ArrestAll Self-Contained Shaker Type Dust Collector Leading the Way in Dry Dust Collection TechnologyE N V I R O N M E N TA LSOLUTIONS

The Evolution of Environmental SolutionsFor more than 90 years, AAF International has been providingfiltration solutions for industrial processes around the world.Throughout our rich history, AAF International has pioneered many of thetechniques used today to control airborne dust, fume and vapor in virtuallyevery production process. Our constant passion for innovative solutions hasled us to offer the most reliable, efficient and durable products available onthe market today.AAF International, a member of DAIKIN Group, also believes in valuing ourpeople, communities and environment. Our ISO 9001 certified facilities utilizelean and green manufacturing to deliver products with short lead times andminimal environmental impact. Our people centered management philosophyenables us to deliver the best customer service and also give back to thecommunities in which we serve and live.1

The ArrestAll Advantage The ArrestAll dust collector is a compact and efficient solution to small and medium volume dry dust problems.Designed to control dust from a single source or system, the ArrestAll saves energy by recirculating clean air.AAF dust control experts designed the ArrestAll for many years of trouble-free, efficient service.Its design allows maximized airflow and efficiency.Benefits Excellent filtration Self-contained operation to plug and play No compressed air required Compact design Mitigates combustible dust risk in ST1dust applications Tool-less filter change Long filter life2

Applications Woodworking Pharmaceuticals Rubber & plastic Sanding Sawing Trimming3

ArrestAll Sizes AR1-3 Through AR2-10 ArrestAll sizes AR1-3 through AR2-10 are compact, self-contained dust collectors. Available in bin vent, flat bottomor funnel bottom dust disposal arrangements, each unit consists of a housing with fan, motor, filter envelope andautomatic shaker. The flat bottom unit offers the advantage of very low headroom, while the funnel bottom featuresthe dust storage advantage of a single 55-gallon (189.27-liter) drum on AR1-3. Two drums are utilized with theAR2-5, AR2-7.5 and AR2-10. The bin vent model includes weatherproofing with rain hood.TEFC fan motor, 3 phase, 208, 230,460 or 575 voltages availableHorizontal fan outletBackward inclined fanOne piece cloth envelope filterAutomatic shaker motorLarge hinged lift off access doorFree flow steep funnelOptional 55-gallon drumAR1 funnel bottomInnovative shaker system withpatent-pending shaker combArrestAll Sizes AR3-10 Through AR6-25 ArrestAll sizes AR3-10 and larger are compact, self-contained dust collectors available in bin vent or funnel bottomdust disposal arrangements. Each unit consists of a housing with fan, motor, filter envelopes and automatic shaker.The bin vent unit offers the advantage of very low headroom for indoor use and weatherproofing with rain hoodfor outdoor locations. The funnel bottom units feature the advantage of utilizing 55-gallon (189.27-liter) drums forcollecting and storage of the dust.4

Efficient OperationAAF dust control experts designed the ArrestAll for many years of trouble-free, efficient service. The ArrestAll performseffectively in a variety of applications such as woodworking, grinding, polishing, packaging and bin venting. Automaticoff-line cleaning of filters is standard on all units.World-Class QualityMany of the technologies used to control air pollution were originally developed by AAF. Our facilities are specifically designedto manufacture and test complex air pollution control products. During the entire production process, our operations aregoverned by our ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system.Superior Shaker ActionThe ArrestAll shaker moves the filter envelope with the necessary acceleration and frequency to dislodge the dust cake,providing excellent filter fabric cleaning. Force is distributed throughout the fabric pocket by a shaker bar that holds eachpocket and its internal separator framework.Automatic shakers are standard in sizes AR1-3 through AR6-25. A micro-electronic controller is mounted and wired to theshaker motor. The controller is UL-508 and CSA approved.Quiet – Meets OSHA LimitsArrestAll collectors include silencing to comply with OSHA noise limits.Dust Disposal ChoicesSelect the ArrestAll dust disposal arrangement that best fits your application. Model AR1 is available in flat bottom withdrawer and funnel bottom. Model AR2 is available in flat bottom with drawer or carts or funnel bottom. AR4 and AR6 areavailable only with funnel bottom. The flat bottom units include generously sized collector bins or carts. Access doors featurelarge, quick opening latches. The funnel bottom units fit 55-gallon (189.27-liter) drums.High-Performance FansThe non-overloading fan delivers more air at higher static pressures and reduces capacity variation and suction loss as thedust cake builds on the filter fabric. With the fan on the clean air side, dust and other collected material are filtered out by thefabric filter before reaching the fan, resulting in long, reliable performance.Filter Pocket Spacing to Match ApplicationsThe ArrestAll filter is available with either standard or extra wide pocket spacing. The extra wide spacing is ideal for coarseor fibrous dust as found in grinding or woodworking applications. The standard pocket spacing is recommended for finedust applications.Optimized Filter DesignThe ArrestAll filter has been designed to maximizeairflow and efficiency. The pocket and separatorgeometry minimizes differential pressure. The onepiece construction adds strength and sealing integrityto achieve up to 99 % efficiency on general industrialdust by weight.Smooth Flow DesignThe ArrestAll filter design minimizes internalturbulence and differential pressure. Air flows verticallyinside the filter pockets, guided by the corrugatedspacers. This produces a laminar flow into thehorizontal fan inlet cone.5

ArrestAll Direct Drive Fan PerformanceAR1Total Static Pressure (in. )1,000(1,699)3,000(5,097)4,000(6,796)Air Volume (CFM/m3/h)AR2Total Static Pressure (in. 7)4,000(6,796)5,000(8,495)Air Volume (CFM/m3/h)66,000(10,194)7,000(11,893)

AR3Total Static Pressure (in. 00(10,194)8,000(13,592)Air Volume (CFM/m3/h)AR418(4.5)Total Static Pressure (in. 000(13,592)9,000(15,291)10,000(16,990)Air Volume (CFM/m3/h)AR618(4.5)Total Static Pressure (in. 07,0008,0009,00010,000 11,000 12,000(10,194) (11,893) (13,592) (15,291) (16,990) (18,689) (20,388)Air Volume (CFM/m3/h)7

Available Options and AccessoriesOptions Sprinkler systemArrestAll with Silencer Sound Data Alternate bag mediaArrestAll ModelSound Level (dBA @ 3 ft/914 mm) Hopper transitionsAR1-375 Top mounted fanAR2-579AR2-7.577AR2-10 AR3-10AR4-1077 Explosion ventsAR3-15L AR4-15L77 Control center with fan starterAR3-15H AR4-15H82AR4-20 AR6-2081AR6-2581 Hopper discharge devices Fan silencer Bin vent design Dust drawer design (on specific sizes) Dust cart design (on specific sizes) Integral HEPA/ASHRAE filters Fan-machine interlockAccessories Explosion protection equipment FanArrestAll Models with Silencer Sound Data Fan silencerSound Level (dBA @ 3 ft/914 mm) Airlocks Screw conveyors AAF control centerAR1-3AR2-5AR2-7.5AR2-10AR3-10AR4-1075797777 Custom paint systems8AR3-15L AR3-15HAR4-15L AR4-15H7782AR4-20AR6-20AR6-258181

Dimensions and SpecificationsFilter AreaNumber ofCartridges Sq. Ft. Sq. ate WeightLbs.Kgs.ModelStyle*AR 1-3FB113212.31273,22637-3/1694535889615279AR 1-3BV113212.3681,72737-3/1694535889465211AR 1-3DD113212.3862,18437-3/1694535889550249AR 1-3DC113212.31082,74337-3/1694535889660299AR 24AR 8AR 0463AR 0449AR 333AR 070485AR 00454AR 38AR 80490AR 7AR R 71AR 4-10FB452849.1134-3/163,40865-1/81, 654601,5241,400635AR 7AR 0680AR 13AR R 13AR 94AR 2AR 89AR 5AR 939AR 03NOTES1. Weight does not include any accessories such as explosion vents or controls.2. See AAF sales drawings for complete dimensions.3. Filter Area is based on the standard wide filters.4. Depth does not include fan silencer or transition.* FB Funnel Bottom, BV Bin Vent, DD- Dust Drawer, DC Dust Cart9

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ArrestAll sizes AR1-3 through AR2-10 are compact, self-contained dust collectors. Available in bin vent, flat bottom or funnel bottom dust disposal arrangements, each unit consists of a housing with fan, motor, filter envelope and automatic shaker. The flat bottom unit offers the advantage of very low headroom, while the funnel bottom features