Operation Manual

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWhen using this machine, basic safety precautions should always be taken, including the following:Read all instructions before using.DANGER - To reduce the risk of electric shock:1. The machine should never be left unattended while plugged in. Always unplug the machinefrom the electrical outlet immediately after using and before cleaning.2. Always unplug the machine before you change the light bulb.Replace the bulb with same type rated 15 watts.WARNING - To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury to persons:1. Do not allow this machine to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when the machine isused by or near children.2. Use this machine only for its intended use as described in this manual. Use only accessoriesrecommended by the manufacturer as contained in this manual.3. Never operate this machine if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it hasbeen dropped or damaged, or dropped into water. Return the machine to the nearest authorizeddealer or service center for examination, repair, electrical or mechanical adjustment.4. Never operate the machine with any air openings blocked. Keep ventilation openings of themachine and foot control free from the accumulation of lint, dust, and loose cloth.5. Never drop or insert any object into any opening.6. Do not use outdoors.7. Do not operate where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is beingadministered.8. To disconnect, turn the main switch to the symbol “{” position which represents off, thenremove plug from outlet.9. Do not unplug by pulling on the cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord.10. Keep fingers away from all moving parts. Special care is required around the machine needle.11. Always use the proper needle plate. The wrong plate can cause the needle to break.12. Do not use bent needles.13. Do not pull or push fabric while stitching. It may deflect the needle causing it to break.14. Switch the machine to the symbol “{” position to turn it off when making any adjustments in theneedle area, such as threading needle, changing needle, threading bobbin, or changing presserfoot, and the like.15. Always unplug the machine from the electrical outlet when removing covers, lubricating, orwhen making any other user servicing adjustments mentioned in the instruction manual.16. This sewing machine is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons withoutsupervision.17. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this machine.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSThis machine is intended for household use.1

FOR USERS IN THE UK, EIRE, MALTA AND CYPRUS ONLYIf this machine is fitted with a three-pin non-rewireable BS plug then please read the following.IMPORTANT (in the United Kingdom)Main supply (AC 230/240V , 50Hz)DO NOT cut off the main plug from equipment. If the plug fitted is not suitable for the power pointin your home or the cable is too short to reach a power point, then obtain an appropriate safetyapproved extension lead or consult your dealer.BE SURE to replace the fuse only with an identical approved type, as originally fitted and to replacethe fuse cover.If none the less the main plug is cut off be sure to remove the fuse and dispose of the plugimmediately, to avoid a possible shock hazard by inadvertent connection to the main supply.IMPORTANT (in the other countries)If the available socket outlet is not suitable for the plug supplied with this equipment, it should be cutoff and an appropriate three pin plug fitted. With alternative plugs an approved fuse must be fitted inthe plug.NOTE: The plug severed from the main leads must be destroyed as a plug with bared flexible cords ishazardous if engaged in a live socket outlet. In the event of replacing the plug fuse, use a fuseapproved by ASTA to BS 1362, i.e. carrying themark, rating as marked on plug.Always replace the fuse cover. Never use plugs with the fuse cover omitted.WARNING: DO NOT CONNECT EITHER WIRE TO THE EARTH TERMINAL WHICH IS MARKEDWITH THE LETTER ‘E’, BY THE EARTH SYMBOLOR COLORED GREEN OR GREEN ANDYELLOW.The wires in this main lead are colored in accordance with the following code:BlueNeutralBrownLiveAs the colors of the wiring in the main lead of this appliance may not correspond with the coloredmarkings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:The wire which is colored blue must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter‘N’ or colored black or blue.The wire which is colored brown must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter‘L’ or colored red or brown.2

UNPACKING INSTRUCTIONSKeep the carton and packing materials. You may have to take or send the machine to be repaired. If you do notpack it properly, or do not use the right packing material, the machine could be damaged.Please follow the diagram below to unpack the machine.IMPORTANT This packing material is designed to prevent damage. Save this packing material if you need totake or send this machine to be repaired.3

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU USE THE MACHINE.To use the machine safely1. Make sure you watch the needle carefully while you are sewing. Do not touch the balancewheel, thread take-up lever, needle, or other moving parts.2. Remember to turn off the power switch and unplug the cord: when you have stopped using the machine; when you are replacing or removing the needle or any other part; if there is a power failure while you are using the machine; if you are checking or cleaning the machine.3. Do not store anything on the foot controller.To give your machine a longer life1. Do not store this machine in direct sunlight or in high humidity conditions. Do not use or storethe machine near a heater, iron, halogen lamp or other hot objects.2. Use only mild soaps or detergents to clean the case. Benzene, thinner, and scouring powderscan damage the case and machine, and should never be used.3. Do not drop or hit the machine.4. Always check the operation manual before you replace or fit the presser feet, the needle, or anyother parts to make sure you fit them correctly.To repair or adjust the machineIf the machine breaks down, or you need to adjust it, first follow the troubleshooting table in theAppendix of this operation manual to inspect and adjust the machine yourself. If the problem is stillthere, please consult your local authorized dealer.4

CONTENTSIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS . 1UNPACKING INSTRUCTIONS . 3CONTENTS . 51. KNOWING YOUR SEWING MACHINE .7THE MAIN PARTS . 8ACCESSORIES .9Optional Accessories . 9USING YOUR SEWING MACHINE .10Connecting Plugs . 10Main Power and Sewing Light Switch . 11Foot Controller . 11Checking the Needle . 11Replacing the Needle . 12Changing the Presser Foot . 13Flat-Bed Attachment . 14THE CONTROLS . 15Pattern Selection Dial . 15Patterns and Stitch Names . 16Reverse Sewing Lever . 17Using a Free-arm Style . 17THREADING THE MACHINE . 18Winding the Bobbin . 18Lower Threading . 20Lower Threading (For One-touch lower threading) . 21Upper Threading . 23Using the Needle Threader (Models equipped with a needle threader) . 24Drawing up the lower thread . 26Sewing with a Twin Needle . 27Tension of the Thread . 28FABRIC,THREAD,AND NEEDLE COMBINATIONS . 292. STRAIGHT AND ZIGZAG STITCHING .31Please Read Before Sewing . 32Straight Stitching . 32Zigzag Stitching . 343. BUILT-IN STITCHES .35Blind Hem Stitching . 36Elastic Stitching . 36Overedge Stitching . 374. SEWING BUTTONHOLES AND BUTTONS .39Making a Buttonhole . 40Adjusting Buttonholes . 41Sewing Buttons . 425

————————5. USING ATTACHMENTS AND APPLICATIONS .43Zipper Insertion . 44Gathering . 45Darning . 45Appliqués . 46Monogramming and Embroidering . 47OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES . 49Using the Walking Foot . 49Using the Quilting Foot . 50Using the 1/4-Inch Quilting Foot .

Always check the operation manual before you replace or fit the presser feet, the needle, or any other parts to make sure you fit them correctly. To repair or adjust the machine If the machine breaks down, or you need to adjust it, first follow the troubleshooting table in the Appendix of this operation manual to inspect and adjust the machine yourself. If the problem is still there, please .