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COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKSLIVESCRIBE, ECHO, PULSE, and NEVER MISS A WORD are trademarks of Livescribe Inc.All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Copyright 2007-2015. Allrights reserved. Read the End User License Agreement that comes withLivescribe products before using them. You accept the terms of theEnd User License Agreement by using any part of the product orsoftware. Using any non-authorized charging accessories or inkcartridges may damage the smartpen and voids the smartpen warranty.

CONTENTSAbout This Release.6Getting Help.7Contacting Customer Service.8Saving Data for Customer Service.8Returning Livescribe Products.9Items Purchased Directly from Liv escribe.9Items Purchased from a Third Party.9Echo Smartpen User Guide.10About Your Livescribe Smartpen.11Introducing the Livescribe Smartpen.11About Livescribe Notebooks.11Identifying Your Smartpen Model.11Starting Your Smartpen.12Charging an Echo Smar tpen.13Charging a Pulse Smar tpen.13Replacing the Ink Cartridge or Stylus.14Using a 3-D Recording Headset.15Renaming Your Smartpen in Echo Desktop.16Rebooting an Unresponsive Smartpen.16About Paper Replay.18About Paper Replay Sessions.18Viewing Notes and Playing Back Audio In Echo Desktop.19Writing, Recording, and Playback Basics.20Writing Notes and Recording Audio with Your Smartpen.20Writing Notes Only (Without Recording A udio).20Writing Notes And Recording Audio.20Recording Audio Only (Without Writing Notes).21Annotating Your Notes After Recording Audio.21Checking the Battery Level.22Installing Smartpen Software Updates.23Using Smartpen Apps.24About Smartpen Apps.24Launching Apps with Launch Line.24Launching an App with a Nav Plus.25Using the Home Button to Quit Currently-Running Apps .25iii

About Shortcuts.26Using Shortcuts.26About Smartpen Screen Indicators.27Tips for Handwriting Recognition.28Tips for Reading Text.28About the Nav Plus.28About Flick and Scrub.31Using Flick and Scr ub.32Assigning Commands to Home Button Doub le-Tap.33Using Shortcut Buttons.34Recording Audio on a Smar tpen.36Starting a Recording with the Record Button .36Starting a Recording with the Smar tpen Power Button.36Starting a Recording with a Nav Plus.37Stopping a Recording.37Pausing and Resuming a Recording .38Continuing Recording When Using Other Apps.38Recording a Paperless Session.39Adding Audio Bookmarks When Recording.40Deleting Audio Recordings from a Smar tpen.40Configuring Audio Recording Settings.42Playing Back Audio on a Smar tpen.45Playing Back a Session by Tapping on Your Notes.45Playing Back a Session with Playback Buttons.45Playing Back a Session with the Play Shortcut.46Playing Back a Session using the Nav Plus.47Stopping Audio Playback.47Pausing and Resuming Audio Playback.48Controlling Audio Playback.48Setting Audio Bookmarks During Audio Playback.49Playing Back Audio with the Nav Plus.50Protecting Audio Recordings with a Paper Replay Password.51Configuring Audio Playback Settings.53Doing Math Calculations.54Using the Calc Shortcut.54Using the Calculator.55Using the Piano .59Launching Piano from the Nav Plus.59Using the Translator Demo.63Translator Demo Word List.63iv

Using the Settings Men u.64Settings Menu Summary.64Setting the Smartpen Auto-Off Time with the Settings Menu.65Viewing the Smartpen Name with the Settings Men u.65Enabling or Disabling Menu Voice with the Settings Menu.66Setting the Date and Time.67Setting the Date.67Setting the Time.68Configuring the Smartpen Screen.70Setting Screen Brightness.70Setting Screen Or ientation.70Setting Scroll Speed.71Changing Smartpen Locales.72Changing Locales with the Settings Men u.72Managing Livescribe Notebooks.73About Livescribe Dot Paper.73Usage Guidelines for Livescribe Notebooks.73Archiving Livescribe Notebooks.74About Livescribe Notebook Naming.75Using Special Paper Products.77About Livescribe Sticky Notes.77Sound Stickers.78Smartpen Maintenance and Saf ety.82Maintaining Your Smartpen.82Reducing Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).83Safety.84Warnings.84Managing Storage on a Smartpen.86Viewing Smartpen Storage with the Storage Button.86Viewing Smartpen Storage with a Shortcut.86Deleting Audio Recordings from a Smar tpen.87Deleting Audio Recordings from a Smar tpen with the Nav Plus.88Deleting the Current Audio Recording with a Shortcut.89Smartpen Warranty and Compliance.90Warranty.90Agency Compliance Inf ormation.91Glossary.94v

ABOUT THIS RELEASEThis release of the Livescribe Platform includes new features and enhancements, correctedissues, and usability improvements.Version numbers for this release are: Smartpen Firmware, Version 2.9.9 or later Echo Desktop for Windows, Version 3.0 Echo Desktop for Mac, Version 3.06Livescribe, Inc. 2007-2015esug6.0.4

GETTING HELPLivescribe provides several ways for you to learn more about the Livescribe Platform and getexpert help when you need it.On the Livescribe Support page, you can find several ways to get answers to any questionsyou might have about your smartpen or other Livescribe products.To open the Livescribe Support page: From a web browser, go to, or Within Echo Desktop, go to the Help menu.You can view release notes for all Livescribe products here: the Livescribe Support site, you can search and browse the Livescribe Knowledge Base.There you can find answers to many of your questions. Livescribe updates the knowledgebase frequently, so check it each time you need help.esug6.0.4Livescribe, Inc. 2007-20157

CONTACTING CUSTOMER SERVICEIf you cannot find the answers to your questions using the Support page, please contactCustomer Service directly. You can reach Customer Service in the following ways: Go to, complete a Customer Service ticket and submit it. Email Customer Service at: [email protected] DATA FOR CUSTOMER SERVICEIf you are experiencing problems with an Echo Desktop product, you should gatherdata from your installation for Customer Service.1. In Echo Desktop for Windows, choose Help Save Data for CustomerService. In Echo Desktop for Mac, hold the keyboard Control key down andgo to Tools Customer Support Gather Debug Logs2. Save the data to your computer so you can send it to Customer Service ifrequested.8Livescribe, Inc. 2007-2015esug6.0.4

RETURNING LIVESCRIBE PRODUCTSIf you need to return the Livescribe smartpen or other Livescribe product, follow the instructionsbelow.ITEMS PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM LIVESCRIBEItems purchased directly from Livescribe have the following return time-frame toqualify for a refund. Items returned after this timeframe are not accepted or credited: Hardware: 30 days. Accessories: 30 daysLivescribe refunds the full amount paid minus shipping on any item(s) returnedwithin the allowable time. The customer must contact Customer Service for aReturned Material Authorization (RMA) number and is responsible for the originalshipping and the return shipping fees.A returned item must be returned in like-new condition with all the originalcomponents and packaging. Credits are issued once the item(s) have been receivedand verified.ITEMS PURCHASED FROM A THIRD PARTYIf you discover what you believe is a software or product defect for any third-partyitem, please contact the manufacturer of such third-party item directly fo r informationregarding that manufacturer's warranty. Products sold through the Liv escribe websitethat do not bear the Livescribe brand name are serviced and supported exclusivelyby their manufacturers in accordance with the terms and conditions packaged withthe products. Third-party software or products are not covered by Livescribe’sLimited Warranty.esug6.0.4Livescribe, Inc. 2007-20159

Echo Smartpen User Guide

ABOUT YOUR LIVESCRIBE SMARTPENABOUT YOUR LIVESCRIBE SMARTPENThe Livescribe smartpen captures everything you hear and write.INTRODUCING THE LIVESCRIBE SMARTPENYour Livescribe smartpen synchronizes the audio you hear to what you write, soyou never miss a word. Just tap on your notes and the smartpen plays back whatyou recorded from that exact moment in time.The smartpen provides both audio and visual feedback, powerful processingcapabilities, and substantial built-in storage. The smartpen integrates severalcomponents and technologies. It also uses firmware and software to support theinteraction of all of its components and to enable built-in handwriting recognition,and apps such as Paper Replay, among many others.When you start your smartpen and begin writing in your Livescribe notebook, thesmartpen captures and stores the notes you write. To capture your writing, thesmartpen uses its built-in infrared camera to take digital snapshots of a special dotpattern on the paper as the tip moves over the paper while you write.When recording audio with the Paper Replay app, the smartpen links your notes tothe recorded audio. When you tap on your notes, your smartpen locates the tappedposition and plays back the audio linked to that location.ABOUT LIVESCRIBE NOTEBOOKSLivescribe smartpens use special paper printed with microdots that are read by thetip of the smartpen. Livescribe creates a variety of paper products, such asnotebooks, journals, flip notepads, and sticky notes.IDENTIFYING YOUR SMARTPEN MODELThere are two smartpen models that are appropriate for use with Echo Desktop:the Echo smartpen and the Pulse smartpen. Use the information below to identifyyour model.Echo smar tpenPlastic body. Black with printed power symbol.esug6.0.4Livescribe, Inc. 2007-201511

ECHO SMARTPEN USER GUIDEPulse smar tpenAluminum body. Titanium or Black with printedpower symbol.SMARTPEN FEATURESEcho and Pulse smartpens have similar features, as shown in the image below.STARTING YOUR SMARTPENTo use your smartpen, first power it on. It must be running to capture written notesor enable its audio recording or playback features.1. Press the Power button to start your smartpen.If you have given your smartpen a name using Echo Desktop, your smartpenshows its name when you power it on.As the smartpen starts up, the display shows the words Livescribe and thenStarting. After startup completes, the display shows the time.2. The first time you use the smartpen, set it to the current time and date.12Livescribe, Inc. 2007-2015esug6.0.4

ABOUT YOUR LIVESCRIBE SMARTPEN3. When you are finished using your smartpen, press the Power button again toturn it off.CHARGING AN ECHO SMARTPENThe USB port for an Echo smartpen is located on the top next to the headset jack.This is a standard micro USB connector that is compatible with any standard USBcharging cable. Follow these steps to charge your smartpen.The plug and blinking battery indicator means your smartpen needs to be charged.1. Before charging your Echo smartpen, download and install the Echo Desktopsoftware from Plug your Micro-USB cable into the USB port on your computer and plug theother end of the cable into your smartpen.You can also charge the Echo smar tpen directly from an electrical outlet withthe Universal USB AC Wall Adapter.A battery and lightning bolt symbol is displayed on your smartpen when it ischarging.A full charge can take up to 2.5 hours.CHARGING A PULSE SMARTPENThe USB connector for a Pulse smartpen is located on its side. The connector isdesigned to fit into a compatible Livescribe USB charging cradle. Follow these stepsto charge your smartpen.esug6.0.4Livescribe, Inc. 2007-201513

ECHO SMARTPEN USER GUIDETip: The plug and blinking battery indicator means your Pulse smartpenneeds to be charged.1. Before charging your Pulse smartpen, download and install the Echo Desktopsoftware from Plug your USB mobile charging cradle into the USB port on your computer.The smartpen charges directly from your computer’s USB port when thecomputer is on.The USB connection (located on the side of the Pulse smartpen)is designed to dock into the compatible Livescribe USB mobile charging cra dle.You can also charge the Pulse smartpen directly from an electrical outlet withthe Pro Charging Cradle or the Universal USB AC Wall Adapter.3. Place the Pulse smartpen in your USB mobile charging cradle.A battery and lightning bolt symbol is displayed on your smartpen when it ischarging.A full charge can take up to 2.5 hours.REPLACING THE INK CARTRIDGE OR STYLUSTo replace an ink cartridge, just use your fingers to grasp and pull out the oldcartridge and insert a new one. If you own a Pulse smartpen and have a USB mobilecharging cradle, you can instead use the cradle to help replace the cartridge asfollows.14Livescribe, Inc. 2007-2015esug6.0.4

ABOUT YOUR LIVESCRIBE SMARTPEN1. Insert the smartpen ink tip into the ink cartridge removal ring.2. Tilt the smartpen so that it firmly rests against the removal ring and lift thesmartpen away from the ring.3. Lifting the smartpen away from the cradle safely separates the ink cartridgefrom the magnet inside the smartpen that holds the cartridge in place.4. Place your new ink cartridge in the smartpen.Before using the smartpen, be sure to remove the protective plastic coatingfrom your ink cartridge tip. All new ink cartridges have this coating in place toprevent the ink from drying up.If you want to use the smartpen but do not want to make ink marks on yourpaper, purchase a stylus from the Livescribe web store. To insert the stylus,follow the steps above, but substitute the stylus for the replacement inkcartridge.USING A 3-D RECORDING HEADSETWith your smartpen, you can record audio with either the built-in microphone or a3-D Recording Headset.Livescribe designed the built-in microphone for monaural recordings in smallerrecording environments, such as a conference room. When recording in largerspaces, we recommend using a 3-D Recording Headset, which contains amicrophone in each earbud. The dual microphones enable binaural recordings,which accurately recreate the spatial audio environment.1. Left and right speakers2. Left and right microphonesBinaural recording is a special type of stereo recording that uses two microphones,one placed in each ear. This type of recording provides the most accurate spatialsound quality because the microphones effe ctively mimic your ears - when you playa binaural recording back, it sounds like you are actually in the location where yourecorded.esug6.0.4Livescribe, Inc. 2007-201515

ECHO SMARTPEN USER GUIDEOnce you record audio, you can play back the binaural effect using stereoearphones. You can also play back the binaural effect as a regular stereo recordingover any type of headphones or speakers.The 3-D Recording Headset included with each Pulse smartpen has a custom jack.This is required for binaural recordings. However, if you want to use a 3.5mm stereoheadset just for playback, connect your 3.5mm headset to your smartpen using astandard 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor.If you own an Echo smartpen, you can use any standard 3.5mm stereo headset forplayback. For binaural recording, you need to use a Live scribe 3.5mm 3-D RecordingHeadset. You can purchase this separately from the Livescribe Online Store.Tip: You can record binaural audio with the earbuds in your ears oraround your neck as shown below. Make sure the “L” earbud is in yourleft ear and the “R” earbud is in your right ear.Note: Keep the earbuds about 6-8 inches apart to mimic the positionof your ears.RENAMING YOUR SMARTPEN IN ECHO DESKTOPYour smartpen has a default name. You can rename your smartpen to identify itfrom other smartpens in Echo Desktop.1. Install and Launch Echo Desktop.2. Dock the smartpen to be renamed.3. If it is not already selected, use the smartpen selector drop down to choosethe smartpen you want to rename.4. Choose Tools Smartpen Rename.5. At the prompt, type the smartpen name and click OK.REBOOTING AN UNRESPONSIVE SMARTPENIf your smartpen is unresponsive, you can reboot it.1. Charge your smartpen using its cradle (for Pulse smartpens) or Micro-USBcable (for Echo smartpens) for at least five minutes.16Livescribe, Inc. 2007-2015esug6.0.4

ABOUT YOUR LIVESCRIBE SMARTPEN2. If your smartpen is still nonresponsive after five minutes of charging, pressand hold the power button for 10 seconds to reboot it.esug6.0.4Livescribe, Inc. 2007-201517

ECHO SMARTPEN USER GUIDEABOUT PAPER REPLAYWhen you start your smartpen, it is ready to capture anything you write in your Livescribenotebook.Your smartpen captures and stores your notes as digital ink. You can then send your notesto other people using Echo Desktop. When you are taking notes without the need to recordaudio at the same time, simply start your smartpen and begin writing.To record audio as you take notes, use the Paper Replay smartpen app. Using Paper Replay,your smartpen records audio and links it to what you write. Later, you can tap on any of yournotes and hear the audio recorded from that moment. Each time you use Paper Replay, itstores the information it captures as a Paper Replay session.You also can use Paper Replay to record audio only. The resulting audio is a standalonerecording not linked to your notes. This kind of recording is called a paperless session.You can add notes to any audio recording (even paperless sessions) by playing backpre-recorded audio and writing as you listen. This process is called annotating and is usefulwhen you need to clarify or expand your notes by reviewing the audio.To start and stop a Paper Replay session and control session playback, use the Paper Replaycontrols. Controls vary by Livescribe paper product.Note: The Paper Replay printed controls are not page-specific. Forexample, you can tap the Record button on one page to startrecording, and then tap the Stop button on a different page to stoprecording.ABOUT PAPER REPLAY SESSIONSWhen you begin recording with the smartpen, your smartpen automatically linksthe audio to anything you write in Livescribe notebooks. The recorded audio (andany linked written notes) is called a Paper Replay session.Important facts about sessions: Notes not linked to audio are just notes. They are not part of a session. A session always contains audio.18Livescribe, Inc. 2007-2015esug6.0.4

ABOUT PAPER REPLAY A session can optionally include written notes (pages) linked to the audio.However, you can record audio only, known as paperless sessions. A session begins when you start recording audio and ends when you stoprecording audio. Pausing and unpausing a recording does create separa te sessions. The pausedand unpaused session remains as one. Starting and stopping recordings createsseparate sessions. You can have one session that spans multiple pages, such as when taking manynotes while recording a long lecture or meeting. Starting and stopping recording multiple times per page creates multiple sessionson that page. By default, sessions are named on your smartpen and Echo Desktop based onthe time and date they are created. For example, if a session is started onOctober 31, 2014, at 12:22PM, it is named and displayed as 10.31.14 12:22p.VIEWING NOTES AND PLAYING BACK AUDIO IN ECHO DESKTOPIn Echo Desktop, you can view your notes and play back audio recordings madewith Paper Replay. In Echo Desktop, notes that have linked audio appear as greenink. Livescribe calls this ink active ink.To listen to audio recordings that are linked to your notes, click on the active inkusing your mouse or other pointing device. Clicking active ink is similar to tappingyour paper notes to begin audio playback on your smartpen. When you mouse overink that is active, the mouse cursor changes to a pointing hand cursor to help youidentify where you can click to begin audio playback.If you annotated your notes (added notes while playing back an audio recording),Echo Desktop shows this ink as blue. This ink is also active. You can click on it toplay back the audio at the point where you added the notes.Note: You can change the color of green ink by setting a userpreference.esug6.0.4Livescribe, Inc. 2007-201519

ECHO SMARTPEN USER GUIDEWRITING, RECORDING, AND PLAYBACK BASICSYour smartpen has many features. One key feature is capturing notes you write and recordingaudio.WRITING NOTES AND RECORDING AUDIO WITH YOURSMARTPENWhen you start your smartpen, it is ready to capture anything you write in yourLivescribe notebook.Your smartpen captures and stores your notes as digital ink. You can then shareyour notes to your computer or via email using Echo Desktop. When you are takingnotes without the need to record audio at the same time, simply start your smartpenand begin writing in your Livescribe notebook.To record audio as you take notes, use the Paper Replay smartpen app. UsingPaper Replay, your smartpen records audio and links it to what you write. Later,you can tap on any of you

RETURNING LIVESCRIBE PRODUCTS. If you need to return the Livescribe smartpen or other Livescribe product, follow the instructions below. ITEMS PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM LIVESCRIBE