SCHOLARSHIP LISTAAA TRAVEL HIGH SCHOOL CHALLENGE-For 9th-12th graders-Deadline January- 25,000-3 ING SCHOLARSHIP-Adolph Van Pelt Special Fund for Indian Sch.-For Native Americans-Seniors- 500- 800-Based on merit & need-NationalAAIA-DISPLACED HOMEMAKER SCHOLARSHIPS-Native American-Seniors-Major in Nursing- 1000- M. CROOKS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-Native American- 1000-Seniors-Major in NursingDue July20th- Men-NationalAAMN FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MEN-For Men- 1000-Seniors-Major in Nursing- COMPETITIVENESS GRANTS & SMART GRANTS-For Seniors & College Students-ACG-will provide up to 750 for 1st year of undergraduate study & up to 1,300 for 2nd year for full time students who are U.S. Citizens, eligible for aFederal Pell Grant, and who had successfully completed a rigorous high school program (like OHLAP requirements) as determined by the state or localeducation agency & recognized by the Secretary of Education. 2nd year students must also have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0-Oklahoma’s rigorous high school programs list- 6.doc-SMART Grant will provide up to 4,000 for each of the 3rd & 4th years of undergraduate study to full-time students who are U.S. Citizens, eligiblefor a Federal Pell Grant, and majoring in physical, life, or computer sciences, mathematics, technology, or engineering or in a foreign languagedetermined critical to national security. The student must also have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in coursework required for the major.The National SMART Grant award is in addition to the student’s Pell Grant award.-List of eligible ENO615Attach1.pdf-For the latest information on these two programs, nts/englis/NewPrograms.jspACKINSON SCHOLARSHIP-National- 1750-Juniors & Seniors & College StudentsDue Sept 25th- 1000 Word EssayACT TEST SIGN UP-Sign up online dates & locations -ACT Mooreland HS code is: 372-420-For 9th -12th graders-Mooreland will host October & April test dates-Changes needed (like date change) please call 319-337-1270 (there may be additional charges)

ADA ENDOWMENT & ASSISTANCE FUND, INC.-Dental Assisting Sch.-10 1000 scholarships awarded-Dental Hygiene Sch.-15 1000 scholarships awarded-Dental Student Sch.-25 2500 scholarships awarded-Minority Dental Student Sch.-25 2500 scholarships awarded-Dental Laboratory Technology Sch.-5 1000 scholarships awarded-Contact ADA @312-440-2547 or Students-NationalDue October 16thAETNA SCHOLARSHIP-African American-Seniors-Major in Nursing- FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP- 2000-Children or grandchildren of AFSCME Members-Seniors-Major in Nursing- CAREER-Available online in OctoberDue March- p-Ag Career Interest Essay-Seniors-Leadership & Academic performanceAIA/AAF MINORITY/DISADVANTAGED-Seniors or College Freshmen-Essay on interest in Architecture-Financial Need-GPA, ACT Scores, & Free-hand drawing-Nominated by TeacherDue December- www.naab.orgAL’S FORMAL WEAR-Salute to Education- 2500-Find more details online-SeniorsDue May 7thwww.alsformalwear.comALAN BRALEY MEMORIAL-Woodward Round-up Club-Seniors-Local Woodward Area-Academic Achievement & Community & School InvolvementDue May 1stALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL FOUNDATION COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD-Hearing Impaired-Major in Nursing-Seniors- NEWELL JOSLYN MEDICAL FUND-Latino students-Major in Nursing-Seniors- OKC ROTARY SCHOLARSHIPDue November 10th

-Seniors- 2000 - 4000-Apply online at http://www.occf.orgClick on scholarship center-20 scholarships awarded statewide-OklahomaALTRUSADue April-Local-Mooreland-Seniors- 200-Essay-Community Involvement & Academic Achievement-Applications available in the counselor’s office in the springAMERICA LIBRARY OF POETRY CONTEST-4 Divisions---------- Grades 3-5Grades 6-7Grades 8-9Grades 10-12-April is National Poetry Month- 500 US Savings Bond-No more than 20 lines on any subject-All students may submit one poem.—TYPED-Must be original work-Mail entries to: ―Review Committee‖ c/o The America Library of Poetry, P O Box 978, Houlton, ME 04730-Online entries may be made at more information call 506-328-4964AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP CENTER-YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE @ OKLAHOMA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY-Conference held in June-Leadership Accomplishments & Activity Involvement-Juniors & SeniorsDue SpringDue November 1stAMERICAN CONGRESS ON SURVEYING & MAPPING-College Students-Major in survey-mapping related profession-Amounts vary- #’s 240-632-9716 ext.113-NationalAMERICAN COUNCIL OF THE BLIND SCHOLARSHIPS-Legally blind persons-Seniors-National-Major in Nursing- http://discovernursing.comAMERICAN DENTAL HYGIENISTS’ ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE FOR ORAL HEALTHDue June 30th- 1000 to 1500-Financial Need-Enrolled in Dental Hygiene Program-College Students-Minimum GPA of 3.0-Career Goals Statement-National- #’s 800-735-4916AMERICAN FIRE SPRINKLER ASSOCIATION-3000 Word Essay-Seniors-National- 5000-Apply online starting September 1stDue April- TestAMERICAN GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE-MINORITY GEOSCIENCE-Black, Hispanic, or Native American StudentsDue March 10th

-Seniors-Major in Geoscience-Financial need- 250 to 1000-National- #’s 703-379-2480AMERICAN INDIAN SCHOLARSDue Mid-March-@ Oklahoma City University-Full Tuition, room and board scholarship plus 200 stipend per semester towards books-Apply 405-208-5171 or email @ [email protected] or 405-208-5529 fax-For more information go to INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Due May-Engineering as a Major- 500-Seniors-Apply online @ AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL-Play on an American Legion Baseball Team-Nominated by Head Coach-For more information go to 1000Due JulyAMERICAN LEGION NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ORATORICAL CONTEST-For more information about contest go to & State contest-Seniors-Up to 18,000 in scholarshipsAMERICAN MEDICAL TECHOLOGISTSDue April 1st-Financial Need-National-Seniors-5 500 sch.-Major in medical technology, medical assisting studies, dental assisting, or phlebotomy studies.-Goals, academics, activities, experience, & personal references.-Contact 847-823-5169 or email [email protected] or www.amtl.comAMERICAN MENSA SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP METEOROLOGICAL-Seniors and College StudentsDue Feb. 10th-Apply online- 3000 renewable for 2 years-Minority students-Careers in Atmospheric or related sciencesAMERICAN WELDING SOCIETYDue January 15thAMERICORPSDue October-National-Many different welding scholarships-Seniors- 2500- For more engineering or related field-Seniors & College Students-For more information go to or call 1-800-942-2677-Apply online

AMVETSDue April-Senior or College Freshman-Minimum GPA of 3.0-Must be the child or grandchild who is an AMVETS member-Financial Need-Apply demonstrate academic promise & financial need-For more information, call 877-726-8387-EssayANN FORD SCHOLARSHIP-3.0 GPA or higher-Learning Disability-Seniors- 10,000-NationalANNE & MATT HARBISON SCHOLARSHIPDue March 31st- 1500-Learning Disability-Nominated—brief letter by nominator stating relationship-Renewable up to 3 additional consecutive years-2 LOR’s-Verification of language-related learning disability—2 page letter maximum (NO IEP)-Essay-Seniors-Email @ [email protected] or call 540-943-5678 or fax 540-949-8408-For application & brochure go to application to:P. Buckley Moss Society20 Stoneridge Dr. Suite 102Waynesboro, VA 22980ANYCOLLEGE.COM DRAWING-4 Deadlines per year-March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, & December 1st- 2,000 Scholarship awarded 4X per year-Drawing-Seniors-Sign up online @ website is also a college search engine that lists over 5,500 accredited colleges & universities-Students may search for a college by program, school type, location, or athletic interest-Website is free & requires NO registration-If you have questions, contact Sarah Eckert @ 866-900-9933 or email [email protected] HOLLAND---OSU INSTITUTE-Attend OSU-Okmulgee-Seniors-Attend programs through High Plains Tech Center-Diesel Mechanics-Approx. 10,000-Full Ride-Job @ Arnett-New Holland after finished with schoolDue MarchARTS RECOGNITION & TALENT SEARCH-LIVE THE DREAM-Seniors-Performing, Literary, & Visual Arts-Dance, Film & Video, Jazz, Music, Photography, Theater, Visual Arts, Voice, Writing-Up to 10,000-Registration Deadline: October 2nd-Portfolio Materials Deadline: November 1st-For more or call 1-800-970-ARTSAPI- 500 per semester X8 4000-Local Woodward Area-Seniors-Financial Need-Academic Achievement & Leadership QualitiesAVON COSMETICS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPDue April

- 1,000 OR 2,000-Parent must be employed by Avon-Seniors-Go to the website @ http://www.myavon.comAVIATION SCIENCES INSTITUTE @ SOUTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY-Tuition & fees for 4 year total is 57,827-Seniors-For more information visit or or call 800-435-1327-Financial aid & scholarships are available-Active internships with American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, TransWorld Airlines, and Club MarketingAVEDA INSTITUTE-Programs in Cosmetology, Esthiology, Massage Therapy, & Manicuring-Seniors-For more information visit or call 877-99-AVEDA-Institutes in Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, & North CarolinaAYN RAND-ANTHEMDue March-9th & 10th graders-Essay Contest-Cash Awards- 30, 50, 200, 500, 2000-600 to 1200 Words-Submit your Essay online- 200 gift certificate for Teachers who submit the most essays-NationalAYN RAND-THE FOUNTAINHEADDue April-Juniors & Seniors-Essay Contest-Cash Awards- 50, 100, 1000, 2000, 10,000-800 to 1600 Words-Submit your Essay online- 200 gift certificate for Teachers who submit the most essays-NationalAXA ACHIEVEMENTDue December-Outstanding Achievement in school, community, & workplace-Nominated by unrelated adult- 10,000-Seniors-Describe in detail one non-academic activity-long term in school, community or workplace-Academic accomplishments & school & community activities- [email protected] to apply for all the AXA scholarships-but can only receive one-NationalBANK OF OKLAHOMA-NELNET-Apply online weekly for 1000 drawing from September to MarchNo Due Date- K OF AMERICA-Apply online-SeniorsDue Date Varies- 1000BEST BUY-Submit application onlineDue Feb ations/scholarships.asp- 1000, 2000, & 25000 scholarships available -1500 scholarship-Seniors-National

-Online applications available JanuaryBERNARD HARRIS EXXONMOBIL/NASA SUMMER SCIENCE CAMP-Located at SWOSU-2 LOR’s-Call Wayne K. Trail @ 580-774-3124 or email-2 week camp-Free camp-science & engineering-6th, 7th, 8th graders [email protected] CLUBhttp://www.betaclub.orgBIRCH TELECOM-Applications obtained onlineDue March-Seniors- 25000-Oklahoma is one of 12 eligible statesBIOGRAPHY OF THE YEAR SCHOLARSHIP CHALLENGEDue Nov. 30thBOYS SCOUTS OF AMERICADue June 1stBOWLING-COLUMBIA 300 JOHN JOWDY-Apply onlinewww.columbia300.comDue April 1stBRANDON WHITTEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPDue April 1st-National-Grades 5-12- 2,500- 5,000-Biography Essay about important figures in society-Website: send essays & application by mail to: P O Box 7267Melville, NY 1175-7267-Application period between January & May-3 LOR-Essay-Seniors-Financial Need-Scouting background-2 years minimum-Apply more scholarships 500-Actively involved in the sport of bowling-Seniors-National-―Underdog‖ to reward overachieving, financially challenged student an opportunity-4 years of tuition, education materials, & certain living expenses @ an Oklahoma College-5 ESSAYS-Tax Returns, Records of untaxed income, Current Bank statements, & Records of current investments-Resume-4 LOR’S from fellow student, 2 teachers or coaches, & family member-Transcript & ACT Scores-Seniors-Picture of Applicant-Interview-Mail application & materials to:The Whitten-Newman FoundationOne Leadership Square211 N. Robinson Ave. Ste. 1350AOklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-For more information call Jason Benson @ 405-415-5921-Check out the website @ www.whittenburragelaw.comBRICK AWARDS-National ScholarshipDUE Oct. 25th

- 10,000 to 6 people 18 and under-Winners also receive equal amount of money for community grant- 5000 to 3 people 19-25-Outstanding leadership-Apply y/-Community Service-Community buildings, health, or environment community service-3 LORBURGER KINGDue DecemberROBERT C. BYRDDue March- 1000-Minimum GPA of 2.5-Work part-time-15 hours per week-Community involvement-Seniors-Financial Need-Nominated-LOR-One student per school can be nominated- 1000-32 on ACT-Oklahoma Scholarship-For more information go to SCHOLARS PROGRAM-Must attend Illinois Institute of Technology-Full tuition- 23,329-5 Areas of Interest—Leadership, Service Research, Entrepreneurship, & Athletics-in which to focus their efforts & gain exposure to real-worldexperiences-Seniors-Increased research opportunities & access to IIT’s Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO)-Contact #’s 312-567-3025 or 800-448-2329 or fax 312-567-6939-Technology Focused University that studies sciences, business, communication, psychology, engineering, & architecture-Apply online @ www.admission.iit.eduCARGILL SALT-COMMUNITY- 1000-Apply online-National-SeniorsDue /CARGILL SCHOLARSDue Feb. 16th-Studying abroad in Asia or Latin America-Seniors-Must be nominated by Feb.16th-Completed applications due March 16th-For more information & application visit or call 800-237-4636 x1593“CAREER DIRECTIONS” PROGRAM-Help a student figure out what careers are best suited for him/her-Go to www.careertrain.comCAREER EXPLORATION- http://sigi.ou.eduCAREER FITTER-Apply x.htm- 500-National-Seniors-You can take a career test also.-250 Word Essay-Minimum GPA of 2.5CAREER INFORMATIONDue May PLANNING/INTERNSHIPS & CO-OPS- WEBSITES- rhansen/careers.html- and Employment Planning/CAREER WORLD ESSAY CONTESTDue March 21stth-For 7 through 12 Graders- 100-Essay-500 Word Limit—Profiling a chosen career OR a person or career you admire-For more information go to comprehensive presentation of career-40% originality & creativity-20% grammar, punctuation & spelling-Mail your entry form & essay to: What’s Your Career Story? Contest, Career World, 1 Reader’s Digest Road, Pleasantville,NY 10570-7000CASTROL SYNTEC OUTPERFORMER- 7500-For aspiring auto technicians to attend an automotive program-For ages 16-25-500 word essay-Apply online at www.syntecoutperformers.comDue November 1stCCOSA SCHOLARSHIPSDue February 12thCONTACT INFORMATION FOR BELOW SCHOLARSHIPS: 2901 N. LINCOLN BOULEVARDOKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73105405-524-1191/405-524-1196-FAXwww.ccosa.orgTHE PETE RHAMES SCHOLARSHIP—CHILDREN OF OASA MEMBERS-Career Goal Essay-Senior-LOR-PhotoTHE HARVEY REIMER SCHOLARSHIP-CHILDREN OF CCOSA MEMBERS-Career Goal Essay-Senior-LOR-PhotoTHE RANDALL RABURN LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP-CHILDREN OF CCOSA MEMBERS-Career Goal Essay-Senior-LOR-PhotoTHE GENE KEITH SCHOLARSHIP-CHILDREN OF CCOSA MEMBERS WHO DECLARES THEIR INTENT TOPURSUE A CAREER IN THE TEACHING FIELD-Career Goal Essay-Senior-LOR-PhotoOASSP/JB FLATT AND VARIABLE ANNUITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY (VALIC) SCHOLARSHIPCHILDREN OF AN ACTIVE OASSP MEMBER-Career Goal Essay-Senior-LOR-Photo

CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK OF ENIDCHAD CARGILL ACT PREPARATION WORKSHOPS-Held during the Fall before the October ACT Date @ High Plains Tech Center-For 9th -12th graders & parents can attend for free with a paid student-Can sign up through your counselor or Amber Riley @ HPTC @580-256-6618-For more information www.cargillconsulting.comClick on Calendar for dates of workshops-Cost of workshop is 30-Time is from 5:30-9:30-Students can buy programmed graphing calculators for ACT or have their graphing calculator programmed for a fee.-ACT Prep Books are available for 20. (Counselor’s office has one to loan out)Due March 1stCHANCELLOR’S SCHOLAR-High ACT-Community Involvement & Academic Achievement-Oklahoma Scholarship-Seniors-Leadership Qualities- 1000-Check out past recipients @ www.okhighered.eduCHAPEL OF FOUR CHAPLAINS ANNUAL PROJECT LIFESAVERDue January-Project Lifesaver-Team of 5 members-Needs Faculty Advisor to lead -- 1,000 awarded if team wins-Only 1 project per school is permitted- 750 each member if team wins-Seniors-Essay describing a community project-Cover Page needed with team member information-Include Photographs, flyers, documentation, to convey the flow or essence of your project-Community involvement & leadership accomplishments-Selfless service, compassion, & humanity demonstrated by the students in conducting a project-For more information go to [email protected] or call 215-218-1943 or fax 215-218-1949-Send to: The Chapel of Four ChaplainsProject Lifesaver Scholarships1201 Constitution AvenueThe Navy Yard, Bldg. 649Philadelphia, OA 19112CHAPEL OF FOUR CHAPLAINS ART CONTEST- 1,000 for 1st place, 750 for 2nd place, & 500 for 3rd place-Seniors-Any form of 2 dimensional art except photography is eligible-Students artists may capture the theme in any manner they wish-Judging: winning entries based on reflection of the theme, quality, & creativity-For more information & theme go to [email protected] or call 215-218-1943 or fax 215-218-1949-Send to: The Chapel of Four ChaplainsProject Lifesaver Scholarships1201 Constitution AvenueThe Navy Yard, Bldg. 649Philadelphia, OA 19112CHAPEL OF FOUR CHAPLAINS ESSAY CONTESTDue December 1stDue November- 1,000, 750, 500, 400, & 300 Awards-Seniors- 450 Word limit Essay-For more information & topic go to [email protected] or call 215-218-1943 or fax 215-218-1949-Send to: The Chapel of Four ChaplainsProject Lifesaver Scholarships1201 Constitution AvenueThe Navy Yard, Bldg. 649Philadelphia, OA 19112CHEROKEE NATION-Information online in January-Must have CDIB CardDue June-For more information go to [email protected]

CHOCTAW NATION OF OKLAHOMADue May 31st-S.T.A.R. (Success Through Academic Recognition) Education Incentive Program-2nd through 12th grade Choctaw Students & Be a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma-Valid CDIB Card-Achieve no grade lower that a B to be eligible for recognition-Students will also be recognized for having perfect attendance-Eligible students making all A’s -- 25 Wal Mart Gift Card-Eligible Students making all A’s & B’s-- 10 Wal Mart Gift Card-Eligible students who have Perfect Attendance-- 25 Wal Mart Gift Card-In Honor Classes, B’s count as A’s and C’s count as B’s-Return application to:Choctaw Nation of OklahomaSTAR Program16th & Locust, P O Box 1210Durant, OK 74702-Fax 580-924-0880-Email: [email protected] more information, contact Keith Baxter @ 580-924-8280 ext. 2639 or email @ [email protected] MCATEEDue AprilCIMARRON CLUSTER YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR FAIRDue April 12th-300 Word Essay-Good Moral Character-Community Service, Leadership, & Activities-Seniors-Minimum 3.0 GPA-3 LOR-Local –Northwest Oklahoma area (NWOKPP)-For more information & to mail completed application to contact: Gayla McAtee, RR 2 Box 332, Laverne, OK 73848thth-Any 8 12 grade student interested in creating a business or marketable product-Open to students from Waynoka, Vici, Seiling, Freedom, Arnett, Taloga, Aline-Cleo, Ringwood, Cherokee, Fairview, and Mooreland-Held @ Waynoka High School-For more information email barker [email protected] by: Ogallala Commons and Cimarron Cluster top three products or concepts exhibited will receive a CASH PRIZE!-1st Place- 750, 2nd Place- 500, 3rd Place- 250-Business Plan & Interview & Booth Presentation @ the Fair & Adaptability or Feasibility of concept of product to a Rural Area-Fair held in MayCLEP TEST-For CLEP information & to sign up online phone # 800-257-9558 or email [email protected] & locations for CLEP tests-Mooreland HS code is: 372-420COCA-COLA-National-Seniors-Apply onlineDue October 1000, 4000, 20,000 scholarships-650 scholarships available-Minimum GPA 3.0-Community involvement & Leadership Qualities & Academic AchievementCOFFEEVILLE JUNIOR COLLEGE-NATIVE AMERICANS-For Native Americans-Seniors-Pay books & tuition for two years-Went to National Finals in Football-sports scholarships available-contact Beth Murrill @[email protected] in Coffeeville, Kansas-Home of –offer jobs to students @ 10 per hour & work around school schedulesCOLORADO COLLEGE SUMMER PROGRAM-For students entering their Junior Year-FREE-Two week pre-college courseDue April

-Value of program 1997-Stipends for travel, and spending money is provided-2 LOR-400 to 600 Word Essay-Stay in Dorms-Highly Motivated-Apply DO COLLEGE SUMMER PROGRAMDue April-For students entering their Senior Year-FREE-Three week college course-College credit-5 to 6 hours-Value of program 3000-Stipends for travel, and spending money is provided-2 LOR-400 to 600 Word Essay-List of Honors & Awards & Activities-Highly Motivated-Stay in Dorms-Apply E GOAL SUNDAYEvery year in February-Expert advice on financial aid & college planning-One-on-one help @ college campus-To find out time, date, and a participating campus near your school or call 800-858-1840COLLEGE SAVINGS PLAN-OKLAHOMA 529-To enroll & for more information visit or call 1-877-OK4SAVING (1-877-654-7284)-College savings consultants are available 7am – 7pm Central time Monday-Friday-Anyone can open an account-Oklahoma Tax Deduction-Tax advantages-Savings can be used at virtually any college in the U.S.-Choice of Investment OptionsCOLLEGE PREPARATION WEBSITES- www.collegeview.comDAR-Nominated-SENIOR ONLY-Essay-2 LOR-Community Service-OklahomaDAR ESSAY CONTEST-Woodward Chapterthth-5 through 8 grades-―Jamestown Colony is Settled‖ –topic for essay-Contact person is Linda Brown Fox @ 580-885-7705Due October 15thDue Oct.15thor email [email protected] ESSAY CONTEST-Woodward ChapterththDue Oct. 15th-for grades 9 through 12-Christopher Columbus Essay topic is ―At Sea or At Home: Different Perspectives on the Voyage to the New World‖-Contact person is Linda Brown Fox @ 580-885-7705or email [email protected] MIDSTREAM SCHOLARSHIPDue March 1st-Up to twelve scholarships for 1,500 annuallyAwards are renewable up to one year or until an Associate’s degree or career-technical certificate is earned, whichever occurs first, on the basis ofsatisfactory academic performance.-Applications available at students pursuing a two-year education in natural gas-related studies

DISCOVER-For Juniors only-Apply onlineDue Accomplishments- (10 scholarships)- 25000, (300 scholarships)- 2500-Community Involvement & Academic scholarships for nursing careers-Seniors & College Students-Go online to out qualifications for each scholarship online-scholarships for just men going into nursing-Minority scholarshipsDOBSON PRIDE-Apply online- dobson/Due DecemberDUCT TAPEDue June-Be Dobson Cellular Systems customer- 2500-National-Seniors-Minimum GPA 3.5-Students ages 14 years & older who are attending high school prom- 2500 per person- 5000 for couple-Check out website for information- picture & applicationEAGLE SCOUTS SCHOLARSHIPS-For more information Boys-For information on being an Eagle Scout @ OSU Jeremy L. Zweiacker –Cowboy Eagles Coordinator @ 1-800-233-5019 *1-Email [email protected] IS FREEDOMDue January-Financial Need-Seniors-Activities/Leadership- 2000-Apply online- available online in November-Renewable up to 3 yearsEDUCATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION- 4.00 Processing fee-1 application applies for 2 different scholarships:-Who’s Who Among American H.S. Students Award-The National Dean’s List Award-Apply online @ or vary from 1,000- 6,000EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER OF AMERICA- 1000-Apply onlineDue April- html-Community involvement & Academic achievement-School involvement-Seniors

ELKSDue January-Range from 1000 to 15000-Financial need-Seniors-Leadership qualities-Apply online- FOUNDATION-Apply onlineDue February 5 processing fee-Minimum GPA 3.0-Seniors-22 on ACT-Top 25% of High School ClassFAMILY, CAREER, AND COMMUNITY LEADERS OF AMERICA SCHOLARSHIPhttp://www.fhahero.org4-H CLUBShttp://www.fourhcouncil.eduFANNING-FUSSELLDue March- 1250-Essay-2 LOR-Seniors-Minimum GPA 2.5-Parents must be a member of Northwestern Electric Coop or customer receiving propane or electric service-Local-Woodward area-Apply online Member ServicesFARM BUREAUDue MarchFARM CREDIT OF ENID-For more information go to www.fcenid.comDue April 1st-Parents must be member of Woodward Farm Bureau- 1000-Seniors-Ag related Major-Awards & Honors-For more information call the Woodward Farm Bureau Office @ 580-256-3806-Essays-LOR-Seniors-Photo-Work Experience-Leadership activities-Parent or grandparent needs to be an ACA stockholder-Mail application to:Farm Credit of Enid, ACA Scholarship Program2008 Application (this will change each year)P O Box 168Enid, OK 73702-Contact #’s are 580-233-3489Fax # 580-233-3499FARMER’S UNIONDue-Must be a member of Oklahoma Farmers Union-Minimum GPA 2.75-Seniors-Knowledge of Oklahoma Farmers Union & Involvement-Leadership activities & Academic achievement-Financial Need-Call Lively Insurance Agency in Woodward for application @580-256-2737 or 800-866-8074-Local-Woodward area

FARM4LESS-AG MECHANICS-through FFA-Mr. Kinney-Major in Agriculture or related field-Seniors-Welding project specifications- 1000Due FebruaryFASTWEB SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH-FREE-Available to 7th -12th graders & college students-sign up @ sent on upcoming scholarship deadlines-National & Oklahoma scholarships available-free bulletins on college & scholarshipsFFA SCHOLARSHIPSDue February-Apply online l-This application covers MANY SCHOLARSHIPS-Mr. Kinney also has information on FFA scholarships-SeniorsFIRST AMERICAN BANKDue March-Summer internship-Seniors-Recommended by teacher or counselor-Approx. value 2000-Practical experience & on-the-job training-top 20% of class-Declared Business, Ag Economics, Math or Computers as a major-EssayFLEMING MEDICAL (OMRF)Due FebFRANCES KIIP PARSONS/AT&T PIONEERS MEMORIALDue April 15th-Apply between Junior in High School to Junior in College-Medical related major-Apply 500 cash award for Fall & Spring-Family income of applicants may not exceed 50,000-1st Time entering Freshmen with 3.0 GPA or higher-Oklahoma Resident-Enroll full-time at an eligible Oklahoma postsecondary institution-Preference will be given to students with strong volunteer & leadership skills-Tax Return-For more information contact:The Frances Koop Parsons/AT&T Pioneers Memorial ScholarshipOklahoma State Regents for Higher EducationP O Box 108850Oklahoma City, OK 73101Phone: 800-858-1840 or 405-225-9131 in the OKC areaFUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA SCHOLARSHIPhttp://www.fbla-pbl.orgFUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA SCHOLARSHIPhttp://www.ffa.orgGAMESTOP YOUTH GRANTSDue May 15GATES-MILLENNIUM SCHOLARSDue January-Promotes community service-Outstanding youth-leadership & community service- 500 grants to 30 people under 25 who submit creative proposals for solving local problems-National-Apply ly/-Minority-Nominated

-Minimum GPA 3.3-Seniors-Leadership qualities & Academic Achievement-Meet the Federal Pell Grant

-Dental Assisting Sch.-10 1000 scholarships awarded -Dental Hygiene Sch.-15 1000 scholarships awarded -Dental Student Sch.-25 2500 scholarships awarded -Minority Dental Student Sch.-25 2500 scholarships awarded -Dental Laboratory Technology Sch.-5 1000 scholarships awarded -Contact ADA @312-440-2547 or -College Students -National