S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofax Power PDF Standard andAdvanced versions 4 and 5Kofax Power PDF makes it easy to gain control over PDF workflows and provides everything you need to create, convert, edit, share ande-sign PDF files. The enhanced Power PDF 5 provides powerful PDF management built for business users with a familiar Microsoft Officestyle interface. Power PDF meets simple to complex needs and provides strong security, so IT teams can standardize on a single tool.KofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5 Mobile Solutions to read and annotate PDF, Store and Retrievefrom OS supported storage NEWMobile Handwriting Signature on phone screen, save, re-use,re-size, apply saved signatures NEWMobile Form Filling on standard PDF Forms NEWNotesCompatibilityMicrosoft Office style ribbon user interface streamlined tominimize learning curve and maximize productivityMicrosoft Windows 10 touch-enabled device support with“Touch Mode” option Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 Improved NEWMicrosoft Windows 11 Snap Layouts to pre-set applicationwindow location and sizeCompatible with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016, 2019 Compatible with Microsoft Office 365 Save as Kofax PDF in File Menu for Word, Excel, PowerPointIntegrated create and convert add-ons for Microsoft Word,Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet Explorer Right-mouse shortcuts for Windows Explorer and InternetExplorer Support for viewing and annotating PDF within InternetExplorer Support for directly opening PDF in Power PDF that arecurrently open in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsersPDF Create add-ons in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox andGoogle Chrome NEWNEW1

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NCloud Storage Connectors Support: Box, Google Drive,Evernote, OneDrive, DropBoxKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5Notes Improved Document Management Support DocuShare EMCDocumentum, EnterpriseConnect, HP Trim, NetDocuments,OnBase, WorldoxiManage 10 Web Client Contextual Menu ImprovediManage FileSite/Worksite Client 9.3.7 ImprovedSupports Evernote and Microsoft OneDrive cloud storageservices Integrated OneDrive Connector in Connectors Tab, includingmultiple OneDrive accounts Getting Started Guide in PDF Format Power PDF Online Help, Guides, Technical Specifications,Release Notes Supports LexisNexis CaseMap Supports a subset of JavaScript Support for movies and audio embedded in a PDF Support for embedding .MP4 video format into a PDF Support for limited set of 3D content embedded in a PDF Support for viewing the latest Adobe PDF portfolio animationsand graphics PDF/A compliance checking for the full range of PDF/A-1,PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3 and PDF/A-4 levels ImprovedChecker Updated to detect WCAG 2.1 AA or PDF/UA issuesNotification if user opens PDF documents that have AdobeExtended Features enabled Online Help to ensure users have access to the latestinformation Print Driver performance enhanced for faster PDF creation ImprovedSupport for PDF/A-4 in Power PDF, Printer Driver, CreateAssistant, Office Add-ins to allow lossless archiving of PDF 2.0 NEWSet Header/Footer in Print Driver when printing from anotherapplication NEWPrinter Profiles to provide re-use of custom configurations ofprinter settings NEWAdd Logos within header/footer settings NEWCreate PDF documents directly from your scanner PDF creationCreate PDF documents from any application that prints2

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5One-click professional scanning with auto find-and- marktechnology. Automatically find words in the scanned document Proofread Searchable PDF text recognition resultsautomatically after scanning and review and correct suspectederrors Support for WIA, TWAIN and ISIS scanners One-step PDF creation from Microsoft Word, Excel andPowerPoint Save as PDF/A-1, 2, 3, 4 Support for PDF/UA compliant document creation from MSOffice Exporting PDF documents from Microsoft Office applicationssupports PDF/UA compliant content Create and send PDF-to-email attachment with Microsoft Outlook One-step PDF creation and archive of Microsoft Outlook andLotus Notes emails New Header Options in Mail Archive Settings, Add NewLetterhead to each email or include archival date andtimestamp in header One-step PDF creation from web pages from Internet Explorer,Firefox and Chrome Create PDF of some or all pages of a website from within PowerPDF Retain hyperlinks embedded in web pages when converting toPDF Batch create PDF from multiple files and file types Watched folder processing to automate routine PDF and TIFFcreation tasks from a wide range of formats NotesImproved Create a single PDF document by merging multiple files Support for creating PDF Version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 and 2.0files Create ISO-standard PDF/A files (PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2,PDF/A-3 and PDF/A-4 levels) Accessible PDF Creation that meets PDF/UA and WCAG 2.1AA Standards Create and send PDF portfolios Create PDF-MRC high compression color PDF image files (upto 8 times smaller) Create Assistant desktop utility Customizable PDF creation profiles Merge PDF image files with PDF text files Improved3

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5Insert pre-made and custom watermarks at creation Apply security settings at creation Add custom headers & footers to PDF documents (pagenumbering) Adjust compression levels for smaller files Preserve hyperlinks and metadata, add bookmarks andcomments from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint NotesPDF security and signingAdd passwords with 128-bit and 256-bit AES secure encryptionand permission controls to PDF filesSignDoc embedded in application allows users to completeentire SignDoc experience without leaving Power PDF(requires SignDoc service)Create and apply self-sign digital signatures Sign or send PDFs for signature with integrated DocuSign actionsMicrosoft Crypto API/3rd party digital signature compatibility Support Microsoft Information Protection Add, manage, view and navigate document digital signatures Drag and drop security profiles to quickly and easily securedocuments Support for FileOpen-protected documents (digital rightsmanagement) Support Watermarks with FileOpen Protected DocumentsView protected PDF files and apply protection to PDFdocuments using Microsoft Active Directory RightsManagement Services (AD RMS) Automatically verify against European Union Trusted List ofdigital root certificates allowing globally trusted certificateswithout user required to install certificateNEWNEWNEW Enable server-side protection to be applied to PDF documentsstored on SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 using AD RMS DMS password retention Redact text and graphics from PDF files Apply redaction text properties including color, redactioncodes and custom overlay text Inspect document to remove comments and metadata (RemoveDocument Elements) Organize and manage a library of security profiles Organize and manage a library of digital signatures NEW4

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5Organize and manage a library of PDF security envelopes Option to require a secure certificate to execute Javascriptcode (Deployable via Customization Kit in Advanced Volumeversion) Updated ImprovedNotesPDF conversionSuperior conversion accuracy with Kofax OCR version 22Convert PDF to Word (.doc, .docx)Convert PDF to Excel workbooks and worksheets (.xls, .xlsx) ImprovedConvert multipage PDF table or spreadsheet into a singleMicrosoft Excel document ImprovedConvert PDF to PowerPoint (.pptx) ImprovedConvert PDF to WordPerfect (.wpd) ImprovedConvert PDF to XPS (.xps) ImprovedConvert XPS to PDF ImprovedConvert PDF files without running Microsoft applications Auto-detects scanned (image) PDF files and offers to convertthem to searchable PDF files Convert scanned (image) PDF files to searchable PDF files(text over image) Convert scanned (image) PDF files to editable PDF files andother formats Convert scanned color (image) PDF files to compressed MRCPDF files (average 8x smaller) Proofread and correct text after OCR conversion to searchable PDF Batch conversion of PDF files to target formats (ConvertAssistant) Batch conversion of PDF files into a single document (ConvertAssistant) Batch convert to single page TIFF files Batch conversion of TIFF files to image-only or searchablePDFs and PDF conversion to TIFF Convert Assistant desktop utility Retains columns, tables, images and graphics (.doc, .docx,.wpd) ImprovedRetains linked text flow of columns within a document (.doc,.docx, .wpd) ImprovedRetains headers and footers (.doc, .docx, .wpd) Improved5

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5Legal pleading conversion with stamp and line numberingoptions (Convert Assistant) Retains number formats in Excel (currency, percentage, etc.) Retains hyperlinks (.doc, .docx, .wpd, .xls,.xslx) Extract tables from a PDF file and place into Excel or Word ImprovedConvert a select area of a page using OCR and convert toWord, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect—for scanned (image)PDF files as well as text-based PDF files ImprovedConvert and save PDF to audio file (.mp3) Edit your PDF files like in a word processor using the AdvancedEditor Manage pages in a document (reorder, insert, extract, crop,rotate and delete pages) Swap and duplicate pages in a document Assemble documents in document assembly view (insert,extract, replace, delete, split, renumber, manage headers/footers, drag and drop pages) Combine all open PDF documents with one click Tabbed document previews let you see all your documentpages in a floating dialog box to make the most of your screenreal estate Batch process multiple documents at a time with varied sequencecommands (insert, extract and delete pages; apply watermarksand stamps; search and redact; remove document elements; andprint) NotesImprovedPDF editing and assemblyCreate custom batch sequence workflows and apply them aswatched folder commands Sequencer command to Remove Blank Pages NEWSequencer Command to Batch Convert to Fillable Form NEWSequencer Command to Delete/Extract Pages on SearchResults NEWSequencer Command to set or remove Header/Footer NEWCreate a table of contents from bookmarks Add, manage, view and navigate document bookmarks Add, manage, view and navigate document destinations Support for XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) metadata inthe document Edit, cut, copy and paste text Editing support for Right-to-Left languages 6

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5Move, resize, rotate, flip, order, group, set transparency, cut,copy and paste graphics and images Document splitting by page range, blank page, page contents,bookmarks, or file size Extraction by page range, blank page, page contents,bookmarks or Search terms Maintain document links and bookmarking when replacingpages in a document Manage document layers. Turn on/off, show/hide and lock/unlock layers in PDF files created by programs such asAutoCAD, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project. Select, reorder, delete or merge layers, view and modify properties oflayers and even control layers for printing. PDF Optimizer for reduced file sizes Reduce the file size of one or a batch of PDF files Custom actions for bookmarks or hyperlinks (open a file, play asound, go to a web page, etc.) Attach application files or sounds to a PDF Resolve automatically fixable issues with Save as / Export PDF/A Fix PDF/A compliance problems with the compliance checker Accessibility Checker for compliance with standards such asPDF/UA and WCAG 2.1 AA Bates stamping with advanced formatting and page positioning Bates numbering is supported for all items included in a PDFPortfolio NotesImprovedPDF review and collaborationCollaboration Server for enterprise access from anywhere inthe world through self-hosted serverCollaboratively create, edit and review documents in real-timewith users anywhere on the LAN NEW hensiveThiscomparisonis not anreturnsexhaustivelist ofhits,any andall featuresand functions of each product listed, it is merely an indication of the minimum featuresand than Stemmingor PatternSearchfunctionsfor comparisonpurposes.NEWPerform intelligent Looks Like Search to quickly find content,likemorephoneinformationnumbers, emailaddressesand SocialSecurityForonKofax PowerPDF,please visit Except redact Except redact Preview PDF email attachments in Microsoft Outlook Instant access to frequently used PDF files and online PDFFiles (URLs) with favorites menu Side-by-side document comparison (PDF to PDF and PDF toWord) numbers, via an alphanumeric pattern rather than exact text.Choose from pre-defined patterns or create your own patterns.Automatically highlight, cross-out, underline or redact searchresults for faster, easier PDF review and editing7

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5Open files directly from Cloud Storage or DMS via thedocument comparison’s “Browse” buttons Open and save files through the File menu to DMS Open and save files through the File menu to popular clouddocument storage services: Box, Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive and Microsoft OneDrive Save, track and open revisions within a PDF document Add, manage, view and navigate document comments Familiar comment and markup tools (notes, text boxes,typewriter, callouts, highlight, text underline, cross-out,stamps) Automatically populate comments with highlighted andannotated text Create new stamps from selected page elements Select date and time formats for new dynamic stamps Apply stamps to one or all pages Organize and manage a library of stamps Spellchecking for comments and form fields Migrate comments from one PDF file to another for ease ofcollaboration and review Drawing (comment) tools including lines, arrow, rectangles,pencil, oval, polygon and cloud Comment Tool Selection stays activated until user changes toolMeasuring tool (with save as comment) Print with comments and form fields Organize and manage a library of watermarks PDF viewing of all PDF types “Find a tool” search capability Customizable Quick Access Toolbar with shortcuts to thefeatures and capabilities for each user Context-sensitive editing ribbons Change the interface color to blue, light gray, dark gray or purple Tabbed document viewing NotesImprovedWorking with PDF filesRestore Last View Settings when Reopening DocumentAdvanced search and indexing for documents, text within adocument, comments and bookmarks NEW8

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NSearch results list and screen highlighting of found words in thedocumentKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5 Grid Lines while Editing when moving or resizing objects so it iseasier to position objectsiFilter utility for SharePoint for indexing and rapidly findingPDFs on SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 NotesNEW Open PDF files created from Microsoft Office without havingto save them first Limit file open and save locations to certain folders only Send a PDF file to a fax machine via email Support for network scanning and ShareScan with monitoredScan Inboxes Support for AutoStore workflows through AutoCapture toolpanel PDF formsAutomatic conversion of a PDF file into a fillable PDF form Intelligent creation of check boxes and radio buttons Support for Adobe dynamic forms (XFA) Draw and edit form controls (text fields, buttons, drop down lists,check boxes and radio buttons) Edit text and object attributes (font, color, line weight, displayand print options) Digital signatures for forms Custom actions on form objects (import form data, play a sound,open a file, open a web page, etc.) Export form data from one or multiple filled in PDF forms Limited JavaScript support Set tab order for form fields Improved ImprovedAccessibilityCertified Section 508 compliant user interfaceEnhanced Power PDF UI navigation and access withAccessibility Reader such as JAWSExtended Document Reading Support with Jaws 2019Create more precise Section 508 accessible tagged PDF files

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4Tagging maintained when exporting Microsoft Worddocuments, resulting in PDF output optimized for processingoperations such as Read AloudKofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5Notes NEWAdjustable high-contrast mode for PDF documents Edit PDF tags Adjust or fully define reading order of document content usingthe Reading Order panel updated with Table Editor Mode Verify accessibility of PDF documents Read document aloud—Text-to-speech capability Deployment and customization for Volume versionSupport for Citrix and Remote Desktop Services (thin clientdeployment/use) Support for Microsoft Application Virtualization Support for Microsoft GPO (Group Policy Object) Installation Customization Kit to easily control the deployableoptions for each department Read only mode to enforce compliance and help control bestpractices and regulatory mandates Install or disable plugins and application functions(Customization Kit) Install selected UI languages only (Customization Kit) Install selected DMS connectors only (Customization Kit) Configure shared watermarks (Customization Kit) API capabilities (Programming interface) Power PDF Automation Interface Guide in PDF Format Power PDF Network Installation Guide Power PDF iFilter for SharePoint Guide in PDF Format Power PDF RMS Protector for SharePoint Guide in PDF Format Power PDF Command Line Reference Guide in PDF Format Power PDF JavaScript Reference Guide in PDF Format Power PDF Connector SDK Guide Power PDF RMS Protector for SharePoint Guide in PDF Format Improved

S O L U T I O NC O M P A R I S O NKofaxPower PDFStandard 4KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 4KofaxPower PDFStandard 5KofaxPower PDFAdvanced 5NotesLicense Server with Silent Client Deployment, optional BackupLicense Server NEWEnforce Named Users and Term Expirations via Current User’sLogged Windows Name, User can employ Unlimited Devices NEWLicense Reporting for All Registered Users NEWLicense Security Registration Information Encrypted in Transitand at Rest NEWSubscriber Access LicensingFor more information on Kofax Power PDF,please visit 2022 Kofax. Kofax and the Kofax logo are trademarks of Kofax, registered in the United Statesand/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Work Like Tomor w.

Supports LexisNexis CaseMap Supports a subset of JavaScript Support for movies and audio embedded in a PDF Support for embedding .MP4 video format into a PDF Support for limited set of 3D content embedded in a PDF Support for viewing the latest Adobe PDF portfolio animations and graphics