WORK SESSION MINUTESECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (EDA)OF JAMES CITY COUNTY (JCC)BUILDING C CONFERENCE ROOM, 101 MOUNTS BAY ROAD3:00 PM, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 20061.CALL TO ORDERThe meeting was called to order by Chair Hartmann at 3:00 PM.2.ROLLCALLA roll call identified the following members present:Mr. Vincent A. Campana, Jr.Mr. Douglas M. GebhardtMs. Virginia B. HartmannMr. Mark G. RinaldiMr. Thomas G. TingleMr. Marshall WarnerMr. Craft arrived at 3:05 PMAlso Present:Mr. Richard Bottone, Virginia United Methodist Homes (VUMH) Building and ConstructionMr. M. Anderson Bradshaw, Board of Supervisors (BOS) Liaison to the EDAMr. William Frymoyer, Historic Triangle Corridor Enhancement Committee ChairMr. Tom Gillman, ESG International, Business Climate Task Force (BCTF)Mr. Chris Henderson, VUMH CEOMr. Bob Hershberger, Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance (GWCTA), BCTFMr. Jeremy Keeler, EDA Fiscal AgentMr. Michael Matthews, The Structures Group, Inc., BCTF ChairMs. Sandra .lones McNinch, Troutman Sanders, EDA Bond CounselMs. Marce Hunt Musser, EDA Recording SecretaryMr. David Richardson, McGuire WoodsMr. Keith A. Taylor, EDA SecretaryMr. Larry Wilkinson, VUMHMr. Scott Whyte, ICC Landscape PlannerMr. Steven T. Yavorsky, .ICC Assistant Economic Development Director

3.PERSONNEL ITEMSa.Nominating Committee ReportMs. Hartmann reported the nominating committee's recommendations for 2007 EDAofficers:Mr. Mark G. Rinaldi - ChairmanMr. Thomas G. Tingle - Vice ChairmanCounty Economic Development Director - EDA SecretaryCounty Assistant Economic Development Director - Assistant EDA SecretaryCounty Treasurer - EDA Treasurer.Mr. Campana moved the recommendations be accepted as presented. The motion wasseconded by Mr. Warner and passed unanimously. The officers will begin their term at theJanuary 1,2007.4.PRESENTATIONa.Virginia United Methodist Homes Revenue BondMs. Hartmann introduced Ms. McNinch, representing Mr. Steve Johnson, EDA BondCounsel, who in tum introduced Mr. Richardson, VUMH Bond Counsel.Mr. Richardson gave an overview of the VUMH project for which they were applying,followed by a more detailed explanation by Mr. Henderson and Mr. Bottone. The project,WindsorMeade, is a continuing care retirement community with 85 independent livingapartments, 96 independent living villas, 14 assisted living apartments and 12 nursing facilitybeds. It provides long-term retirement and health services to persons 62 years of age andolder.VUMH has purchased the land and made capital contributions (approximately 18,000,000)to the project to pay for marketing and development costs. The marketing and developmentoffice was opened in Williamsburg in March 1999. Clearing began on the site in August2005 with the construction of the access road causeway and sewer lines. Construction ofWindsor Hall began in March of2006 and is expected to be completed in June, 2008.Construction of the first of the 96 villas began in August of 2006 and is expected to concludein August, 2008. Funding was by way of a short-term 4,000,000 loan and a 20,000,000line of credit with Wachovia Bank to cover costs until the permanent bond financing of up to 130 million is in place.If passed, the bond will go before the BOS at their January 9, 2007 meeting and close by theend of February.After a question and answer period, Mr. Tingle asked if the VUMH bond would impact the

EDA's or County's ability to borrow or issue future bonds, to which Ms. McNinch repliedthat it would not. Mr. Tingle also asked the difference between a tax exempt and taxablebond, to which Mr. Warner replied approximately 2\1,% or 200-250 basis points).Mr. Rinaldi asked EDA Bond Counsel if everything was in order, to which Ms. McNinchreplied that all was proper and in order.5.PUBLIC HEARINGa.IRB Application for Virginia United Methodist HomesMs. Hartmann opened the public hearing concerning the VUMH bond financing request.There being no member of the public appearing to speak, Chair Hartmann then closed thepublic hearing6.ACTION ITEMa.IRB Application for Virginia United Methodist HomesMr. Richardson gave an overview of the Resolution of Inducement. On a motion by Mr.Craft and a second by Mr. Campana, the Resolution oflnducement for the IndustrialRevenue Bond for Virginia United Methodist Homes was approved by roll call vote:Mr. CampanaMr. CraftMr. GebhardtMs. HartmannMr. RinaldiMr. TingleMr. te 60 Corridor Enhancement RequestsMr. Taylor introduced Mr. Fryrnoyer, who gave a short overview of the Route 60 CorridorEnhancement Project. The proposed project is a regional effort between four public partners(York County Industrial Development Authority, Williamsburg Industrial DevelopmentAuthority, James City County EDA and Virginia Department of Transportation) and sixprivate partners, including the Land Conservancy and the GWCTA.

Mr. Frymoyer then gave an explanation of the scope of the project, which he asks to be donethrough the EDA as a means by which to expedite and simplify the grant parts of the project.Mr. Bradshaw confirmed that JCC funding will be through the BaS. Mr. Hershbergerconfirmed that the GWCTA will serve as project manager.8.ACTION [TEMa. Route 60 Corridor Enhancement RequestAfter discussion and questions and answers of Mr. Frymoyer, Mr. Tingle made a motionamended by Mr. Rinaldi that the Route 60 Corridor Enhancement Project as presentedsubject to (I) appropriation of necessary funding for this project by the James City CountyBoard of Supervisors, (2) James City County Landscape Planner Scott Whyte beingdesignated as the EDA's primary project manager and (3) the EDA Chairman appointing anEDA Director as its primary project liaison, and in addition, the appointment of an EDALiaison on the Grant Committee. The motion was seconded by Mr. Campana and wasapproved by roll call vote:Mr. CampanaMr. CraftMr. GebhardtMs. HartmannMr. RinaldiMr. TingleMr. Warner9.AyeAyeAyeAyeAyeAyeAyePRESENTATIONa. Business Climate Task Force ReportMr. Taylor introduced Mr. Matthews, who gave an interim report on the progress of theBCTF. He answered questions posed by Directors, then explained the proposed consultingrole of Moran, Stahl and Boyer, LLC.[0.ACTION ITEMSa.BCTF Consultant Contract StudyMr. Rinaldi moved to accept and fund (at a cost of 36,700 with an optional 2100 rider) theMoran, Stahl and Boyer, LLC proposal. The motion was seconded by Mr. Gebhardt andpassed unanimously.

11.OTHER BUSINESSa.b.c.12.Ms. Hartmann reminded Directors of the next EDA Meeting January 18,2007.Mssrs. Tingle, Craft and Wamer have previous commitments and will not be able toattend the meeting.Ms. Hartmann stated that the joint Board of Supervisors/EDA Work Session isJanuary 23, 2007. The Work Session is scheduled from 4:00-6:00 PM, with theEDA's portion being second on the agenda.Ms. Hartmann encouraged Directors to attend the James City County TechnologyIncubator Open House Wednesday evening, December 20, at 5:00, with clientdemonstrations beginning at 5:30.ADOURNMENTThere being no further business, Chair Hartmann entertained a motion by Mr. Tingle to adjourn.The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote, and the meeting adjourned at 5:07 PM.Mark G. Rinaldi, Chairman

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITYBRIDGE BETWEEN TREASURER'S REPORT AND ACCOUNTING REPORTSDecember 31,2006Period to DateTotal to date disbursements per treasurer's report 27,453.18Operating ExpensesOperating Expenses from Management's ReportAccounts Payable Dominion PowerReimbursement due to County for Small Business Assistanceincubator Operating Expense (Accrued)Reimbursement due to County for travel and trainingReimbursement paid to CountyTotal ExpensesTotal Operating Expenses Year To Date 27,410.18 (107.00) 6(107.00) 66,167.67 109,476.00 7,500.00EDA IncentivesRenwQod FarmsDebt Expenses Funded by JCCMainland FarmIncentives Funded by JCCEnterprise Zone GrantIncentives to CompanyProjects Funded by JCCJames River Commerce CenterIndustrial Prop.! InfastructureTotal Expenses for EDA Incentives Total Expenses Funded by JCC 116,976.00 183,143.67Total Expenses Net difference Treasurer's Report and EDA Expenses 27,453.18

Treasurer's Report-FY 07Economic Development AuthorityNovember - December 2006Rev CodeRevenue SourcePriorCollectionsCollectedthis periodCollectedto Date021-325-0100Lease Income 0.00021-325-0200Interest021-325-0250Misc Revenue021-325-0400Bond Fee Revenue021-325-0500Land Contract Payment Revenue 0.00021-325-0600General Fund Contribution 0.00021-325-0650Transfer from Debt Service021-325-1000Gain/Loss on Sale 0.00Expense Reimbursement 0.00 41,364.59 27,779.02 69,143.61 0.00 400.00 109,476.00 109,476.00 28,179.02Total receipts this period 400.00 179,019.61Balance June 30, 2006 3,297,216.01Total Receipts 3,476,235.62Disbursements this PeriodPrevious disbursementsTotal disbursements to DateBalance December 31, 2006 27,453.18 155,690.49 183,143.67 3 293 091,95

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITYJames City CountyEXPENDITURES10-Jan-07Ledger 10IDA: Year ( 2007 ) Period ( 6 )Ledger DescriptionBeg BudgetNovBalanceDecEncumbTolal YTD Exp 20,346.98 107.00 0.00 0.00 1,600.00 5.50 0.00 0.00 21.14 4,608.97 0.00 0.00 26,689.59 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 1,600.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 1,600.00 27,848.49 9,151.51 1,226.47 2,773.53 96.92 0.00 453.08 6,500.00 100.00 472.50 1,000.00 550.00 2,372.01 33,057.71 1,500.00 1,500.00 59,430.34OPERATING 021-010-0398021-010-0600PROMOTIONTRAVEL & TRAININGLOCAL TRAVELJAMES RIVER COMMERCE CTR - OP1ANNUAL AUDITMAINLAND FARM - OPER EXPENSESADVERTISINGOFFICE SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENTBUSINESS CLIMATE TASK FORCEINCUBATOR OPERATING SUBSIDIESOED DISCRETIONARY EXPENDITURESMALL BUSINESS ASSISTANCETotal Operating Expenses 37,000.00 4,000.00 550.00 6,500.00 6,500.00 500.00 1,000.00 550.00 2,500.00 56,000.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 118,100.00 517.43 97.47 53.87 0.00 0.00 5.50 0.00 0.00 46.32 0.00 0.00 0.00 720.59Page: 4,800.00 27.50 0.00 0.00 127.99 22,942.29 0.00 0.00 57,069.66

JAMES CITY COUNTYOFFICE OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT101 Mounts Bay RoadP. O. Box 8784Williamsburg, VA 23187-8784MEMOTo:EDA DirectorFrom:Steven T. Yavorsky, Assistant Economic Development DirectorDate:December 12, 2006Re:BCTF Consultant Assistance Contract AuthorizationAs reported at the November meeting, a subcommittee of the Business Climate Task Force(BCTF) was formed to develop a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to solicit professionalconsultant responses to supplement the workings of the BCTF. Of the four respondents to theRFQ, one received no further consideration as it proposed a scope of work not sought by theBCTF; one was removed from consideration due to the proposed cost of work; and two wereinterviewed Of the two that received additional consideration, Moran, Stahl, & Boyer (MS&B)was unanimously considered the most qualified by both the BCTF subcommittee and the BCTF- based on their proposed Scope of Work, budget, and timeline.The agreed upon Scope of Work includes weekly update phone calls to the subcommittee, anarea profile, a survey and company interviews, peer county review, no less than three meetingswith BCTF, and a final presentation to BCTF with benchmarking and recommendations. Anoptional presentation to community stakeholders (EDA and/or BOS) was included in the finalcontract for an additional fee.The project timeline will commence with a kick-off conference call with MS&B and the BCTF on3 January 2007 and is proposed to commence with final presentation during the month of April2007.Staff recommends that the EDA (1) appropriate 36,700 for a lump sum payment to MS&B forcompletion of stated tasks, and (2) authorize the Chairperson to sign a contract between MS&Band the EDA designating the BCTF as its agent. If the BCTF and MS&B agree, the consultantshall return to James City County for a final presentation to community stakeholders for anadditional lump sum of 2,150. It is agreed that all expenses - including travel - are included inthese lump sum totals.Concur:St ven T. Yvo:;'yKeith A. TaylorDirector

Business Climate Task ForcePresentation to EDAI. Introductiona. Membershipb. BOS MemoII. Mission StatementIII. Approacha. Attributes of County Valued Businessesb. Attributes of Municipalities that Valued Businesses Wantc. Previous Studies and Datad. Review Fiscal Impact of Businesses in James City Countye. Review Internal Operations to Establishing and Expanding BusinessesIV. Summary of Findingsa. Conclusion - Additional Resources NeededV. Request for Qualifications and Consultant StudyVI.Next Steps

Jamel City County, VA 8uslness Olmote StudyProject ScheduleTaskDescription of Tasks/ActivitiesJ 2 311lnilial conference call and updale calls2Review Information, develop area profile and survey3Inllial meeling with BCTF-4Gather company information vic survey/interviews5Identify /gather information on peer counties6PowerPoint summary of findings from tasks 4&57Presenl inillal findings 10 BCTFBComplete benchmarking efforts and recommendationsti 1/31 71 141211ze 24.'J 112182 253 43 114 2IJIIFinal PowerPoinl presenlation 10 BCTFPresenlalions to community stakeholders (oplional)Review profile, select target industries and types of companies to interview/survey, disQJSS interview questions and approach,input on peer countiesDII325 Description af On-Site MeetingsII318Review survey and interview results, discuss peer counties, feedback on completing benchmarkIng effortsPresent final recommendations and any next stepsMoran, Stahl & Boyer, LLC E. M. Pemrick and CompanyDecember 7, 2006

James City County, VA Business Climate StudyProject COlt SummaryTask12A2B2CDescriptionPrepare andhostconference call to initiate projectGather information about JCCPrepare area profile (used In study and marketing tool)ConsultingTravelCompleted byCompleted byFeeExpensesMoran, Stahl 8. BoyerE.M. Pemrick & Co. 500···50%50%100%100%50%··50%Develop interview/survey questions 1,500 3,500 1,000Prepare/present to BCTF 2,000 80%20%Foce to faee interviews, telephone interviews and/or 7,500 2,25050%50%·Bendlmark peer counties 1,500 6,500100%20%80%6Prepare PowerPoint summary 1,500·90%10%7Present PowerPointto BCTF 2,000 1,30050%50%8Complete benchmarking and recommendations 3,500·80%20%9Final presentation to BCTF 1,500 650100%10Presentations to community stakeholders (optional) 1,500·· 650··100%-Total 32,500 4,20034Internet survey5A5BIdentify peer counties·Included In Item 4 travel expenses"''''Not included in Total AmountMoran, Stahl & Boyer, LLC E. M. Pemrick and CompanyDecember 7, 2006·

MEMORANDUMDATE:December 12,2006TO:EDA Directors Virginia Hartmann, Mark Rinaldi, Vincent Campana, Jr.,Brien Craft, Douglas Gebhardt, Thomas Tingle, Marshall WarnerCC:Anderson Bradshaw, Leo Rogers, Sanford WannerFROM:Keith Taylor, Economic Development DirectorSUBJECT:Route 60 Corridor Enhancement Request of theHistoric Triangle Corridor Enhancement CommitteeThe Historic Triangle Corridor Enhancement Committee (HTCEC) is a public/private partnershipinitiated by the Williamsburg Land Conservancy in 2003. The HTCEC is now a sub-committee ofthe Regional Issues Committee, currently chaired by James City County Supervisor James Icenhour.Background information on HTCEC and some of its projects to date is enclosed.Mr. William Frymoyer, HTCEC's present Chairman, has requested participation by the EconomicDevelopment Authority of James City County as part of a three-jurisdiction effort to enhance theappearance ofthe Route 60 Corridor from York Street to just beyond Busch Gardens. Mr. Frymoyerwill be making a presentation on his request to you at your December 19th EDA Work Session.James City County Administrator Sanford Wanner supports this request in principle due to the Route60 Corridor's importance as an economic development corridor. Staff recommends that the EDAentertain a motion to support this request in principle subject to (1) appropriation of necessaryfunding for this project by the James City County Board of Supervisors, (2) James City CountyLandscape Planner Scott Whyte being designated as the EDA's primary project manager, and (3) theEDA Chairman appointing an EDA Director as its primary project liaison./r Keith TaylorEnclosures::l p----- tf

December 9, 2006Mr. Keith Taylor, Director of Economic DevelopmentJames City County10lC Mounts BayRoadP.O. Box 8784Williamsburg, VA 23187-8784Dear Keith,We appreciate the time you spent wid! Jim Icenhour and representatives of the Historic TriangleCorridor Enhancement Committee (HfCEC); Dianne Spence, Scott Whyte, and myselfonNovember 14, 2006. The HTCEC is a subcommittee of the Regional IssuesCommittee. Jim wasrepresenting the Regional Issues Committee in his role us Chairman this year. The HTCEC is apublic private partnership representing the three jurisdictions and VDOTand six communityorganizations whose mission is to enhance the major entrance corridors to the Historic Triangle.For the past threeyears the Williamsburg LandConservancy has provided the leadership inenhancing the Jamestown Road corridor.,At the meeting in November, we briefed you on the outcome of discussions at the RegionalIssues Committee on October24,2006. The Committee accepted the recommendations oftheHTCEC covering the selection of the next corridor for enhancement following completion ofJamestown Road in 2007and some concepts for organizing and staffing the project. As fur as thecorridor selection is concerned, the HTCEC recommended that the jurisdictions should selectRoute 60 from York Street in the City to BuschGardens in York County. This is a muhijurisdictional business corridor which has sections in all threejurisdictions. This will provide anopportunity for the threejurisdictions to worktogether on a major entrance corridorto theHistoric Triangle.We also reported at the meeting that the Regional Issues Committee accepted a preliminaryrecommendation of the HTCEC that eachof the three sections should have an organizationwhich is responsible fortile enhancement made up of representatives of their respectivejurisdiction. Eachone wouldhavea Chairman who represents a business property owner on thecorridor, a staffrepresentative fromthe organization in the jurisdiction responsible for right ofwayprojects and a staffrepresentative from the EDA for the jurisdiction who would beresponsible for all grant projects. The EDA responsibility would also include negotiating withthe owners of derelict properties to demolish buildings using a variety and combination ofoptions such as purchase. loans, and grants. The matching revenue sharing and grants would befunded by the respective jurisdictions. The leadership of the three sections would be representedon the HTCEC which would coordinate the activities. The decision on what corridor to selectand howto organize and staff the project will be made by the staffand elected leadership of-thethree jurisdictions after reviewing the recommendations of tile Regional Issues Committee andthe HTCEC.5000 New Point Road' Suite 1202 Williamsburg, VA 23188 757-565-0343 Fax 757-565-0049. ,r. ,. .; .1 . 1ii'I.,,;.1 . '1.-",. . n .-. --- -- .- - .---0)--- -nlp.h it. UI\J!\11 U,; IIi ml;lhlJrO'hnrl('nn,p.rv::\nc:v{)rp

2We request the James City County EDA to accept the responsibility for managing the corridorgrant program in the JCC sectionfrom northof the Route 60 and Route 199 intersection to theCity of Williamsburg property line. The YorkCounty EDA is already managing a similar Route17 program and the City of Williamsburg EDA has also decided to manage a programto removederelict properties. In administering the grant program for Jamestown Road through James CityCounty, the HTCEC has found the contracting requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginiaare very difficult for small businesses to follow. The York County has demonstrated theflexibility provided by the EDA structure has worked well.We haveattached a summary ofthe background and the overall corridor recommendations of theHTCEC. Alsoenclosed is a booklet with information aboutthe Jamestown Corridor work planand the specifics of the grantprogram. Further, we have included some information given to allparticipants including a brochure, a guide for business and an application. We look forward todiscussing our proposal with the EDA on December I cjh.Tbank your consideration.Sincerely yours,William K. FrymoyerChairman, Historic Triangle Corridor Enhancement CommitteeCC: Jim IcenhourDianne SpenceScott Whyte

Historic TrianKle Corridor EnhancementRecommendations for a Multi-Jurisdictional Corridor in 2008BackgroundIn 2003, the Williamsburg Land Conservancy initiated the Historic Triangle CorridorEnhancement Committee CHTCEC) which is a public/private partnership. The public partnersinclude the three jurisdictions and VDOT. In additionto the Conservancy, the communitypartners include the Greater Williamsburg Chamberand Tourism Alliance, The WilliamsburgArea Association of Realtors, the Williamsburg Area Council of Garden Clubs, The VirginiaCooperative ExtensionlMaster Gardeners, and the Friends of Powhatan Creek.The HTCEC was subsequently appointed a subcommittee of the Regional Issues Committeemade up ofelected and staff representatives and citizens of the Historic Triangle.The Committee selected Jamestown Road as its initial project whichwas split intotwo phases:Phase I which covers the corridor from Lake Powell to the Jamestown Ferry while Phase 2 is thesection from Route 199 to Lake Powell Projects in Phase I included six landscaping projects inthe public right of way which was paid for with 50,000 in James City County revenue sharingfunds and 30,000 in donations from a group of landscape companies. The right of way projectshave been supplemented by a JCC matching grant programfor businesses and neighborhoodassociations. To dateabout 40,000 has been committed to seven businesses and threeneighborhood associations. The grants have funded improvements to the landscaping at theentrances to the neighborhood associations while the businesses have usedtheir funds to makeimprovements to both landscaping and the frontage of buildings. Over 70% of the businesses and40% of the neighborhood associations have participated in the grant program during phase I.Phase 2 is now underway. A preliminary meeting was held in October with the key businessplayers near Route 199 and a great deal of interest was shown by the attendees. The Committeehas selected CarltonAbbott to prepare a conceptual plan for Phase 2 which is expected to becompleted by January 2007. Most of the right of way and grant projectswill be completed by theend of2007.RecommendationsPlans are being developed for the enhancement of the next corridor in January 2008. Thefollowing are recommendations adopted by the Regional Issues Committee on October 24, 2006for discussion with the affected community partners and the jurisdictions:1. Selecta major multi-jurisdictional corridor which providesan opportunity for the threejurisdictions to work togetheron a joint project benefiting the Historic Triangle.2. Pick the southernsection ofRoute 60 from York Street to just beyond Busch Gardens as thespecific corridor. This corridor has readily identifiable leadership and is already in the midst ofredevelopment.3. Split the corridor intothree sections by jurisdiction: The first section made up of hotels andmotels in the City of Williamsburg, a second section in front ofthe proposed Riversidedevelopment in James City County, and third section from Route 199 southto Busch Gardensin York County. This will group businesses with common interests into manageable sectionsby jurisdiction.

24. Requestthe EDA for the three jurisdictionsto assume hands on responsibility for a grantprogram and to negotiate the removal ofderelict properties with funds provided by therespective jurisdictions. It makes sense to utilize the EDA because of their businessorientation, their simplified bidding and licensing requirements, and the current assignment ofthat responsibility in two out ofthe three jurisdictions (City of Williamsburg and YorkCounty). The grants wouldbe funded by their respective jurisdictions.5. Establish the same grant program for all three jurisdictions. This will be relatively easy sincetwo out ofthe three (York County and James City County) already have a similar program.6. Recommend to the Williamsburg Land Conservancy and to the Greater WilliamsburgChamber and Tourism Alliance that the leadership of the Steering Committee shifts fromthe Conservancy to the Chamber in 2008. This would provide leadership whose interests areconsistent with the character of the corridor selected.7. Afterthe leadership of the Steering Committee has been decided, schedule a meetingwith the planning and EDA representatives for the three jurisdictions to develop therecommended organization, staffing, and budgets for 2008.11/14/06

L HISTORIC TRIANGLECORRIDOR ENHANCEMENTInformation for the Development of aMulti-Jurisdictional Corridor EnhancementProgramPrepared forJames City County EDADecember 8, 2006Williamsburg Land Conservancy5000 New Point RoadSuite 3101Williamsburg, VA 23188

TabTable of ContentsCorridor Enhancement Work Plan - Phase 11Summary Corridor Grant Program2Appendices3Corridor Grant P.rogram BrochureACorridor Grant Proposal Guide for BusinessesBCorridor Grant ApplicationCSample Letter of UnderstandingD1218106

Corridor Enhancement Work PlanPhase 1I. Developed and obtainedapproval for the mission, strategies, organizational structure,staffing, and budget for the projectfrom the Steering Committee and James City County.2. Appointed subcommittee ofthe Regional Issues Committee.3. Selected the corridor and decided to split into phases.4. Benchmarked Route 17 and other similarprogramsto gain the benefit ofotherCommunities' experience.5. Received approvalfrom the RegionalIssues Committee, the Steering Committee andJCC for the plan and budget.6. Obtained and analyzed information about the owners and tenants located on the corridor.Bi,bt ,(Way Projects7. Decided to focus initially on right of way projects to set framework and example for theadjacent property owners.8. Formeda landscape architectcommittee to developa vision for the right of way.9. Prioritized and prepared detailed designs for the projects.10. Reviewed designed projects with adjacent property owners to get their input and to buildcredibility.II. Reviewed and obtainedapproval from VDOT for projects.12. Solicitedbids and obtainedapprovalfrom JCC Purchasing for vendor selected.13. Managedand completed projectsGrant Proleets14. Developed Corridor Grant Program based on Route 17 program including brochure,guides and supporting materials.15. Announced grant programat community meeting.16. Completed extensive communications to buildawareness, support, and participation.17. Developed group and individual strategiesto gain participation including frequent directcontact withpotential applicants.

218. Appointed Corridor Grant Committee and developed selection criteria.19. Brought adjacent businesses together with an offeroffree designhelp.21. Applicants obtained three bids, completed applications and supporting information, andsubmitted to Corridor Grant Committee by the closing date.22. Staffreviewed applications and supporting information for completeness using anApplication Document Review Worksheet and contacted applicants for additionalinformation if required.23. Corridor Grant Committee met to review and decide whether to approve or disapproveeach application.24. Staffmade one submission ofdetailed designs for projects in the right of way to YDOIfor approval (unusually wide right ofway madethis necessary).25. Staff madeone submission of bids to ICC Purchasing for their review to ensure bidinformation was complete and lowest bid accepted.26. Staffnotified applicants ofthe Committee decision and requested the successfulapplicants to complete a Letterof Understanding outlining the requirements forreimbursement.27. Grantees completes the project, paid the invoice in full, and forwarded one request forpayment on completion of the entire project.28. lITCEC and ICC representative completed an inspection to ensure workconsistent withthe approved project specifications.28. Staffreviews the information submitted using a Payment Document Review Worksheet,forwards a request to ICC, and ICC issued reimbursement check to the grantee.

Summary Corridor Grant ProgramJames City CountyPhase1Effective September 1, 2006Program ComponentEligibilityImprovements CoveredExclusionsApplication ProcessSubmission DeadlinesRequirementsBusinessNeig hborhoodsOwner or TenantNeighborhood or Homeowner Assn.Profit or Non-ProfitConnected NeiQhborhoodJamestown Road FrontaoeWithin Pilot Area-Phase 1Private ProoertvNelohbomood ProoertvLandscapinoLandscapinQ/Sionaoe at EntranceRepairs and PaintingFacade and Roofing RenovationImproved SignageTearino Down Unsightlv StructureAdlacent Rioht of WavPrimarily Benefitino Properly Owner-Determination ev Grant CommitteeRequires VDOT approval and maintenance agreementBrino to Code Com plianceCompletely New ConstructionSecond Grant - September 1,2006Completed applicationWritten summary of proposed workPhotographs clearly showing eXisting conditions to be im proved uponDesign plan for aoeiicable improvementsExact samples of paint or colors to be used3 proposals by Commonwealth of Virginia licensed contractors(Less than 1,000 require one proposal)COpy of contractor's license and insurance verification for lowest bidderJCC signed plant maintenance agreement(If property is in VDOT right of way)50% Matchino GrantGrantTvPBMaximum GrantPer ApplicantOvera

OF JAMES CITY COUNTY (JCC) BUILDING C CONFERENCE ROOM, 101 MOUNTS BAY ROAD 3:00 PM, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2006 1. CALL TO ORDER The meeting was called to order by Chair Hartmann at 3:00 PM. 2. ROLLCALL A roll call identified the following members present: Mr. Vincent A. Campana, Jr. Mr. Douglas M. Gebhardt Ms. Virginia B. Hartmann Mr. Mark G .