OCTOBER - 2020INDONESIA PERCAYA DIRI DENGAN TEKNOLOGI DALAM NEGERICORPORATE-STARTUP COLLABORATION :How Startup Empowering The Big Industry to ThriveThrough Covid 19 and BeyondPresented by: M. Ali Fikri globalWednesday, 14 October niusMachineLab.Vision IndonesiaAll Photo and Video materials belong to their owners1and are used for demonstration purposes only.

OCTOBER - 2020Tictech StudiosIIoT and Digital ManufacturingIntellectual Property by Machine Vision IndonesiaAR & VR StudioCreative Interactive Lab2

OCTOBER - 20202019Intellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia20203

OCTOBER - 2020Enterprise UniversityContinuous Improvement (Kaizen) Tracker(AR / VR Training)VIRTUAL REALITYAUGMENTED REALITYPEOPLEIntellectual Property by Machine Vision IndonesiaEMSTSYDigital Quality ControlElectronic Batch RecordWarehouse Management SystemEnergy MonitoringIOTAOERPNDigital OEEShort Interval ControlEnterprise Asset Management4

Not ready to transformEarly stage of transformationModerate stage of transformationReady to transformLowAlready start digital transformationOrganization and People CultureDIGITALIZATIONREADINESSPOSITIONHighOCTOBER - 2020LowIntellectual Property by Machine Vision IndonesiaTechnology ReadinessHigh5

OCTOBER - 2020DIGITAL READINESS METRICSTech Enabler : Technology ReadinessTECHNOLOGY :What are the availabletechnologies that can beimplemented ?OPERATION :How ready is your enterpriseoperation implement thedigital system ?People Enabler : Organization and People ReadinessMANAGEMENT ANDORGANIZATION :How supportive and eageryour management andorganization to start digitaltransformation ?Intellectual Property by Machine Vision IndonesiaPEOPLE AND CULTURE :Is organization’s culture andpeople ready to start digitaltransformation ?6

OCTOBER - 2020DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STRATEGYStrategicRoadmappingProblem DiscoveryIntellectual Property by Machine Vision IndonesiaExecute7

OCTOBER - 2020WHY CORPORATION WORKING WITH STARTUP ?82% of Corporation say it’s important towork with startup and 60% of them lookingfor new technologies and/or business modelSources : Shortcut Your StartupIntellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia8

OCTOBER - 2020COLLABORATIONIS THE KEYIntellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia9

OCTOBER - 2020DIGITALLEARNING EXPERIENCE.AT PETRO KIMIA GRESIKIntellectual Property by Machine Vision IndonesiaAll Photo and Video materials belong to their ownersand are used for demonstration purposes 10only.

OCTOBER - 2020AUGMENTED REALITYVR TRAININGIntellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia360 TOUR11

OCTOBER - 2020Intellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia12


OCTOBER - 2020Augmented RealityIndustrial Use CasesIntellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia14

OCTOBER - 2020The Talent CrunchHits Indonesia.Study by Korn FerryBy 2030, Indonesia is predicted toachieve top 7 in world economy, butcould lose out on 442.62bn thatwould not be realized due to TalentShortages.In terms of the size of its economy,Indonesia could Fail to Grow by 19%by 2030.Intellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia15

OCTOBER - 2020Be the first frontlinersto unleash VR Super Power,Stay ahead of the gamewww.machinevision.globalTelegram Group to Stay Property by Machine Vision Indonesia16

360 TOUR. Intellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia 12 OCTOBER - 2020. Intellectual Property by Machine Vision Indonesia 13 OCTOBER - 2020 TRAINING TYPES . Study by Korn Ferry By 2030, Indonesia is predicted to achieve top 7 in world economy, but could lose out on 442.62bn that would not be realized due to Talent