Taobao - Massive and Fast Growing Consumer CommunityJIANG Fan, President of Taobao

Fast Growing Consumer Community 高速增 长的 s2

617 million Mobile MAU552 million AAC(1)Up 110mn YoY in FY2018(2)Up 98mn YoY in FY2018MillionMillion552617507423454410Rapid User GrowthMar 2016Notes:(1) China retail marketplace Mobile MAU for the month ended March 31, 2018(2) China retail marketplace annual active consumer for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018Mar 2017Mar 2018整体 用户规模 高速增 长FY2016FY2017FY20183

Rapid Growth in New Registered Users88% YoY Growth for August 2018新 用户 高速增 长,2018年年8 月同期增 长88%Growth of Users Under 18 and Above 50 Is Acceleratingunder 18above 50Growth of Users From Less Developed Areas Is Acceleratingother age groupsLess Developed AreasOther Cities11%Rapid Growth of New UsersAnd Potential Users Market2%14%7% 70%62%新 用户及潜 力力市场 用户 高速增 长91%CY201675%Jan-Aug 2018New Registered Users Breakdown by AgeCY2016Jul 2017Oct-2017Jan-2018Apr-2018Jan-Aug 2018Jul-2018Users Breakdown by City Tier4

Rapid Growth of New UsersAnd Potential Users MarketGrowth in DAU of Taobao PointsGrowth in Number of Orders From Taobao Daily Deals淘 金金币规模增 长天天特价订单增 长30% YoY Growth for August 2018350% YoY Growth for July 2018新 用户及潜 力力市场 用户 高速增 7Oct-17Jan-18Apr-18Jul-185

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Recommendation Feeds 信息流7

Simpler User ExperienceMore Efficient Information DistributionMore Diversified Content 用户体验更更简单信息分发更更 高效分发内容更更多样8

Old VersionNew VersionModulesRecommendation FeedsRecommendation Feeds信息流9

Old VersionNew VersionModulesRecommendation FeedsRecommendation Feeds信息流10

Online Marketing 广告New VersionActivitiesRecommendation Feeds活动CustomerEngagement营销Live Stream直播Rankings榜单Recommendation Feeds信息流From Product Listing to Diversified roducts商品Topics主题Short-Form Videos短视频Channels频道

Content Generation 内容化12

Impact of the Content Ecosystem Increased Significantly内容 生态规模 大幅增 长Rapid Growth in Live Stream and Short-Form Videos直播、短视频领域迅猛发展Content Generation Pays Off内容化成果Over RMB3 billionIncome Earned by Content Creators内容创作者收益Notes:(1) For the Twelve Months Ended August 31, 2018(2) As of August 2018(3) For April to June 2018(1)1.6 million (2)Number of Registered Content Creators内容创作者规模1.9 billion(3)Daily Average Short-Form Videos Views短视频 日均观看20 minutes (3)Daily Average Time Spent by Live Stream Viewers 日均直播观看时 长100% (3)Live Stream MAU YoY Growth直播 月活增 长速度13

2018年年4-6 月MAU同 比增 长100% 直播场次 高速增 长2018年年4-6 月直播带来成交同 比增 长350%GMV Driven by Live StreamIncreased by 350% YoY for April-June 2018100% MAU YoY Growth for April - June 2018Rapid Growth of Live-Stream SessionsContent Generation - 8Jul-Aug 20184Q161Q172Q173Q174Q171Q18Jul-Aug 20184Q161Q172Q173Q174Q171Q18Jul-Aug 201814

Merchants卖家Advisers客服Promoters 门店导购Buyers买 手Live-Stream Anchors主播Global全球Rural农村Variety Shows IP直播综艺IPComprehensive Live-Stream Ecosystem多场景全覆盖的直播 生态15

Product Details宝 on Feeds信息流(1)Weitao微淘“Crazy about Shopping”爱逛街(2)15% to 42%Short-Form Video Empowers MerchantsThroughout Consumer Journey短视频赋能商家全链路路Notes:(1) For August 2017(2) For August 2018Product Page View WithShort-Form Videos商品展现中可呈现视频占 比从15%到42%16

Brands and creativity品牌&创意58%Increase inConversion Rate单品成交转化率提升94%Product Listings with Videos全店商品的视频占 比In-depth analysis深度解析The Case for Short-form videos短视频案例例Video reviewsTutorials and reviews教程&评测Buyers’ sharingProduct highlights买家分享核 心卖点评价视频17

Brands and creativity品牌&创意58%Increase inConversion Rate单品成交转化率提升94%Product Listings with Videos全店商品的视频占 比In-depth analysis深度解析The Case for Short-form Videos短视频案例例Video reviewsCourses and reviews教程&评测Buyers’ sharingKey selling points买家分享核 心卖点评价视频18

Consumers’ Participation inContent Creation and Community InteractionContent Generation- “Buyers’ 作和社区互动22mn (1)Daily Average Buyers WhoLeft at Least One Review on PlatformNotes:(1) For the Week of August 1, 20182.9mn (1)Reviews from Buyers withPhotos or Videos Per Day19

Merchants Operation 商家运营模式20

China Retail Marketplaces GMV Contribution From MerchantsWith Featured and Original Products Continues To Grow原创特 色商家的GMV占 比快速上升100,000(1)Number of Merchants with Featured and OriginalProducts原创特 色商家数量量Diversified Marketplace多元化的市场(1)17% of China Retail Marketplaces GMV原创特 色商家GMV占 比2016Notes:(1) For the Year Ended March 31, 20182017201821

Live StreamWeitaoBanner AdMultiple Formats ofMerchants Operation多样的商家运营阵地Short-Form VideoTaobaokeGroup ChatBuyers’ ShowsStore DecorationSearchCustomer ServiceKOL22

Jewelry Industry Benefits from New Waysof Merchants Operation促进珠宝 行行业增 长Taobao Global Buyers Enhance GMV Growth海海外买 手带动全球购业务增 长WeitaoNew Ways of Merchants OperationTransforms IndustryWeitaoGroup chat新运营模式改变淘宝 行行业Jan-2016Notes:The dips in the charts are due to Chinese New Year -2017Oct-2017Jan-2018Apr-2018Jul-2018Jul-2017 Aug-2017 Sep-2017 Oct-2017 Nov-2017 Dec-2017 Jan-2018 Feb-2018 Mar-2018 Apr-2018 May-2018 Jun-2018 Jul-201823

2018 INVESTOR DAYPastPresentFutureFocus on TrafficFocus on ScenariosFocus on Customer ManagementProductsEvolution of Merchants izedFansPassiveWithin TaobaoBeyond TaobaoOnlineOfflineOperation24

New Markets 新市场25

New Market – “Xianyu”新市场-闲 鱼Notes:(1) For the Twelve Months Ended August 31, 2018.(2) For August 201815mn 53%[1]Annual Active SellersMarketplace for Second-Hand Items[2]Users are Male26

Mobile PhonesNew Market – “Xianyu”F2Q18新市场-闲 鱼Notes:The dip in the charts is due to Chinese New Year impact.F4Q182017.92017.112018.1Men’s Apparel2018.32018.52017.6 2017.7 2017.8 2017.9 2017.10 2017.11 2017.12 2018.1 2018.2 2018.3 2018.4 2018.5 2018.6 2018.7 2018.82018.7Cartoon andAnime-Related ProductsAgricultural EquipmentMarketplace for Second-Hand 52018.7

新市场-拍卖New Market - Auction阿 里里拍卖,重新评估 一切Alibaba Auction28

Every 100 88VIP Members2018 INVESTOR DAY88VIP会员Early Stage MembershipProgram Shows Momentum(1)Bring in New Users to the Following ServicesEle.meTmall SupermarketNotes:(1) As of August 2018(2) Our affiliated businessYoukuTmall o(2)27Selected Brands29



Income Earned by Content Creators Daily Average Short-Form Videos Views Daily Average Time Spent by Live Stream Viewers Live Stream MAU YoY Growth Notes: (1) For the Twelve Months Ended August 31, 2018 (2) As of August 2018 (3) For April to June 2018