GERMANParish Inventories on Microfilm at the Harold B. Lee LibraryKingdom or DuchyTitleBYUMi crofil m No.AnhaltStatistisches Handbuch der Landwirthschaft undGeographisches Ortslexikon vom Herzogthum Anhalt496,846Item 5BadenDie Kirchenbucher in Baden492 ,889Bayern(Bavaria)Ortschaften-Verzeichnis fuer den FreistaatBayern924,721BrandenburgSee PreussenBraunschweig(Brunswick)The Genealogical Library does not have any references that list the Parishes for the Duchy ofBraunschweig.Elsass -Lothringen Die Kirchenbucher von Elsass-Lothringen492,890(Alsace-Lorraine) (Vol. 9, pp. 14-61)Die Kirchenbucher des Reichlandes Elsass Lothringen492,892(Vol. 10, pp. 8-52)Mitteilungen der Zentralstellen fuer DeutschePersonerumd Famil ien-GeschichteHannoverSee PreussenHessenKirchenbucher und Standesregister fuer alleWohnplaetze im Land HessenHessen-NassauSee PreussenHohenzo 11 ernSee PreussenLippeNot microfilmed.MecklenburgMecklenburgs familiengeschichtliche Quellen01 denburgOrtschaftsverzeichnis des Grossherzogtum Oldenburg 806,633Item 1Ostpreussen(East Prussia)See PreussenPfalzSee BayernPommernSee PreussenPosenSee Preussen496,714Item 2496,473Item 8

2Preussen(Prussia)Gemeindelexikon fuer dan Koeni reich Preussen10 Va1s ., 1908Brandenburg, Vol. 3806,635Item 1Hannover, Vol. 9806,634Item 2Hohenzollern, Vol. 8806,635Item 2Pommern, Vol. 4(Pomerania)806,634Item 4Posen, Va 1. 5806,634Item 5Sachsen, Vol. 7(Saxony)806,634Item 3Schlesien, Vol. 6(Sil es i a)806,633Item 2Schleswig-Holstein, Vol. 8806,635Item 3Westfalen, Vol. 10(Westphalia)492,042Gemeindelexikon fuer den Freistaat Preussen(14 Vol s., 1931-1932)Brandenburg and Berlin, Vols. 2,3806,636Item 2Grenzmark, Posen and Westpreussen, Vol. 5806,636Item 4Hannover, Vol. 10806,637Item 4Hessen-Nassau, Vol. 12806,637Item 6Hohenzo 11 ern, Vol. 14475,862Item 1Niederschlesien, Vol. 6(Lower Sil es i a)806,636Item 5

3Oberschlesien, Vol. 7(Upper Silesia)806,637Item 1Ostpreussen, Vol. 1(East Prussia)806,636Item 1Pommern, Vol. 4(Pomerani a)806,636Item 3Rheinland, Vol. 13(Rhineland)475,862Item 2Sachsen (Saxony), Vol. 8(Province)806,637Item 2Schleswig-Holstein, Vol. 9806,637Item 3Westfalen, Vol. 11(Westphalia)806,637Item ee Kingdom of SachsenReuss-SchleizGera(Thueringen)See Kingdom of SachsenRheinland(Rhineland)See PreussenSachsen Province(Saxony)See PreussenSachsen Kingdom(Saxony)Vollstaendiges Staats-Post-und Zeitungs Lexikonvon Sachsen (13 vols.)1,186,701Item 4Vol.A-Orebach824,319Item 1Vol. 2Orebach-Friderrichsthal824,319Item 2Vol. 3Friedrrichwalde-Herlachsgruen824,320Item 1Vol. 4Herlegruen-Koenigstein824,320Item 2Vol. 5Koenigstein-Lohman824,321Item I

4Vol. 6Lohman-Neudorfschen824,321Item 2Vol. 7Neudorfel-Orteisdorf824,322Item 1Vol. 8Ortmansdorf-Rathsfeld824,322Item 2Vol. 9Rehbocksberg-Sachsen824,323Item 1Vol. 10Sachsen-Schweinsdorf824,324Item 1Vol. 11Schweitz-Trebishayn824,324Item 2Vol. 12Trebitz-Wiesenbrunn824,325Item 1Vol. 13Wiesenburg-Zwutzsch824,325Item 2Sachsen Altenburg(Thueringen)See Sachsen Ki ngdomSachsen CoburgGotha(Thueringen)See Sachsen KingdomSachsen WeimarEisenach(Thueri ngen)See Sachsen KingdomSchaumburg-LippeNot FilmedSchlesien(Silesia)See PreussenSchleswig-Holstein See PreussenSchwarz burgRudolstadt(Thueringen)See Sachsen KingdomSchwarz burgSondershausen(Thueringen)See Sachsen KingdomThueringen(Thueringia)See Sachsen KingdomWaldeckSee Preussen (Westfalen)

5See Preussen(Westphalia)Westpreussen(Westphalia)See PreussenWestpreussen(West Prussia)See PreussenWuerttembergOrtschaftsverzeichnis des KoenigreichsWuerttemberg806,633Item 3For further information on gazetteers and how to use them, see A GenealogicalHandbook of German Research by Larry O. Jensen, pp. 55-70. (BYU CS 613 .J46x,1978)

Germany Civil Registration ry/fhlcatalog/supermainframeset.asp?display authordetails&authorno 170875&name Hoeke%2DNishimoto%2C Sonja&columns *,0,0NameHoeke-Nishimoto, SonjaTitlesBerlin civil registration jurisdictionsBerlin Evangelical parish jurisdictionsBreslau parish jurisdictions (1869-1936)Halle parish jurisdictions, 1936Leipzig parish and civil registration jurisdictions, 1936Magdeburg parish and civil registration jurisdictions, 1936Stettin parish and civil registration jurisdictions, 1936-1945

Maps of the German Empire of 1871Personal Author: Jensen, Larry O.Title: Maps of the German Empire of 1871 / [Larry O.Jensen and Norman J. Storrer].Edition: Rev. ed. 1987.Mathematic map data: Scales vary.Publication info: Pleasant Grove, Utah (P.O. Box 441, Pleasant Grove84062) : Jensen Publications, c1987.Physical description: 1 atlas (iv, 54 p.) : 22 col. maps ; 28 cm.General Note: Rev. ed. of: The German Empire of 1871. Pleasant Grove,Utah, 1975.Geographic term: Germany--History--Maps.Geographic term: Germany--Genealogy.Added author: Storrer, Norman J.Added author: Jensen, Larry O. German Empire of 1871.HoldingsHBLLCopy Material LocationOn Order or In Process NONE1 order(s)Library CopiesHBLLStatusParts1 ON-ORDER: ASK AT REFERENCE DESK

BOUNDARY CHANGESOF THEFORMER GERMAN EMPIRE AND THEEFFECT UPONGENEALOGICAL RESEARCHThe structure of the boundaries in Germanic areas of Europe has changed so often during thepast few centuries that it is difficult to refer to a particular area as part of a specific country through·out the course of extending a pedigree. This applies in particular to Germany, with its former kingdoms, principalities, electorates, duchies, provinces, earldoms, etc. It was only in the second half ofthe 19th century that the German Chancellor Bismarck succeeded in uniting Prussia with the rest ofGermany, creating in 1871 the First German Reich. Since the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Germanyhas consisted of 39 different states, of which three are the free cities of Hamburg, Bremen, and Luebeck. All states, with the exception of these three free cities, had monarchial constitutions. Following is a listing of the larger states in Germany at the end of the 19th century:STATEAFTER WORLD WAR II PART OF:ANHALTEast GermanyBADENWest GermanyBAVARIAWest GermanyBRUNSWICK (1) t ,,,,l -n "chwej IWest GermanyLIPPE-DETMOLDHanover-West GermanyMECKLENBURG-SCHWERINEast GermanyMECKLENBURG-STRELITZEast GermanyOLDENBURGWest GermanyPRUSSIABrandenburgEastern Part: PolandWestern Part: East GermanyEast PrussiaEastern Part: RussiaWestern Part: PolandHanoverWest GermanyHessen (Hesse)West GermanyNiedersachsen (Lower Saxony)Pomerania l.Posen-;)rO;'Y1i-exl"l-:.West GermanyVOi'f0W''''',z.,., .i'f.PolandE" ,/- 6- e.r' w ,."l:tL.lot. ri). "'g.,?poland'/.

Province of Sachsen-AnhaltEast GermanyThe Rhine ProvinceWest GermanySaxonyEast GermanySchleswig-HolsteinSouth of and including Flensburg: West GermanyNorth of Flensburg: DenmarkPolandWestphaliaWest GermanyWest PrussiaPolandREUSSEast Germany (Thuringia)SACHSEN-ALTENBURGEast GermanySACHSEN-COBURG-GOTHASouthern Edges with City of Coburg:West Germany (Bavaria)Northern part: East GermanySACHSEN-MEININGENEast GermanySACHSEN-WEIMAREast GermanySCHAUMBURG-LIPPEWestfalen-West GermanySCHWARZENBURG-RUDOLSTADTEast Germany (Thuringia)SCHWARZENBURG-SONDERSHAUSENEast Germany (Thuringia)WALDECKHessen-West GermanyWUERTTEMBERGWest GermanyFREE CITIESBREMENWest GermanyHAMBURGWest GermanyLUEBECKWest GermanyHistoric Events AffectingGenealogical Research in Germanic AreasBefore undertaking genealogical research in Germanic areas, it is of importance to learn severalfacts about the historical changes in boundaries that have taken place during the past two hundredyears.ALSACE-LORRAINElEi;u,'s -Lu{i,,';"'J""')As a result of the Franco-Prussian War (1871-1872), the territory of Alsace-Lorraine was annexedto the German Empire but was returned to France after World War I in 1919.POLANDLarge areas of the provinces now known as Pomerania, West Prussia, East Prussia, and Posenhave been at one time or other during the past several hunderd years a part of Poland as it was beforethe three divisions in 1772, 1793, and 1795. During the course of these divisions Poland was graduallyabsorbed by her mighty neighbors, Russia, Austria and Prussia.In the course of the first division of Poland in 1772, Russia took the territories east of the Dvinaand the Dnieper Rivers; Austria obtained the Zips (Szepes) which today is in Czechoslovakia, South-

ern Poland Minor, Red Russia, and West Podolia; and Prussia obtained West Prussia with the exception of the city of Danzig.The second division took place in 1793 when Russia obtained large areas (up to about the borders of 1921), including the remaining part of Ukraine, East Podolia, East Wolhynia, and WhiteRussia. In this division Prussia obtained the city of Danzig, the city of Thorn, and main Poland.In the third division in 1795, Russia took for itself Kurland, which is the area north of EastPrussia; Lithuania, the area around the city of Brest-Litowsk; and the remaining part of Wolhynia.Austria obtained Poland Minor up to the Bug River, and Prussia annexed the rest of Masowia.Thus in 1795 Poland was divided and entirely absorbed by her three neighbors and was not toobtain independency again until 1918, after World War I. The researcher must bear in mind thatPrussia's neighbor to the east after 1795 was not Poland, but Russia.As already mentioned, Poland was re-established as an independent nation after the first WorldWar and obtained from Prussia an area between West and East Prussia which gave Poland access tothe Baltic Sea. This change in boundaries was, as far as genealogical research is concerned, of minorsignificance in comparison to the changes that took place after the second World War in 1945.During the Potsdam Conference in 1945 preliminary details of the administration of Germanywere determined and were to be in effect until a peace treaty was signed. However the nations involved, Russia, Poland, and East Germany, consider their present borders as definite and final.At the end of World War II East Prussia was divided, and the northern part was absorbed byRussia. The western part and the rest of Prussia up to the Oder River, were given to Poland, the border being the Oder and the Neisse Rivers. The area west of the Oder and the Neisse, and Brandenburg west of the Oder River, including Mecklenburg, province of Saxony, Thuringia, and the formerkingdom of Saxony, are now known as East Germany, divided from West Germany by the "IronCurtain."It is suggested that patrons submit their problems on East German genealogical research to theGenealogical Society for the purpose of receiving individual recommendations on how to go about obtaining results from that part of Germany. The parish records in East Germany are still found inthe individual parishes, but requests for information from the parishes are seldom answered.PRUSSIAThe changes in boundaries and the cession of large areas of Prussian territories to Poland andRussia have a great effect on the availability of records and genealogical research possibilities withregard to them. These are explained following under the headings "East Prussia" and "West Prussia."EAST PRUSSIAShortly before the en of World War II, large numbers of parish records from East and WestPrussia were saved and transferred to archives in West Germany. Many of these records are storedin the State Archives of West Berlin. They have been microfilmed and are available in the Genealogical Society Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. The other part of the records brought to Berlin were storedin the State Archives of Potsdam near Berlin. This archive, being under East German administration,has not been available or open to the public and the records have therefore not been available for research up to this time. According to the latest information received from East Germany, these records of East Prussia have been removed from Potsdam and deposited in the State Archives of Leipzig.WEST PRUSSIAThe above information for East Prussia also largely applies to parish records of West Prussia.Many of these parish records have been microfihned in West Berlin and are available on film in theGenealogical Society Library.

MECKLENBURGThe original parish records of the Province of Mecklenburg are stored in the Cathedral Archivesof Ratzeburg, Schleswig-Holstein. Copies of these records are stored in the Mecklenburg Church Archives, Schwerin, East Germany. These parish records also have been microfilmed and are availablein the Genealogical Society Library. All other records of that part of Prussia which is now under Polish administration are stored in the various state archives of Poland and are not available for publicresearch. However, the Genealogical Society has commenced a microfilming program in Poland whichwill include these archives.RHINELANDIn 1798, after the annexation of the territory west of the Rhine River by France in 1797, theFrench authorities introduced civil registration. Civil registration was continued in this area evenafter it was returned to Germany in 1815. Civil registers west of the Rhine River are therefore available in Germany since 1798.SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEINThe territory north of Flensburg up to south of Kolding and Ribe was part of the Prussian province of Schleswig-Holstein until after the first World War when it was ceded to Denmark.If genealogical research is to be conducted in northern ScWeswig-Holstein, the researcher mustkeep in mind that research in Danish records might also have to be taken into consideration due tothe change of boundaries as mentioned above. The patroynmic naming system was abolished inSchleswig-Holstein in 1771 when a law was introduced that each person had to assume a fixedsurname. However, it took about another half a century before the patronymic system disappearedcompletely from the records.SILESIASilesia belonged to Austria until 1748 when it was acquired by act of war through King Frederick the Great and incorporated into Prussia as a province. It remained a province of Germany untilthe end of World War II, when it was placed under Polish administration.Earldoms, Kingdoms, Dukedoms, etc.Earldoms, kingdoms, and dukedoms in Germany were dissolved after World War I and were absorbed by the state in which they were located.MapsThe following maps illustrate the changes which have taken place during the past 50 years andwill assist in locating a particular place and state or province to which it presently belongs.MAP AModern boundaries, states onlyMAP BBoundaries before 1918 showing kingdoms, principalities, electorates, duchies, provinces,earldoms, etc., of the former German empireMAP CBoundaries before 1918, states only

GERMAN Parish Inventories on Microfilm at the Harold B. Lee Library Kingdom or Duchy Anhalt Baden Bayern (Bavaria) Brandenburg Title Statistisches Handbuch der Landwirthschaft und Geographisches Ortslexikon vom Herzogthum Anhalt Die Kirchenbucher in Baden Ortschaften-Verzeichnis fuer den Freistaat Bayern See Preussen BYU Mi crofilm No. 496,846 .