IS-5000COMMERCIAL MAIL PROCESSING MADE EASYMeet Neopost’s IS-5000 mailing solution. The IS-5000 combines outstanding productivity anduptime with powerful web-based iMeter Apps and an easy-to-operate ergonomic design tohelp you take control of your outgoing mail processing.With state-of-the-art technology, whisper-quiet operation and a host of helpful iMeter Apps at your fingertips, the IS-5000 is the best-in-class solution to meet all your mailprocessing requirements.THE NEXT GENERATION OF RELIABLE PRODUCTIVITYWith its industry-leading ergonomics and finely engineered design that’s beentested to 30 million cycles, the IS-5000 has what it takes to maximize throughput. High-Capacity Envelope Feeder reloads on thefly. With an impressive 7-inch stacking capacityand the ability to add additional items while thesystem is running, the IS-5000 greatly reduces processing interruptions anddramatically increases uptime and productivity. Best-in-class sealing capability easily processes stacks of envelopes arrangedin both open and closed-flap configurations. Its dual-pump jet-spray sealingsystem and five levels of spray adjustments ensure top-quality tip-to-tipenvelope sealing every time. Two operating speeds to tackle the demands of large corporate mailrooms andproduction mailing operations of any size. An intelligent, high-capacity Conveyor Stacker ensures that stackingproductivity matches feeding productivity. Keep your mail flowing by reducingstarts and stops with efficient and intelligent high-capacity motorized stacking.MIX IT UP - THE IS-5000 WILL SORT IT OUT AND SEAL IT UPDo you need to process envelopes of different sizes, shapes, thicknesses and weights?No Problem. The IS-5000’s Load ‘n’ Go True Mixed Mail Feeder eliminates the need for handsorting your mail. Simply place your envelopes of various sizes and formats into the selfaligning feeder and press start. No matter what your needs are, the IS-5000 will process andautomatically seal all your mixed mail. It’s that easy: sorted, sealed, metered and ready to go.

PRICING YOUR MAIL HAS NEVER BEEN EASIERSTAY CONNECTED WITH A LANDramatically reduce mail processing time and simplify operationswith Neopost’s i-Weigh in-motion Dynamic Scale. Its patentedintelligent four-point detection system automatically weighs andmeasures full dimensions and then quickly meters your mailaccording to Canada Post’s postage regulations at speeds up to150 letters per minute. For larger packages, External WeighPlatforms with up to 35kg capacity may be ergonomically placedwhere you would use them most.Save time and increase efficiency with the standard LANconnection that automatically connects to any network type.Enjoy fast and easy statistic uploads, rate change updates,postage re-crediting, system diagnostics, feature upgrades andsoftware downloads. Running securely via your internalnetwork, the LAN connection eliminates the need for atraditional analog phone line.With Smart Start technology, each time an item is removed fromthe Weighing Platform in Differential Weighing mode, the IS-5000automatically starts and is ready to dispense a label with thecorrect postage amount.NEVER RUN OUT OF INKKeeping your mail moving couldn’t be easier with the Low Ink Alertfeature that notifies Neopost when your cartridge gets low. OurCustomer Service Centre will give you a courtesy call to let youknow you are almost out of ink. Reordering online is simple andfast, and with the Click ‘n’ Snap design, changing cartridges hasnever been easier.

FULL COLOUR 5.7” TOUCHSCREENMIXED-SIZE MAIL FEEDINGAND WEIGHINGRELIABLE PROCESSING, SIMPLEAND FASTBEST-IN-CLASS WEB APPLICATIONSONLINE SUPPLIES STORE24/7 ONLINE MONITORING ANDCONTROL OFYOUR POSTAGE EXPENSESDESIGNED WITH THE OPERATOR IN MINDWe’ve talked to our customers and designed the IS-5000 to be asergonomic and easy to use as possible. All functions are controlledfrom the same area of the system, creating a compact andcomfortable workspace. The IS-5000’s flexible design allows operatorsto adjust and place components within an arm’s reach, thusminimizing the required range of motion and providing optimalworkflow and comfort as they work. The flexible, intuitive Control Panel moves backwards and forwardsand swivels left and right to provide a comfortable workingenvironment for users of all heights.MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF YOUR INVESTMENTAND REDUCE COSTSWatching the bottom line has never been more important, whichis why each IS-5000 is configured to meet your specificrequirements. The advanced modular design allows you toconfigure your own system and only purchase the componentsand options you need. With Neopost, you won’t waste money onfancy features you’ll never use.As well, our new ink and printing technology provides maximumreturn on your investment. Each IS-5000 comes standard witha permanent print head designed to last the life of theMailing System. The full-colour intuitive Touch Screen minimizes keystrokes and putseven the occasional user in control with simple-to-use navigationmenus. Eliminate errors and improve productivity with a host ofsmart functions and simple-to-follow menu prompts that deliver theextensive features of the IS-5000. Use the failsafe Rate Wizardfeature, as well as the ShortcutKeys, Rate Favourites andImpression Memories to savetime and get your mailout faster. A dedicated workspace underthe Control Panel givers usersan additional area for preparingitems for processing. An integrated Automatic LabelDispenser optimizes theIS-5000’s workspace, enablingusers to easily and quicklyprocess larger envelopesand parcels.

myneopostiMeter AppsREALIZE THE FULL POTENTIAL OF YOUR MAILING SYSTEMAs part of its revolutionary design, the IS-5000 introduces the industry’s first iMeter . The iMeter is an internet connected smart meter that provides on-demand online access to control yourMailing System and postage expenditures. Working in conjunction with myneopost, you will havethe tools at your fingertips to simplify Mailing System management and monitor, track and controlpostage expenditures. Using myneopost, your Mailing System can connect, via a high-speedinternet connection, to a full suite of web-based Neopost iMeter Apps.myParcels AppmyPost Office AppPrepare your shipping documents, track yourparcels online and save up to 8% on postage costs.Locate a Postal Outlet near you.myEnvelopes AppChoose the right envelope for your mail tominimize your postage costs.myRates AppCompare and choose the best Canada Post optionfor all your mailing and shipping activities andsave on postage costs.myHelp Desk AppUpdate your address, request on-site technicalsupport and review your request status 24/7.myPostal Code AppFind Postal Code information for any address in Canada.mySupplies AppMakes Mailing System supplies easy to manage andsimple to order.myPostage AppTrack, Confirm and Control your Postage Usage 24/7.myDetails AppView your contact information and account status online.myAddresses AppImprove response rates, decrease costs andincrease the ROI on all your mail.myEquipment AppMonitor, Report, Diagnose and Upgrade your systemon demand.

IS-5000COMMERCIAL MAIL PROCESSING MADE EASYMAILCARE-WORLD-CLASS SERVICE &SUPPORT MADE SIMPLETo guarantee your organization's increasedefficiency and effectiveness, we offerMailCare, a suite of Mailing System servicepackages based on comprehensive, longterm support that will keep your IS systemand your business running smoothly and efficiently. Each MailCare serviceplan is a uniquely integrated service and support solution that allows you tochoose the level of service and support you need at price that suits yourbudget. With no hidden fees, MailCare keeps service and support simple whilemaximizing the value of your investment.MAIL ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONSKEEP YOU IN CONTROLToday’s business environment demandsoptimized budgets and controlled costs.Neopost’s Mail Accounting Solution(MAS) delivers the detailedreports you need to track, analyze,allocate, forecast and consolidate your mail processing activities. Establishbudgets by department and then monitor costs with automatic alerts orlimits to control overspending. Connect your system to Neopost MAS andstay in control.WE’VE GOT YOU COVEREDNeopost customer support is there for you withour Canada based Customer Service Centre andnationwide technicians who are ready to assistyou. In fact, our dedication to providing you withworld class customer satisfaction is soadvanced that we offer automatic diagnosticswith our IS product line. By uploading systems data, we will be alerted if you arehaving trouble. This complimentary service allows us to analyze the situationremotely and then fix it accordingly.OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCYProcessing Speed (BatchDynamic Weighing SpeedControl PanelControl Panel CustomizationAutomatic Label DispenserFeeding CapabilityEnvelope OrientationSealing SystemDifferential WeighingSmart Start System ActivationImpression MemoriesRate Shortcut KeysLast Rate UsedRate WizardEnvelope-Minimum SizeEnvelope-Minimum SizeEnvelope-Maximum SizeEnvelope-Maximum SizeMaximum Envelope ThicknessUp to 300 lpmUp to 150 lpm5.7" Colour Touch ScreenStandardStandardLoad ‘n’ Go True Mixed Mail FeedingLandscape or PortraitAdjustable Dual Pump Jet SprayStandardStandard156Last 10 Rates SelectedStandard3.5" x 5" (Batch)3.5" x 5" (Dynamic Weighing)13" x 15” (Batch)10" x 13" (Dynamic Weighing)0.8"MAIL QUALITY AND SECURITYSecurity System PIN CodeAdvertising SlogansIncoming Mail Date StampPermit Mail PrintingOpen Flap SealingClosed Flap SealingNested Envelope SealingNon-Nested Envelope SealingControlled User Access35YesYesYesYesYesYesBUDGET OPTIMISATIONAccounting DepartmentsHigh Value WarningLow Postage Funds Warning100 StandardStandardStandardmyneopost iMeter AppsAutomatic Canada Post Rate DownloadsLow Ink AlertsRemote DiagnosticsView Monthly Postage Usage OnlineView Postage Account BalanceOnline Supplies StoreShipping Document PreparationPost Office LocatorPostal Code Look UpSmart Data CleanserFind a Postage RateRemote On-site Service RequestView neoFunds OnlineHigh-Speed LAN ConnectionOn-line Expense Report GenerationYesYesYesYes, for the past 13 PTIONSWeighing Platformsi-Weigh Dynamic ScaleDepartment UpgradeBarcode ScannerUSB Mass StorageExternal USB PrinterMail Accounting Software (MAS)3, 5, 10 or 35kgYes300 or 500YesYesYesYesWHY CHOOSE NEOPOST?Neopost is a world leader in mailing and logistics solutions. Our innovative solutions bring simplicity and efficiency to your mailing process to make yourbusiness run better. Whether for advice or support, you enjoy our commitment to supply first-class service – on the phone, on-site or online. Benefitfrom immediate response times and remote diagnosis at our Customer Service Centre, and fast dispatch of Service Technicians when needed. to find out why 90% of our customers in Canada would recommend us to an associate.**2010 InfoQuest SurveyNEOPOST CANADA150 Steelcase Rd. W.Markham, ON L3R 3J9Tel: 905-475-3722Fax: 905-475-7699Toll free: 1-800-636-7678 2012. Neopost Canada.All rights reserved.88-E-5000neopost.caEco-Friendly, the upgraded Neopost IS Series is designed toreduce your environmental footprint by 50%Our Ink Cartridge Recycling Program ensures that yourused Ink Cartridges do not end up in a land fill.Being ISO 2008, 9001 and IS0 14001 (environmental) certified, Neopost will serveyou according to the highest process, quality and environmental standards.PN 533 - Specifications are subject to change without notice. Neopost and the Neopost logo are registered trademarks of Neopost S.A. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.As an Energy Star Partner, Neopost has determined that this product meets the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency. Energy Star is a U.S. registered mark.THE IS-5000 AT A GLANCE

Neopost is a world leader in mailing and logistics solutions. Our innovative solutions bring simplicity and efficiency to your mailing process to make your business run better. Whether for advice or support, you enjoy our commitment to supply first-class service - on the phone, on-site or online. Benefit