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QUESTION: 88What are two purposes of a default management class? (Choose two.)A. to specify the minimum number of days that must elapse between full incrementalbackup or archive operationsB. to specify the names of the storage pools that store active versions of backup data fornodes assigned to the domainC. to manage files that are not bound to a specific management class, as defined by theINCLUDE option in the include-exclude listD. to manage existing backup versions when an administrator deletes a managementclass or a backup copy group from the serverE. to specify the number of days to retain an inactive backup version when the servercannot rebind the file to an appropriate management classAnswer: C, DQUESTION: 89What are two advantages of the IBM Tivoli data protection products? (Choose two.)A. Data restores are faster.B. Data backups are faster,C. The application is backed up in a consistent state.D. The backup data is compressed which requires less storage.E. Backups can be done online without interrupting the application.Answer: C, EQUESTION: 90What is the maximum value for retain version that an archive function can store?A. 365B. 730C. 9999D. no limitAnswer: DQUESTION: 91Which kind of software component is the storage agent?A. An API to the Backup-Archive client26

B. An API to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager ServerC. An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server without the database and logD. A software component from IBM Storage Systems similar to FlashCopy ManagerAnswer: CQUESTION: 92Which command allows one node to restore another node's data?A. Grant proxynodeB. Grant nodeproxyC. Allow node restoreD. Grant restore accessAnswer: AQUESTION: 93How does a logical volume backup appear to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server?A. As a single objectB. As a VSS applicationC. As a point-in-time backupD. As a multithreaded objectAnswer: AQUESTION: 94What is a benefit of using LAN-free data transfer?A. It reduces license fees.B. Processing load will be moved to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server.C. It transfers the metadata across the SAN and the backup data across the LAN.D. The data path completely bypasses the LAN and the IBM Tivoli Storage ManagerServer.Answer: DQUESTION: 95Which process removes duplicate data from a deduplicated storage pool?27

A. IdentifyB. MigrationC. ReplicationD. ReclamationAnswer: DQUESTION: 96What would be the best way to back up a server with a 1 TB database to an IBM TivoliStorage Manager Server configured with an IBM tape library?A. TCP/IPB. LAN-freeC. Named PipesD. Shared MemoryAnswer: BQUESTION: 97What must be running in order to deploy client updates automatically?A. The AutoClientAPIB. The AutoClientGUIC. The client schedulerD. The server schedulerAnswer: CQUESTION: 98A customer has a large Windows server environment. The incremental backup is aproblem. The backup window stays within acceptable limits. However the policy haschanged this year and more versions need to be kept because of business reasons. Whatshould the customer do to reduce the amount of data to handle in case of a disaster?A. There is no way to reduce the data. Back up to disk. Backup STGpool to tape. Bringall the tapes to the disaster recovery site.B. The customer should back up to disk and use replication. Back up replicated data totape and bring to the disaster recovery site.C. The customer should back up to disk and use deduplication. Back up deduplicateddata to tape and bring to the disaster recovery site.28

D. The customer should back up to disk and copy the data to an active-data pool. Bringthe tapes of the active data pool to the recovery site.Answer: D29

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An API to the Backup-Archive client B. An API to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server C. An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server without the database and log . 000-579 exam dumps, 000-579 exam questions, 000-579 braindumps, 000-579 actual questions, 000-579 real questions, 000-579 practice tests Created Date: 2/14/2022 9:56:52 PM .