MODEL 2500TWIN-LINE PLANTEROPERATOR & PARTSMANUALM0157This manual is applicable to:Rev. 8/98Model: 2500 Twin-Line PlantersSerial Number: 900040 and onRecord the model number and serial number of your planter with date purchased:Model Number2500Serial NumberDate PurchasedSERIAL NUMBER03279810The serial number plate is located on the planter frameto be readily available. It is suggested that the serialnumber and purchase date be recorded above.The serial number provides important information aboutyour planter and may be required to obtain the correctreplacement part. Always provide the serial numberand model number to your KINZE Dealer when ordering parts or anytime correspondence is made withKINZE Manufacturing, Inc.KINZE , Interplant and Twin-Line are registered trademarks of KINZE Manufacturing, Inc.The following marks are owned by their respective companies: John Blue /John Blue Company and CDS /CDS Ag Industries, Inc.Rev. 1/98

PREDELIVERY/DELIVERY CHECK LISTTO THE DEALERPredelivery service includes assembly, lubrication, adjustment and test. This service helps to ensure that the planterwill be delivered to the customer ready for field use.PREDELIVERY CHECK LISTAfter the planter has been completely assembled, use the following check list and inspect the planter. Check off eachitem as it is found satisfactory or after proper adjustment is made. Recheck to be sure row units and optional attachments are properly spaced and assembled. Be sure all grease fittings are in place and lubricated. Check planter and make sure all working parts are moving freely, bolts are tight and cotter pins are spread. Check all drive chains for proper tension and alignment. Check for oil leaks and proper hydraulic operation. Check to be sure hydraulic hoses are routed correctly to prevent damage to hoses. Inflate tires to specified PSI air pressure. Tighten wheel bolts to specified torque. Check to be sure all safety decals are correctly located and legible. Replace if damaged. Check to be sure the red reflectors and amber reflectors are correctly located and visible when the planter is intransport position. Check to be sure SMV sign is in place. Check to be sure safety/warning lights are installed correctly and working properly. Paint all parts scratched in shipment or assembly. Be sure all safety lockups are on the planter and correctly located.This planter has been thoroughly checked and to the best of my knowledge is ready for delivery to thecustomer.(Signature Of Set-Up Person/Dealer Name/Date)OWNER REGISTERNameDate SoldStreet AddressModelCity, State/Province & ZIPSerial NumberDealer NameDealer NumberRev. 1/98

DELIVERY CHECK LISTAt the time the planter is delivered, the following check list is a reminder of very important information which shouldbe conveyed to the customer. Check off each item as it is fully explained to the customer. Advise the customer that the life expectancy of this or any other machine is dependent on regular lubrication asdirected in the Operator & Parts Manual. Tell the customer about all applicable safety precautions. Along with the customer, check to be sure the red reflectors, amber reflectors and SMV sign are clearly visible withthe planter in transport position and attached to the tractor. Check to be sure safety/warning lights are in workingcondition. Tell the customer to check federal, state/provincial and local regulations before towing or transporting ona road or highway. Give the Operator & Parts Manual to the customer and explain all operating adjustments. Read warranty to customer. Complete Warranty And Delivery Report form.To the best of my knowledge this machine has been delivered ready for field use and customer has been fullyinformed as to proper care and operation.(Signature Of Delivery Person/Dealer Name/Date)AFTER DELIVERY CHECK LISTThe following is a list of items we suggest to check during the first season of use of the equipment. Check with the customer as to the performance of the planter. Review with the customer the importance of proper maintenance and adherence with all safety precautions. Check for parts that may need to be adjusted or replaced. Check to be sure all safety decals, SMV sign and reflectors are correctly located and legible. Replace if damagedor missing. Check to be sure safety/warning lights are working properly.(Signature Of Follow-Up Person/Dealer Name/Date)RETURN THIS COMPLETED FORM TO KINZE IMMEDIATELY, along with Warranty And Delivery Report.Retain photocopy of this form at dealership for After Delivery Check.Tear Along PerforationRev. 7/95

TABLE OF CONTENTSTO THE OWNER . 1-1WARRANTY . 1-2INTRODUCTION . 2-1SPECIFICATIONS . 3-1SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . 4-1SAFETY WARNING SIGNS . 5-1MACHINE OPERATIONAdjustable Wear Pads . 6-15Checking Granular Chemical Application Rate . 6-27Checking Seed Population . 6-26Contact Drive Wheel Spring Adjustment . 6-3Double Disc Fertilizer Opener . 6-17Dry Fertilizer Attachment . 6-21Electronic Seed Monitor SystemKM1000 Monitor . 6-9KM3000 Monitor . 6-11KPM I/KPM II Monitor . See Assembly Instruction IS364Field Test . 6-16General Planting Rate Information . 6-28Half Rate (2 To 1) Drive . 6-3HD Single Disc Fertilizer Opener . 6-19Hitch Length Setting . 6-8Hydraulic Operation . 6-5Initial Preparation Of The Planter . 6-1Leveling The Planter . 6-2Liquid Fertilizer Attachment . 6-23Marker Adjustment . 6-6Marker Safety Lockup . 6-7Marker Speed Adjustment . 6-6Metric Conversion Table . 6-16Notched Single Disc Fertilizer Opener . 6-18Notched Single Disc Fertilizer Opener Mounted Residue Wheel . 6-18Planting And Application Rate Charts . 6-29Planting Speed . 6-15Push Row Unit Clutch Sprocket . 6-14Rear Trailer Hitch . 6-25Ridge Planting . 6-14Rock Guards . 6-14Safety Lockup Pin . 6-8Shear Protection . 6-4Standard Rate Drive . 6-3Tire Pressure . 6-2Transmission Adjustment . 6-3Tractor Preparation And Hookup . 6-1Tractor Requirements . 6-1Transport Latch Locking Pin . 6-7Transporting The Planter . 6-15ROW UNIT OPERATIONBrush-Type Seed Meter . 7-4Coulter Mounted Residue Wheels . 7-13Covering Discs/Single Press Wheel Adjustment . 7-2Disc Furrowers (For Use With Frame Mounted Coulter) . 7-11Finger Pickup Seed Meter . 7-3Frame Mounted Coulter . 7-9Granular Chemical Banding Options . 7-16Granular Chemical Hopper . 7-15Granular Chemical Restrictor Plate . 7-15Rev. 8/98

TABLE OF CONTENTSROW UNIT OPERATION (Continued)Planting Depth . 7-1Push Row Unit Lockups . 7-14Quick Adjustable Down Force Springs . 7-8Row Unit Chain Routing . 7-7Row Unit Extension Brackets . 7-6Row Unit Gauge Wheel Cover . 7-7Row Unit Mounted Disc Furrower . 7-11Row Unit Mounted No Till Coulter . 7-13Row Unit Mounted Residue Wheel . 7-12Seed Firming Wheel . 7-14Seed Hopper . 7-5Seed Meter Drive Adjustment . 7-6Seed Meter Drive Release . 7-6Spring Tooth Incorporator . 7-16“V” Closing Wheel Adjustment . 7-1LUBRICATIONBushings . 8-4Center Post . 8-1Drive Chains . 8-1Grease Fittings . 8-5Liquid Fertilizer Piston Pump . 8-3Lubrication Symbols . 8-1Sealed Bearings . 8-1Wheel Bearings . 8-3MAINTENANCE15" Seed Opener Disc/Bearing Assembly . 9-8Brush-Type Seed Meter Maintenance . 9-5Brush-Type Seed Meter Troubleshooting . 9-7Chain Tension Adjustment . 9-1Closing Wheel Troubleshooting . 9-7Electrical Wiring Diagram For Light Package . 9-22Electronic Seed Monitor System Troubleshooting . 9-10Finger Pickup Seed Meter Cleaning . 9-3Finger Pickup Seed Meter Inspection/Adjustment . 9-2Finger Pickup Seed Meter Troubleshooting . 9-4Gauge Wheel Adjustment . 9-8Hydraulic Diagram . 9-23Marker Bearing Lubrication Or Replacement . 9-19Marker Operation Troubleshooting . 9-18Marker Sequencing/Flow Control Valve Inspection . 9-17Mounting Bolts And Hardware . 9-1Piston Pump Storage . 9-21Piston Pump Troubleshooting . 9-21Preparation For Storage . 9-22Row Unit Mounted No Till Coulter . 9-9Seed Monitor Display Backlite Bulb Replacement (KM3000 Only) . 9-16Seed Monitor Row Indicator Bulb Replacement (KM1000 Only) . 9-16Seed Tube Guard/Inner Scraper . 9-9Torque Values Chart . 9-1Wear Pad Replacement/Adjustment . 9-20Wheel Bearing Lubrication Or Replacement . 9-19PARTS LIST INDEX . P1PARTS SECTION NUMERICAL INDEX . aRev. 1/98

TO THE OWNERKINZE Manufacturing, Inc. would like to thank you for your patronage. We appreciate your confidence in KINZE farmmachinery. Your KINZE planter has been carefully designed and sturdily built to provide dependable operation inreturn for your investment.This manual has been prepared to aid you in the operation and maintenance of the planter. It should beconsidered a permanent part of the machine and remain with the machine when you sell it.It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand the Operator & Parts Manual in regards to safety, operation,lubrication and maintenance before operation of this equipment. It is the user's responsibility to inspect and servicethe machine routinely as directed in the Operator & Parts Manual. We have attempted to cover all areas of safety,operation, lubrication and maintenance; however, there may be times when special care must be taken to fit yourconditions.Throughout this manual the symboland the words NOTE, CAUTION, WARNING and DANGER areused to call your attention to important safety information. The definition of each of these terms used follows:NOTE: Indicates a special point of information.CAUTION: Indicates that a failure to observe can cause damage to the machine or equipment.WARNING: Indicates that a failure to observe can cause damage to the machine or equipment and/or personal injury.DANGER: Indicates that a failure to observe can cause most serious damage to the machine orequipment and/or most serious personal injury.WARNING: Some photos in this manual may show safety covers, shields or lockups removed forvisual clarity. NEVER OPERATE the machine without all safety covers, shields and lockups in place.NOTE: Some photos in this manual may have been taken of prototype machines. Production machines may vary inappearance.NOTE: Some photos and illustrations in this manual show optional attachments installed. Contact your KINZE Dealerfor purchase of optional attachments.1-1Rev. 7/95

WARRANTYThe KINZE Limited Warranty for your new machine is stated on the back of the retail purchaser's copy of theWarranty And Delivery Report form.Warranty, within the warranty period, is provided as part of KINZE's support program for registered KINZE productswhich have been operated and maintained as described in this manual. Evidence of equipment abuse or modificationbeyond original factory specifications will void the warranty. Normal maintenance, service and repair is not coveredby KINZE warranty.To register your KINZE product for warranty, a Warranty And Delivery Report form must be completed by the KINZE Dealer and signed by the retail purchaser, with copies to the Dealer, to the retail purchaser and to KINZEManufacturing, Inc. Registration must be completed and sent to KINZE Manufacturing, Inc. within 30 days of deliveryof the KINZE product to the retail purchaser. KINZE Manufacturing, Inc. reserves the right to refuse warranty on serialnumbered products which have not been properly registered.Additional copies of the Limited Warranty can be obtained through your KINZE Dealer.If service or replacement of failed parts which are covered by the Limited Warranty are required, it is the user'sresponsibility to deliver the machine along with the retail purchaser's copy of the Warranty And Delivery Report to theKINZE Dealer for service. KINZE warranty does not include cost of travel time, mileage, hauling or labor. Any priorarrangement made between the Dealer and the retail purchaser in which the Dealer agrees to absorb all or part of thisexpense should be considered a courtesy to the retail purchaser.KINZE warranty does not include cost of travel time, mileage, hauling or labor.1-2Rev. 6/96

INTRODUCTIONThe Model 2500 Twin-Line Planter is available in various row spacings and permits installation of various row unitattachments. Interplant , liquid fertilizer and/or dry fertilizer options are available for use on the Model 2500 planter.GENERAL INFORMATIONThe information used in this manual was current at the time of printing. However, due to KINZE's continual attemptto improve its product, production changes may cause your machine to appear slightly different in detail. KINZEManufacturing, Inc. reserves the right to change specifications or design without notice and without incurring obligationto install the same on machines previously manufactured.Right hand and left hand as used throughout this manual is determined by facing in the direction the machine will travelwhen in use unless otherwise stated.69797-89a67999-26 Row 30" SizePlanter is shown in field operation position with dryfertilizer and double disc fertilizer openeroptions installed.8 Row 30" SizePlanter is shown in transport position with the Interplant option installed.2-1Rev. 1/98


SPECIFICATIONSTYPE Pull-type, rigid frame. Rotating main frame for transport, hydraulic operation.PLANTING UNIT TYPESROW SPACINGPull Row Units; Interplant Push Row Units OptionalPull Row Units6 Row Narrow - 30" Rows8 Row Narrow - 30" RowsPush Row Units11 - 15" Rows (9 - 15" Skip Rows)15 - 15" Rows (13 - 15" Skip Rows)DRIVE SYSTEMTwo 4.10" x 6" spring-loaded contact drive tires. (Driven by two 7.50" x 20" rib implement 6 ply transport tires.)No. 40 chain with spring-loaded idlers.Quick-adjust end-mounted seed transmission with machined sprockets.7/8" hex drive and drill shafts.TRANSPORT TIRESFour 7.50" x 20" rib implement 6 ply tires.Adjustable height wheels for ridge planting.LIFTOne centrally located lift cylinder. (Front or rear mount.)MARKERSTwo-fold low profile with 16" concave, solid blade and cast iron hubs.HYDRAULICS Dual SCV for independent operation of lift and markers.Manual hand valve selects marker/fold functions.Hydraulic alternating sequence valve with flow controls for markers.DimensionsPLANTER SIZE6 Row 30"8 Row 30"Operating Width16' 10"21' 10"Transport Width11' 2"11' 2"Transport Height10' 6"10' 6"Weight5155 lbs.5852 lbs.* Base machine weights include planter frame including row markers, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, fittings, tires, wheels,drive and drill shafts, sprockets, chains and required drive components, parking jack, safety/warning lights, SMV sign,and KINZE pull row units (closing wheel arms less closing wheels) with seed hopper and lid and dual quick adjustabledown force springs.3-1Rev. 7/95

SPECIFICATIONSMACHINE OPTIONS Electronic Seed Monitors - KM1000, KM3000 With Magnetic Distance Sensor OrKM3000 With Radar Distance Sensor(KPM I/KPM II Monitor - See Assembly Instruction IS364) Half Rate (2 To 1) Drive Reduction Package Rock Guard Package (Transport Wheel Arm) Rear Trailer Hitch Interplant Liquid Fertilizer With Fertilizer Opener And Pump Options Dry Fertilizer With Fertilizer Opener OptionsROW UNIT OPTIONS/ATTACHMENTS Finger Pickup Or Brush-Type Seed Meters Closing Wheels - Rubber “V”, Cast Iron “V” Or Covering Discs/Single Press Wheel Gauge Wheel Covers Granular Chemical Application Options Spring Tooth Incorporator Row Unit Mounted No Till Coulter Row Unit Mounted Disc Furrowers Row Unit Mounted Residue Wheel Coulter Mounted Residue Wheels Frame Mounted No Till Coulter Disc Furrowers For Frame Mounted Coulter Seed Firming Wheel Row Unit Extension Bracket Package3-2Rev. 8/98

SAFETY PRECAUTIONSSafe and careful operation of the tractor and planter atall times will contribute significantly to the prevention ofaccidents.The left outer transport wheel is bolt-on toallow legal width truck shipment. Installouter transport wheel assembly prior tounloading. Do not remove this assemblyafter planter is assembled for use. Do notfold planter or tow planter while the outertransport wheel is removed. Tipping mayoccur because of narrow wheel base.Since a large portion of farm accidents occur as a resultof fatigue or carelessness, safety practices should beof utmost concern. Read and understand the instructions provided in this manual and on the warning signs.Listed below are other safety suggestions that shouldbecome common practice.Before operating the planter for the firsttime and periodically thereafter, check tobe sure the lug nuts on the transport wheelsare tight. This is especially important if theplanter is to be transported for a long distance.Never allow the planter to be operated byanyone who is unfamiliar with the operation of all functions of the unit. All operators should read and thoroughly understand the instructions given in this manualprior to moving the unit.Install safety lockup brackets on markercylinders prior to transporting the planteror working around the unit.Never permit any persons other than theoperator to ride on the tractor.79421-8Never ride on the planter or allow others todo so.Always make sure there are no personsnear the planter when marker assembliesare in operation.Always keep hands, feet and clothing awayfrom moving parts. Do not wear loosefitting clothing which may catch in movingparts.Marker Safety Lockup BracketAlways install all safety lockups beforetransporting the planter.Always wear protective clothing, substantial shoes and suitable hearing and eye sightprotectors applicable for the situation.03279813Be aware of bystanders, particularly children! Always look around to make sure itis safe to start the engine of the towingvehicle or move the planter. This is particularly important with higher noise levels andquiet cabs, as you may not hear peopleshouting.Safety Lockup Pin4-1Rev. 1/98

SAFETY PRECAUTIONSLimit towing speed to 15 MPH. Tow onlywith farm tractor of minimum 70 HP.Never work under the planter while in raisedposition without installing safety lockuppin.Always make sure safety/warning lights,reflectors and SMV emblem are in placeand visible prior to transporting the machine on public roads. In this regard, checkfederal, state/provincial and local regulations.If the planter is going to be transported ona public highway, a safety chain should beobtained and installed. Always follow federal, state/provincial and local regulationsregarding a safety chain when towing farmequipment on a public highway. Only asafety chain (not an elastic or nylon/plastictow strap) should be used to retain theconnection between the towing and towedmachines in the event of separation of theprimary attaching system.Check to be sure all safety/warning lightsare working before transporting the machine on public roads.Make sure the parked machine is on a hardlevel surface. Wheel chocks may be neededto prevent unit from rolling.Watch for obstructions such as wires, treelimbs, etc., when folding markers.This planter is designed to be DRIVEN BYGROUND TIRES ONLY. The use of hydraulic, electric or PTO drives may create serious safety hazards to you and the peoplenear by. If you install such drives you

TWIN-LINE PLANTER OPERATOR & PARTS MANUAL M0157 Rev. 8/98 This manual is applicable to: Model: 2500 Twin-Line Planters Serial Number: 900040 and on Record the model number and serial number of your planter with date purchased: Model Number Serial Number Date Purchased SERIAL NUMBER The serial number plate is located on the planter frame