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ENGLISHCongratulations on your purchase of the Bushnell Excel GPS Rangefinder Watch!For ideal performance, please do the following:1.Fully charge your device before first time use.2.Log on and register your device at and full sync your deviceto get latest golf course information and data.3.Enter Play Golf mode 5 minutes prior to teeing off to allow for a satellite fix.To maintain proper battery performance, please do the following:1.Charge your device using a computer USB port, a powered USB hub, orsmartphone AC charger only.2.Disconnect the device from the charger once full charge is reached.3.Avoid leaving your device in extremely hot environments such as your vehicleduring warm days.3

BUTTONS / FUNCTIONSGolf Menu1Up3Select42Menu1. Menu Button: View Golf MenuMENU Button: View Main Menu Options.UP Button: Scrolls up through Menu items.SELECT Button: Selects from menu items.DOWN Button: Scrolls down through menu items. Press & hold (5 seconds) to power on/off.4

*Note: Backlight is activated with any button push. The backlight will remain lit for 10 seconds after last button push.Care and MaintenanceThe Excel watch is durable and waterproof. To help ensure reliable operation, the following care and maintenanceguidelines are recommended : Avoid exposing the watch to extreme environmental conditions for a prolonged period of time. Avoid severe impacts on the watch. You may clean the watch occasionally with a soft, damp cloth. Brush the clip contacts at the bottom of the watch regularly. Dirt build-up on the surface of the contact points mayaffect normal charging and data transfer. *Note: Use a soft-bristled brush (included). Hard bristles or wire brushesmay leave scratches on the watch. DO NOT expose the watch to strong chemicals such as gasoline and alcohol, as they will damage the watch. Store the watch in a dry place when it is not in use.Charging the BatteryThe rechargeable battery of the Excel Watch is long lasting and provides up to 3 rounds of golf (based upon average of4 hours per round), or one year of use as an everyday (time only) watch. However, battery life may be reduced due toa variety of factors (external temperature, etc). All rechargeable batteries lose their effective charge length over time.Charging your battery when it is 25% will guarantee that you will be able to make it through the entire next round.To check your remaining battery life, press the MENU button (2) and select BATTERY. To recharge the battery, insert thewatch into the charging cradle, with the charge contacts on the back of the watch (Fig 2) lined up with the charge pins onthe left side of the cradle (Fig 3). Then, connect the charging cradle to an open USB port on your computer, a powered USBhub, or smartphone AC charger. Look for the screen to display “CHARGING” to indicate that your Excel watch is chargingmake sure to connect from either the Home (Time) screen (as seen on pg. 4) or from the BATTERY screen (Fig 1).Fig. 15

Charge PinsCharge ContactsFig. 2Package Contents1 - Bushnell Excel GPS Rangefinder Watch1 - Charging Cradle w/USB Cable1 - Contact Cleaning Brush1 - User ManualFig. 3Charging CradleBand: 22mm width, replacable via T-6 torx screwdriverComputer RequirementsUSB PortOS: Windows (XP or later), Mac (OS 10.6 or later)Firmware/Software UpdatesPlease check or periodically for the latest firmware andsoftware releases.Watch on Charging CradleSETTING THE TIMESet Time by GPS*To ensure reception, make sure you are outdoors away from tall buildings and trees, with a clear view of the sky.This is the easiest way to set the time. From the TIME Options Menu (Fig. 4), select SET TIME, then select BY GPS from the6

SET TIME Menu (Fig. 5). The Excel will acquire GPS signal, and upon GPS Lock, will return to the Home (Time) screen, wherethe time and the date will be set via your longitude position. When BY GPS is selected (Fig 5), other GPS features (Play Golf,Fitness, GPS Status) will update your time via your longitude position as well, which is convenient for the travelling golfer.*Note: In rare instances, time zone boundaries may conflict. In these cases, it may be necessary to manually adjust the time asdetailed in the Set Time Manually section.3142Fig. 45Fig. 5Set Time ManuallyTo set the time manually, select MANUALLY from the SET TIME Menu (Fig. 5). Use the SELECT button (4) to cycle betweenfields. Use the UP button (3) and DOWN button (5) to change the setting of a field. After the year, time and date have beenset, you can select the MENU button (2) to return to the TIME Options Menu.PLAY GOLF MODETo activate Play Golf Mode, press the GOLF MENU button (1), then select PLAY GOLF (Fig. 6).The Excel will search for a satellite signal, and upon acquisition will yield a list of local courseresults, with the nearest course at the top. Select your course to view the Front, Center, Back(FCB) screen for Hole 1 (Fig. 7, next page).*To ensure reception, make sure you are outdoors away from tall buildings and trees, with aclear view of the sky.7Fig. 6

Button Functions in Play Golf Mode (Fig.7)Next Hole3Shot1Track Shot Distance: This feature allows you to easily check thedistance between any two points and would normally be used tomeasure the length of your shot. Press the SHOT button (1) to set PointA (where you are standing) to “0”. After walking to your ball (Point B),the Excel Watch will display the distance between Point A and Point Bin a straight line (Fig. 8).View Golf Menu Options: Press the MENU button (2) to view the GolfMenu options (SWING PRO, CHANGE COURSE, BATTERY, or EXIT ROUND).Press MENU again to return to your game.Select42MenuFig. 75PreviousHoleManual Hole Advance: Press NEXT HOLE (3) to manually advance to the next hole, orpress PREVIOUS HOLE (5) to manually go back to the previous hole. *Note: the Excel doesfeature auto-advance; this one button advance feature is very useful for shotgun starts.View Hazards/Round Information: Pressing the SELECT Button (4) will toggle betweenFig. 81 or 2 Hazards screens, Round Info, and the FCB (Front, Center, Back) pages (Fig. 8a). Hazardand Round Info screens will automatically return to FCB after 7 seconds if no other button is pushed. See the list on page8 for a complete glossary of Hazard definitions. Round Info is a Golf Odometer that tracks total round time and distancetravelled.Fig. 8a8

esGOLF MENU OPTIONSFrom the Time screen, pressing the Golf button will display Golf Menu options (PLAY GOLF, TEE TIME, SWING PRO, SETUP).Tee TimeThe Tee Time function allows the user to schedule and store multiple Tee Times on their device. A Tee Time can be setfrom both the watch and the app. The watch will display up to 7 Tee Times, while the App can store as many as the userschedules.When a Tee Time is scheduled through the app and synced with your watch, at10 minutes prior to start time, the user willget a Tee Time notification on their connected device. 7 minutes prior to scheduled start time, the watch will automaticallybegin searching for satellites. Once a GPS fix is established the watch will automatically select the golf course that waschosen by the user when creating the Tee Time on the App. If Tee Time is created manually on the watch, only the Date andTime can be specified, and the watch will only display the nearest courses upon GPS fix. A flag icon ( ) will appear onthe time screen when a Tee Time is set.Swing ProThe Swing Pro feature allows the user to monitor the swing speed and swing tempo. When the watch is on the Swing Proscreen, the user will first select the club. Then the watch will continue to monitor and automatically display the last swingmeasurement. If the watch is connected to the mobile app, the swing data will be uploaded to the connected mobiledevice after each swing. The app on the mobile device displays and stores the swing data. The watch will continue to usethe Swing Pro function until the user exits out of the Swing Pro screen (Fig. 11).Fig. 9aFig. 9bFig. 109Fig. 11

GOLF SETUPThe SETUP Menu (Fig. 10) allows you to set your preferences for units of measurement in Play Golf mode (Yards or Meters),set the Auto-Off time, Configure the Pedometer for during Play Golf mode, and to view the battery charge level. To accessthe Setup Menu, Select SETUP from the GOLF Menu (Fig. 6). Use the UP Button (3) and the DOWN Button (5) to scrollbetween options. Use the SELECT Button (4) to select the desired option.Golf Setup: Yards or Meters (Golf Preference)Select YDS/M to set your preference for unit of measurement in Play Golf Mode. Use the UP Button (3) or the DOWN Button(5) to highlight YARDS or METERS. Use the SELECT Button (4) to confirm the selected option.Golf Setup: Auto-OffThe Auto-Off feature is designed to automatically exit Play Golf mode when the preset time has expired. When in PlayGolf mode, after the preset time has expired, the watch will automatically exit the round and return to the Home (Time)screen to preserve battery life.To set the Auto-Off time, select AUTO-OFF from the Golf/Setup Menu. From the set AUTO-OFF screen (Fig. 12), use the UPButton (3) and the DOWN Button (5) to toggle the time up and down. Auto-Off is always set to whatever current timeduration is showing on the set AUTO-OFF page. Time can be set between 1.5 and 9 hours, or press UP or DOWN once moreat either end of the time range to select DISABLE and turn the feature off.Fig. 12aFig. 13Fig. 12b10Fig. 14

,s)eGolf Setup: PedometerFor the pedometer to be active during Play Golf, the pedometer must be turned on from this menu.MAIN MENU ITEMSFrom the Time screen, pressing the MENU button will display the MAIN MENU options. The MAIN MENU provides access tothe functions of: Pedometer, Fitness, Weather, Time functions, and Settings.Main Menu: PedometerIn order to track steps taken, the Excel Golf Watch supports a pedometer. This uses an internal accelerometer to trackthe number of steps taken. Once enabled, the pedometer screen can be accessed from the Time screen using the downbutton. In order for the Pedometer to be active during Play Golf, the Pedometer (Fig. 15) must be enabled from the Golfmenu. The Pedometer goal is the target number of steps. The goal can be set in increments of 1000 from 1,000 to 99,000steps. The Pedometer goal is set in the Menu – Settings section. The Pedometer goal may also be configured from thesmartphone app.Main Menu: FitnessThe Excel golf watch supports an odometer to track the distance traveled, time elapsed, and speed. Fitness uses GPS for itslocation. Once enabled, the Fitness screen can be accessed from the Time screen using the down button (Fig. 16).Fig. 15Fig. 1611Fig. 17

Main Menu: WeatherThe Excel Golf Watch supports Weather Mode which provides temperature and pressure readings (Fig. 17).Notes: The Excel Golf Watch is not intended as a substitute for a precision weather instrument Sudden changes in temperature can affect pressure readings which can introduce errors to the readings Body temperature, direct sunlight and GPS being active will affect the temperature readings. To more accurately measure temperature, remove watch, place in a well ventilated area out of direct sunlight for 20-30mins before taking measurement.Main Menu: Timing related functionsThe Main MENU provides access to other watch related functions such as alarm, stopwatch, and timer.Main Menu: BatteryThe battery level can be read from the Main MENU.Main Menu: SettingsThe Main Menu provides a SETTINGS menu (Fig. 13) to allow the user to configure the golf watch. Within the SETTINGSmenu is the capability to set the time and time format, set the units, turn Bluetooth on/off and Pair with a mobile device,configure the clock screen, set the language, turn the sound on/off, check the GPS status and check the software versionnumber.Language SettingsThe Excel Golf Watch features 5 language settings (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian). By default, the userinterface is in English. To change the language setting, press the MENU Button (2), then use the UP Button or the DOWNButton to scroll to “SETTINGS.” Press the SELECT Button to select “SETTINGS,” then use the UP Button or the DOWN Buttonto scroll to “LANGUAGE” (Fig. 13) and select it using the SELECT Button. Use the UP Button or the DOWN Button to scrollbetween options on the Language menu (Fig. 14), then press the SELECT Button to set your preferred (highlighted)language.12

BLUETOOTH SETTINGSThe Excel Golf Watch can connect to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. Once connected the Excel Golf Watch can receivetext, email, phone, calendar, and Tee Time alerts. Further the smartphone app can configure the Excel Golf Watch, displayFitness data and Swing Pro data.The smartphone app can be obtained from the Apple Store and Google Play store for iPhone and Android devices,respectively. Download and install the app on the mobile device. Go to the mobile devices’ settings page to turn onBluetooth, then launch the app.To connect your watch to the smartphone app follow the steps below:1. On your smartphone, make sure you have Bluetooth turned on.2. On your watch, go to the “Main Menu” and then select “Bluetooth” (Fig.18).3. Select “Yes” to turn Bluetooth on.4. Your watch will then give you a code. Enter that code into the smartphoneapp when requested.5. Once paired correctly, your smartphone app will display a confirmation.The device is now paired with your smartphone.Fig. 18Alert MessagesOnce the Excel Golf Watch is paired to the mobile device, the golf watch can receive alert messages. The various messagesto be received can be configured in the smartphone app under the My Device Settings tab.The Excel Golf Watch will only receive alerts from the mobile device while the app is running.13

iGolf Hazard GlossaryHazards within the iGolf application are shown as abbreviations. These abbreviations are defined as follows:1. LFB- Left Fairway Bunker2. MFB- Middle Fairway Bunker3. RFB- Right Fairway Bunker4. LFW- Left Fairway Water Layup5. LFWC- Left Fairway Water Carry6. MFW- Middle Fairway Water Layup7. MFWC- Middle Fairway Water Carry8. RFW- Right Fairway Water Layup9. RFWC- Right Fairway Water Carry10. FGB- Front Green Bunker11. RGB- Right Green Bunker12. LGB- Left Green Bunker13. BGB-Back Green Bunker14. RGW- Right Green Water15. FGWC- Front Green Water Carry16. FGW- Front Green Water Layup17. LGW- Left Green Water18. BGW- Back Green Water19. CRK- Creek Layup20. CRKC- Creek Carry21. EOF- End of FairwayThe Excel will provide up to 4 hazardcallouts per hole. Press the SELECT Buttonto cycle between FCB, Hazards (up to 2screens) & the Round Info Odometer.Middle Fairway Water CarryLeft Green BunkerRound Info Screen14

WARNINGDo not attempt to open the Excel watch. Risk of explosion if battery is replaced with incorrect type. Do not attempt to open, disassemble, or service the device. There are no customer serviceable items in the unit. The device contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Lithium ion batteries can explode or catch fire if nothandled correctly. Do not attempt to open, disassemble, or service the internal battery. The battery must be replaced by a qualifiedtechnician. Do not crush, puncture or short the battery’s external contacts. Do not expose the device to temperatures above 140deg. F (60deg C). Do not leave unit in a hot car. Do not expose the device to high moisture surroundings. To store the unit for long time, discharge to 50% capacity, then store in a dry and low temperature place. Chargethe unit every 3 months. If using a car charger, disconnect the device while starting the car. Properly recycle or dispose of device. Do not dispose in fire or water.Legal DisclaimerBy using this product, you agree that Bushnell Outdoor Products will not be held legally responsible for any injury ordamage to you or any person or property caused by the user’s improper operation and/or poor judgment while using thisproduct. Note: See Limited Warranty for other limitations to our liability.Additional InformationThe Global Positioning System (GPS), a network of 32 satellites orbiting Earth, is operated and maintained by the U.S.government. This GPS device requires at least 3 satellites to be acquired to accurately determine your position. Any changemade to the system by the government could affect the accuracy and performance of this product.Bushnell Golf GPS or is the best online resource for all our Golf GPS product owners,including product support, FAQs, etc. It also serves as a portal to access GPS course files to use with theseBushnell products. Registering your Excel Watch via is not required, but will ensure you haveaccess to the latest updated GPS course data.15

ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYYour Bushnell product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year after the date of purchase. In the eventof a defect under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the product, provided that you return the product postage prepaid.This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, improper handling, installation, or maintenance provided by someone other thana Bushnell Authorized Service Department.Any return made under this warranty must be accompanied by the items listed below:1. A check/money order in the amount of 10.00 to cover the cost of postage and handling.2. Name, address and daytime phone # for product return.3. An explanation of the defect.4. Copy of your dated proof of purchase.Do not send in accessories (batteries, SD cards, cables), only the product for repair.Product should be well packed in a sturdy outside shipping carton to prevent damage in transit, and shipped to the address listed below:IN U.S.A. Send To:Bushnell Outdoor ProductsAttn.: Repairs9200 CodyOverland Park, Kansas 66214IN CANADA Send To:Bushnell Outdoor ProductsAttn.: Repairs140 Great Gulf Drive, Unit # BVaughan, Ontario L4K 5W1For products purchased outside the United States or Canada please contact your local dealer for applicable warranty information. InEurope you may also contact Bushnell at:Bushnell Germany GmbHEuropean Service CentreMathias-Brüggen-Str. 80D-50827 KölnGERMANYTél: 49 221 995568-0Fax: 49 221 995568-20This warranty gives you specific legal rights.You may have other rights which vary from country to country. 2017 Bushnell Outdoor Products16

NOTE: Your Bushnell Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch should have a sticker with serial number on the outerpackage and on the product (see below). These serial numbers are used to ensure you arepurchasing the unit from an authorized dealer. If you are unable to locate this sticker orif the serial number has been obscured, the product may not be authentic (counterfeit)or it may not have been purchased through an authorized dealer. In either case, Bushnellwill not honor warranties on these products. You should return the unit to the seller for arefund, and purchase your GPS rangefinder from an alternate location.For a list of authorized dealers, please visit # stickeron packagingSerial # stickeron productDisposal of Electric and Electronic Equipment(Applicable in the EU and other European countries with separate collection systems)This equipment contains electric and/or electronic parts and must therefore not be disposed of as normal household waste.Instead, it should be disposed at the respective collection points for recycling provided by the communities. For you, this isfree of charge.If the equipment contains exchangeable (rechargeable) batteries, these too must be removed before and, if necessary, in turnbe disposed of according to the relevant regulations (see also the respective comments in this unit’s instructions).Further information about the subject is available at your community administration, your local waste collection company, orin the store where you purchased this equipment.17

FCC NOTEThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmfulinterference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits aredesigned to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiateradio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radioor television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference byone of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.Shielded interface cable must be used with the equipment in order to comply with the limits for a digital device pursuant to Subpart B of Part 15of FCC Rules.FCC Caution: Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority tooperate this equipment.This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.Radiation Exposure Statement:The product complies with the FCC portable RF exposure limit set forth for an uncontrolled environment and is safe for the intended operation asdescribed in this manual. Further RF exposure reduction can be achieved if the product can be kept as far as possible from the user ‘s body or whenset to lower output power if such function is available.Industry Canada StatementThis device complies with ISED’s licence-exempt RSSs. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmfulinterference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.Radiation Exposure Statement:This device complies with the Industry Canada portable RF exposure limit set forth for an uncontrolled environment and is safe for the intendedoperation as described in this manual. Further RF exposure reduction can be achieved if the product can be kept as far as possible from the user’sbody or if the device is set to a lower output power if such function is available.18

FRANÇAISFélicitations pour l’achat de votre montre GPS Bushnell Excel!Pour des performances idéales, veuillez suivre les étapes ci-dessous :1.Rechargez complètement votre appareil avant la première utilisation.2.Connectez-vous et enregistrez votre appareil sur,et synchronisez-le pour obtenir les dernières informations et donnéessur les parcours de golf.3.Entrez en mode Play Golf cinq minutes avant de jouer pour que laconnexion satellite ait le temps de s’établir.Pour maintenir les performances de la batterie, veuillez suivre les étapes ci-dessous :1.Rechargez votre appareil grâce au port USB d’un ordinateur,à un port USB alimenté, ou à un chargeur de smartphone uniquement.2.Déconnectez l’appareil du chargeur une fois la charge terminée.3.Évitez de laisser votre appareil dans des environnements à températuretrès élevée, comme votre véhicule par temps chaud.19

BOUTONS/FONCTIONSMenu uton de menu Golf : afficher le menu Golf.Bouton MENU : afficher les options du menu principal.Bouton HAUT : fait défiler les éléments de menu vers le haut.Bouton SELECT : effectue une sélection parmi les éléments de menu.Bouton BAS : fait défiler les éléments de menu vers le bas. Appuyez longuement (5 secondes)pour allumer/éteindre.20

*Remarque : le rétro-éclairage s’active grâce à un appui sur n’importe quel bouton. Le rétro-éclairage reste allumé pendant10 secondes après le dernier appui sur un bouton.Entretien et maintenanceLa montre Excel est résistante et étanche. Pour assurer un fonctionnement fiable, nous vous recommandons de suivre lesdirectives d’entretien et de maintenance suivantes : Évitez d’exposer la montre à des conditions environnementales extrêmes pendant une période prolongée. Évitez tout choc important sur la montre. Vous pouvez nettoyer la montre de temps à autre avec un chiffon doux et humide. Brossez régulièrement les contacts à clip en bas de la montre. L’accumulation d’impuretés à la surface des pointsde contact peut affecter la charge et le transfert de données. *Remarque : utilisez une brosse à poils doux (incluse).Les brosses à poils durs ou métalliques risquent de rayer la montre. N’EXPOSEZ PAS la montre à des produits chimiques puissants, comme de l’essence ou de l’alcool, car ces substancesl’endommageraient. Rangez la montre dans un endroit sec lorsque vous ne l’utilisez pas.Recharger la batterieLa batterie rechargeable de la montre Excel affiche une grande autonomie et couvre jusqu’à trois parties de golf(d’après une moyenne de quatre heures par partie), ou un an d’utilisation en montre du quotidien (donnant l’heure uniquement).Cependant, l’autonomie de la batterie peut être réduite en raison de différents facteurs (température extérieure, etc.).Toutes les batteries rechargeables perdent en charge effective au fil du temps. Rechargez votre batterie lorsqu’elle atteint25 % de charge restante ; vous aurez ainsi l’assurance de pouvoir terminer la totalité de la partie suivante.Pour vérifier le niveau de batterie restant, appuyez sur le bouton MENU (2) et sélectionnez BATTERIE. Pour recharger la batterie,insérez la montre dans le socle de chargement, les contacts de charge à l’arrière de la montre (Fig. 2) alignés avec les broches decharge sur le côté gauche du socle (Fig. 3). Puis, branchez le socle de chargement à un port USB ouvert sur votre ordinateur, à un portUSB alimenté, ou à un chargeur de smartphone CA. L’écran doit afficher « CHARGING » pour indiquer que votre montre Excel secharge ; veillez à vous connecter à partir de l’écran Home (Time) (tel qu’indiqué à la p. 4) ou à partir de l’écran BATTERY (Fig. 1).Fig. 121

Broches de chargeContacts de chargeFig. 2Fig. 3Socle de chargementContenu de l’emballage1 – Montre Bushnell Excel GPS Rangefinder1 – Socle de chargement avec câble USB1 – Brosse de nettoyage des contacts1 – Mode d’emploiBracelet : largeur 22 mm, remplaçable avec un tournevis torx T-6Configuration requise pour l’ordinateurPort USBSE : Windows (XP ou version ultérieure),Mac (OS 10.6 ou version ultérieure)Mises à jour de micrologiciel/logicielVeuillez consulter régulièrement pour obtenirles dernières versions de micrologiciels et logiciels.Montre sur le socle de chargementRÉGLAGE DE L’HEURERégler l’heure selon le GPS*Pour assurer la réception, vérifiez que vous êtes en extérieur, à l’écart de grands bâtiments et d’arbres, avec une vue dégagéesur le ciel.22

eLe moyen le plus simple pour régler l’heure est le suivant. Dans le menu d’options TEMPS (Fig. 4), sélectionnez REGLER H,puis sélectionnez PAR GPS dans le menu REGLER H (Fig. 5). L’Excel acquiert le signal GPS, et une fois la localisation effectuée,elle retourne à l’écran Home (Time), où l’heure et la date seront réglées selon votre position longitudinale. Lorsque PAR GPSest sélectionné (Fig. 5), d’autres fonctions GPS (Jouer au Golf, Fitness, GPS Status) mettront également à jour votre heurevia votre position longitudinale, une fonction pratique pour les golfeurs en voyage. *Remarque : dans quelques rares cas,des limites de fuseaux horaires peuvent entrer en conflit. Dans ce cas, il peut s’avérer nécessaire de régler l’heure manuellement,tel qu’indiqué dans la section Régler l’heure manuellement.3142Fig. 45Fig. 5Régler l’heure manuellementPour régler l’heure manuellement, sélectionnez MANUELLEMENT dans le menu REGLER H (Fig. 5). Utilisez le bouton SELECT (4)pour faire défiler les champs. Utilisez les boutons UP (3) et DOWN (5) pour modifier le paramètre d’un champ. Une fois l’année,l’heure et la date définies, vous pouvez sélectionner le bouton MENU (2) pour retourner au menu des options TEMPS.JOUER AU GOLFPour activer le mode Jouer au Golf, appuyez sur le bouton GOLF MENU (1), puis sélectionnezJOUER AU GOLF (Fig. 6). L’Excel recherche un signal satellite, et une fois l’acquisitioneffectuée, elle affiche la liste des résultats de terrains locaux, le plus proche apparaissanten haut. Sélectionnez votre terrain pour afficher l’écran Entrée, Milieu, Fond de Green pourle Trou 1 (Fig. 7, page suivante).*Pour assurer la réception, vérifiez que vous êtes en extérieur, à l’écart de grands bâtimentset d’arbres, avec une vue dégagée sur le ciel.23Fig. 6

Fonctions des boutons en mode Jouer au Golf (Fig. 7)Calcul Distance Coup Joué : cette fonction vous permet de vérifierfacilement la distance entre deux points et est généralement utiliséepour mesurer la longueur de votre frappe. Appuyez sur le boutonSHOT (1) pour définir le Point A (l’endroit où vous vous trouvez) sur« 0 ». Lorsque vous avez rejoint votre balle (Point B), la montre Excelaffiche la distance entre le Point A et le Point B en ligne droite (Fig. 8).Afficher les options du menu Golf : appuyez sur le bouton MENU (2)pour afficher les options du menu Golf (SWING PRO, CHANGEMENT DEPARCOURS, BATTERIE ou EXIT ROUND). Appuyez à nouveau sur MENUpour retourner à

1 - Bushnell Excel GPS Range nder Watch 1 - Charging Cradle w/USB Cable 1 - Contact Cleaning Brush 1 - User Manual. Band: 22mm width, replacable via T-6 torx screwdriver. Computer Requirements. USB Port OS: Windows (XP or later), Mac (OS 10.6 or later) Firmware/Software Updates. Please check . . or. www.