Work fromHomeWe create inspiring placesElevate your work from home spacewith exceptionally designed officesthat cultivate creativity.Quality contract grade furnitureapplications available in 2 days, 2weeks or designed for a lifetime.Single point of contact:Renee WoodJune 2020

Smart, flexiblearrangements toinspire your bestwork.This publication includes furniture packagesthat are available through elements and provideease of purchase as either a complete packageor itemized units that provide a customizedsolution.In addition, both Knoll and Fully provideprograms that expand your options. Through asingle point of contact, elements can provide anadded discount through a promotional code thatis sensitive to any budget.Click on our partner sites below to viewadditional Work from Home options.KnollMuutoFullyHonFriant

tables and work surfacesFurniture that works with you.Creating a healthy and productive home office starts with flexible arrangements thatprovide movement and comfort. Investing in commercial grade furniture offers highquality manufacturing. The images shown are to provide inspiration for your work space.View Knoll’s Tips for a Healthy Home Office here a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i.a.b.Knoll k-Stand Height Adjustable DeskReGeneration by Knoll Task ChairFriant Dash WorksurfaceFriant Prov Task ChairSolve Mid-Back Task ChairBetween Multi-purpose tableHON Voi DeskMatter Task ChairFully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Named Forbes 2020: Best Desk ForWorking From Homec.d.e.f.g.h.i.

task seatingErgonomic work chairs.We start with the needs of people and design solutions around the uniqueways in which you work. Let us help you create a well designed office spacewith ergonomic seating and height adjustable desk options.e.f.a. Convergence Task Chair ReActivHON Solve Mid-Back Task ChairFriant Ignite Task ChairGeneration by KnollOllo Task Chair by KnollReGeneration by Knollk. task by Knollc.f.

filing and storageFiling and storage,arranged any wayyou like.c.Keep your space organized with versitile and functionalstorage options to support how you work best. Fromshelving to sideboards, bookcases to side tables configuring your home office just got easier.a.b.a.b.c.d.e.e.Antenna Desk with FileGeneration by Knoll Task ChairAntenna Mobile PedestalAnchor CredenzaMuuto Stacked Storage Systemd.

lighting and accessoriesDetails that matter.Brighten your workspace and add functionality with desklighting, monitor arms, technology and accessories.a.b.c.d.e.f.g.Beam Table LampRestore Round BasketCopeland LightPower DiscSapper XYZ Monitor ArmSparrow Desktop LightLeaf Table Lampa.b.c.d.e.f.g.

work loungeEngaging spaces forwork or lounge.From workday to weekend, these cross-functioning piecestransition from home office to kitchen to lounge. Create amyriad of configurations with modular furniture and multiuse tables.c.a.d.b.a.b.c.d.e.Rockwell Unscripted Modular LoungeRockwell Unscripted Occasional TablesMuuto Split TableMuuto Relate Side TableMuuto Five Poufe.

partner programsWhether you need it intwo days or two weeks,we’ve got you covered.Enjoy timely delivery of essential work-from-furniture from Knoll and Fully.Our partner programs offer big savings on your favorite remote furnishings.Contact Renee Wood for a promotional code and discount on publishedwebsite pricing.Fresh ThinkingFor Your HomeOfficeFrom your comfort and productivity tooverall wellbeing—we’re here to help youthrive while working remotely.Whether you need an ergonomic chair,better work tools or a complete worksetting, we have what you need, ready toship in 1-2 weeks. 2020 Knoll, Inc.

thought starterswhats includedwhats includedHand-picked office packagesto fit every budgetThe following pages feature popular applications selected by the designteam at elements. Find your favorite work-from-home theme withflexible furnishings in a variety of finishes and colors.muuto - fiber chairon castersknoll - generation heightadjustable task chairknoll - 48” x 30”k stand sit to stand deskknoll - easy tableknoll - sapper monitorarm w/o monitorTheme optionsknoll - sapper monarm w/o monitoknoll - desk top powerclamp w/ 108” cordset* Freight and install prices not included. All packages soldas is, no substitution and all finishes are pre-assigned.Pricing varies by finish option, contact Renee Wood foraccurate pricing.

work surface - desinger whiteopaquework surface - desinger whiteopaquetheme optionsThe blogger office packagethe bloggerfinish packages 2,993desk base - white powederwhatsincludedcoatwhats includedb.stylex - verve w/upholstered seatcork - oyster shellhbf - simple deskdesk base - white powedercoathbf - tack boardcork panelchair shellchair seatColor palette 1Color palette 2Color palette 3hbf - tack boarddesk base - greyecork - oyster shellTotal package 2,993*workhbf - simpledesksurface - grey opaquechair shell - milkc.whats includeddesk base - greychairshell- light shellgreycork- oysterchair shell - madesk base - blackchairshell- milkshellcork- oystercork - oyster shellcork - oyster shelld.worksurfacedesinger whitestylex- verve -w/upholsteredopaqueseatdesk basecork - oystebaseshell- greycorkdesk- oystercork - oyster shella.worksurfacedeskbase shell- blackcork- oysterwork surface - nutmegcbwhats includedhbf - simple deskdesk base -the bloggerThe blogger accessoriesaOffice packagea. Styles Verve Chair with Upholstered Seat 640b. HBF Simple Desk 2,353c. HBF Tack Board includedwork surface - grey opaquedesk base - white powedercoatHand-picked furniture to create a beautiful and functional office space you can beproud of. Choose your finish package and start blogging. Available in 4 weeks.stylex - verve w/upholstered seatdesk surfacebase - greywork- nutmeggrey opaquedeskworkbasesurface- white- powedercoatchair shell - milktask chair seat- camiraera in generationcork - oyster shellchairshellboard- milk work surface - nutmeg chair shell - light greyhbf- tacktask chair seat- camiraera in generationchair shell - light greyg.chairshell- matteblacktaskchairseatcamiraera in presentchair shell - matte blacktask chair seat- camiradesk base - blackera in generationtask chair seat- camiraera in presentf.task chair seat- camiraera in forwardh.task chair seat- camiraera in presenttask chair seat- camiraera in forwardcork - oyster shellthe techyAdditional accessoriesd. Muuto Leaf Lamp 297e. Industry West Rolling Cabinet 1,390f.Poppin Goal Dry Erase Board 566g. Magnuson Rest 86h. shellSymmetryAnti Fatigue Mat 88 chair shell - matte blackchair- light greytask chair seatera in forw

theme optionswork surface - bright whitework surface - bright whitethe makerwork surface - barnwoodwhats includeddesk base - bright whitefinish packages 1,367whats includedbacdesk base - bright whitedesk base - greydesk base - jet blackchair base - polishedchair base - monitorpolishedarm - jet blackmonitor arm - bright whitemonitor arm - jet blackaluminumaluminumdesk base - greymonitor arm - jwork surface - smokewoodthe makerThe maker accessoriesThe maker office packageWhere creativity meets style. Everything you need to keep your mindengaged and your work flowing. Available in 4 surface - barnwoodwork surface - smokewooddesk base - bright whitedeskbase - greybase - jet blackmonitor arm - brightwhitemonitor arm - jetdeskblackchair base - poaluminumdesk base - jet blacka.muuto - fiber chairon casterswhats includedwork surface - bright whitework surface - barnwoodb.muuto - fiber chairon castersmonitorarm - bright knollwhite- desk topmonitor arm - jet blackarm - jet blackknoll - sappermonitorpowerchair base - polishedchairbase - polishedchair base monitor- polishedkvadrat - remixkvadrat - remix aluminumarm w/o monitorclamp w/ 108” cordsetaluminumaluminum183133knoll - easy tablework surface - smokewoodmonitor arm - bright whitee.knoll - sapper monitorarm w/o monitorknoll - easy tablemonitor arm - jet blackchair base - polishedknoll - desk top poweraluminumclamp w/ 108” cordsetchair base - polishedkvadrat - remix aluminum183whats includedc.muuto - fiber chairon castersdesk base - bright whiteknoll - sapper monitorarm w/o monitorknoll - easy tabledesk base - greychair base - polishedaluminumknoll - desk top powerclamp w/ 108” cordsetmuuto - fiber chairon castersknoll - easy tablewhats includedOffice packagea. Muuto Fiber Chair on Casters 721b. Knoll Easy Table 407c. Knoll Sapper Monitor Arm 173d. Knoll Desktop Power Clamp 108” cordset 68Total package 1,369*knoll - sapper monitorarmw/o monitorworksurface desk basemonitor arm - bright whiteknoll - desk top powerclamp w/chair108”basecordsetchair seatmonitor armColor palette 1Color palette 2Color palette 3chair base - polishedaluminummonitor arm - jet blackh.chair base - polishedkvadrat - remixaluminum133kvadrat - remix183desk base - jet blackchair base - polishedaluminum kvadrat - remixkvadrat - remix183133f.d.monitor arm - jet blackchair base - polishedaluminumkvadrat - remix183g.i.monitor arm - jet blackkvadrat - remix183 Additional accessorieskvadrat - remix133kvadrat - remix183the minimaliste. Muuto Control Lamp 297f.Hightower Elin Caddy 64g. Poppin Goal Dry Erase Board 566chair base - polishedchair base - polishedh. Pind Pegboard 48x32” Iron 391aluminumaluminumPind Pegs 116.27, Pind 14” Shelf Kit 144i.Magnuson Roller Car 364kvadrat - re183

theme optionsmonitor arm - chromework surface - cloud whitework surface - cloud whiteThe minimalist office packagethe minimalistSit. Stand. Repeat. Minimalist features offering maximum flexibility.Available in 4 weeks.desk base - cloud whitewhatswhatsincludedincludedThe minimalistfinish package 932accessoriesthe minimalistdesk base - cloud whitetask chair back - blackmonitor arm - chromedesk base - cloud whitewhatswhatsincludedincludeda.friant - zone classictask chairfriant - 48” x 30”my hite two stage deskfriant - single monitorarmfriant -monitordesk toparm - chromepower uittask chair seat - blacktask chair back - blackwork surface - cloud whitewhatswhatsincludedincludedmonitor arm - chromeb.friant - zone classictask chairfriant - 48” x 30”my hite two stage deskwhatswhatsincludedincludedfriant - single monitorarmdesk base - cloud whitefriant - desk toppower uitc.friant - zone classictask chairTotal package 932*friant - 48” x 30”my hite two stage deskColor palettefriant - single monitorarmworksurfacedesk basetask chair back - blacktask chair seat - blacktask chair back - blackfriant - single monitorarmfriant - desk toppower uitmonitor arm - chromed.whatswhatsincludedincludedOffice package- zoneclassica. Friant ZonefriantClassicTaskChairtaskchairb. Friant 48x30” MyHiteStage Deskc. Friant Single Monitor Armd. Friant Desktop Power Unitfriant - 48” x 30”my hite two stage deskh.e.friant - desk toppower uitmonitor armchair basechair seattask chair back - blacktask chair seat - blackf.g.Additional accessoriese. Muuto Tip Lamp 308task chair seat - blackf.Blu Dot Cushioned Storage 746g. Deko Rover 1,666h. Slyde Tot’em 334i.Magnuson Relax Footrest 106i.

theme optionswork surface - bright whitework surface - bright whitedesk base - bright whitefinish packages 2,178adesk base - bright whitewhats includedba.knoll - generation heightadjustable task chairdesk base - greymonitor arm - bright whitedesk base - greydesk base - blackmonitorarm- medium greytask chairframe- lighttask chair back - pebbletask chairframemonitorarm- light- blacktask chair back - stormdesk base - blacktask chairmonitorframe - armlight - medium greytask chair frame- lightarm - blackmonitorknoll -taskdeskchairtop backpower- pebbletask chair back - stormtask chair seat- pebbleclamp w/ 108” cordsettask chair frame - darktask chair back - onyxtask chair seat- stormwhats surface - bright whiteknoll - generation heightadjustable task chairknoll - 48” x 30”k stand sit to stand deskbright whiteworkmonitorsurface -armgrey-ashknoll - sapper monitorarm w/o monitore.arm - medium greywork surfacemonitor- warm ashknolltask- desktopframepower- lightchairclampw/chair108” backcordsettask- pebblemonitor arm - blacktask chair frame - lighttask chair seat- pebbletask chair back - stormtask chair frame - darktask chair seat- stormtask chair back - onyxtask chair frame - lighttask chair back - taskstormchair seat- stormtask chair frame - darktask chair back- onyxtask chairseat- onyxh.task chair seat- onyxwhats includedc.desk base - bright whiteknoll - generation heightadjustable task chairknoll - 48” x 30”k stand sit to stand deskknoll - sapper monitorarm w/o monitordesk base - greydesk base - blacktask chair frame - lightknoll - desk toptaskpowerchair back - pebbletask chair seat- pebbleclamp w/ 108” cordsetf.g.i.d.monitor arm - bright whiteknoll - generation heightadjustable task chairOffice packagea.b.c.d.knoll - 48” x 30”k stand sit to stand deskwhats includedKnoll Generation Height Adjustable Task Chair 830Knoll 48x30” k-Stand, Sit to Stand Desk 1,092Knoll Sapper Monitor Arm 173Knoll Desktop Power Clamp 108” cordset 68Total package 2,163*knoll - sapper monitorarmw/o monitorworksurface desk baseknoll - desk top powerclamp w/ 108” cordsetmonitor arm chair frame/back chair seatColor palette 1Color palette 2Color palette 3task chair frame - lighttask chair back - pebblemonitor arm - medium greymonitor arm - blacktask chair seat- pebbleAdditional accessoriese.f.g.task chair frame - lighth.task chair back - stormi.tasktascmonitor arm - bright whiteknoll - sapper monitorarm w/o monitorknoll - 48” x 30”k stand sit to stand deskmwork surface - warm ashThe techy accessoriesthe techySleek and sexy, our tech options keep you connected and energizedthroughout the day. Available in 4 weeks.the techywork surface - grey ashwhats includedThe techy office packagework surface - grey ashwork surface - warm ashmonitor armgreymonitor arm -deskbrightwhitedesk base - bright whitebase- greydesk- mediumbase - blacktask chair seat- stormPoppin White Link LED Desk Lamp 522Huddle Yamaha WFH Kit 678Magnuson KP Mobile Fabric Board 864task chair frame - darkSymmetry AntiFatigue Mat 88task chair back - onyxPoppin Stow 3 Drawer File Cabinet 283task chair seat- onyxta

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c. Knoll Sapper Monitor Arm 173 d. Knoll Desktop Power Clamp 108" cordset 68 Total package 1,369* the maker 1,367 whats included finish packages a b c muuto - fiber chair on casters knoll - easy table knoll - sapper monitor arm w/o monitor knoll - desk top power clamp w/ 108" cordset work surface - bright white d esk base - bright white