I--i-p-i in., F-'n -,'.a'r lie,,,nli.t. Aug-ni19J4A FEAST OF FAT THINGS (see page 536)ANDFOil RSQUARE REVIVALISTjesth Christ the sameVol. XIV. No.34AUGUST 25, 1933r.Pc---—prt.s.1.: .I.—The Art and HIutafleal Muuum, G.nen.unto you.John XVI.?.

THE ELlI l:VAN;kl. Nt) loiJR'ji ' iiC.ver ii.EVIV.I.ISAugust 25 h, 1933.The Elim EvangelCOME TO THE GREATANt) FOURSQUARH REVI%ALISTFoursquare RallyOfficial Organ of the Eliot Foursquare Gspe1 AllianceFounder & Leader, Principal George Jeifreys,General Headquarters: 20, Clarence Road, Cisphant Park, London, S.W.4Secretary-General: Pastor E. J. Phillips.Vol. XIV.Editor: Pastor W. G. Hathaway.No. 34August 25, 1933at theCRYSTALPALACELONDONSATURDAY, 2nd SEPTEMBERThe Discipline of Suffering.Healcd of a Tumour.In the image of God.Music: In the Service of the King.Bible Study Helps .Family AltarEditorial.529.531532.534.534535.536. .Paul's Great Gains536Channels of Divine Healing. 537Fruit from the Branches . 539Concisc Comments and Interesting Items 540The New Covenant .541Elim Crusader Page. 543. 544Forgive and Forget .How the Fine was Paid . 544.Opening Prayer Meeting at 10.15 a.m.Special meetings will be held throughout the daysimultaneously in various halls, including DivineHealing Services to be conducted by PrincipalGeorge Jeffrcys, meetings for those seeking theBaptism of the Holy Spirit, Baptismal Service,Communion Service, Elim Crusader Rally, SundaySchool and Cadet Rally, World Crusade Meeting,Open-Air Meetings, Special Singing by various Choirs,Lectures on the Tabernacle, Palestine Customs, etc.,to be concluded byOne Great United Meetingat 6.30 p.m., in the Centre Transept,at which.Terms.—10/- for one year or 5/- for 6 months, postfree to any address. American and Canadian subscribersmay send 2 dollar bills for 10 months.Quantities.—.\ dozen or more of each issue may beobt,uned at 2/- per dozeti, post free, monthly payments.Remittances should b addressed to the Elim Publishing Co.,, Park Crescent, Clapham, London, S.W.4,and cheques made payable to Elim Publishing Co., Ltd.Printed and publishedPrincipal GEORGE JEFFREYSwill minister the WordADMISSION.Specialtickets admitting to the CrystalPalace for the whole day can be obtained at all Elim Centresat 1/- each; children half price. All tickets should be procuredin advance as none can be sold at the gates on September 2ndFriends unable to secure special tickets at Eiim Centres mayobtain same from the Accountant, 20, Clarence Road, ClaphamPark, London, S.W.4. Stamped addressed envelope must beFriday by the Elimenclosed.Illustrated Programmes. 2d. each from Elim centres, or theHeadquarters and Editorial Offices: Tulse Hill, 2227.Accountant (address above).CRUSADER CHOIR. All Elim Crusaders are invited toeveryPublishing CC). Ltd., Park Crescent, Clapham. S.\V.4.Telephone Nos. Publishing Dept.: Macaulay 2981.Elim \Voocjlands: Tulse Hill 3860.ELIM SUMMER HOLIDAY HOMESTake your holiday in an atmosphere of spiritual joy!BRIGHTON. Elim Guest House, 45, Sussex Square.Situated In healthiest ar.d best part of Brighton. Near seaand overlooking beautiful gardens. Spiritual fellowship andhome comforts. Open to end of August. Apply to Miss Wylieat above.HOVE. Elim Holiday Home. Five minutes from sea andstation.Between Hove and Brighton churches. ClosingSeptember 8th. Apply to Miss Volckman, Kenilworth House,Eaton Road, Hove.SOUTHPORT. Elim Holiday Home in the Garden Cityby the sea. Special features: Bible readings, bathing, picnics.Open to September 1st. Apply to Miss Bagshaw, StoneycroftSchool, 18, Waterloo Road, Birkdale, Southport.CLOSSOP. Elim Home for spiritual and physical refreshment; situated near the Derbyshire hills and Yorkshire moors.Moderate terms.Apply to Superintendent, Beth-Rapha,Clossop, Derbyshire.ELIM WOODLANDS. The Elim Bible College is open tovisitors to enjoy Its natural charms and spIritual opportunities.Apply to Superintendent, Elim Woodlands, Clarence Road,Clapham Park, London, S.W.4.ELIM REST HOUSE. Adjoining Elim Woodlands, for thoserequiring quiet rest and loving care in spiritual surroundings.Apply to Nurse Bath, 21, Rodenhurst Road, Clapham Park,London, S.W.4.join the great Elim Choir. Tickets from Crusader Secretariesat 6d. each.SUNDAY SCHOOL SCHOLARS AND CADETS mayobtain tickets from Sunday School Superintendents at 3d. each.RESERVED SEATS. A number of reserved seat ticketsfor the evening service are obtainable from the Accountant(address above) at L/- per seat All other seats free.LONDONERS. Cheap fares by rail and easy access by'bus and tram (see back of admission tickets).DAY VISITORS TO LONDON. Where eight or moretravel together from one station, returning the same day,return tickets may be obtained at a single fare for the doublejourney.OTHER VISITORS. Those coming from a distance whointend prolonging their stay in London should write for ac-commodation to the Superintendent, Elim Woodlands, ClarenceRoad, Clapham Park, London, S.W.4.NOW PROCEEDINGPrincipal GEORGE JEFFREYSAND REVIVAL PARTY'SRevival and Healing Campaign in theBIG TENTFair Ground, Walton Street, HULLSundays 3 and 6.30. Week-nights (except Fridays) 7.30.Thursday afternoons 3.

AUGUST 25th, 1933The E1rn Ev3ngel.AND FOURSQUARE REVIVALISTThe Elim Foursqudre Gospel Afliance was foundedPublications and Supplies, Elim Bible College Coy-by Principal George, Jeffreys, its present leader,in, Ireland, in the year 1915. The Principal'scampaigns have filled to overflowing the largest'respondence 'School, Elim Crusaders and Cadets, ElimForeign Missions, arid Foursquare Gospel Testimony.It stands uncompromisingly for the whole Bible as theinspired Word of God, and contends for THE FAITHhalls in the British Isles, and have resulted in manythousands of converts to Christ, and notable miraclesof healing. The movement consists of Eli,m Revivaland Healing Campaigns, Elim Foursquare GospelChurches and Minsters, Ehm Bible 'College, Eli,nVol. XIV., No. 34Iagainst all modern thought, Higher Criticism, andNew .Theology. It condemns extravagances andfanaticism in every shape and form. It promulgatesthe old-time Gospel in old-time power.AUGUST 25, 1933Fridays, TwopenceTheDisciplineof SufferingMrs. E. V. BAKERByWANT you to consider the purpose of suffering.He wants to work in us a broken spirit, a yieldedYou will find much on this line in all the New will, as we just melt down into utter pliability inTestament writers.His hands. We are so proper that we do not like\'Ve remember that on the eve of Peter's denial, to weep in public, but we ought to be willing tothe Lord Jesus, referring to this fall which was just shew feeling if the Spirit puts it upon us. It shewsahead, said to him, " When thou art converted, [or that the heart is tender. Jesus' heart is full of tenturned' again] strengthen thy brethren." Thus he derness, and He wants to bring us into a tenderwas commissioned to comfort and strengthen others ness andwho might slip, or those who suffer, or are discouraged.PLIARILITYOF SPIRITour heart bleeds over the deeds of a perishPeter tells us how to meet trials, and discipline,Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty irig world. We should not want to hide it.hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time."We get a blessed word in Isaiah: "Thus saithHow blessed to recognise it is God's hand.the Lord, The heaven is My throne, and the earthWe can often see the human agency, and some- is My footstool, . . . but, to this man will I look,times see it so plainly that we forget there is a even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, andDivine side.trembleth at My word."GOD SEES AN OPPORTUNITYWe tremble at the word of man, we are afraid'to get more deeply into your life if He permits the of what people may say, afraid for our reputation,trial to come to you, so His permission becomes His but God says of the one who has got so low beforeHim, that he cares more about the will of God thanwill for you at the time.else, that in' his heart theHigh andThis was the case with Job. God let that terrible anythingtrial come which so confused him, but it was all per- Lofty One " will dwell.There is so much restlessness and unyieldednessmitted that God might bring Job into a New Testawherement experience, the most blessed of his life.If you do not recognise this you will not only getno blessing, but be hardened.A dear woman came to us lately who was passingthrough deep trouble. She said, " You do not knowhow hard it is," and could' not see God in it, nomatter how much we talked to her, and it resultedin hardening her heart.You put some metals in the fire, and the heat meltsthem; you put others in, and they become hardened.We little know the amount of pride and selfishness,in our natures that God must melt it out, even thoughin fiery trial.It was said of Moab, " Moab hath been at easefrom his youth, and hath settled on his lees, andhath not been emptied from vessel to vessel, neitherhath he gone into captivity therefore his taste remaineth in him, and his scent is not changed " (icr.xlviii. 11). Moab would not submit their ways toGod. They would not be turned out of their plans,and the sad thing about many Christians is that theyare like Moab, not willing to be "emptied fromof hardness and setness of spirit in our hearts. He vessel to vessel." Thus they do not gain experiencewants to melt it out of us, to humble us and make from the discipline of more ,like His Son. He puts us in a situationOf Israel it was said, " Theplowedwe do not understand, and we struggle and get into upon my back, they made long theirplowersfurrows." Thatdeeper darkness, till at last we come to the place where was not a pleasant experience, but Moab has passedwe keep still and let our God work.for ever out of the sight or thought of men, whileBy nature we are full of independence and self- Israel, Who has been under the discipline of Godseeking, and while in that spirit God cannot use us. for centuries, remains for a glorious future.529

THE ELIM EVANGEL AND FOURSQUARE REVIVALIST.David said, " Surely & hav bel*ved and quietedmyself, as a child that is wéanéd of his mother. Mysoul is even as a weaned child."What volumes this speaks of suffering and chastening. The little child who has lain in the mother'sarms, drawing life from her tender breast and living-August 25th, 1933.an1 He t9ppd the xiian whp was doing all 'wasTHE HEART OF THE LORDthat was pained. He is caring. He will see that thefire does not get too hot. Just cast all your circum-stances, yourself, everything upon the light of her loving smile, one day is takenYou can always pick out an emigrant when youaway from this shelter and denied its accustomed are travelling. He will always have a great pile ofprivilege. How he is bereft, how cruel and hard it luggage about him on the seat, and under the seat,must seem, but there is no other way to a larger and on his lap. God wants you to cast all yourlife, so after a little it ceases its moans, and submits burdens opon Him, and not go through this worldto the new conditions, then enjoys them, and soon all burdened down. He does not like you to be arejoices in the added blessing.fretful, burdened child. Let Him carry your trials,So God was disciplining David till at last he be- your failures, the whole thing. Cast all your carecame quiet, like the weaned child.upon Him. It sounds nice, it seems easy, but it isAre you there where you are so sure of God'sabout the hardest thing in the world to do. This"love, so broken and yielded that you can say, It's bill that must be paid, this hard thing that I cannotall right, Lord, I take Thy way," even the things understand, all these very real things, how can Iyou feel you cannot bear, or let go on any longer? cast them on One whom I cannot see? But He wantsIf you make your own way out you will have to the unseen One to be more real to us than the onego into another trial. God will not let you skip seen. "All power is given unto Me in heaven andlessons. We used to do that in school sometimes, in earth." He can set a train of providences at work,but God will not let you do it in the school of the that you do not understand at all. He has a thouHoly Spirit. Let us take grace to learn all the les- sand ways you cannot see, to make these things comesons, even though many of them are hard and try- to pass. He will bring the answer in a most suring, so that God can pass us on to others. He prising way.does not want our yielding to His dealing to beThe Psalmist says, " Commit thy way unto thebecause we " must," but because we believe He is Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it todoing the very best thing. God asked Abraham to pass." There is a real dealing with this unseen One.offer up his son Isaac in sacrifice. And he rose You commit it to somebody else, and you expectup early in the morning to do it How sublime this him to look after it. Commitaction. Had we a cross half sohard before us, wewould wait a week or two, and consult all ourfriends, while I do not believe he even told Sarah.ALL THE NEEDS OF YOUR LIFEtoHim, then trust. You put money in the bank, youHe took his servants and his son, and went at leave it there, and go home. You do not sit up allnight to see if the bank is broken into. No, youOBEY THE LORD.once tocome home and go to sleep, and you do not think ofThink how unspeakably dear to Abraham this son it again, perhaps, till you need it. You put yourmust have been because of all the dealings with Godabout him. Then all the promises were to be fulfilledthrough him, and yet how could they be if he wereslain?We get the secret of it in iebrews xi. 17-19. Helaid him upon the altar. " Accounting that God wasable to raise him up, even from the dead; frbm whencealso he received him in a figure." What marvellousfaith, that out of a heap of ashes, God would' restorehis son, in the strength of health, and the bloom ofyouth, till Sarah, with the instinct of mother love,could never detect what had in the hands of a lawyer, and you come awayand expect him to attend to it. You trust it t him. Now commit your way to God, trust also inHim, and He will work. One version says, " Hewill bring it to pass." Another says, " He worketh.When you take your hands off, He works, and youneed not be anxious. You commit it to God, andby and by you find He has been working. God hasPassured me of this many times when I could not seethat anything was being done. " I am working,"and I knew it was safe. It always helps me to letgo the anxiety. The time had not come for resultsOh, humble yourself under the mighty hand of to be seen.Can you commit your way unto Him, no mattersuch a God as that, for there shall be an exaltationin due time, and I am sure that the exalting will be if you are in a hard place? Then trust also in Him,and you will find that He worketh for proportion to the humbling.There is another exhortation here, " Be sober, beI believe that every trial that comes hurts Himvigilant, because your adversary, the Devil, as amore than it does us.You remember about Saul of Tarsus, how after roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he maythe death of Stephen, he went about and "made devour; whom resist stedfast in the faith." If therehavoc of the Church, entering into every house, and is any soul that Satan hates, it is the one who trustshaling men and women, committed them to prison." God. So lie brings you into a hard place, bringsWhen he was on his way to Damascus, Jesus Christ you into trying circumstances, makes things to lookstopped him on the way and said, " Saul, Saul, as if God were hard. The exhortation is toBE SOBER.why persecutest thou Me? " As if every pang thoseChristians suffered went through the heart ot God, Do not be anxious; see that you are not moved by

August 25th, 1933.THE ELIM EVANGEL AND FOURSQUARE REV1VAIJSTany of his arguments; see that Satan does not takeyour faith from you.IWe have had people come to us, and we haveprayed with them, and they have said, " Yes, thething came to pass, but perhaps it would have comeanyway." All the spiritual blessing had gone,531his devices." How did he learn them? In just thesame way that we do. He learned to stand atlast, and God established him. That is whatGod wants to do, that you may not be turnedabout by " every wind of doctrine.'t Why are peoplegoing into Christian Science and other false teach-stolen away from them. God did not get the credit. ings? Because they have not let God establishLet your own heart have the joy of knowledge. You them.prayed, and God answered. Do not let Satan stealIf there was ever a day when God's people neededto be established, surely it is the present. God putthings from you.Resist the Devil," resist every temptation to you in the fire, and He is establishing you. It is bedoubt, even if it looks as if God did not hear. Look cause you went into the trial and stood, that Hesteadily to God; resist the Devil with every temp- has beenABLE TO ESTABliSH YOU.tation he brings that would make God seem hard.Deal as definrely with God as if you were buying You ought to praise Him. He is going to settlea farm. Many of us give things over to God, and you. It is such a good thing if you know where tothen act as if He had not been doing anything. When find people. It is worth everything to God to lookyou gave it to Him, He took it, anddown and say, " I want somebody I can put in thatBEGAN TO UNDERTAKE,hard place. I can trust this man, I will put himyou ran away afraid, and He had to stop work- there." Or, " That man stood true in the trial;ing,and He will wait till you stop running about.he has learned his lesson; I can trust him," It is'' Butthe God of all grace, who hath called us worth everything.unto His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that yeThe church at home, in the foreign field, everyhave snifered awhile, make you perfect: stablish, where, is in need of workers. He has been pouringstrengthen. settle you." There is a real establishing light into you for years. It is because He has ain grace. You know when they are decorating china, service for you, and presently He will say, " I wantit has to be put in the fire and burned, so that the you there." He is testing you, He put you in thecolours will not come off. So He puts you in the furnace and you stood it. You are surprised that Hefire, and sometimes He has to do it again and again. put you there, but you stood the test, and now HeU you are in a place where you hand over every- can use you. I do not want to be where He canthing to the Devil, you are not in the place where not trust me, cannot use me. Oh, I beseechGod wants you. God will have to keep on, till yoti you, do not run away from the trial, do tiotknow better than to hand it over to Satan; till you shrink. He wants you to know Satan's devices. Letandhave learned your lesson; till you get strong and us say, ' Lord, whatever comes, we will trustlearn the way. Paul says, " We are not ignorant of Thee." Amen.Healed of a TumourAt Principal George Jeffreys' Campaign, Bradford——a—DO praise the Lord for the faith that removes mountains,and the peace of mind that passes all human understand-ting. I suffered for over five years from an internalI heard of Irincipal George Jeffreys' healingtumour,meetings, and I had faith to believe that if I could only getto one of his services I should be healed. I went on suffering for two years, and then I heard that he was coming to,the Olympia Hall, Bradford. I went to the meeting, vasprayed for and anointed with oil in the Name of the Lord,Tthe power of God instantly fell upon me, I was thrilled' fromhead to feet, and was completely healed. I was at the sametime baptised in the Holy Spirit. Speaking in other tonguesas the Spirit gave utterance, I was enveloped in a great light,brighter than the sun at noonday. After this glorious ex-'perience I went home fall of praise. That night I sle2tforthe first time in two years.Some say, Do the healings last? I say, Yes. It is'nd'tvfour years since I was healed, and it has been the happiest ,MRS. THOMPSON.four years of my life.—MRS, THOMPSON (Bradford).

THE ELIM EVANGEL AND FOURSQUARE REVIVALIST.TAugust 25ti, 1g33.The Higher LawHE young man Who had been examining then the face of gravity; a man walks about in defiancerow of shining instruments that lined the of it.operating room, turned abruptly to the greatThen why may there not be a law in the nextsurgeon.Of cow-se, you do not believe in the foolishnessplane of nature—the spiritual—that, just as naturally,called prayer," he said.supersedes some of the 'aws of the organic world?The plant reaches down into the organic matter, anda delicate instrument critically to the light.and the ability to rise superior to the force of gravhy.the younger exclaimed in as much in the material world without outragingAnd why not?" the surgeon asked, as he held grasping the dead atoms there endows them with lifeWhat! A man with your scientific training !" May not the operation of a law of the spiritual realmAnd why not?" the keen-faced elderly man a single law of nature?''Why—why, I guess it could," the young mai'repeated."Oh, come now, ioctor," the young marl said not only could—it does !"smilingly. "Surely yu cannot believe that Godwould upset all the laws of nature to grant the requestof some one of His creatures. You know how inexor-able are the laws of nature."That's exactly why I believe so strongly in theefficacy of prayer." The words were spoken quicttybut withEVIDENT SERIOUSNESS.theriddle, please," the other demanded,Exp'ainand his manner was grave now."Why, that's easy enough to do," the surgeonsaid. " Prayer—orthe surgeon declafedemphatically.Then there is something in prayer after all?"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteousman availeth much,' " the doctor quoted. "I tell you,my friend, prayer changes things." And the youngman knew from the light on the o'der man's face tliahere was one man at least for whom prayer hadchangcd things—many things.—Selected.rather frith, which is the motivepower of prayer—is just as much a force of natureCrystal Palace Orchestraprayer were answered l1 the laws of nature wouldbe smashed to pieces. That is not necessarily thecase. Let me illustrate. Why does this instrumentthat I hold in my hand not fall to the floor?"'Why, exactly because you are sustaining it !"Exactly. And yet the law of gravitation is notwrecked or denied. It is merely superseded for theINSTRUMENTALISTS, PLEASE NOTE!as is gravity. The sceptics seem to think that f\\ II!instrurnentaUsts who are desirous of playing in theorchestra at the Crystal Palace meetings on September 2nd,kindly read the following:All insrumentalists will be required to purchase a CHOIRticket, price 6d. This ticket will admit you into the CrystalP&ace, and allow you to occupy the special Orchestra seats.Arrangements are also being made for the Crusader Choirmoment by a higher law—the law of life.and Foursquare Orchestra to have tea together at a stated timea specially reserved restaurant, price 1/- per ticket. TicketsNow, as we ascend in nature we find this—theadmisson for instrumentalists, and Orchestra tea ticketsbask laws or a higher plane have just this power of ofmay be obtained from local Crusader Secretaries. The musicoverruling some of the laws of a lower plane.of the special choir pieces may also be obtained from theGravity is the great law of the inorganic world. loca' Crusader branch.It is still a law in the organic world, but the great Instrumentalists who are unable to obtain tickets, etc., fromlaw of thc organic world—THE LAW OF LIFE—is superior to it. The plant thrusts its stem upwardlocal sources should write to the Muskal Director, ElimFoursquare Gospel Alliance, 20, Clarence Road, Clapham Park,London, S.W.4, enclosing cash nd stamped addressed envelope.You are urged to purchase your tickets early.In theImageofGodBy the late Dr. F. E. MARSHAN'S identity with God is clearly stated in 18; Ezek. i. 5, 10, 13, 16, 22, 26, 28).Imagethe Scripture, for man is said to be made signifies " a shadow," " a picture," a portrait,''in His image and likeness. This statement or " statue," which is recognised asA once separates man from the rest of creation andDr. Dale says: " It is important to rememberplaces him on a level with God. What are we toMunderstand by image and likeness?Likeness." Dr. Parkhurst says " The generalidea of this difficult and extensive root seems to be"even "; to " put on a level "; " to be uniform ";to be equall" The word is rendered " fashionin II. Kings xvi. 10; " similitude " in II. Chron.that the image of God was not lost, however seriouslyit may have been impaired by the fall. In Genesisv. 1-3 we read In the day that God created man,in the likeness of God made He him; male and femalecreated He them . . . and called their name Adam.And Adam . . . begat a son in his own likeness,after his image, and called his name, Seth,' meaningiv. 37, and "after the manner" n Daniel x. 16.The meaning of the word likeness is undoubtedly that, as Adam was created in the image of God,to make one thing like another" (see Isaiah xl. Seth inherited that image."

August 25th, 1933.THE ELIM EVANGEL AND FOURSQUARE REVIVALIST.After the Flood, God is represented as saying,Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall hisblood be shed, for in the image of God made Heman " (Gen. ix. 6). Murder is a kind of sacrilege;to kill a man is to destroy the life of a creaturecreated in the Divine image; the crime is to bepunished with death.James, too, in his epistle, insists that the desperatewickedness of the tongue is shewn in ts recklessdisregard of the Divine image in man. " Therewithbless we the Lord and Father, and therewith cursewe men, which are made in the image of God(James iii. 9).In cursing men we therefore shew a want of reverence for God Himself in whose image they werecreated, and are guilty of a certain measure ofsacrilege.NATURE, NOT CHARACTER.The image of God," therefore, according to thesescriptures, does not necessarily include moral andspiritual perfection, though it must include the possibility of achieving it. It. reveals the Divine purpose533(I. Cor. xv. 49), in referring to the earth-conditions ofGod's offspring.It will be seen at once that there is no doubt asto the meaning of the word as used in the New Testament. As one has said, " It denotes not merely theimage, but also the pattern—the original—which setsforth that likeness or resemblance which is meantto be in the image."The word " likeness " occurs in James iii. 9 whereman is said to be " made after the likeness of God(R.V.). The word for " likeness means " resemblance.' It is derived from a word which signifiessimilarity." This second word is derived from aword which indicates " likeness in appearance " orcharacter "; and this third word comes from thebase of a word which means " to be at the samep'ace or time " and is rendered " together " in Johniv. 36, xx. 4).The first three words, and another cognate one, intheir general meaning, signify what we understandby " likeness," namely, " one thing being the facsimile of another." Dr. Dale says, in referring toman being made in the image and likeness of God:'that man should achieve it; but man, even after hehas sinned, still retains "the image of God " in theThere lies the possibility of God's supreme revelasense in which it is attributed to him in the Hebrew tion of Himself to the human race. God could notScriptures. It belongs to his nature, not to his have become man unless man had been made in thecharacter.image of God!Man was made in the image of God because he isa free, intelligent, self-conscious and moral personality.CHRISTMADE "LIKE' TO US.We may, therefore, argue that, He being madelike to us, proves that we were made like to Him.of his greatness a savage may exhibit, he stands The Spirit of God frequently reminds us that " Healone nd supreme; and in virtue of this solitary is made like to us "; hence the reference to the abovesupremacy, nian, under God, is the sovereign of words. As to His humanity, He was "made likeunto His brethren " (Heb. ii. 17); and as to Hiscreation.When we turn to the New Testament we find being sent to die for us as our Substitute, He wasmade in the likeness of sinful flesh " (Rom. is still said to be in the image and likeness ofGod. The Greek word for image (eikon) signifies 3); and, as to His humiliation, He was " made ina " statue," a " profile," i.e., " one thing which by the likeness of men " (PhiL ii. 7); and as to 1-Tisits resemblance is a represertation of another thing." perfect testing. He was in " all points tempted likeThe word is derived from a loot which means a re- as we are (or, according to likeness) " (Heb. iv. 15).\iVe see, therefore, that man is allied to God insemblance, as a copy is a facsimile of the original.The word eiko is translated " like " in James 1. nature, as to his spirit, and that Christ became like6, 23, in calling attention to a wavering man being us in human form and conditions. Reading the Scriplike "the sea, and the mirror reflecting the like- tures of the Old and New Testaments, which speakness of a man who looks into it. The derived word of man being in the image of God, we must come towhat heeikon," always translated " image," occurs twenty- one conclusion, namely Man still retainshad at the first therefore the ' image '' and '' likethree times and is used in five different ways:ness ' do not refer to character, but to'naturë.(1) In describing things generally when one thingThis leads to the question : '' What is God? " Theis like another (Matt. xxii. 20; Mark xii. 16; Lukexv, 20; Rom. i. 23; Rev. xiii. 14, 15; xiv. 9, 11; answer is, '' God is a Spirit." Therefore, man inhis nature must be an imperishable spirit.xv. 2; xvi. 2; xix. 20; xx. 4).Has God form? Undoubtedly. That the Lord has(2) Of Christ as being

Opening Prayer Meeting at 10.15 a.m. Special meetings will be held throughout the day simultaneously in various halls, including Divine Healing Services to be conducted by Principal George Jeffrcys, meetings for those seeking the .