Maxxus Infrared Sauna Instruction ManualModels: MX-J206-01/MX-J306-012 and 3 Person FAR Infrared SaunasCARBON MODEL SAUNAFOR INDOOR USE ONLYMX-J206-01:120VAC 15AMP Dedicated Circuit RequiredMX-J306-01: 120VAC 20AMP Dedicated Circuit RequiredCarefully and thoroughly read this Owner’s Manual before using/operating thesauna. We recommend keeping this Owner’s Manual for regular review andfuture reference.

What Are Infrared Rays?Infrared is the band of light we perceive as heat. We cannot see this band of light with thenaked eye, but we can feel this type of light in the form of heat. Our sun produces most ofits energy output in the infrared segment of the spectrum. Infrared rays heat your bodywithout having to heat the air in-between. This process is called conversion.The infrared is divided into 3 segments by wavelengths measured in microns: NearInfrared – 0.76-1.5 microns; Middle Infrared – 1.5-5.6 microns; and Far Infrared – 5.6-1000microns. Among these segments, Far Infrared penetrates organic substances such as thehuman body two to three inches so that the warming effect is very uniform.Health BenefitsBecause infrared rays penetrate the body through conversion, there is a deep heatingeffect in both the muscle tissues and internal organs without putting too much burden onthe heart.Our body reacts to the increased heating through the natural cooling process of perspiring.Through the perspiration process, acid and waste residue like toxins, sodium, alcohol,nicotine, cholesterol, and the potentially carcinogenic heavy metals are removed from thecells (especially zinc, lead, nickel, cadmium, etc.). The pores of our skin open anddischarge waste products shedding any old skin cells leaving the skin glowing and clean,with improved tone, elasticity, texture, and color.Page 1

Health Benefits Include, But Are Not Limited To:*Pain relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis*Relaxes muscle spasms*Increases blood circulation*Cardiovascular conditioning*Clears rashes, acne*Reduces cellulite*Removes toxins and mineral waste*Reduces stress and fatigue*Enhances skin toneDISCLAIMERThe infrared rays emitted by your sauna are reported to offer a wide range of possibletherapeutic benefits based on research completed over the last 40 years from all aroundthe world. These benefits are presented for reference purposes only and no implication ofinfrared saunas creating a cure for or treating any disease is implied nor should it beinferred. If you have a medical/health condition, are taking prescription drugs, or haveacute joint injuries, please consult with your medical physician before using the sauna.Persons with surgical implants (metal pins/rods, artificial joints, silicone, or other types ofsurgical implants) typically do not experience any adverse effects, but should also consulttheir medical physician or surgeon before using the sauna room.What are electric and magnetic fields?Electric and magnetic fields are a basic force of nature (like gravity), generated byelectricity. They are found almost everywhere. Electric and magnetic fields are found innature, where they are created by such things as lightning and static electricity. Manmadefields are found wherever people use electricity, such as near powerlines and electricalappliances. Like sound, electric and magnetic fields are made of a mixture of componentsand so can be described in many different ways. Both have wave-like propertiessuch as strength and “frequency” (how often they cycle back and forth). Sound can beloud (strong) or soft (weak), high or low pitched (different frequencies), suddenly loud orconstant in tone, and pure or jarring. Similarly, electric and magnetic fields are a mixtureof components. They can be strong or weak, have a high or low frequency, have suddenincreases in strength (“transients”) or a constant strength, and consist of one purefrequency or several (called “harmonics”). For example, the strength of a field can be weakand constant, as in most nighttime home environments, or it can be strong and vary fromhigh to low every few seconds, as from an electric blanket set on high. Powerlines andwiring in buildings and appliances generate 50 and 60 Hertz fields, sometimes referred toPage 2

as “power frequency” fields. Hertz is the unit for measuring the frequency of fields in thenumber of wave cycles each second. The lower the frequency of a field, the lower itsenergy. Power frequency fields are low frequency fields and have low energy levels.Microwave and x-ray fields are high frequency fields and have high energy levels. Beloware some EMF measurements.EMF Levels from Common Homes SourcesAfter many years and numerous studies on EMF exposure, no government body includingthe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have established permissibleexposure limits (PEL). Currently, there is no consensus on the potential health hazard fromany exposure to EMF. The mainstream scientific evidence suggests that low-power, lowfrequency, electromagnetic radiation associated with household currents like that of theinfrared sauna does not constitute a short or long term health hazard.Sauna MaintenanceSince infrared saunas do not require hot rocks, water, or steam to operate, they requirevery little maintenance. You can simply wipe it down with water – use a damp, soft, andclean cloth. Do not use any chemical based cleaning agents as they can be absorbedinto the wood and be released into your sauna during use.Page 3



TABLE OF CONTENTSPacking ListHighlightsAssemblyOperating the SaunaTips for Using your SaunaSafety InstructionsSafeguards for your SaunaTroubleshooting GuideWarrantyWarranty Card67814171719202224WARNING: Visually inspect all heaters before assembly to make sure they arenot damaged. Any excessive vibrations during transport could cause damage tothe heating elements. DO NOT START the sauna if damage is detected! Contactyour dealer or manufacturer for troubleshooting and replacement parts.Packing List (main panels)1pc Front Panel1pc Left Side Panel1pc Roof Cover1pc Back Panel1pc Floor Panel1pc Bench1pc Right Side Panel1pc Roof Panel1pc Bench Heat Emitter PanelNOTE: Your model sauna has been completely assembled and tested prior topackaging. The rear wall panel is intentional warped as part of the overall design.Two adults will be needed to assemble the sauna room.CAUTION: Exit Sauna Immediately If You Feel Dizzy, Sleepy, OrAny Discomfort.Page 6

HighlightsA. High quality craftsmanshipB. Temperature controlC. TimerD. Infrared carbon heat emitter panelsE. Control Panel:MX-J206-01MX-J306-01F. Power supply:G. MP3 Jack:H. Buckles:Page 7

AssemblyPlease note the following:A. You will need a Philips screwdriver, ladder, and two adults to assemble.B. Do not plug any other appliances into the power supply of the sauna room otherthan the designated sauna connections/plugs.C. Assemble the sauna room on a completely level surface.D. Do not spray or get water on the exterior/interior walls of the sauna room. If the floorwhich the sauna will sit on is damp or wet, install a barrier between your floor andthe sauna floor to keep the sauna’s floor from becoming damp or wet.E. Do not store flammable objects or chemical substances near the sauna.F. 1-person and 2-person saunas are packed into two cartons. For example - C/NO:002 1 OF 2 and C/NO: 002 2 OF 2. 3-person sauna and 4-person saunas arepacked in three cartons. For example - C/NO: 002 1 OF 3, C/NO: 002 2 OF 3,and C/NO: 002 3 OF 3. (see FIG-2.1 & 2.2)FIG-2.1CartonsFIG-2.2C/No.1. Place the Floor Panel on a smooth/flat/level surface and make sure which side isthe front and which side is the back. The front of the floor has no quarter round trimmolding as do the other three sides. (see FIG 3)FIG 3 Placing Floor PanelPage 8

2. Align the Back Panel with the Floor Panel’s corresponding wood pattern; make surethe wood pattern is flowing in the same direction. One person should hold the BackPanel while the other person continues to the next step. (see FIG 4)FIG 4 Assembling Back Panel3. Align the Left Side Panel with the Floor Panel’s corresponding wood pattern. Makesure the Left Side Panel fits flush into the Back Panel. (see FIG 5)FIG 5 Assembling Left Side PanelPage 9

4. For all other models, latch the Left Side Panel with the Back Panel. The buckle hasa guide tab that must be placed in the guide slot for alignment. When the BackPanel and the Side Panel is attached together on the floor panel, make sure all thebuckles are latched. (see Figure 6)FIG 6 Buckle5. Align the Right Side Panel with the Floor Panel’s corresponding patterns. Make surethe Right Panel fits flush into the Back Panel and latch together. (see FIG 7 andFIG 8)FIG 7 Assembling Right PanelPage 10FIG 8 Placing Floor Heater

6. Place the Floor Heater on the Floor Panel making sure that the Floor Heater is infront of the Bench Heat Emitter Panel. Please note there is a pre-cut small holeunder the Bench Heat Emitter Panel which is provided for the Floor Heater cord.This cord will connect the Floor Heater to the plug outlet on the Left Side Panel.(see FIG 8 and 8.1)Bench Heat Emitter PanelFloor HeaterFloor Heater WireFIG 8.1 Connect Floor Heater7. Make sure to slide the Bench Heat Emitter Panel all the way down (vertically) intothe slot provided on both the Left and Right Side Panels. Connect the Bench HeatEmitter Panel cord with the outlet on the Back Panel and then place the Bench ontop of the Bench Heat Emitter Panel and slide it into place. (see FIG 9 and 10)Please Note: Make sure the cords are connected snug and tight.FIG 9 Connecting CordFIG 10 Installing Bench8. Align the Front Panel with the Floor Panel’s corresponding patterns. Make sure thewood pattern is flowing in the same direction. Next, latch the Front Panel with theLeft and Right Side Panels respectively. Note: Be cautious with the glass door toavoid breakage. See FIG 11.Page 11

FIG 11 Assembling Front Panel9. Place cords/wires of Front Panel and Back Panel into the sauna room area to avoiddamaging the cords/wires during the roof installation. Open the door, lift the RoofPanel up and over the sauna room, and gently lower it into place resting it on thewall panels. (see FIG 12) Make sure that all cords/wires are slipped through thecorresponding holes in the Roof Panel. Proceed in screwing the Roof Panel down.(see FIG 13)FIG 12 Installing Roof CoverPage 12FIG 13 Slip cords/wiresthrough corresponding holes.

10. Connect all the wires and connectors to the corresponding outlets on the RoofPanel. Be sure all the plugs are connected snug and tight. (see FIG-14)FIG-14 Connecting cords/wires connectors11. Make sure all steps are completed correctly. Next, plug in the power cord to yourwall outlet. Turn on the sauna at the control panel to confirm that the control panelis responding. If the control panel responds accordingly, then proceed in putting theRoof Cover onto the Roof Panel. Make sure to pull the power cord through thecorresponding hole in the Roof Cover. Proceed in screwing down the Roof Cover tothe Roof Panel. (see FIG 19)FIG 19 Slip the power cord through Roof Cover12. Attach the door handle and screw into place. If your unit came with any accessoriessuch as the cup holder or magazine rack, you can screw downto the interior wall panel.13. Enter the sauna and remove the protective masking tape from the TEMPERATURESENSOR. Situate the TEMPERATURE SENSOR so that it is vertical, pointingdownward. (see FIG 20)Page 13

FIG 19 Temperature SensorInstallation Completed.Operating the SaunaMX-J206-01MX-J306-011. PrecautionsA. Please make sure your wall outlet meets the specifications required.Failure to meet the requirements may cause safety risks.B. Set the temperature and time to a comfortable level. Please keep in mind that youcan either preheat the sauna to the set temperature before entering or sit inside thesauna as the temperature rises. Please note that you will increase the time it takesfor the sauna to reach the set temperature if you enter the sauna room before ithas reached the set temperature. Also, the most commonly used temperaturesetting is between 118 degrees Fahrenheit / 48 degrees Celsius and 122Page 14

degrees Fahrenheit / 50 degrees Celsius. The way the sauna room works is whenyou set the Control Panel to say 120 degrees F / 49 degrees C, the heat emitterswill turn off when that set temperature is reached. And even though the saunadoes allow the user to set the Control Panel to 150 degrees F/65 degrees C, thisis specifically for those users who do not want the heat emitters to ever turn off asthe sauna room will most likely never achieve 150 degrees F / 65 degrees C(depending on your room ambient temperature). Please further not that if theambient temperature is below 72 , the sauna will take longer to pre-heat. It is notrecommended to use the sauna in an environment with an ambient temperaturebelow 60 .C. Drink water prior to, during, and after your sauna session to replenish body fluids.D. After 3 hours of continuous use, the sauna needs to be shut down for one hour.E. To avoid burns, do not touch the heating element.2. Operating The SaunaA. Review the electrical label on the sauna and then plug the sauna into the properwall outlet. No other appliance can be operated on the same electrical breaker asthe sauna when the sauna is in use. Proceed in turning on the sauna room usingthe ON/OFF button to activate the sauna.B. The sauna should be unplugged when not in use.C. To set the temperature, press thetemperature buttons to increase ordecrease the temperature to the desired temperature. If the “Heat" light is on, thetemperature setting will increase one degree every time thebutton is pressed.If pressed for three seconds, the setting will increase quickly. Decrease thetemperature in the same manner by pressing thebutton. After the saunareaches the desired temperature, the “Heat” light will turn off.D. Press theTherapy System:button to turn the light ON. If you want to use the Color LightA. While the interior light is ON, press and hold down thebuttonfor 2 seconds. You will notice “2n” in the LED display. This indicates you arein the “light” mode. If you do not press any buttons for approximately 15seconds, the “2n” will change back to the Timer mode.B. While the “2n” is displayed, you can now turn the exterior light ON/OFF bypressing thebutton in thesection of the control panel.C. You can also turn the interior light ON/OFF by pressing thesection of the control panel.Page 15button in the

4. While the interior light is on and the “2n” is still displayed in the LED display,you can press thebutton to scroll through the different colorswithin the Color Light Therapy System. You will notice that you have twoselections for “white”:A. The first selection for “white” will allow the colors to go through asequence of the different shades of colors.B. The second selection for “white” will continue to display the whitelight.To return back to the Timer mode, press thebutton.E. You can operate the sauna with the ceiling vent in the open or closed position.F. After your sauna session is over, you can turn the control panel off by pressing theON/OFF button. You can unplug the sauna cord if the sauna will not be used for anextended period of time.G. To set the time, press thebuttons. Press ‘andbuttons toset the timer from 5 to 60 minutes. If pressed for three seconds, the timer willincrease/decrease quickly. When the timer display shows “05”, the timer will buzzand the sauna will shut off automatically after 5 minutes. To extend the saunasession, reset the timer again by pressing the.H. The Fahrenheit and Centigrade display can be switched by pressing and holdingthe temperature buttonandat the same time and then pressing the.I. The Bluetooth function (MX-J306-01) is built into the Control Panel. For theBluetooth function, you first will need to pair your device with the sauna room. Openyour device’s Settings Menu and then locate and open Bluetooth. You will find BTAUDIO. Now you can pair your device. Once pairing is successful, your device willbe connected. You will control the volume and choose the music on your device.J. The MP3 Jack will allow you to connect your musical device using the AUX wire.Plug one end of the AUX wire into your musical device and the other end into theMP3 Jack at the ceiling. Do not leave the AUX wire connected at the ceiling whennot using this function as it may cause static interference at the speakers. You willcontrol the volume and choose the music on your device. When you disconnect theMP3 wire, the sound system will automatically return back to the Bluetooth mode.CAUTION: Exit sauna immediately if you feel dizzy, sleepy, or any discomfort.Page 16

Tips for using Your Sauna1. If you take a hot/warm shower or bath before using your sauna, you may perspiremore and experience more comfort.2. Drink water prior to, during, and after your sauna session to replenish body fluids.3. To regulate the set temperature inside the sauna to your comfort level, use themovable roof vent or leave the door slightly open. The roof vent is installed on thesauna and used based on personal preference.4. Use 2 towels during your sauna session. Fold the first towel several times and placeit on the bench. As you sit on this towel, it will absorb a majority of your perspirationwhile adding comfort as you sit on the bench. Use the second towel to constantlywipe the perspiration from your body to perspire faster and also to avoid having toomuch perspiration dripping onto the floor heater. If your legs become cold, you canuse a third towel to drape over your legs to trap the heat.5. At the first sign of a cold or flu, increasing your sauna sessions may be beneficial inboosting your immune system and decreasing the reproductive rate of the virus.6. To help relieve sore and tense muscles, massage the affected areas during yoursauna session.7. To treat your ankles and feet more effectively, you can elevate them and move themclose to one of the heat emitters to achieve a deep heating effect.8. To utilize the sauna’s heat therapy effect, put oil and treatment into your hair andwrap it with a towel. After your sauna session is over, rinse your hair thoroughly.9. The peaceful and relaxed state rendered by a sauna session may help you to sleepeasier and deeper.10. To conserve energy consumption, please unplug your sauna when not in use –especially if you do not plan on using the sauna for an extended period of time.11. After the sauna session is over, do not jump into the shower or bath immediately.Because your body was heated up during the sauna session, it will continue toperspire even after the heat emitters are off. Sit in the sauna with the door slightlyopened and let your body cool down. Once your body has cooled down and you feelcomfortable, you can exit the sauna. After about fifteen minutes and when yourbody has completely cooled down, you can take a shower or bath to clean yourbody.Safety Instructions1. Read and follow all instructions carefully before using the sauna.2. When assembling and using the electrical equipment, safety precautions shouldalways be followed.3. To reduce the risk of injury, do not allow children to use the sauna unless they areclosely supervised at all times by an adult. Children should not use the saunaunless prescribed or advised by their medical doctor.4. Do not use the sauna immediately following strenuous exercises. Wait at least 30minutes to allow the body to cool down completely.Page 17

5. Pregnant or possibly pregnant women should contact their medical physician priorto using the sauna. Excessive temperatures have a high potential for causing fetalharm during pregnancy.6. Hyperthermia Danger: The normal body temperature can’t rise above 103 F(39 C). Symptoms of excessive hyperthermia include dizziness, lethargy,drowsiness, and/or fainting. The effects of excessive hyperthermia may include, butare not limited to failure to perceive heat, physical inability to exit the sauna,unawareness of impending hazards, unconsciousness, and/or fetal harm inpregnant women. Hyperthermia could make your body’s core temperature rise.Setting the desired temperature to an excessively high temperature is notrecommended.7. The use of alcohol, drugs, or medications (prescribed or non-prescribed) prior to orduring the sauna session may lead to unconsciousness and/or other harmfulphysical injuries.8. Persons suffering from obesity or with a medical history of heart disease, low orhigh blood pressure, circulatory system problems, diabetes, or other medicalconditions should consult with a medical physician prior to using the sauna.9. Persons using medications should consult with a medical physician before using thesauna. Some medications may induce drowsiness while other may affect the heartrate, blood pressure, and/or blood circulation.10. Use care when exercising before and after sauna use.11. Never sleep inside the sauna12. Do not use any type of cleaning agents on the interior of the sauna. Only wipe downthe sauna room with water and a damp cloth. Never use any chemical basedcleaners.13. Do not stack or store any objects on top of or inside the sauna.14. If the power supply cord becomes damaged, it must be replaced immediately by themanufacturer or its agent. If you find the power cord is too hot (normally it willbecome warm) or that the electrical equipment may be experiencing technicalproblems, please contact the manufacturer or its agent immediately to avoidhazardous situations.15. Make sure that the electrical outlet is in good working order. A common problemwith electrical outlets is loose wiring on the connection points of the terminals of theoutlet. A loose wire will also make for a bad connection and cause an unusualamount of heat buildup. Loose connections can also cause sparking in the junctionbox that can result in arcing. You'll likely see burn marks around the terminals if thisoccurs. If this happens, do not use the sauna and have the outlet replaced by acertified electrician. If the power cord is damaged, please contact CustomerSupport.16. Do not use the sauna during an electrical storm to avoid risk of shock or injury.17. Do not continuously switch the power ON and OFF excessively as it willcompromise the life of the electrical components.18. Your hands must be dry and free of moisture before plugging and unplugging cordsand wiring harnesses from the power supply and circuit boards. Never operate thesauna with wet hands or wet feet to avoid the risk of electrical shock or injury.Never touch the metal prongs of the plug.Page 18

19. Do not attempt to make any repairs yourself unless authorized by the manufactureror its agent. If a problem occurs with the sauna, please contact the manufacturer orits agent immediately to avoid safety risks. Unauthorized repair attempts will voidthe manufacturer’s warranty.20. Please make sure the outlet power supply meets the specifications required.Failure to meet the requirements may cause safety risks.21. Some sauna models are equipped with reading and/or roof lamps. Because thelamp temperature will become very hot once powered ON, do not attempt to touchthe lamp to avoid being burned. Do not attempt to touch it for at least 20 minutes oruntil it cools down completely if a need to touch it arises.22. Do not pour water or any other liquids onto the infrared heat emitters. Do not bump,hit, or break the heating elements as it may cause an electrical short and pose asafety risk.23. Do not make any modifications to the sauna, the sauna structure, or the saunacomponents.24. Prior to each sauna session, the sauna room is to be inspected for correctoperation. If for any reason your sauna does not seem to be operating properly,discontinue use and contact Customer Service.Safeguards For Your Sauna1. Do not install the sauna near water, near a bathtub (if water will splash on thesauna), near a shower (if water will splash on the sauna), in a wet basement, ornear a swimming pool (if water will splash on the sauna).2. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners on the sauna. Unplug the saunafrom the wall outlet before cleaning. Use plain water and a soft damp cloth forcleaning.3. The power supply cord should be routed so that it is not walked on or pinched byany object that may be placed against it.4. When replacement parts are required, be sure they meet the specifiedrequirements of the manufacturer. Unauthorized substitutes may result in a fire,electrical shock, or other hazardous situations. After any repairs, please ask theservice technician to perform a safety check to determine that the sauna is in goodworking order.5. Do not use any wall receptacle adapter, surge protector, or extension cord betweenthe sauna cord and wall outlet.Page 19

Troubleshooting123problemindicator light forpower supply notworkingIndicator light forfunction is notworkingInfrared Heater notheating up4Odor from thesauna5Light bulb is notworkingpossible reasonThe connector is notconnected properlyNo power supply inputIndicator light is brokenThe heating indicator light isbrokenThe circuit board orcomponents are brokenThe temperature sensor isbrokenThe heater is brokenSauna is notpowering upCheck that the connectionsare sung and tightLight bulb is burned outRemove burned out lightbulb and replace itCheck connection and/orreplace the lamp assemblyReplace the relevant controlpanelPlug the power cord intowall outletCheck your circuit breaker toconfirm power at the walloutletReplace the power supply orrelated circuit boardDisconnect and reconnectthe connector oftemperature sensor orchange to a newtemperature sensorProblems with electricalcontrol panelPower cord is unplugOutlet has no power7The temperaturedisplay shows "EP"check the connection of thetemperature sensorReplace heater panelThe wire junction or theheater’s wire is notconnectedThe temperature sensor isbrokenThe circuit board or the relayis not workingPower supply problemLight bulb wiring is loosen6countermeasureCheck the connector orreplace a new oneCheck your circuit breaker toconfirm power at the walloutletreplace the circuit panelReplace the relevant controlpanelReplace the circuit boardPower supply or circuitpanel is brokenThe connector oftemperature sensor is loose,not connected, or sensor isdamagedcheck the connection of thetemperature sensorreplace the circuit boardPower supply may need tobe replaced

8The temperaturedisplay shows "H"The temperature inside thesauna room is toohighTurn off the unit, and contactthe manufacturer9Speaker does notworkThe speaker is brokenReplace with a new one ofthe same specificationsThe speaker wire is looseDisconnect and reconnectthe speaker connectionsTurn on the switch to startworkDisconnect and reconnectthe connectionCheck DC power supplywiring or replace the powersupplyReplace the CD-playerReplace the fuses10CD-Player doesn’tworkThe power indicator light forCD is offPower connector is loose ordamageDC power supply has nopower to the CD-playerCD-player is defectiveCD-player protection fusesis burnt outMaintenanceCleaningDo not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleansers inside the sauna. Unplug the sauna fromthe wall outlet before cleaning. Use plain water and a soft cloth for cleaning. Do not usebenzene, alcohol, or strong cleaning chemicals in or on the sauna. NOTE: Anychemical that can damage wood or be absorbed into the wood will damage thesauna.Page 21

Limited Lifetime Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty: Golden Designs, Inc. under the Maxxus brand namewarranties the wood, structure, heating elements, and electronics against defects inmaterial and workmanship for a period of 1 to 5 years from the original date of purchase.This sauna is for INDOOR use only. Placing your sauna outdoors will VOID thiswarranty. Any damage due to exposure to outdoor elements such as rain, snow,sun, wind or extreme temperatures will not be covered by this warranty. Anydamages as a result of modifications made to the sauna or its components will voidthis warranty.Extent of Warranty: This limited warranty applies to products manufactured or distributedby Golden Designs, Inc. under the Maxxus brand name, delivered in the continental UnitedStates or Canada and extends to the original purchaser at the original site of installationonly. This warranty becomes valid at time of purchase and terminates either by specifiedtime frame listed above, owner transfer, or relocation. Your sales receipt showing thedate of purchase of the product is your proof of purchase. Warranty is nottransferable.Manufacturer WarrantyAll Golden Designs, Inc. products are manufactured with the highest quality appliancesand are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time ofdelivery. The appliance warranty is extended through the manufacturer for the productincluding, but not limited to: stereos, CD/DVD players, etc. All exchanged parts andproducts replaced under this warranty will become the property of Golden Designs, Inc.Golden Designs, Inc. reserves the right to change manufactures of any part to cover anyexisting warranty. Any parts determined to be defective must be returned to GoldenDesigns, Inc. to obtain warranty service. You must prepay any shipping charges, exporttaxes, custom duties and taxes, or any other charges associated with the transportation ofthe parts. In addition you are responsible for insuring any parts shipped or returned. Youmust present Golden D

the sauna floor to keep the sauna's floor from becoming damp or wet. E. Do not store flammable objects or chemical substances near the sauna. F. 1-person and 2-person saunas are packed into two cartons. For example - C/NO: 002 1 OF 2 and C/NO: 002 2 OF 2. 3-person sauna and 4-person saunas are packed in three cartons.