CENTRAL MANAGEMENTSERVER (CMS) FOR SMAPowerful virtual machine for appliancemanagement, resilience and reportingSonicWall Central Management Server(CMS) provides organizations, distributedenterprises and service providers witha powerful and intuitive solution tocentrally manage and rapidly deploySonicWall Secure Mobile Access(SMA) solutions. For mid-size or largeenterprises, CMS streamlines securitypolicy management and appliancedeployment, minimizing administrationoverhead. For Service Providers, CMSsimplifies the security management ofmultiple clients and creates additionalrevenue opportunities. Administratorscan cluster CMS solutions for addedredundancy and scalability.ManagementConsoleCentral Management Server (CMS) for SMABenefits:SonicWall CMS is a virtual machine thatgives organizations a single administrativeuser interface to manage multiple SMAappliances. The administrator can use theCentral Management Console (CMC) ofthe CMS to manage all SMA appliances,regardless of location. CMS and managedappliances are closely integrated throughnative communications secured with TLS.CMS requires no dedicated appliance orhardware. It manages appliances that runSMA OS 11.4 or higher. Deliver services with near-zerodowntime. Reduce TCO by accuratelysizing usage capacity and allocateuser licenses automatically acrossappliances based on demand.Central Management Server (CMS)Configure the managed appliancesManage and dynamically allocate pooled user licensesMonitor appliancesView consolodated reportsVPN AdminSMA VirtualApplianceInternetCell phoneTabletDesktop Reduce maintenance overheadby automating routine tasks andscheduling activities. Control and predict costs with ease,using simple subscription licensingmodel.Managed AppliancesSMA 6200 Customize the visual dashboards tomonitor real-time and historical events. Get actionable insights you need tomake the right decisions.Corporate NetworkSMA 7200 Provide zero-impact failover to usersacross data centers in a global meshnetwork. Simplify and manage policy rollouts across appliances or selectedappliances. SRA EX 9000 Decrease capital costs with activeactive high availability clusters thatwork in combination of physical andvirtual appliances.Laptop

Features:Global load-balancing – SonicWall Global Traffic Optimizer(GTO) offers intelligent global load-balancing with zero-impactto users. Traffic is routed to the most optimized and highestperforming data center.Dynamic high availability – Managed appliances that runSMA OS 12.0 or higher provide active/active clustering forredundancy, availability and reliability, whether deployed in asingle data center or across multiple geographically disperseddata centers.Zero impact failover – Universal session persistence provideshigh-performance, low-latency failover in a global active-activecluster. In the event that an SMA appliance goes offline, usersdo not need to re-enter their credentials for login, therebyproviding a frictionless user experience and improving workforceproductivity.1Scalable performance – Scale performance and eliminate singlepoint of failure by clustering appliances. Horizontal clusteringfully supports mixing physical and virtual SMA appliances.Dynamic licensing – User licenses no longer have to be appliedto individual SMA appliances. Users can be distributed andreallocated dynamically among the managed appliances, basedon user demand.Custom alerts – Alerts can be configured to generate SNMPtraps that are monitored by any IT infrastructure NetworkManagement System (NMS).Real-time monitoring – SonicWall CMS dashboard provides asingle pane of glass view for IT administrators to monitor thehealth of all the SMA appliances and view useful informationsuch as network activity, license and capacity usage etc.Administrators can customize the dashboard, visualizethe data and generate ad hoc reports with ease using theintuitive interface.SIEM integration – Real-time output to central SIEM datacollectors allows security teams to correlate event drivenactivities, to understand the end-to-end workflow of a particularuser or application. This is critical during security incidentmanagement and forensic analysis.Automated maintenance – SonicWall CMS comes with abuilt-in scheduler that enables IT Administrators to automatemaintenance tasks such as deploying policies, replicatingconfiguration settings, rolling out firmware patches or upgradesand restarting services, without manual intervention.24x7 support – No additional support license is required. Roundthe-clock coverage is included with central pooled user licenses.Central management – CMS includes the central managementconsole (CMC), which provides centralized, web-basedmanagement for all SMA capabilities.1Supported in SMA OS 12.1 or above2

Central User LicensesUser licenses no longer have to be applied to individual SMAappliances. Central Management Server (CMS) can manage a poolof user licenses and dynamically allocate them among managedappliances. The CMS distributes the pool of licenses between themanaged appliances based on demand in real-time. In the eventthat a managed appliance is unable to communicate with CMS,the 'orphaned' appliance can run for 7 days on its leased licenseand use 100% of CMS user licenses.Customers with appliances that are globally distributed canbenefit from the fluctuating demands for user licenses due totime differences. The CMS reallocates licenses to managedappliances where user demands have peaked from appliancesin a different geographic area, where usage has fallen due2,3Supported in SMA OS 12.1 or above. With SMA OS 12.1, a global datastore manages and regulates user license consumption across appliancesthereby removing dependency on CMS.3to off‐work/night hours. Customers with appliances that arebehind load balancers can benefit from the dynamic distributionof licenses across managed appliances, as the load balancerdistributes connection requests across the managed appliances.SonicWall provides organizations the flexibility to choose thelicensing option that best suits their needs. Central user licensesare available as a time-limited subscription option that includes24X7 support, or as a perpetual option that requires an activetermed support contract. For organizations that want a licensingoption for specific usage, SonicWall offers tiered options withActiveSync licenses.2In addition, organizations may scale capacity temporarilyduring times of business disruptions or emergencies usingSpike licenses.3

Global High AvailabilityThe SonicWall CMS provides a turnkey solution to deliver ahigh degree of business continuity and scalability. Global HighAvailability (GHA) empowers the service owner through a seriesof tools to deliver a service with zero downtime and allowsservice organizations to fulfill very aggressive SLAs.GHA supports active-active clustering with either a physical or acombination of physical and virtual appliances, whether in a singledata center or in a geographically dispersed data center. Thissignificantly reduces upfront capital costs for the customer whereappliances are in active use all the time rather than depreciatingin a data center waiting for a disaster scenario.4Supported in SMA OS 12.1 or above.4GHA enables SMA appliances to scale performance by deployingmultiple appliances, thus eliminating a single point of failure. Thisprovides resilience whether IT deploys 2 SMA appliances in thesame data center or clusters of up to 100 physical and virtualappliances across multiple data centers around the globe.Further, a global data store shares user session state across themesh network of SMA appliances in an active-active cluster.4This allows for session persistence across data centers aroundthe world. In the event of a failover, users do not need to re-entercredentials, so their experience is frictionless and productivity isnot impacted.

Real Time DashboardThe CMS dashboard displays a quick overview of the appliancesbeing managed. The Geographic View shows a visual locationof the appliance based on its city and country obtained duringconfiguration. The alerts pane on the dashboard shows aconsolidated view of all currently active alerts. The Alertsare intuitive and color coded to provide a quick status: Red(ERROR), Yellow (WARNING) and Green (OKAY). The dashboardprovides real‐time data for online managed appliances, andincludes Name, Status, Users, CPU usage, Memory usage,Mbps & Uptime.5CMS enables administrators to create system-wide reports andcharts, with ability to export to CSV or MS Excel. Administratorscan generate ad hoc reports for audit and compliance basedon categories (such as Users, Access, Devices or Network). Itenables greater insight into usage trends and remote accessevents. The near real-time reporting also provides granular drilldown to insights, such as the bandwidth consumption, datatransferred to users, access zones in use by users, destinationsaccessed by users and number of user sessions on appliancesor realms.

CMS System RequirementsSYSTEM REQUIREMENTSSupported OSSMA OS 11.4 or newerSupported SMA AppliancesSMA 6200,7200, 8200v, EX9000Supported VMware platformESXi 4.0 Update 1 (Build 208167) and newer, ESXi 5 and newerSupported Hyper-V platformWindows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016Recommended Hardware RAM8GB RAMRecommended Hardware CPU4 CPURecommended Hardware Disk Space64 GBCMS Licensing OptionsSonicWall provides the following license options for licensing the CMSLicense typeDescriptionCMS Application(Free Trial)Customers can download a free trial of the CMS license from the MySonicWall portal, whichenables the CMS to manage 3 appliances and 15 users for 1 month. The free trial provides thecustomer with a serial number and authentication code to enter in CMS console. CMS doesnot require the appliances to use pooled licenses. CMS also support central management ofappliances that consume traditional perpetual licenses.CMS Appliance (Base)Customers can upgrade from the free trial to a Base CMS license at no cost. The Base CMS licenseallows the CMS to monitor and manage up to 3 appliances. The Base CMS license does not haveuser licenses and does not expire.CMS Appliance (Full)Customers who want to manage more than 3 appliances need to purchase the stackable annuallicense. With this license customer can manage up to 100 appliances. This license expires andneeds to be renewed at the end of its term.

CMS Ordering InformationCMS APPLIANCE LICENSE01-SSC-8535SMA CMS BASE 3 APPLIANCES LICENSE (FREE)01-SSC-8536SMA CMS 100 APPLIANCES LICENSE 1YRCENTRAL USER LICENSES (SUBSCRIPTION)01-SSC-2298SMA CMS POOLED LICENSE 10 USER 1YR01-SSC-2299SMA CMS POOLED LICENSE 10 USER 3YR01-SSC-8539SMA CMS POOLED LICENSE 1000 USER 1YR01-SSC-8542SMA CMS POOLED LICENSE 1000 USER 3YR01-SSC-5339SMA CMS POOLED LICENSE 50000 USER 1YR01-SSC-5349SMA CMS POOLED LICENSE 50000 USER 3YRCENTRAL USER LICENSES (PERPETUAL)01-SSC-2053SMA CMS PERPETUAL LICENSE 10USER01-SSC-2058SMA CMS PERPETUAL LICENSE 1000USER01-SSC-2063SMA CMS PERPETUAL LICENSE 50000USER24X7 SUPPORT FOR CENTRAL USER LICENSES (PERPETUAL)01-SSC-2065SMA CMS 24X7 SUPPORT 1YR 10USER01-SSC-2076SMA CMS 24X7 SUPPORT 3YR 10USER01-SSC-2070SMA CMS 24X7 SUPPORT 1YR 1000USER01-SSC-2081SMA CMS 24X7 SUPPORT 3YR 1000USER01-SSC-2075SMA CMS 24X7 SUPPORT 1YR 50000USER01-SSC-2086SMA CMS 24X7 SUPPORT 3YR 50000USERCENTRAL ACTIVESYNC LICENSES (SUBSCRIPTION)01-SSC-2088SMA CMS POOLED EMAIL LICENSE 10USER 1YR01-SSC-2098SMA CMS POOLED EMAIL LICENSE 10USER 3YR01-SSC-2093SMA CMS POOLED EMAIL LICENSE 1000USER 1YR01-SSC-2103SMA CMS POOLED EMAIL LICENSE 1000USER 3YR01-SSC-2087SMA CMS POOLED EMAIL LICENSE 50000USER 1YR01-SSC-2108SMA CMS POOLED EMAIL LICENSE 50000USER 3YRCENTRAL SPIKE LICENSES01-SSC-2109SMA CMS SPIKE 100USER 5DAYS01-SSC-2111SMA CMS SPIKE 1000USER 5DAYS01-SSC-2115SMA CMS SPIKE 50000USER 5DAYSCAPTURE ADD-ON (SUBSCRIPTION)01-SSC-2116SMA CMS CAPTURE TRIAL 1YRFor more information on CMS visit our website.To buy CMS, contact SonicWall sales here.About UsSonicWall has been fighting the cyber-criminal industry for over 25 years, defending small, medium size businesses and enterprisesworldwide. Our combination of products and partners has enabled a real-time cyber defense solution tuned to the specific needs ofthe more than 500,000 global businesses in over 150 countries, so you can do more business with less fear.7SonicWall, Inc.5455 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054Refer to our website for additional 2017 SonicWall Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SonicWall is a trademarkor registered trademark of SonicWall Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S.A.and/or other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarksare property of their respective -MKTG295

Global load-balancing – SonicWall Global Traffic Optimizer (GTO) offers intelligent global load-balancing with zero-impact to users. Traffic is routed to the most optimized and highest performing data center. Dynamic high availability – Managed appliances that run S