MNPS Student Services & Community ResourcesA list of services available in our schools and communityCommunity AchievesOur Community Achieves Team supports schools by connecting students and families to communityresources.Some examples include: Mentors Tutors Character development Classroom speakers FieldtripsIn most schools it also includes assisting families with basic needs like food, clothing, hygiene, andsometimes laundry services. Our team supports schools to remove barriers that impact learning and alignresources that support school and district goals.Contact:Alison McArthurCommunity Achieves Coordinator615-259-8694 mobile - 615-513-8814Twitter @CommAchievesCommunity ResourcesUniCycle 713-301-7815 Standard school attire uniforms for Metro Nashville Public School StudentsPENCIL 615-242-3167 School supplies, align corporate partnerships, volunteers, background checksOasis Center 615-327-4455 Resource supports for LGBT, 24/7 crisis services and youth crisis interventionsFamily & Children’s Service 615-320-0591 Counseling, family programming, Affordable Care Act outreach, education, and enrollment.YWCA 615-269-9922 Domestic violence services, family support (example HiSet, Dress for Success – providingprofessional clothing and career development for womenSecond Harvest 615-329-3491 Community & school food pantries, summer food, senior nutrition, emergency food, SupplementalNutrition Assistance Program outreach

AbuseSexual Assault Center/ SAFE ClinicSupport for for children, adults and families affected by sexual assault and to end sexual violence throughcounseling, education, and s Line: 1-800-879-1999The Tennessee Child Abuse HotlineAccepts all reports of suspected child abuse and neglect for the state of Tennessee. The TennesseeChild Abuse Hotline is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Phone: 1-877-237-0004Web: in non-emergency situations only.Fax: 615-361-7041 for non-emergency situations only.Grief & LossAlive 5-327-1085Alive has offered professional grief support in Middle Tennessee since 1975 and offers grief support,regardless of whether their loved one was our patient. Alive offers a variety of programs for adults andchildren.Catholic Charities- HOPE me Children%20%20Child%20Trauma%20Services&pid 14062510051047673&id 4615-352-5827This program provides trauma-focused individual and group counseling for children who are consideredprimary or secondary victims of violent crime and are experiencing changes in emotions and behaviors asa result.Potential clients may include: Children who have lost loved ones to homicide Children who have witnessed homicides, domestic violence, or assaults in their homes orcommunities Children who have been indirectly (via a loved one) or directly victimized by the following crimes:o assault, arson, physical or sexual abuse, bullying, burglary, child pornography, hatecrimes, human trafficking, identity theft/financial crimes, kidnapping, mass violence,robbery; stalking/harassment, teen dating violence, DUI/DWI incidents, vehicularvictimization, and terrorism.

Domestic ViolenceFamily Safety CenterThe Family Safety Center (FSC) provides services to victims of domestic and sexual violence, child andelder abuse, and human trafficking by creating a supportive environment for victims to receive free andconfidential services from a variety of providers. Walk-ins are n-nashville/family-safety-center/Phone: 615-880-1100Email: [email protected] Domestic Violence Shelter:(615)242-1199 (24-hour line) ceThe YWCA provides 51 beds for women and children experiencing domestic violence. Theyalso help to house men experiencing domestic violence at a partner agency. In addition toemergency shelter services, they also provide safety planning, case management, counseling,support groups, and community education services. This agency serves everyone: women,children, and men.Education:ACT:www.act.orgSign up to take the ACT test or access ACT Academy to get assistance/ take practice tests.College Board (SAT, AP, PSAT, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA ) form to apply for financial aid for college or gradschool.Khan Academywww.khanacademy.orgFREE- Allows students grades PK-12 the opportunity to work on, and get assistance/ tutoring, with anysubject.Martha O’Bryan Center- Education 15)760-4041 711The Martha O’Bryan Center offers education development services, including free high schoolequivalency testing (HiSET Exam), HiSET Exam preparation, technology training and skill

certification, and communication skill building for employment and continuing education.MNPS Homework HotlineFREE Tutoring- Helping students achieve and thrive one assignment at a time.www.homeworkhotline.info615-298-6636 (M-TR 4:00-8:00 PM)NAIA- National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes: helps future student-athletes discover and connect with NAIA schools, coaches andathletic scholarships. PlayNAIA is also the official clearinghouse for NAIA eligibility. Every student-athletemust register with the NAIA Eligibility Center to play sports at an NAIA college or university.NCAA- National Collegiate Athletic Association: NCAA Eligibility Center, formally known as the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse is where recruits willneed to register and be cleared in order to participate in college sports. College sports programs will beunable to offer Division I and II recruits athletic scholarships until they have registered with the NCAAEligibility CenterOasis College lege-connection-occ615-327-4455Oasis College Connection (OCC) is Nashville’s largest college access program dedicated to makingcollege a reality for low-income, New American, and first-generation college students. Their mission is toprovide comprehensive admissions and financial aid expertise to support and increase students’ collegeacceptance rates, retention, and successful degree completion.Scholarship Opportunities:www.fastweb.comTSAC- Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (Tennessee Promise, HOPE, rtal.htmlTennessee Reconnect Reconnect is an initiative to help more adults return to higher education to gain new skills,advance in the workplace, and fulfill lifelong dreams of completing a degree or credential.The School for Science and Math at VanderbiltThe SSMV prepares students to engage successfully in college studies at an accelerated rate; promotesthe pursuit of graduate, postgraduate, and professional study; and provides the strong foundation crucialfor career success.Every SSMV graduate has been accepted to a four-year college or university, 52% of graduates arecurrently pursuing STEM majors.Website:

EmploymentCenterstone - Career Connect(615) 714-9240 [email protected] Connect is a set of free evidence-based, employment-focused services and wraparoundsupports designed specifically for young adults, ages 18 to 24, who have had any form ofinvolvement with the criminal justice system.Utilizing a Career Pathways approach, participants learn new work skills, obtain certifications or degreesand develop opportunities for lifelong career. Services offered include: Job readiness skills developmentand training, Individualized career planning, rapid job search and placement, linkage to appropriatecertification or degree programs, case management, peer support and mentoring.Gang AffiliationJuvenile Court- Gang Program(615)862-8000100 Woodlawn StreetThe Gang Program through Juvenile Court provides mentoring and case management services togang members.HomelessnessMetropolitan Nashville Public Schools- HERO Program(Homeless Education Resources and s-family-resources/The HERO program provides school and education services for families in transition. TheHERO program can help students and families with school enrollment, supplies, clothing, food,schools transportation, and referrals to community resources.The HERO program services allminors fitting the McKinney -Vento definition of homelessness, and is inclusive of LGBTQyouth, youth with special needs or disabilities, pregnant or parenting youth, chronically homelessyouth, foster care youth, victims of domestic violence, and justice involved youth. For morequestions, contact Catherine Knowles at [email protected] Haven Family Shelter: Haven Family Shelter serves families experiencing homelessness, including pregnant and parentingyouth and young adults, and 18-24 year olds with children or siblings under 18 in their care.Services provided include: case management, rapid re-housing, employment assistance, assistancefinding child care, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, parenting classes, resource referrals, activities forchildren living in-shelter, tutoring, summer programming for children, and \education and developmentassessments.For referral, call CES at Metro Social Services: (615) 862-6444.

PLAGPFLAG Nashville provides free support for parents, family, and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual, andtransgender people. We are here to listen, encourage, guide, and assist you as you work to understandwhat it means to be LGBT.www.pflagnashville.org615-208-4528Trans BuddyTrans Buddy advocates help our LGBTQ patients navigate their medical care and improve their overallpatient experience. The Trans Buddy program does not provide or influence medical services, financialassistance or other support services outside Vanderbilt University Medical hprogram/615-936-3879Mental HealthNational Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255) *Crisis Text Line, Text “TN” to 741-741 *TN Statewide Crisis Hotline, 1-855-274-7471Mental Health Emergency Resources: Crisis Center, 615-244-7444 Mental Health Cooperative, 615-726-0125 Middle TN Mental Health Institute (ages 18 and up), 615-902-7535 Parthenon Pavilion (ages 13 and up), 615-342-1450 Psychiatric Center @ Summit Medical Center (ages 18 and up), 615-316-4673 Skyline Madison Campus (ages 13 and up), 877-342-1450 Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital (ages 4 and up), 615-327-7000Online Resources: American Association of Suicidology, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Compassionate Friends, Jason Foundation, National Mental Health Association, www.nmha.orgNational Organization for People of Color Against Suicide, nopcas.orgParents of Suicide, www.parentsofsuicide.comParents of Suicide-Family & Friends of Suicide,

Sibling Survivors of Suicide, www.siblingsurvivors.comSuicide Prevention Resource Center, www.sprc.orgTN Suicide Prevention Network, www.tspn.orgThe Trevor Project, www.thetrevorproject.orgYouth VillagesYouth Villages SCS program provides emergency intervention and assessment of children 17 years oldand younger who are experiencing a psychiatric emergency and need immediate assessment todetermine appropriate resources, referrals and/or placement in a hospital setting for gnant/ParentingHope Clinic for WomenHope Clinic for Women is a faith-based confidential place for women, men and families dealing with:unplanned pregnancies, access to women's healthcare, prevention education, pregnancy loss(miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, failed IVF/Adoption) and postpartum depression. They providemedical care, professional counseling, education classes, case management, mentor-ship and practicalsupport regardless of age, race, religion or ability to 1-0005Text HCFW to 797979Metro Public Health Department: Lentz Public Health Center: 2500 Charlotte Ave., (615) 340-5607East Nashville Public Health Center: 1015 East Trinity Lane, (615)862-7916Woodbine Public Health Center: 224 Oriel Ave.,(615)862-7940The Metro Public Health Department provides family planning and health programs, some whichare focused on youth, others which are open to all. Services offered include: breast and pelvicexams; patient education and counseling; Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing;pregnancy diagnosis; precontraceptive, contraceptive, and reproductive health services; birthcontrol methods (at low or no cost); and health care for infants, children, teens, and young adults.Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood provides affordable health care, and is the nation’s largest provider of sex education.Safe Haven Family Shelter:(615)256-8195 Haven Family Shelter serves families experiencing homelessness, including pregnant andparenting youth and young adults, and 18-24 year olds with children or siblings under 18 in theircare. Services provided include: case management, rapid re-housing, employment assistance,assistance finding child care, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, parenting classes, resourcereferrals, activities for children living in-shelter, tutoring, summer programming for children, andeducation and development assessments.For referral, call CES at Metro Social Services:(615)862-6444.

Sex TraffickingEnd Slavery TennesseeProvides specialized case management and comprehensive aftercare for human trafficking survivorsand tactically addresses the problem through advocacy, prevention and training to front -806-6899Family Safety CenterFamily Safety CenterThe Family Safety Center (FSC) provides services to victims of domestic and sexual violence, child andelder abuse, and human trafficking by creating a supportive environment for victims to receive free andconfidential services from a variety of providers. Walk-ins are n-nashville/family-safety-center/Phone: 615-880-1100 Email: [email protected] AbuseCenterstone-Therapeutic Intervention, Education & Skills (TIES)(931) 247-6141TIES provides intensive family preservation services for parents of children, ages 0-18, who areat risk of losing custody due to parental alcohol or substance use disorder or who have a child instate custody who will be returning to the home within 72 hours.The parent or caregiver must have an identified substance abuse issue and be agreeable to services.Therapeutic Intervention, Education and Skills therapists are all masters’ level providers who will spend amaximum of 6 weeks for approximately 8 to 10 hours each week in the family home working on goalsidentified by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, the family and the therapist.Metro Public Health Department(615)340-5607 Lentz Public Health Center, 2500 Charlotte AvenueThe Metro Public Health Department provides health, mental health, and substance abuseservices. Alcohol, drug assessments, mental health screenings, and referrals are available toyoung adults 18 and older.The Next Door(855)205-4493 (Admissions); (615)208-2482 (General Information) 402 22nd Avenue N Next Door provides addiction treatment at their residential facility for women. Servicesoffered include: medically monitored detox, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient,outpatient services, family services, aftercare/alumni services, and recovery affordable housing.UndocumentedConexion 152 Or 615-269-6900 (En Espanol)Conexión Américas assists more than 9,000 Latino families each year through programs that focus onsocial, economic and civic integration.The Legal Aid Society of Middle TNProvides free legal advice on non-criminal matters.Power of Attorney services -Jorge Salles, 615-780-7131.Office Number: 615-244-6610Website:

TIRCC: Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights he Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) is a statewide, immigrant and refugee-ledcollaboration and advocacy organization.Victims of ViolenceMetro Nashville Police Department Victim Intervention ProgramThe main goal of the Victim Intervention Program is to help individuals and their loved ones reclaim asense of health and well-being in the aftermath of a crisis. If you or someone you know is the victim of acrime, please call the appropriate number listed below.Contact NumbersResourcePolice EmergenciesNon-emergency police assistanceSex Crimes SectionYouth Services DivisionDomestic Violence DivisionDomestic Violence CounselorsVictim Intervention ProgramDistrict Attorney's OfficeVictim Witness ServicesTN Criminal Injury Compensation ProgramFamily Safety CenterPhone -5500615-741-2734615-880-1100

Social Emotional Learning - SELOur Social and Emotional Learning Team consists of cross-disciplinary teams: Social and EmotionalLearning, Behavior Support Team, SEL Pyramid, Restorative Practices, Family Engagement, andResponse to Intervention for Behavior.We provide school and individual educators with professional development, coaching support, andmodeling of best practices using evidence-based techniques to build capacity of educators to empowerstudents and families.Contact: Kyla Krengel,Director of Social and Emotional [email protected] Time Drug Offenders Drug Prevention Education: Drug Diversion program for students and parents for students with afirst time zero tolerance drug offense: Under the influence and possession of drugs without intentto distribute; successful completion of the program, which includes a drug consult, a 3-hourparent drug education session and an 8-hour session for students on a Saturday. If allrequirements are completed successfully, it allows the student to receive a suspension not anexpulsion and the return to their assigned school after a 5-day suspension (up to 5 days for astudent with an IEP.)Mentoring Services: Gender-specific mentoring programs guided by evidence-based curriculumwith a trained facilitator.Character Education training for teachers to conduct classroom meetings for Pre-K-8th grade.Violence Prevention Education: SafeDates, an evidence-based dating violence preventioncurriculum implemented in classrooms and group settings for high school students.Community Partnerships: Engage in promotion of evidence-based strategies to address reductionof adolescent drug use and violence.Compliance with goals of the Tennessee Safe Schools grant,supported by Tennessee Department of Education, Office of Safe andSupportive SchoolsContact:Stephanie Davis, Coordinator of Safe and Drug Free [email protected] Work Services/Trauma Informed CareOur Social Work team serves as the liaison between home, school and community by providingsubsistence support, case management, referral linkage and conducting home visits when needed. Weoffer a number of professional development trainings to school staff and community partners on a varietyof topics and provide crises support to students and staff.Training:Readily available professional development available at the district level and on-site at MNPS schoolsand for all MNPS stakeholders, including: ACEs Training: The Role of Life Experiences on developing brains school success Trauma-informed school practices Trauma-Informed De-Escalation Using Mindfulness to Teach and Support Executive Functioning and Regulation Managing Student Behaviors: Responding vs. Reacting Peace Corners and Low Stress Classrooms

Supporting Adult Wellness: Putting Self Care FirstBrain Architecture GameConsultation and Technical Support offered on-site to schools: Teacher and school team consultationsMeeting AssistanceStudent ObservationsRecommendations for prevention and interventionSafety Planso Modeling trauma-informed de-escalation and intervention implementationo Teacher support (wellness and self-care)o School-wide consultationsHandle with Care Notifications:Daily notifications from the Metro Nashville Police department to the MNPS Trauma-Informed Schools’Team, who communicate to all MNPS and charter schools when a student has been victim or witness to apotentially traumatic event outside of schoolNotifications are sent to the school principal, school counselor, assigned social worker, and site managerfor Community Achieves or Communities in SchoolsContact:Demonica Coverson, LMSW, LSSW, CCTPDirector of Social [email protected] @MNPSSocialWorkSchool Counseling ServicesThrough the implementation of the Tennessee Comprehensive School Counseling Model, the SchoolCounseling department provides support and training to students, parents and school personnel in theareas of: Academic Development, College & Career and Personal/Social Development.1. Academic Development: Guide the school-counseling program to implement strategies and activities tosupport and maximize learning2. College & Career: Serve as a guide to provide the foundation for acquiring the attitudes, knowledgeand skills that enable students to make a successful transition from school to the world of work, and fromjob to job across the career life span.3. Personal/ Social Development: Provide the foundation for personal and social growth, whichcontributes to academic and career success. Additionally, we collaborate with numerous internal andexternal departments/ organizations in order to provide the appropriate and needed services/ resourcesto MNPS stakeholders. Examples of our work: Curriculum - Classroom LessonsSocial Emotional LearningIndividual Student Planning/Course SchedulingAcademic AdvisementPost-Secondary Planning/ College & Career ReadinessStudent OrientationStudent TransitionCollege Applications, FAFSA, Scholarships, etc.

Small Group Sessions/Lunch BunchIndividual CounselingCrisis Response/InterventionSupport-Team, Support & Intervention and 504 Student Meetingso Consultation: Parents, school team and communityo Collaboration with parents, school, team and communityo Professional Development

Metro Public Health Department: Lentz Public Health Center: 2500 Charlotte Ave., (615) 340-5607 East Nashville Public Health Center: 1015 East Trinity Lane, (615)862-7916 Woodbine Public Health Center: 224 Oriel Ave.,(615)862-7940 The Metro Public Health Department provides family planning and health programs, some which