Rev: 7-2022Dear Potential PTA Applicant,Thank you for your interest in our Program! Enclosed please find the Curriculum Planand Information Sheet regarding selection procedures for acceptance into the Physical TherapistAssistant Program. Please check our website, for the latestinformation and application to our program. We begin with a cohort of 20 students each fall.There is a selective admissions process using a preference point system because there aremore applicants than available spaces in the program. The current application is available on ourwebsite beginning in November each year and has a 20 selective admissions fee that must bepaid at the time of application. The receipt must be uploaded as part of the application. Thedeadline for the application to be received via the online format is the first Friday in March fora fall entry into the program. The PTA classes are held in the late afternoons and evenings butoccasional daytime participation is required, primarily during the clinical education practicums.These courses involve a total 18 weeks of clinical experience in selected physical therapysettings and occur during the day (8-5 or similar) Monday through Friday in the 5th, 8th, and9th terms of the program. They will require individual transportation off campus.Additionally, applicants must have COMPLETED Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO1314) or semester-long college-level Human Anatomy course and Anatomy and Physiology II(BIO 1414) or semester-long Human Physiology course with a minimum grade of “C” prior tobeginning the 3rd term of the PTA program. Although this is not considered a pre-requisite toapply to the program, having a background in anatomy and physiology is very important to helpeach student grasp the concepts presented in the first/second term PTA classes.The OCCC PTA Program is a two-year integrated program, meaning that it takes twoyears (five semesters/9 terms, including the summer clinical practicum) to complete the PTAcoursework and receive the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Physical TherapistAssistant, regardless of any courses that have already been completed, degrees earned, or workexperience. I strongly suggest observing in the physical therapy field to insure that the student’spersonal attributes and interests match the job requirements of a physical therapist assistant. Thephysical therapist assistant degree is NOT a stepping stone toward the doctorate in physicaltherapy degree. There are three bridge programs PTA-DPT that require a bachelor’s degree,GRE test results and 2-3 years experience as a physical therapist assistant prior to application.For students to successfully complete the PTA Program and become licensed, they mustbe able to meet all cognitive and behavioral objectives listed on the individual course syllabi anddemonstrate competency of all required skills. Clinical agencies also have requirements in placethat all students must meet. Students who do not met the agency requirements will not be ablecomplete the clinical practicums. This means that these student(s) cannot successfully pass thecourse(s) which require clinical performance and cannot be successful in the program. Pleasesee the attachment regarding essential functions of the PTA for activity requirements.Currently, the cost of in-state tuition and fees is 135.29 per credit hour (2022-2023).This is the fourth year in a row that OCCC has not raised tuition costs! Beginning in 2020, 69credit hours are required for the PTA degree including the general education and supportcourses. Estimated costs associated with the PTA Program are available on the website. Allstudents must purchase medical malpractice liability insurance, which is available through thebursar’s office (estimated cost, 30.00 annually). This must be purchased annually prior to thefirst PTA class each fall. Verification of immunizations including: two negative tuberculosis(TB or PPD) tests, two MMR vaccinations, two chicken pox (varicella) vaccinations, TDaP,

Rev: 7-2022influenza, and a series of three hepatitis B vaccinations or a signed declination letter will berequired. It is required for the students who are accepted to upload copies of these documents tocomplete their files. OCCC does not require the COVID-19 vaccination for admittance orcontinuance in the PTA program. Clinical partners/sites may, however require the vaccinefor clinical practicums. Students must complete clinical practicums to earn AAS degreeand be eligible for PTA licensure. The other requirement is a current Healthcare Provider levelCPR documentation, The CPR and the TB must remain current throughout the PTA Program tocomply with clinical requirements. OCCC will offer CPR classes the first few weeks of the termto those in need, costs and dates available at orientation.Due to clinical agency requirements, all students must obtain an extensive, nationwideBackground Report which includes, but is not limited to, Oklahoma State Bureau ofInvestigation (OSBI) searches for sex offender, violent offender, and criminal history. Thebackground report must occur within 3 months prior to the first day of class. The procedure andfee ( 42.50) are explained in more detail when acceptance materials are mailed. Clinical agencyrepresentative(s) review the reports that have a criminal history. The facility alone can accept ordeny clinical access to a student. If a student is denied access to the clinical sites he/she willbe unable to successfully complete the program. Any break in continuous enrollment willresult in an additional criminal background report, at the cost of the student.Drug testing is required for all students in the Division of Health Professions. Eachstudent will provide a sample for a 10 panel, pre-placement drug test prior to the first clinicalassignment. Students must produce a negative drug result to remain eligible for the program. Ifa student is prescribed normal daily medications, from a medical professional, a MedicalReview Officer will determine eligibility. Any student receiving a confirmed positive drug testfrom the MRO will not be eligible to continue in the program, but may reapply to any of theDivision Programs for a future semester. Admission is based on program application proceduresand is not guaranteed. Failure of a second drug test will result in dismissal from any of the HPPrograms with no opportunity for readmission. Any break in continuous enrollment will resultin an additional pre-placement drug test, at the cost of the student. Licensing agencies requirethat any criminal history or positive drug test results must be reported to the appropriatelicensing agency. Please note – while medical marijuana is legal in the State of Oklahoma,it is not accepted in healthcare or in any of the Health Professions Programs at OCCC. Apositive test for marijuana will result in the student’s loss of eligibility to remain in a HPProgram.In the past two years (2020, 2021 graduates), 97.44% of students who were admitted tothe PTA Program graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree and 97.29% of thePTA graduates have successfully passed the national board exam becoming licensed physicaltherapist assistants. Our program graduates, choosing to work as PTAs enjoy 100% jobplacement with starting salaries in the 40,000- 50,000 range depending on practice setting. Weare fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education andwere the first accredited PTA program in Oklahoma. The clinical community strongly supportsthis program as evidenced by the participation in our clinical education program, ProgramAdvisory Committee, and graduate job placement.I hope this information is helpful. If you have further questions, please feel free to calleither Academic Advising at 682-1611 extension 7535 or myself at 682-1611 extension 7305.Good Luck to you!Sincerely,Jennifer Ball, PT, MHR, ATCPTA Program Director

ADMISSIONS AND GENERAL INFORMATIONApplications for admissions to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program maybe obtained online at Application periods are onceper year with deadlines occurring in early spring.Applicants must first qualify for admission to Oklahoma City Community Collegeaccording to the criteria for admission by submitting official transcripts from everycollege/university attended (including concurrent coursework)Fees include a 30.00 first time enrollment fee (for students new to OCCC) and a 20.00 selective application fee for the PTA Program as stated in the currentCollege Catalog. The selective admissions fee receipt must be uploaded with thePTA application.It is very important that individuals interested in applying to the PTA Programbegin by meeting with an advisor to ensure admissions criteria has been met(testing and GPA requirement)There are basic application requirements (reading, writing, math tests, and GPA)which must be met to qualify for application consideration. Once these basicapplication requirements are met, the applicant is placed on a candidate list inorder of the total number of preference points earned. Although preferencepoints are optional, they are the means for selection of each class admitted to thePTA Program. In the event of duplicate preference points, GPA is used to rank thecandidates in each preference point category. Science GPA is the next criteriaused for duplicate preference points if needed.Only completed applications will be accepted. They must include all documents,fee receipt, transcripts, test scores, and work experience forms. Preferencepoints will be assigned according to existing criteria.An official transcript from each of the colleges/universities attended must besubmitted to the office of records to be reviewed at the time of application.(including concurrent). Students can view the transcripts from their student portalto ensure the most recent transcripts have been received (especially for courseand degree verification)When meeting with an advisor to plan semester courses and determineapplication preference points, it is helpful to bring copies of transcripts fromoutside colleges/universities attended.Applications will be considered for the specified application period only.Applicants not selected may reapply for admission during the next applicationcycle. There is no limit to the number of times the applicant may apply.A cohort of twenty students is selected for the PTA Program each fall.For students to successfully complete any of the programs in Health Professions,they must be able to meet all the cognitive and behavioral objectives listed in thecourse syllabi and demonstrate competency on all required skills. PTA essentialfunctions can be found in the PTA Student Handbook and on the PTA websiteunder prospective student letter. Students with disabling conditions, who requireaccommodation to meet objectives or demonstrate required skills, must contactOCCC Student Accessibility and Support at (405) 682-7520.Clinical Agencies have requirements in place that all students must meet.Students who do not meet agency requirements (background checks,immunization requirements, drug testing) will not be able to attend thatclinical. That means that those students cannot successfully pass the course(s)

that require clinical performance and cannot be successful in the PTAprogram.Please note – while medical marijuana is legal in the State of Oklahoma, it is notaccepted in healthcare or in any of the Health Professions Programs at OCCC. Apositive test for marijuana will result in the student’s loss of eligibility to remain in aHP Program.

SUGGESTED COURSE SEQUENCE-69 CH(new sequence (terms) beginning with fall 2020 HISTCREDIT HOURSFIRST YEARTERM 1-early 8 weeks fall1314 Human Anatomy and Physiology IOR42255 Human Anatomy (with cadaver lab) *5 credit hour course1013 Introduction to Physical Therapy*16 week course31023 Dynamic Human Motion*16 week course31213 PT Procedures I*16 week course3TERM 2-late 8 weeks fall1414 Human Anatomy and Physiology IIOR42234 Human Physiology with lab1001 Success in College and Life1TERM 3-early 8 weeks spring2102 Clinical Anatomy*January Intercession21113 English Comp I31112 Pathology for Physical Rehabilitation *16 week course21224 Therapeutic Exercise I*16 week course42014 PT Procedures II*16 week course4TERM 4-late 8 weeks spring1151 Clinical Prep I1TERM 5-summer1213 English Composition IIOR31233 Report Writing1123 Interpersonal CommunicationOR32213 Introduction to Public SpeakingOR1312 Initial Practicum*4 week clinical course2SECOND YEARTERM 6-early 8 weeks fall1201 Pediatric Development, Conditions and Treatment12024 Therapeutic Exercise II*16 week course42113 PTA Systems/Problems*16 week course3TERM 7-late 8 weeks fall1211 Geriatric Conditions and Treatment12021 Clinical Prep II1TERM 8-early 8 weeks spring1113 General Psychology31113 American Federal Government32034 Practicum I *7 week clinical course4TERM 9-late 8 weeks spring2134 Practicum II *7 week clinical course41483 United States History to 1877OR1493 United States History 1877 to Present3Total credits 69**For the courses that indicate OR, the student may choose which course to take tocomplete the credit hour requirement in that area of study from the courses listed.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANTI understand the physical and cognitive requirements of this program to be strenuous. I must beable to meet the following Essential 7.18.19.Read, write and spell at the collegiate levelDemonstrate common sense, problem solving abilities, and sound judgmentCommunicate effectively verbally and in writingStand for 8 hoursSit for 8 hoursPerform skills requiring manual dexterity, fine motor skillsMaintain good standing balance on all surfacesAdminister manual exercisesPerform skills requiring constant walkingMake simple mechanical adjustments and repairs of therapy equipmentSafely transfer patients from all surfacesMeasure vital signsLift up to 50# frequentlyLift up to 150# occasionallySquat, stoop, kneel and/or crawlTransport patients with wheelchairs and carts by pushing and pullingAchieve “Health Care Provider” level CPREducate patients and other consumers of physical therapyResponds/performs appropriately in the event of unexpected and/or stressful situationsREV 2020/reviewed 2022

beginning the 3rd term of the PTA program. Although this is not considered a pre-requisite to apply to the program, having a background in anatomy and physiology is very important to help each student grasp the concepts presented in the first/second term PTA classes. The OCCC PTA Program is a two-year integrated program, meaning that it takes two