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MGE Galaxy 9000800 / 900 kVADedicated system for large data centers andultra sensitive, high power demand processesData centers are becoming increasinglylarge, Blade Servers are demandingmore power, and there is increasingdemand from semi conductors for thedigital economy. The MGE Galaxy 9000range keeps pace with this increasingdemand, providing: High availabilityHigh power densityFlexibilityAttractive total cost of ownership (TCO)

Features and BenefitsDedicated system for large data centers andultra sensitive, high power demand processesThe MGE Galaxy 9000 is designed and built to meet the market demand forhigh kVA/kW in a single high density carbon footprint. The MGE Galaxy 9000 isthe top choice for Fortune 500 customers seeking the highest in reliability andavailability in UPS solutions to meet their critical power protection demands.Providing pure flexibility and high power capabilities, with unique auxiliaryequipment such as: paralleling gear up to 4000 kVA, and 12 pulse rectifier optionsthat reduces the input THDI to less than 5%. Featuring advanced generatorcompatibility by an exclusive integrated MGE Galaxy input current limiter designtechnique. In addition, external bypasses and synchronization boxes maximize theproduct catalog while maintaining the efficiency and output power quality that youexpect with the MGE Galaxy product range.MGE Galaxy 9000Power quality & availabilityOptionsLow Thdu : 3%12 pulse rectifierA low Thdi consumption upstream from 4 to 8%Battery cabinetsBatteries always availableSystem bypass cabinetHigh reliabilityCentralized Static Switch cabinetStrongly helps discriminationTop entry cabinetRapid and safe maintenanceOptimized total cost of ownershipMaintenance Bypass includedLow operating costsEasy front access to all parts : quick and safemaintenance, no wrong manipulationLow installation costsFlexibilityData centersDifferent battery types and and backup timeArchitectures for redundancy and/or powerextension with various paralleling modes.Compliant with all type of loads lagging orleading : a lot of kW.Wide choice of integrated options for flexibilitytowards specific needs2 MGE Galaxy 9000Typical applicationsFinancial ty

Dedicated system for large data centers andultra sensitive, high power demand processesData centers and telecommunicationsProcess industryEasy to upgrade Flexibility for upgrade without any risk is a majorrequirement for strategic data centers, second onlyto power availability and quality. Most data centers start with a requirement for a fewhundred kVA which increases to several MVA as thedata center becomes populated. The power uplift iswithout loss of continuity and planned when required. Various paralleling options of the MGE Galaxy 9000can provide ideal solution to match this need. In conjunction with Static Transfer Switches (STS),MGE Galaxy 9000 UPSs can supply power tomultiple independent circuits for double or tripleinput power supply units that are regularly used indata centers.Operation under all conditions M anufacturing conditions often create a very harshenvironment for equipment. Dust, damp, vibration,large temperature variations - processes must be ableto operate without failure despite such conditions. MGE Galaxy 9000 has been designed to be robust,mechanically as well as electrically, and is ideallysuited for providing an uninterruptible power supply. High overload and fault clearing capacity Stable output voltage even during load transients. High ingress protection, strong, reinforcedenclosure, dust filters. Compatible with wide range of open lead acid,sealed lead acid, and nickel cadmium typebatteries. APC by Schneider Electric design office, anddedicated engineering division, are able to modifystandard products or customize them for particularrequirements: ruggedization anti-vibration mountings for maritime applications custom paint and markings.Green Data Centers The compact MGE Galaxy 9000 has high efficiency,input harmonic reduction, and improved PowerFactor which makes it ideal for organizationscommitted to Green Data Center design.Meets Data Center TIA 942 and TIER IVrequirements* The data center world is becoming more uniformand standardized. MGE offers solutions basedon MGE Galaxy 9000 UPSs, MGE UpsilonStatic Transfer Switches, and expert design andinstallation services to meet TIA 942 and the TIER IVrequirements defined by the Uptime Institute.MGE Galaxy 9000 RangeUPSApplicationsPower FactorShort Circuit Capacities800 kVA900 kVAData CenterProcessIndustry0.90.81733 A1949 A3 MGE Galaxy 9000

Power quality and availability: assured continuity of serviceData communication is part of everyday operation indata centers, telecommunications, and manufacturingprocesses. In these particularly critical domains, a powercut may cause very serious operating losses and risksfor staff and equipment as well as the image of thecompany. APC by Schneider Electric has designed itshigh power range to supply high quality power 24 hoursa day for all operating conditions and applications.High quality supply to applicationsThe on-line double conversion and variable frequencyswitching enable the MGE Galaxy 9000 to supplyhigh power quality with: very low output distortion: THDU 3% stable output voltage even during load transients. Advantages: optimum operation of the equipment longer life expectancy protection of capital investment fault tolerantRedundant architecturesThe Uptime Institute recommends that, from TIER IIupwards, equipment should be provided with multiplepower sources. For Tier III and IV, redundant powerdistribution must be provided. Paralleled MGE Galaxy 9000s provide sourceredundancy. MGE Upsilon Static Transfer Switches provideredundant power distribution.4 MGE Galaxy 9000Batteries always availableBatteries ensure service continuity. APC by SchneiderElectric takes particular care in managing batteries toensure that they are always ready for demanded duty.DigiBat and Battery Monitoring:for digital battery managementDigiBat uses the operating power level, temperature,age, and type of battery parameters to adjust thebattery charging voltage for the operating conditionsand continuously calculates: the real backup time available the remaining lifetime. DigiBat also: Tests the battery system automatically (at intervalsthat can be set), without affecting the battery capacity Raises an alarm if the batteries are low. The optional B2000 and Cellwatch batterymonitoring systems monitor the battery systems 24hours a day and provide predictive fault alarms foreach battery block: continuous voltage and internal resistancemeasurement for each block possibility of replacing individual blocks. Advantages: ensures that the battery is available maximizes the lifetime, reduces monitoringand maintenance costs.

Flexibility: for upgrading without limitsMGE Galaxy 9000 provides high power quality withdifferent types of batteries, architectures, and optionsand its great integrated paralleling feature allowsapplications to be upgraded without any risk to the load.AC NormalAC NormalAC NormalAC BypassNormalStandbyParallel to increase thepower with commonbypass up to 6 UPSsEasy upgrading: morepower, greater redundancy MGE Galaxy 9000 can be installed singly or inparallel with a common bypass and can thereforemeet all needs to improve the power availabilityand increase the power rating as the site develops. MGE Galaxy 9000 UPSs can be synchronizedwith any other external power source (transformers,generator sets, UPSs, etc.) and can supply powerto Static Transfer Switches (STS) to guaranteemaximum power availability.LoadsAC NormalAC NormalPriority loadPriority loadAC BypassHot standbyredundancyAdvanced monitoring:wide variety of protocolsUPS monitoring is essential for managing aninstallation and for making decisions if a problemshould arise. Local - The optional “Vision” display combines: functionality (mimic of the whole installation,measurements, trending, statistics) ease of use (large high definition colortouch screen). Advantages: rapid learning reduced risk of error, easy to monitor and controlfor effective, safe operation. Remote - MGE Galaxy 9000 incorporates all thecommunications facilities that have been developedby APC to: monitor the operation of the UPS and itsenvironment automatically shutdown the operating systemsof the servers supported by the UPS supervise a group of UPSs. Using: simple programmable relay contacts J-Bus and Modbus protocols to communicatewith a building management system Ethernet 10/100 using HTTPS (Secure SocketLayer) for monitoring via Internet. Advantages: clean shutdown of servers to protect data real-time information about the UPS status can be used with any network managementsystem.AC BypassAC NormalAC NormalAC NormalAC NormalIntegrated parallellingto increase power andredundancyLoadAC NormalAC BypassAC BypassAC NormalSynchronizationmoduleUpsilon STSRedundancy usingStatic TransferSwitches (MGEUpsilon STS) andsynchronizationmoduleUpsilon STSLoad 1Upsilon STSLoad 2Load 35 MGE Galaxy 9000

Minimum total cost of ownershipAir-conditioning: kW to be extracted for a 720 kW UPS against efficiency70Losses (kW)605040302010091%92%93%94%95%EfficiencyHigh efficiency: reduced running costsAt 800 or 900 kVA, one of the key criteria of the total cost of ownership is theefficiency of the UPS system. The smallest increase in efficiency can providesignificant savings in operating costs.The MGE Galaxy 9000 has variable frequency switching to give an efficiency ofup to 95%, even at 50% load.Advantages: Savings in power consumption Reduction in size of air-conditioning and ventilation systemsSavings ( ) - Price: 0.06 per kWhImprovementin efficiency1%2%1 year3%5 years1 year4%1 year5 years1 000 1 500 02 000 240Reduction in size of mains input equipmentThe harmonic filters on the input to the UPSs minimize harmonic currents andimproves the power factor:Advantages: Reduces the size of the circuit protection devices on the UPS supply Reduces the cross-section of UPS supply cables Can save up to 20% on the sizing of the electrical infrastructure6 MGE Galaxy 90005 years1 year5 years

The most comprehensive range of servicesCommissioningUpgradableSchneider Electric Critical Power and CoolingServices can commission all new equipment andprovides the necessary support services to meetyour specific requirements.Installations must remain up-to-date, that is whySchneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Servicesprovides upgradeable solutions : Technical upgrades Upgrading of battery functions Site audits, studies, and analysis of the UPSenvironment Harmonic audits S wap-Pac upgrading of the UPS function to anticipateand adapt to changes in your needs, and to provideend of life cycle environmental managementMaintenance contractsUPSs must be managed and monitored to keep themin optimum working order. Schneider Electric CriticalPower and Cooling Services offers three levels ofmaintenance contract: ULTRA: For end-to-end service, all-inclusive forguaranteed peace of mind PREMIER: For effective, basic preventivemaintenance SELECT: Pick and mix the services you needTeleservice monitoring servicesTeleservice continuously monitors the installation24/7/365 and sends alerts to you and the service center.Powerful diagnostic systems and the largest network ofUPS experts worldwide help maintain system availability.7 MGE Galaxy 9000

Technical SpecificationsRated power (kVA)800900Active Power (kW)720720Normal AC supply inputInput voltage rangeNormal and backup suppliesFrequency323 V to 470 VSeparate or Common50 or 60 Hz /- 10%THDI (with filter) 8%Input power factor 0.85AC bypass inputInput voltage rangeFrequency340 V to 460 V50 or 60 Hz /- 10%OutputOutput voltageVoltage regulation380/400/415 v /- 3%* /- 1%Frequency50 or 60 HzOverload150% 1 minute, 125% 10 minutesTHDU 3%BatteriesBackup timeType5-10-15 minutes, others on requestSealed / open lead acid, nickel cadmiumOverall efficiencyDouble conversionUp to 95%Environmental conditionsStorage temperatureOperating temperature-20 C to 45 C dryup to 35 C (1)Noise 75 dBAOperating altitude (without derating) 1000 mParallel operationIntegrated parallelup to 4With Static Switch Cubicleup to 6StandardsConstruction and safetyPerformance and topologyDesign and manufactureIEC 62040-1, IEC 60950, EN50091-1IEC 62040-3, EN50091-3ISO 14001, ISO 9001, IEC 60146EMC immunityIEC 61000-4EMC emissionsIEC 62040-2, EN 50091-2 Class 3Dimensions and weight (height 2000 mm; depth : 840 mm)UPSWidth (mm)3,600Weight (kg)4,100UPS 12 PulseWidth (mm)4,400Weight (kg)5,600*Customizable to address long cable distances when needed. 2012 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric, APC, MGE, and Galaxy are trademarks owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. All other trademarks are property of theirrespective owners. e-mail: [email protected] 132 Fairgrounds Road, West Kingston, RI 02892 USA 998-1152234

The MGE Galaxy 9000 is designed and built to meet the market demand for high kVA/kW in a single high density carbon footprint. The MGE Galaxy 9000 is . equipment such as: paralleling gear up to 4000 kVA, and 12 pulse rectifier options that reduces the input THDI to less than 5%. Featuring advanced generator