NOTESPIPE RAILING & POSTS:Structural Tube, Pipe and Bar shall be in accordance with ASTM B221 or ASTM B429, Alloy 6061-T6.End Rail 90 bends and corner bends with maximum 4’-0" post spacing, may be Alloy 6063-T6. Postsand End Rails shall be fabricated and installed plumb, – 1" tolerance when measured at 3’-6" abovethe foundation. Corners and changes in tangential longitudinal alignment, may be made continuous witha 9" bend radius or terminated at adjoining sections with a standard end hoop when handrails are notrequired. For changes in tangential longitudinal alignment greater than 45, posts shall be positioned ata maximum distance of 2’-0" each side of the corner and shall not be located at the corner apex.For curved longitudinal alignments the top and bottom rails and handrails shall be shop bent to matchthe alignment radius.RAILING MEMBER DIMENSIONS TABLEOUTSIDEWALLDIMENSIONTHICKNESS2" NPS (Sch. 40)2.375"0.154"2" NPS (Sch. 40)2.375"0.154"Rail Joint/Splice Sleeves1b" NPS (Sch. 40)1.900"0.145"Handrails Joint/Splice Sleeves1" NPS (Sch. 40)1.315"0.133"Handrails1b" NPS (Sch. sHandrail Support Bar1" Round BarBASE PLATES:Base Plates shall be in accordance with ASTM B209, Alloy 6061-T6.SHIM PLATES:Shim Plates shall be aluminum in accordance with ASTM B209, Alloy 6061 or 6063. Shim plates shall beused for foundation height adjustments greater than14"and localized irregularities greater than18".Field trim shim plates when necessary to match the contours of the foundation. Bevelled shimplates may be used in lieu of trimmed flat shim plates shown. Stacked shim plates must be bondedtogether with adhesive bonding material and limited to a maximum total thickness of12",unlesslonger anchor bolts are provided for the exposed thread length.COATINGS:The aluminum railing shall be mill finish unless otherwise noted in the Contract Documents. All nuts,bolts and washers shall be hot-dip galvanized in accordance with Section 962 of the Specifications.ANCHOR 0-01.dgnAnchor bolts shall be in accordance with ASTM F1554 Grade 36. Headless anchor bolts for AdhesiveAnchors shall be threaded full length. Cutting of reinforcing steel is permitted for drilled hole installation.All anchor bolts shall have single self-locking hex nuts. Tack welding of the nut to the anchor bolt maybe used in lieu of self-locking nuts. All nuts shall be in accordance with ASTM A563 or ASTM A194. FlatWashers shall be in accordance with ASTM F436 and Plate Washers (for long slotted holes only), shall bein accordance with ASTM A36 or ASTM A709 Grade 36. After the nuts have been snug tightened, theanchor bolt threads shall be distorted to prevent removal of the nuts. Distorted threads and tack weldsshall be coated with a galvanizing compound in accordance with the Specifications.RESILIENT AND NEOPRENE PADS:Resilient and Neoprene pads shall be in accordance with Specification Section 932, except that testingof the finished pads shall not be required. Neoprene pads shall be durometer hardness 60 or 70.JOINTS:All fixed joints are to be welded all around and ground smooth. Expansion Joints shall be spaced ata maximum of 30’-0". Field splices similar to the expansion joint detail may be approved by theEngineer to facilitate shipping and handling, but rails must be continuous across a minimum of twoposts. Only use the Continuity Field Splice (Detail "E") to make the railing continuous for unforeseenfield adjustments.WELDING:All welding shall be in accordance with the American Welding Society Structural Welding Code (Aluminum)ANSI/AWS D1.2 (current edition). Filler metal shall be either ER5183, ER5356 or ER5556. Nondestructivetesting of welds is not required.SHOP DRAWINGS:Complete details addressing project specific geometry (line & grade) showing post and expansion jointlocations must be submitted by the Contractor for the Engineer’s approval prior to fabrication of therd960rhrailing. Shop drawings shall be in accordance with the Specifications.PAYMENT:Guiderail shall be paid for under the contract unit price for Pipe Guiderail (Aluminum), LF (Item No.515-1-2). Payment for the Guiderail will be plan quantity measured as the length along the centerline of the top rail, and includes rails, posts, rail splice assembly, base plates, anchor bolts, nuts,11:46:45 AMwashers, resilient or neoprene pads and all incidental materials and labor required to completeLASTREVISION01/01/11REVISIO N12/30/2011installation of the Guiderail.DESCRIPTION:INDEXFDOT DESIGN STANDARDSFY 2012/2013ALUMINUM PIPE GUIDERAILNO.870SHEETNO.1

6’-0" (Max.) Equal Panels1’-6"»¿Post Spacing(Typ.)Varies (4" Min.,(Typ.)Continuity Field Splice1’-6" Max.) (Typ.)»¿(as required) see Detail "E"1’-6"Rail 2" NPS»¿Rail Expansion Joint (Typ.)Sch. 40 (Typ.)Sheet 4 (Typ.)(Typ.)see Detail "D" Sheet 4NOTES:See Detail "C"NPS Nominal Pipe Size3’-6"Sheet 4STRUCTURES EXPANSION JOINTS NOTE:* Keyed construction joints in Index No. 520 GravityWall are not considered to be expansion joints.Top of Sidewalkor Bikeway9"Minimum from free end of concreteRail expansion joints to be located in panels aboveCROSS REFERENCE:structure expansion joints * (30’-0" maximum spacing).and expansion joints (Typ.)Ground LineFor Details "C", "D" and "E", see Sheet 4.ELEVATIONTYPICAL RAILING DETAILS & RAILINGS ON GRADES 0% TO 5%»¿1’-6"Min.See Plans forcontinuation or1’-6"6’-0" (Max.) Equal Panels(Typ.)(Typ.)termination limitsHandrailPost Spacingof railingSee "Typical Railing Details"Handrail 1b" NPSfor post & rail detailsSch. 40 (Typ.)continuation1’-6"»¿or termination»¿Min.limits of railing2’-10"HandrailTop of30’-0" Max. for Slopes 6.25%6’-0" Min.40’-0" Max. for Slopes 6.25%Bottom LandingRampM ax.2’-6"M projects\standards\roadway\00800-s\00870-02.dgnSee Plans for30’-0" Max. for Slopes 6.25%40’-0" Max. for Slopes 6.25%5’-0" Min.RampTop Landing5’-0" Min.Intermediate LandingRAMP REQUIREMENTSLANDING REQUIREMENTSFor slopes greater than 5%:Max. landing slope 2%ELEVATION(Showing Inside Face of Railing)11:46:46 AMMax. ramp slope 8.33%Max. landing cross-slope 2%Max. ramp cross-slope 2.0%LASTREVISION01/01/12REVISIO N12/30/2011RAILINGS ON GRADES STEEPER THAN 5% TO 8.33%DESCRIPTION:INDEXFDOT DESIGN STANDARDSFY 2012/2013ALUMINUM PIPE GUIDERAILNO.870SHEETNO.2

6’-0" (Max.) Equal PanelsVaries Equal spacing»¿6’-0" Max. on Steps»¿2"»¿PostEqual to one3’-6"Rtread length1‰"CJPHandrailDETAIL "A" - PLAN VIEW3’-6"HANDRAIL TERMINATION»¿»¿ HanSee "Typical Railing1’-6"1’-6"Min.(Typ.)Details", Sheet 2for2"post & rail details2’-10"or Contract PlansSee "Typical Railing Details",for Step DetailsSheet 2 for post & rail details»¿Concrete sidewalk to extend 6" min. behind ra9"Min.3’-6"2"RAILING CONTINUATION BEYOND STEPS(Bottom shown, Top similar)3’-6"See Index No. 521Equal to onetread lengthHandrail ContinuousAt LandingHandrailVaries Equal spacingAluminum Handrail requiredLength of Landing 5’ Min.»¿ HanTop Landing6’-0" Max. on Stepsfor three or more stepscheekwall both sides2’-10"Handrail Termination2"9" Min. WideHandrail 1‰" NPS (Sch. 40)3’-6"continuous at landings)See Index No. 521or Contract PlansSee Detail "A" (Typ.)for Step Details»¿ Han1’-6"Min.2"tread length2’-10"»¿ HanBottom oftread width2"R(T9yp ".)9" Min. WideSee Index No. 521or Contract PlansELEVATION(At-Grade Steps)Handrail Termination,See Detail "A" (Typ.)11:46:47 AM2"rd960rhfor Step Details2’-10"2"2’-10"cheekwall both sides1’-6"–5’-0" Min.2’-10"Equal to onecheekwallLength of Landing3’-6"6’-0" M ax. for one run of stepsEqual to one"9 70-03.dgn(Handrail and cheekwalls2"9"Min.6’-0"Bottom Landing12/30/20119"ALTERNATE END TREATMENTMin.LASTREVISION01/01/12REVISIO NGUIDERAIL ON STEPS & STAIRSDESCRIPTION:INDEXFDOT DESIGN STANDARDSFY 2012/2013ALUMINUM PIPE GUIDERAILNO.870SHEETNO.3

1’-6"716"–2»¿ Hand»¿»¿ "& Rod3"»¿ GuideraiPostTop Rail 2"NPS, Sch. 40Plate12"1»¿ Bolt112"3"6"Handrail11 4"32 4"32 4"»¿ " ˆ (Max.) H11 4"CJPfor Anchor Bolts withFlat Washers (Typ.)NPS, Sch. 40SECTION B-B(Handrail Connection)SECTION C-CBASE PLATE DETAIL4"14CJP14"»¿ GuideraiBottom Rail 6"18"38"238"3318"2»¿ " x 1 " Long SlHoles for Anchor BoltsCwith Plate Washers (Typ.)11"»¿ " SteC»¿or " ˆ (Max.) Hfor Anchor Bolts withor Neoprene PadsPlate(centered)2"1"6"23"»¿ "3"2" NPS, Sch. 40»¿ " ˆ212"Post»¿ BoltPlate12"18"CJP3"31Typ.) Resilient8" (34"Post 2"8"1" BarCJP"9.)py(T1414RPost12"R 1Flat Washers (Typ.)SHIM PLATEDETAILALTERNATE BASEPLATE DETAIL(Recommended for Top of Step Cheekwalls)PLATE WASHERDETAILBevel bottom of post as requiredto maintain plumb posts (Typ.)1’-0"14"x34"6"*Pan HeadAluminum (Alloy 2024-T4 or3"7075-T73) or Stainless Steel12"3"14"(Type 316 or 18-8 Alloy) 4.dgnDETAIL "C" - RAIL CONNECTIONS(Handrail Not Shown)6"(–(–14")14") Expansion Joint Field Splice Slip JointScrew. Set Screw must beset flush against outside faceRail or Handrail Sectionof rail (Typ.)Top RailBAluminum Sleeve:12"1Rail orRound over both endsHandrail Sectionof rails18"NPS (Sch. 40) for RailsMatch Grade of1" NPS (Sch. 40) for HandrailsRamp or StairsPost(Typ.)* At the Contractor’s option, embedded length maybe 4" when aDETAIL "D" - EXPANSION JOINT(FIELD SPLICE SLIP JOINT SIMILAR)the14"34"plug weld is substituted forset screw.Bottom RailHandrail1’-8"14"x34"Pan Head14"Aluminum (Alloy 2024-74 or7075-T73) or Stainless Steel(Type 316 or 18-8 Alloy) Set11 8"Max. GapBMatch Grade of12"3 Sp. @ 214"13 Sp. @ 212"Ramp or Stairs18"1Screws. Set Screws must114"of the inner sleeve and set flushRail or Handrailagainst outside face of rail (Typ.)Section11:46:47 AMrd960rhpenetrate the full wall thicknessAluminum Sleeve:Round over both endsSectionof rails12/30/2011Rail18"(Typ.)12"1NPS (Sch. 40) for Rails1" NPS (Sch. 40) for HandrailsLAST07/01/10REVISIO NDETAIL "E" - CONTINUITYFIELD SPLICEREVISIONDETAIL "B" - RAIL AND HANDRAIL(Showing Sloped Condition for Stairs or Ramp)CROSS REFERENCE:For locations of Details "C", "D" and "E", see Sheet 2.DESCRIPTION:INDEXFDOT DESIGN STANDARDSFY 2012/2013ALUMINUM PIPE GUIDERAILNO.870SHEETNO.4

12"–45’-0" Std. 3’-0" Min. ClearBetween Handrails»¿ GuiderAnchor Bolts12"NPS (Sch. 40) Handrail1’-9"1for Ramps18"0" Standard6"(M in.)Slope2% Max.(awayfrom dropoff)Step CheekwallAnchors** SteelDrop-off (Varies)6"1’-0"Anchors** Steel(M in.)step nosing45VariesTop ofBack Face ofGravity Wall9"TYPICAL SECTION ON STEPS & STAIRS(3’ -05.dgnMin.6"ywaa.(x% Mae2poSl)ffoporm dorf2"2"2" for Ramps12"412"4(M in.)1’-9"Thick Resilientor Neoprene Pad (Typ,)12"4Anchorsrequiring handrails** Steel12"7Thickened Edge2’-10"6" Standard,4" Sidewalk with1" Bar2"plates (as required) (Typ.)2"Base Plate with ShimM easured from Step Nosings3’-6"»¿ Guiderail & Anchor3’-6"»¿ Guiderail & AnchorTYPICAL SECTION ON CONCRETE SIDEWALK9"Width of Structure at(Min.)6" Embedment DepthTYPICAL SECTION ON GRAVITY WALL(Other Retaining Walls Similar)Edge Shim»¿2 " ˆ Anchor Bolts (**)(8" long xSelf-Locking Hex Nuts & Washers.»¿ " wi»¿thickness6"as reqd.)18"Min. Beveled(Min.)Build-up (Typ.)Epoxy Mortar (Type F) inaccordance with SpecificationNOTES:Section 926**Base Plate»¿2 " ˆ x 8" Steel AncGalvanized Steel Bolts (As Shown) (C-I-P); Galvanized U-BoltsPermitted (C-I-P); Galvanized Adhesive Anchors Permitted(***); Expansion Anchors Not Permitted.12"(Min.) widebed of Adhesive18"set in drilled holes (manufacturer recommended diameter) withHole (b"–), Cleanan Adhesive Bonding Material System in accordance withhole in accordanceSpecification Section 937 and installed in accordance withwhen required forwith Specificationheight adjustmentSection 416LAST01/01/11REVISIO NDETAIL "F" (OPTIONAL SHIMMING DETAILFOR CROSS SLOPE CORRECTION)(Used in lieu of Beveled Shim Plates)REVISIONSpecification Section 416. The minimum embedment is 6".Thick ResilientSeal end of post with aor Neoprene Padplastic or aluminum plugBonding Material12/30/201111:46:48 AM1*** Adhesive anchors shall be fully threaded headless anchor bolts3b" Core DrilledFull size Shim Plates12"rd960rh3" Min. EmbedmentOPTIONAL SIDEWALK ANCHORAGE DETAILDESCRIPTION:INDEXFDOT DESIGN STANDARDSFY 2012/2013ALUMINUM PIPE GUIDERAILNO.870SHEETNO.5

Ramp or Stairs Match Grade of Ramp or Stairs Match Grade of ◗ NPS, Sch. 40 Top Rail 2" NPS, Sch. 40 Post 2" 2" NPS, Sch. 40 Bottom Rail to maintain plumb posts (Typ.) Bevel bottom of post as required 4" Ø set screw. the 1 4" Ø plug weld is substituted for be 4" when a 3 * At the Contractor's option, embedded length may 4 .