You may see either one or both of the following prompts during thisprocess: If the network is encrypted, you will be prompted to enter anencryption key. If you know the required encryption key, enter it andclick OK. If you don't know the key for an encrypted network, you mustclick Cancel and select a different network. See How to access anencrypted network When connecting to a network for the first time, Connect Me maydisplay the New Network Options prompt. Using this dialog box, youcan configure Connect Me to automatically connect to a network in thefuture or to prompt you when that network is availableThe List of Wi-Fi NetworksClicking the button below the signal strength indicator in the Wi-Fi versionof the main window opens the Wi-Fi networks list.To connect to a network on the list either select the network and then clickthe Connect button or double-click on the network in the list. Theinformation displayed for each network will include some (if not all) of theitems shown below Right-clicking in the window will produce a menu thatcontrols which columns are displayed- 14 -

Connect: This column provides connection/disconnection buttons foreach available network Preferred: A check mark is presented for any Wi-Fi network that iscurrently listed in the Network Profiles window. This includes networkprofiles that have been pre-defined by TelecomNZ, Wi-Fi networks forwhich you have created Network Profiles and Wi-Fi networks that youhave already connected to (for which a profile was automaticallycreated) Network: This is the Network Signal Set IDentifier (SSID) - essentiallyjust a name that is broadcast by a Wi-Fi access point to identify thenetwork. If you see a ‘closed’ item in this column, this indicates thepresence of one or more Closed networks. See ‘How to Access a ClosedNetwork’ Mode: two possible entries (shown below)Indicates this network is in infrastructure mode. You willbe connecting to a network through a dedicatedwireless access point.Indicates this network is in ad hoc mode. You willconnect directly to another computer through its Wi-Fidevice.Note: You can share your Internet connection byhosting an ad hoc Wi-Fi network. See Hosting an AdHoc Connection for more information. BSSID: The MAC address of the Access Point’s Wireless NetworkInterface Card Channel: The channel on which the wireless network is broadcasting AP Vendor: The manufacturer of the wireless access point Encryption: Networks that are encrypted will have a dark gray padlockicon. See How to access an encrypted network for instructions onconnecting to encrypted networks. Non-encrypted networks will have alighter gray padlock and no accompanying text Signal Strength: A gauge showing the strength of the signal beingbroadcast from each network. Stronger signals tend to produce morereliable connections Beacon Period: Wireless access points periodically broadcast a packetcalled a ‘beacon’ which helps to synchronize communications withconnected systems. This number indicates how often (in milliseconds)the beacon is transmitted Supported Rates: A list of all the transmission rates supported by thisnetwork Time First Seen: The time of day when Connect Me first detected thisnetwork. This value represents the current session only. It will resetwhen you restart Connect Me- 15 -

Time Last Seen: The time of day when Connect Me last detected thisnetworkWi-Fi Network List - Display OptionsRight-clicking in the Wi-Fi networks list produces a menu that controlsdisplay options for the list. All of the items in the top section of this menucorrespond to columns in the list of Wi-Fi networks. Checked and uncheckitems to display or hide.Additional items in the menu: Show Closed Networks: When checked, Connect Me will indicate thatone or more closed networks are present by displaying ‘closed’ in theWi-Fi networks list. Removing the check from this item will suppressthe indication Consolidate Networks: When two or more hotspots are broadcastingthe same network name they are almost certainly accessing the samenetwork, so Connect Me normally only lists the hotspot with thestrongest signal for any network. If you would prefer that all hotspotsthat broadcast the same network name are listed individually, removethe check Reset Columns: Select this to restore all the check marks in the topsection of the menu to their default states Show All Columns: Select this to check all items in the top section ofthe menu Hide All Columns: Select this to uncheck all items in the top section ofthe menuOptions for Connecting to a New NetworkIf Prompt me before saving network settings is selected in theAutomatic Profile Creation Settings window, a dialog box will offer fouroptions each time you connect to a new network for the first time. Theoption selected specifies the type of profile that will be created for thisnetwork. By creating a profile automatically, Connect Me makes it easierfor you to connect to the same network in the future. You must chooseone of the following options: Automatically connect to network in future: The profile createdwill specify that Connect Me should automatically establish a connectionto this network whenever it is detectedNote: When multiple networks configured for auto-connection aredetected, Connect Me will choose which network to connect to based onthe ranking of profiles in the ‘Network Profiles Window’ Prompt me before connecting to this network: The profile createdwill specify that Connect Me should offer to connect to this networkwhenever it is detected Save settings for manual connections: The profile created will savethe settings used to connect to this network. This allows Connect Me to- 16 -

automate the details of establishing a connection to this network. Youmust still initiate connections to this network manually by selecting thenetwork and then clicking the Connect button Do not save settings: You can connect to the network this time, butno settings will be saved for future connections (no profile will becreated)What is a Closed Network?Closed networks are private networks that do not choose to broadcasttheir existence. Connect Me can detect when there are closed networkspresent simply because it ‘sees’ unidentified broadcasts in the Wi-Fifrequency band. When this happens, it will display ‘closed’ in the Wi-Finetworks list.Note: Connect Me cannot detect the actual name of or establish aconnection to a closed network unless you create a profile for thatnetwork. For more information, see How to create a Wi-Fi NetworkProfile.How To Access a Closed NetworkTo access a closed network with Connect Me, you must set up a Profilefor that network: Select Options and then Profiles in the menu bar Select Add New Profile from the Settings menu Select Wi-Fi Click Add Enter the name of the network you want to add in the SSID field. Thenetwork name is case sensitive and must be entered exactly asprovided by the administrator of the closed network you want toconnect to Check the This is a non-broadcasted network (closed) box toidentify this as a closed network Complete the remaining fields on this page as instructed by theadministrator of the closed network Click Next to continue to the General page of the profile wizard.Configure the remaining fields as desired Click FinishWi-Fi EncryptionIntroduction to Wi-Fi EncryptionUnlike a wired local network, a wireless network cannot easily be protectedfrom potential intruders by physical barriers such as walls. Since radio- 17 -

signals travel through physical objects, a potential in

To Install Connect Me From a 3G Mobile Device Some 3G mobile devices are capable of storing the Connect Me installer in their memory. If you have such a device and Connect Me has been pre-loaded on the device by the manufacturer, the Connect Me installer will be launched the first time you connect the device to your computer. Just