2/13/13KnoxMPC Mail - Fwd: MPC Rezoning on Bob Kirby Rd.Betty Jo Mahan [email protected] Fwd: MPC Rezoning on Bob Kirby Rd.1 messageSarah Powell [email protected] To: "Mahan, Betty Jo" [email protected] Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 11:59 AM---------- Forwarded message ---------From: blackfordvet [email protected] Date: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 11:58 AMSubject: MPC Rezoning on Bob Kirby Rd.To: [email protected], [email protected], LeeAnn Blackford [email protected] ,[email protected] am writing about my objection to any development on Bob Kirby Rd. There is already extremeflooding issues across Chesney at the corner of Bob Kirby Rd. that causes a 50-yard river ofwater to flood across the front of my property and the private residence south of me at 1501Bob Kirby Rd. Many of these floods results on wrecks and roll-overs at this intersection. Pleasedon't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.Sincerely,LeeAnn Blackford, DVM,, DACVS1505 Bob Kirby Rd.Knoxville, TN 37931865-670-9185 (office)865-755-1475 (cell) 2&ik c822ec2964&view pt&search inbox&th 13cd47f74dea02261/1

2/13/13KnoxMPC Mail - Fwd: Rezoning Proposed for Bob Kirby RoadBetty Jo Mahan [email protected] Fwd: Rezoning Proposed for Bob Kirby Road1 messageSarah Powell [email protected] To: "Mahan, Betty Jo" [email protected] Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 1:33 PM---------- Forwarded message ---------From: [email protected] Date: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 1:10 PMSubject: Rezoning Proposed for Bob Kirby RoadTo: [email protected]: [email protected], [email protected] names are Ken and Jacci Fletcher and we own the property at 1408 Bob Kirby Road, Knoxville, TN.We can be reached at 865-567-9667 (Ken) or 865-567-1610 (Jacci) if you need any more informationfrom us.We are very concerned about the proposed rezoning of the property just up the street from us on Bob KirbyRoad, which will be the subject of a rezoning hearing you are having tomorrow afternoon, February 14 at3:00. We are both business owners and cannot be absent from our businesses on the short notice that wasgiven from the hearing.Our understanding is that there is a request being made to rezone this property so that condominiums and/orapartments may be constructed. We are very concerned and opposed to this use of this property. All of thehomes in the are are single family homes. There is currently a huge drainage issue coming from Chesney Hillsand affecting the two properties on the opposite side of the road from use resulting in unusually high floodingto both of those properties. We believe that any attempt to pack more homes into the area will make thisproblem even worse (especially in light of the fact that Chesney Hills is not even currently 25% of its fulldevelopment capacity.)In addition, Bob Kirby road can't take any more traffic. The number of accidents at the curve in front of myhome (in between 1408 Bob Kirby and the split at Chesney Road) are already increasing in frequencyresulting in many injuries and multiple visits by the fire department, ambulances and the police department.These frequent accidents cause the road to be closed down for substantial periods of time each time anaccident occurs. With the speeding problems, the lack of police presence and the number of accidents inthis area it would be highly irresponsible for the County to approve any activity that increases traffic in thisarea. Additionally, approval of any rezoning that would result in additional traffic will prove to be a hugeliability to the county as they will have knowingly allowed a dangerous situation to become even more so,possibly resulting in fatalities that could have been prevented if the County had not allowed more homes, andthus more traffic on this already dangerous road. 2&ik c822ec2964&view pt&search inbox&th 13cd4d572f3e6f8c1/2

2/13/13KnoxMPC Mail - Fwd: Rezoning Proposed for Bob Kirby RoadThank you for your consideration.Ken and Jacci Fletcher1408 Bob Kirby RoadKnoxville, TN 37931865-567-9667 Ken Fletcher Cell865-567-1610 Jacci Fletcher Cell865-670-2888 Ken Fletcher Work 2&ik c822ec2964&view pt&search inbox&th 13cd4d572f3e6f8c2/2

2/13/13KnoxMPC Mail - Fwd: File Number 2-A-13-RZ (Cynthia R. Baird)Betty Jo Mahan [email protected] Fwd: File Number 2-A-13-RZ (Cynthia R. Baird)2 messagesSarah Powell [email protected] To: "Mahan, Betty Jo" [email protected] Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 1:35 PM---------- Forwarded message ---------From: DEBORAH GODDARD [email protected] Date: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 1:28 PMSubject: File Number 2-A-13-RZ (Cynthia R. Baird)To: [email protected]: [email protected],Per our conversation, I will be forwarding pictures to you of the flooding that occurs on our farm (USDA certifiedorganic) that fronts 1415 Bob Kirby Road and 9922 Chesney Road (both our properties) caused primarily by thedevelopment of Chesney Hills subdivision in addition to other developments previously constructed (Delle Mead andothers). I also forwarded these pictures to Commissioner Anders (he is looking into the flooding problems) but haddifficulty doing so because the files were so large (he didn't reply, so I don't know if he received them or not). Pleaselet me know if you receive them. I will send them in three separate files. Some of the pictures are of the horribleflooding that occurred in February 2011 (I realize that was an unusual rain event), some of typical rain event floodingthat not only floods our property but Chesney Road, and some of the farm during dry times. I have over 150 picturesand movies of the flooding and will make copies to bring to the meeting tomorrow afternoon. The neighboringproperties that are also directly affected by this are 1401 Bob Kirby Road (Doris Anz), 1501 Bob Kirby Road (Bill andMargaret Swartout), and 1505 Bob Kirby Road (LeeAnn Blackford, DVM).Reasonable development may be acceptable if the runoff water is handled in such a way that it does not flood, makeunusable, and devalue our and neighboring properties and if the existing problem is addressed and corrected first.Unfortunately, it appears the runoff water has not been handled correctly in the past, though, and thus results in theflooding of our and neighboring properties as well as Chesney Road. Prior to development, runoff water would filternaturally through the trees, grasses, etc. (and slowed down/absorbed considerably as compared to now with theaddition of much pavement) in locations throughout the property dispersing the water equally. After development,the majority of the runoff water is captured and channeled directly onto our neighbors' properties as well as ourproperty, ultimately devaluing all of our properties and making the flooded areas unusable and Chesney Road unsafeduring rain events. With each house built and the addition of pavement/concrete/houses, the flooding problemincreases and will continue to. Additional development will only worsen the existing problem if not handled correctly.We owned this property prior to the Chesney Hills subdivision development, and there was very minor flooding in thelower pasture area but nothing like this – it changed dramatically for the worse after that development. Theretention pond is not sufficient to handle the volume of runoff water that comes from that development on the ridgeeven though the engineers may say it is (the flooding below is evidence that it is not sufficient). Further developmenton yet another ridge/hillside will only add to the existing problem if a solution is not found for the current problem.Thank you so much for consideration of our concerns and for providing this information to all of the ?ui 2&ik c822ec2964&view pt&search inbox&th 13cd4d6ecd2fea8e1/2

2/13/13KnoxMPC Mail - Fwd: File Number 2-A-13-RZ (Cynthia R. Baird)Sincerely,Debbie and Jim Goddard1415 Bob Kirby Road9922 Chesney RoadKnoxville, TN 37931865-382-3047 (cell)Michael Brusseau [email protected] Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 1:35 PMTo: Betty Jo Mahan [email protected] , Mark Donaldson [email protected] , BuzJohnson [email protected] , Dan Kelly [email protected] [Quoted text hidden]-Michael A. Brusseau, AICP, Senior PlannerKnoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning CommissionCity-County Building, Suite 403400 Main St.Knoxville, TN 37902Phone: (865) 215-2500Fax: (865) l/u/0/?ui 2&ik c822ec2964&view pt&search inbox&th 13cd4d6ecd2fea8e2/2

Cc: [email protected], [email protected] Our names are Ken and Jacci Fletcher and we own the property at 1408 Bob Kirby Road, Knoxville, TN. We can be reached at 865-567-9667 (Ken) or 865-5