June July 2010Serving the GBA sinceAugust 2000 with 2,700copies in circulation.Keeping theCommunityConnectedBADEN FISHING DERBY GREAT SUCCESSVolume 10, Issue 11Inside this issue:Talking With Ed –About Baden2Learning the Sport of Archery6Baden Birding withDave & Ken13Castle Kilbride:A summer of fun activities1617Adventures in Gardening—with Diana Dart18Outlook Baseball Pool Stats23Meet Elliot Fung—Candidate for Wilmot Mayor28Health & Wellness withMike Fisher –It’s in the31 2010 The Baden OutlookBarry & Pat Fisher178 Snyder's Road EastBaden, ON N3A mwww.badenoutlook.comBadenThe fishing derby was successful withgreat weather and a super crowd.Many were eager to catch that onetagged fish worth 500, but it’s stillout there!Many thanks to the NithRiver Wild TurkeyConservation Associationwho brought this eventback to town! This 12member local groupbrought a lot of energyand gave their time toprovide for the community.They stocked the pondwith 500 fish to get ourannual fishing derby offthe ground, supplied thefood and provided anenthusiastic spirit too.okOutloThis paper is priceless - Please have one!

Just Talkin’ Baden New Sweaters for Baden PiratesFarewell to our Feathered Friends - Locals mayhave noticed that the swans have been removed from theMill Pond. Although they could be a grumpy bird, as they protected theirspace, they certainly added a majestic view to the pond. They were spoiledand loved in town and will be missed. The SPCA removed the swans onMonday, May 17, due to healthconcerns and they were relocated to asafer and more controlled environment.A Confused Goose –Speaking of waterfowl on thepond A goose has made anest on the creek behind theBaden Farmer’s Market. We arenot sure who the father is butthe swans were captured in aphoto behind the nest. Couldthere be adultery happening orsimply fowl play?Baden Pirates have introduced theirnew sweaters,which were wornfor the first timeby the MidgetBoys’ team onMonday, May 31.The sweaters willbe phased into allthe other teamsover time.Say bye-bye! - I guess it’s no surprise to seethe last phone booth in town to go. Its home isat the Baden Library and will be departing soon.Yes, cell phones are making these smallstructures a thing of the past.Market Fun Day - The vendors at the BadenMarket hosted a Baden Family Day to increaseSay Good-Bye - We say good bye to Wendy atcommunity awareness of the many things our‘My Pet My Home’ as they close the doors at the endtown as to offer. Neil Calhoun had his kidsof the month. Watch for her closing sale —Jack willdemonstrate the art of Jujitsu.miss you! “For those who were our customers - Wethank you for your business and will miss seeing youand your dogs” -WendyWhat a Day – It was a carnival-like atmosphere during the BadenAnnual Garage Sale on Saturday, May 29. The weather was beautifuland it was great to see so many participants conversing with friendsand neighbours, and enjoying the day. The event caught the attentionof the Mennonites with their horse and buggies on transit to theMennonite Relief Sale. We picked up some super deals – not sure ifwe needed them but it was still great – can’t have too many treasures!Here we go again – This is the third consecutive year that Baden has to cope with slow traffic due to repaving,which is taking place on various heavily travelled streets. I guess it leads to that saying; ‘there are two seasons inCanada – winter and paving’.W-O’s Relay for Life - The third annual Relay for Life had students loping off hair, camping in rainy conditions andenduring the walk, all in efforts to raise funds to support cancer. They were thrilled with the response and were able toraise 110,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.What an amazing month of events! Yes, we are a happening community.Yes, summer is here and we want to beoutside to garden, camp, play, visit, andrest — to simply stayaway from the computer for one month.The Baden Outlookwill not be publishing a paperthis July. Till August. Pat and BarryPage 2Until August, have a great summer EdEXTRA!! EXTRA!!There are extra copies of The Baden Outlook availableat Teddy’s Bakery, Stop 2 Shop (Baden & St.Agatha), Old Fashioned Variety (Petersburg), The Baden Outlook is acompletely independentN.H. No Frills & Sobey’s, Short Stop, Newpublication, not affiliatedwith any other printer,Hamburg and Baden Libraries and variousorganization, individual orbusinesses throughout Wilmot Township.commercial enterprise.Baden Outlook

Wow! More exciting destinations as The Baden Outlook continues to travel .Doug and Julie Mueller travelled to Cayo de Santa Maria(one of the Keys), Cuba with their daughters Mallory andBecky. It was their first family trip to the island and thegirls just loved it. Here are the girls on the beach behind a"sign" that Becky made out of sand and seaweed. It becamea photo backdrop for lots of other tourists that day too!Great friends including the Basts, Harringtons, Kumpfs, Smiths,Marks, and Holmes from Baden and New Hamburg enjoyed aweek full of laughs, good times, and wonderful memories at theDreams Riviera Cancun Hotel, Mexico in April!Larry Hart & ArdytheCampbell of St Agathastanding on theLunenburg GolfCourse with the WorldHeritage town ofLunenburg's Harbourand waterfront inthe background.In the foreground is"The Baden Outlook"of April 2010.We wouldn't ever wantto miss it.Mitchell and Meghan Mueller took Nana and Poppa Pletz tothe Gulf Coast in Florida in May. Mitchell and Meghan’sparents, Len & Sheri were happy to tag along too!Bob & Beth Foote of New Hamburg visited Luxembourg inApril and took along the Baden Outlook. This picture wastaken in Kusel, Germany at Herschweiler-Pettersheim.Volume 10, Issue 11Page 3

Baden Minor SoftBall Provides Batting CagesBaden Minor Softball had their grand opening of the new batting cages onMonday, May 31. The Board of Directors felt it was time to construct the batting cage,which enables the kids to improve their batting abilities. It is located between the twodiamonds at Sir Adam Beck Park. Baden resident, Sean Montgomery played a majorpart in spearheading the project,approaching sponsors and constructionBob Bontaine loadscrews as well as doing some of the workpitching machine.himself.The organization will be using apitching machine that was owned by TheBaden Pirates from years ago. The pitchingmachine was revamped and is capable ofthrowing balls up to 100 miles per hour.They also have a second portable pitchingmachine that will be used on either of thetwo diamonds. With fencing left over fromAlyssa Hild, (age 9 - Squirt) inthe project they built two backstops fornew batting cage having funpitchers behind each diamond.with the pitching machine.Special Thanks to the Sponsors and Contributors Two years ago the organizationTraugott Building ContractorsSean Montgomerypurchased magnetic bases,Yirka Contracting Ltd.Jason Montgomeryalways striving to improve the systems for future players.Regional Sewer and WaterMain Ltd. Kevin WinholdNetwork Site ServicesIvan JurchukBaden Minor Softball now has their own website which can beTarracon Underground Ltd.Dan Finnseen at which lists all their schedulesJ. Weber ContractingScott Simpsonand contacts. They would also like to invite everyone to comeTri City ConcreteBob Bontaineto the park to cheer on our home teams.Tri City AggregatesJR Auto ServicesCall Kathy for anappointment at634-577275 Snyder’s Rd. W., BadenShop -HoursMon., Tues. 9:00-6:00Wednesday ClosedThursday9:30-8:00Friday9:00-6:00SaturdayBy Appt.David Falconer Call 519-634-9509INSULATED PANELS & ENCLOSURESGreat for shelves, exterior siding, sheds,compounds, interior walls, awnings,under heated floors.REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE250 DOORS IN STOCKVARIOUS SIZES, COLOURSAND STYLES WITHSPECIAL DISCOUNTS BECAUSEOF VOLUME PURCHASESAsk about the ½ & ¾ hp openers in stockPage 4Baden Outlook

Baden Fire FightersAnnual Ball Tournament &Pig RoastJune 25-26 Beck ParkCome cheer the teams on!!Dance and BBQ Pig Roast on the 26thLive Local Band "Otis" Saturday at 6 pmTickets are 10 andavailable atTeddy’s Bakery or fromany fire fighterThanks for supporting our fundraiserThe Waterloo Historical SocietyAnnual Volume: On Sale Now!Are you interested in local history? Then the 2009 Annual Volumeof the Waterloo Historical Society is for you!The WHS has been documenting and researching thehistory of Waterloo Region since 1912, and has published itsaward-winning Annual Volume every year since 1913. Thisremarkable legacy includes a partnership with the Grace SchmidtRoom of Local History, an archival collection of documents held atthe Kitchener Public Library, and of course the WHS also boasts anumber of other publications on local history.But it’s the Annual Volume that members andnonmembers alike look forward to each year. This spring, thevolume is of particular interest to residents of Wilmot . becausethe 2009 publication (each year’s volume is released in the spring,and contains articles written the previous year) features threearticles about locations and people of our township’s past.Part Two of Sharalynn Krahn’s article about the St.Agatha Orphanage (“Notre Dame of St. Agatha Children’s Centre:Part Two”) is a significant and detailed study of that importantinstitution. Did you know that the orphanage was founded in 1858?Or that the Sisters raised their own cows to have milk for thechildren? The article includes a number of fascinating photographs.(Part One of Sharalynn’s study, printed in the 2008 WHS Volume,is still available).Many of you may already know of Marie Voisin’swonderful book William Scott and His Extended Family, publishedlast year. Marie began what she calls her “love affair” withWilliam Scott, a founder of New Hamburg, when she and herhusband Greg purchased Scott’s beautiful stone house on BleamsRoad. In her article “William James Scott: Pieces of the Puzzle,”Marie explores some interesting details about her research that werenot included in her book.Finally, Teresa Brown’s article “The Baden Hotel: AContinuous Landmark Through 135 Years of Change” is an accountof the history of The Baden Hotel, now known as E.J.’s Restaurantin Baden. The article outlines the many important roles (in additionto operating continuously as a restaurant and public house) the hotelhas played in the community over its 135-year history, and includesa look at the unique painted tiles still on the restaurant’s ceiling.There are many more articles in this year’s publication, ofcourse, but if you’ve never had the pleasure of reading an issue ofthe WHS Annual Volume, then this is the year that no citizen ofWilmot can miss. The Volume is available at Upper Case Books inNew Hamburg; check out the WHS web site at formore information about the organization.Ryan & Stacy Waters55 Snyder’s Road W.,Baden, 519-634-5225Restaurant & Catering — Open 7 days a weekICE CREAM & SLUSHIES * FRESH HOME MADE BAKING!Check out our seasonal strawberry pies, tarts, tortesFather’s Day—June 20Big Breakfast Special & free giftHours: Mon-Sat 7 am - 10 pm, Sunday 8 am - 10 pmVolume 10, Issue 11Page 5

Reserve now for Father's Day June Feature– Surf & Turf SpecialSoup or salad, 5 oz flat iron steak, 5 oz lobster tail and dessertHours of OperationLunch -11:30 am to 2 pm Tuesday through SaturdayDinner Reservations - 5 pm to 8:30 pm Tuesday through SundaySunday Brunch -11:30 am to 2 pm, Dinner 5 pm-8:30 pm17 Huron Street, New Hamburg, ON N3A 1K1(519) 662-2020 or [email protected] Day with N.R.W.T.C. A.The Nith River Wild Turkey ConservationAssociation (NRWTCA) hosted an archery session with over25 youths in attendance at the home of Jim Boshart onChristner Road. The kids were split up into two groups: thefirst group being trained to build their own arrows by Badenresident Bob Bontaine (which were generously donated byBob) and the second group had target practice supervised byChuck Bender, Bruce Boshart and Jim Boshart. After a lunchbreak the two groups switched.The target practice segment had three stations. Thefirst had a screen set up with targets in front, the second hadjugs hanging from ropes and the third was a wild boar runwhich had a 200 foot cable on an incline with a sack tied to it .The organization’s focus is to teach these youththe skills of archery as well as proper handling and safetyof the equipment. The courses are completely paid bythe NRWTCA as there is no charge for membership. TheInternational Federation gave the local group 1,500 tostart up - 3,000 was spent on bows alone with all othercosts covered by the local chapter. The local group hoststheir own fundraising events – their largest being a dinnerat the New Hamburg arena in May.During the summer months the group will meetevery second Sunday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and inthe fall they will meet every Friday night in the old NewHamburg Arena.HAIRWORKSSummertime Are you ready?Waxing, Tanning, Ear Piercingor a Fun New Hair-do36 Snyder’s Road E, BadenPage 6634-5140Baden Outlook

PROTECT YOUR BODY DURING THE SUMMER SEASONThe summer season is upon us, which for many individuals,means spending time outdoors and becoming more physicallyactive. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, a serious naturelover, or someone who enjoys fun in the sun, there are specialprecautions that need to be taken to protect your body during thesummer season.1. Drink plenty of water: The body’s water supply isresponsible for many important functions such as digestion,controlling body temperature, and protecting our joints byproviding lubrication and cushioning. In warmer temperatures,we lose more water from the body through increasedperspiration. The consequences of inadequate water intake/dehydration may include: headaches, fatigue, digestiveproblems, joint pain, muscle pain and cramping. Therefore,special care should be taken to replenish fluids lost during thesummer season. Limit diuretics such as caffeinated andalcoholic beverages which actually drain the body of water.2. Get just enough sun: Appropriate sun exposure canprovide many health benefits associated with the naturalproduction of Vitamin D. Avoid sunburn which is a result ofoverexposure to the sun’s UV radiation and can contribute tocertain skin cancers, and a premature aging and wrinkling ofthe skin. To protect yourself, apply sunscreen regularly, wear awide-brim hat and light-colored clothing that covers yourexposed skin. Your eyes should also be protected with UVblocking sunglasses. Outdoor activities and sports should belimited to the early morning or late afternoon when UV raysare not as strong. Be cautious on cloudy days, as your skin isBaden Feed & Supply Ltd.76 Mill St, Baden Ontario N3A 2N6519-634-5474 / 1-800-265-2365We are hosting aHorse Consignment Yard SaleSaturday June 26th8 am to 2 pm.By Dr. John A. Papa, D.C.still susceptible to burn under these conditions.3. Think safety first: Water sports and other outdoor activitiesshould always be performed with safety in mind. This meanswearing a life jacket in deeper water or if you are not a strongswimmer. Parents should always keep a watchful eye on youngchildren around water. Diving into shallow or unknown watersshould never be performed in order to eliminate the chance ofserious spinal injury. Running on pool decks may result inserious slip and fall injuries. When bicycling or in-line skating,be sure to wear bright reflective clothing and protective headgear.Wearing appropriate footwear for the activities you areperforming will give you balance, support, and protection.4. Prepare your body for activity and exercise: There aremany activities made more enjoyable during the summer seasonsuch as gardening, walking, running, swimming, canoeing,bicycling, and golfing to name a few. Prepare your body forphysical activity by stimulating the joints and muscles, andincreasing blood circulation with a proper warm-up. If you havebeen inactive for a period of time, gradually ease into activity andtake it slow.Following the above rules and safety tips can go a long way inprotecting your body during the summer season. From all of us atthe New Hamburg Wellness Centre, have a safe and enjoyablesummer!This article is a basic summary for educational purposes only. It isnot intended, and should not be considered, as a replacement forconsultation, diagnosis or treatment by a duly licensed healthpractitioner.Sharilou Zister-SchagenaSales Representative“Bringing Home Results”What is your home worth?For a FREE no obligation Market Evaluationphone me Direct at 519-635-1276ORGo to my website www.sharilou.caClick on “Sellers Resources—Contact us aboutselling a property”Buying a new home? Refinancing?Call Mark for all your mortgageneeds. Direct 519-589-5026Keller WilliamsGolden Triangle Realty IncBrokerageIndependently Owned and Operated9-871 Victoria St N. KitchenerOffice: 519-570-4447Direct: 519-635-1276Email: [email protected] End SaleJune 21 to 26 -- 25% offselected store items*We now have a person on the roadonce a week. Please call 519-634-5474 oremail [email protected] to arrangea meeting, for anything horse related.Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5:30, Saturday 8-12Volume 10, Issue 11Page 7

The Sun Shone for the Annual Mennonite Relief SaleThe New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale which took place in thebeautiful sunshine on the fairgrounds, and in the historic arena and grandstandon May 28-29, was indeed fun for the whole family. Hundreds enjoyed one ofCanada’s largest handmade quilt auctions where seat sales were up by 25% from2009. Quilt #205, “In the Stars His Handiwork I See”, made by the SoulStitchers of Kitchener and quilted by Irene Freeman of Elmira, brought thehighest bid of 6400.00. There was scrumptious food of many Mennonitetraditions: fleisch piroschki, verenki, teaballs, apple fritters, pupusas, springrolls, pork-on-a-bun, homemade ice-cream and fruit pies.The famous strawberry pies raised over 15,000.00 and otherpies including shoofly pie, brought in an additional 20,000.00.Heritage plants and flowers raised over 10,000.00. Childrenenjoyed the inflatable bouncing castles, mini auction andentertainment such as Paul Behnke and Hooper the Clown. Thethird annual Run for Relief (5 km) was a huge success. Abusload of people from England arrived early on Saturdaymorning about the same time as a busload from Oakville andfrom Aylmer. All merchandise and services were donated, asalways. An estimated 2000 volunteers donated time, expertiseand resources. A crowd of over 15,000 people was inattendance. All proceeds, over 330,000.00, was forwarded toMennonite Central Committee. Since 1967 over 14 millionhas been raised by Ontario Mennonite Relief Sale Inc. Visitour website at www.nhmrs.comStop2Shop118 Snyder’s Road East,Baden / 519-634-5269 Baden’s Uptown Variety More great deals! - Always happy to see you!!Wonder Hotdog &Hamburger Buns 1.49Limit 2 per coupon until July 31Postal Service Hours:Monday - Friday 9 am-6 pmand Saturdays 9 am -2 pm.Propane Exchange 19.99Limit 2 per coupon until July 31Pop - 8 pk cansParlour IceCream 2.99 3.99Limit 2 per coupon until July 31Page 8Limit 2 per coupon until July 31Baden Outlook

Supported by The Baden OutlookVolume 10, Issue 11Page 9

Wilmot JujitsuProfessional Self Defense13 Foundry Street, Baden(519) 590-4946 - www.wilmotjujitsu.com1413 Gingerich Road,Baden, ON. N3A 3J7Jujitsu - Gentle, Effective, BalancedOffering: - Escapes, Joint Locks, Controls,St. Agatha 9th Annual Strawberry FestSaturday June 19th, 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.St. Agatha Community CentreWhat's the best way to promote our localfarmers, help our local business owners, fundcommunity projects, and have a great time?!Kick off summer with locally grown strawberries & greatcommunity friends! Enjoy the live music, eat up thepancake breakfast or barbecue lunch. Devour some freshlybaked local strawberry pies or cool off with a refreshingstrawberry milkshake! Don't forget to pick up some locallymade strawberry jam on your way home from this splendidStrawberry day.Bring out the whole family! There's something foreveryone!EVENTS: Live Music Talent ShowStrawberry Dessert Baking ContestSilent Auction and Raffle All-day Unique Wheels ShowConstruction Equipment Skills Contest. And of course, a beverage area to relax and socialize!BBQ lunch will be available from 12 - 2 p.m.Pressure points and weapons.A practical Self Defense ArtInstructor: Neil CalhounTraining for Children and Adults!Friendly, Disciplined Atmosphere, Serious Training,Physical, Mental and Social Development.Wilmot Jujitsu is pleased to offer Ninpo Bugei(Traditional Ninjutsu) to the program.Classes will be held from 7:15 - 8:15 p.m.on Tuesdays and Thursdays and isopen to ages 14 and up.Please see the following website for moreinformation. www.genbukan.caPick up/drop off at Teddy’s Bakery - Tues & Fri.Double &triple- loadwashers!Coin Laundry 7 days a week,7 am -10 pmTONS OF FUN FOR THE KIDS TOO!Games, Face painting, Petting zoo, pony rides and more!Contact: (519) 699-6063Page 10Baden Outlook

A Message FromWaterloo Regional PoliceSergeant Don Scott of the New Hamburg Detachment ofthe Waterloo Regional Police would like to remindeveryone to lock their cars all the time. During theVictoria Day Weekend the local police were called out totwenty-auto theft calls in Wilmot Township.You are invited to attend a FREECommunity WorkshopWednesday, June 23, 20101:30-3:30 p.m.These types of thefts are called “Crimes Of Opportunity”.Thieves will walk up and down driveways and cars thatare unlocked or have valuables left in them will be atarget. Each break- in consumes one hour of apoliceman’s time plus a lot of grief for the owner. In twoof the break-ins spray paint was sprayed in the vehicle.We all like to think that these types of crimes happen incities, but it does happen in Wilmot Township. Thesecrimes, for the most part, are totally avoidable. Lock yourcars and don’t leave valuables in them.It was also reported that on Sunday May 23rd, 2010 inthe evening, someone stole two lawn gnomes from afront yard, one was a personal valuable gift.You know who you are, so please quietly returnthem and it would undo the wrong you committed.Nithview Community Auditorium200 Boulee Street, New HamburgRefreshments ProvidedParking available in lot directly acrossfrom Nithview or along Boulee StreetFeaturing: Harmony Interactive Theatre TroupeWaterloo Region Elder Abuse Response TeamThrough interactive drama and dialogue, the audience willconsider elder rights within our community and preventionstrategies for personal well-being. The community is pivotal topreventing and resolving elder abuse and respecting elder rights.Hosted by theWilmot-Wellesley Family Violence Prevention ProgramWith funding provided by the Ministry of Community and Social Servicesvia Wilmot Family Resource CentreTo Register, Contact Karen at 519-662-2731 ext 201 [email protected] Homes – Now in Baden!3 Models to view – Visit us at 4 Michael Myers RdTuesdays 4 – 7 pm, Sat & Sun 1-5pm or by appointmentWilmot Township Resident forover 15 years.Professional and knowledgeableReal Estate Services for Buyers and Sellers.Melodie MenschSales RepresentativeOffice: (519)662‐4900Cell: (519)591‐[email protected]**Not intended to solicit those already under contract**Volume 10, Issue 11Page 11

“Get It Together”.with Donna & RhondaLet US Help Take Care of YOU!This month we continue our 5 part“HEART” series. These five steps,when completed in order, are whatwe consider to be the backbone of organizing.These are the steps in the process that we have learnedso far:Step one is H - Handle & Sort (See April issue of theOutlook for more details)Step two is E - Evaluate (See May issue of the Outlookfor more details)This month we will learn about A — Assign a Home. Youhave heard us share the phrase “everything needs ahome” . . . well, this is the step in which we assign a homefor all the items we have decided to keep. One of the mostimportant things to consider is accessibility. As eachitem is assigned a home, it should be easy to retrieve andeasy to put away. We also need to avoid stacking. Wemight have a neat stack of containers but what happensif we need to get into that bottom bin to put somethingaway? It will end up sitting on top of the top bin or on thefloor beside the stack because we can’t be bothered tounstack everything to get in the bottom bin. Oursuggestion would be to invest in some good shelving toavoid stacking. Labelling is another important step inassigning a home. Ideally, we would love for you to labelthe bin/container AND the shelf it sits on, so once again itis easy to return when you are all finished. Labellingpromotes independence and we have a realisticexpectation for EVERYONE in the family to know where thehome is and then return it when they are finished with it!Remember . . . everything needs a home”!Mariko OgasawaraRegistered Reflexologist 519-634-8935Reflexology: Relieves tensionImproves circulationPromotes natural healingReflexology Association of CanadaReflexology Registration Council of OntarioWhite OrchidSkin Care & NailsOver 14 Years of ExperienceThe summer ishere and timeto show offthose toes!Call Carrie519-634-8436In order . . . to live a life of purposeVisit for more tips.Dr. William SlingerDental Office 519-662-3510Family & Cosmetic Dentistry“Good Things Start with a SmileNew Patients WelcomeServing your community since 1977Page 12Baden Outlook

Baden BirdingBy Dave Rogalsky and Ken QuanzIn the middle 1980s I was living in southernManitoba. As the Associate Pastor of thecongregation I got to drive out to various people’s places inthe country. I still remember the day when I saw a hugehawk in a field belonging to a congregationalmember. I mentioned it to him on Sunday. Hisanswer caught me by surprise: “I don’t think werealize how close we came to doing away with all of them.” Infurther conversation he mentioned the banning of DDT and thesubsequent slow return of birds and animals to the prairie.Rachel Carson wrote the book Silent Spring in 1962but it took a few more years before people believed herpremise – we were poisoning the birds to the point that somespring there would be no robins or meadow larks singing in ourtrees or fields. In Andy Bezener’s Birds of Ontario he notes“now that the use of DDT has been banned throughout NorthAmerica, Cooper’s Hawks are slowly recolonizing formerhabitats in southern Ontario” (p. 93). Bezener was writing in2000, 38 years after Carson wrote and 31 years after the 1969Canadian ban on DDT.The problem with chemicals is that they concentrate inanimals which are higher in the food chain. Rodents will ingestsome but store it in their system. Hawks will eat the rodents andget higher doses. It has taken them much longer to rebound.My son studies at the University of Waterloo. He noted thatwhen he got there in 2001 there were many slow moving, fatsquirrels on campus, and no hawks. By 2009 there were fewer,skinny and fast moving squirrels, and the hawks were back.GIC Rates as of June 11, 20101 YR3 YR5 YR1.7%3.25%3.9%TERMSAVAILABLE FROM30 DAYS AND UPSo when you watch the hawks circling on a hotsummer day, or skimming across the fields at breakneck speeds, remember how inter-related they andwe are.When identifying hawks it is always worthremembering two key points: location and general body shape.Buteo hawks are broad-winged, high-soaring hawks, usuallyseen perched or flying in open areas where they hunt their prey.During the spring nesting period you will often see them beingharassed by small birds which are protecting their nest sites.The most common local Buteo is the Red-tailed Hawk.Accipiter hawks are low-flying, woodland hawks with shortwings and long tails which help them increase their speed andagility. Look for these hawks in forested lands, along forestedges, and near your bird feeder as they hunt for small rodentsand song birds. All three species, Sharp-shinned Hawk,Cooper’s Hawk, and Northern Goshawk are well represented inWilmot Township. Osprey, a fish eating hawk, is almost alwaysseen nesting and hunting along rivers. These birds are slowlyrecovering in numbers in our area. The most common memberof the Falcon family in Wilmot is the American Kestrel, oftenseen perched on hydro and telephone wires along roads wherethe grassy areas support higher populations of small rodentsand insects. These small hawks have long wings which are bentback like a fighter jet with which they share the ability for greatspeed. Other members of this family include the Merlin and thePeregrine Falcon, both rarely spotted in Wilmot.RIVERSIDELANES182 Union Street, New HamburgAll companies are C.D.I.C. members.The best choice is here DOUG WAGNER, CFPFINANCIAL ADVISOR662-4001REASON #5 TO GO BOWLINGThere are hundreds of reasons to gobowling - like parties. It’s easy onyour wallet, and fun for everyone!So throw a party you’ll all love!Just another reason to GO BOWLING!Public bowling available on weekends Cosmic or Regular - call for times.Call now to book your lane at519-662-1938Volume 10, Issue 11Page 13

Wilmot Heritage Fire Brigades: What’s Happening in June, July, and AugustSummer’s here! And at the WHFB, we’re excited about themany events ahead . and a very special milestone that takes usback.First, the events:Summer is the time for community events and parades, and thisyear is no exception. By the time you read this, our trucks willalready have appeared at the Baden Market’s Community Dayon May 15th, the New Dundee Victoria Day Parade on May 24,the Baden Public School’s Community Barbecue on May 27,and the Waterloo Region Muster at Doon Heritage Crossroads,May 29th.Quite a busy start to the season! But if you missed any of thoseopportunities to see our antique trucks, don’t despair! Checkout these upcoming events for your next cha

Health & Wellness with Mike Fisher -It's in the 31 Barry & Pat Fisher 178 Snyder's Road East Baden, ON N3A 2V6 Phone:519-634-8916 Email:[email protected] This paper is priceless - Please have one! B a d e n O u t l o k BADEN FISHING DERBY GREAT SUCCESS The fishing derby was successful with