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pg.2retail profits and rebate bonus program2fast start bonus3refer 3, get it free5break even bonus5binary team commission10 ways to make money and earn rewardswith the yoli compensation plan!7unilevel executive matching bonus9global leadership bonus pool12multiple business centers13travel incentives13luxury car program15ranks and qualifications

QUALIFYING FOR COMMISSIONS. There are three ways to meet product volume qualifications:1. Participate in Yoli’s automatic product shipment program,referred to as “Autoship”, or2. Purchase enough product volume to qualify every 4 weeks, or3. Recruit enough customers to earn the equivalent volumenecessary to qualify at your desired level. Note: Customervolume will only qualify Members for Binary Team Commissions. Activate your commissions by Sponsoring two active Members.One Member must be placed on each side (both the left andright) of your Binary Tree organization.WHAT IS PV, CV AND GV? PV is Personal Volume which comes with product you purchaseyourself, retail online, or through Preferred Customers. CV is Commissionable Volume, which is the number of “points”or volume you receive from a product purchase, and is theamount upon which commissions are calculated. GV is Group Volume, or the total product volume purchased bya specific team or group of Members.HOW DO I GET PAID?Commissions are paid through direct bank deposit or a Yoli Pay Card. A 2.00 processing fee is assessed on commission payments.All compensation is paid weekly with the exception of the Global Leadership Bonus Pool, which is awarded quarterly, the TravelIncentives, which are awarded as announced, and the Luxury Car Program, which is awarded every four 1www.yoli.comWeekly Volumeretail profits and rebate bonus program All Active Members* are eligible to receive Retail Profit.Retail Profit is paid on all Retail Customer online orders.Retail Profit is the difference between the Retail and WholesalePrice, and calculated on a per order basis.A unique Preferred Customer bonus program exists for healthprofessionals to retail products, discounted based on volume ofpurchases by Preferred Customers.BonusBinary Tree0 - 600 PV0%100%601 PV - 1,000 PV10%80%1,001 PV - 2,500 PV20%60%2,501 PV 25%40%fast start bonus All Active Members* are eligible to participate in the Fast Start Bonus (FSB).To qualify for the FSB, Members must have a minimum of 50 PV through any combination of personal purchases, retailsales or Preferred Customer purchases every four weeks.FSB is not paid on Autoships nor reoccurring orders.The FSB is paid to the Sponsor only.The FSB payout percentage is 20% of CV on all Member initial orders. FSB CV is not included in the binary tree volume.*An Active Member is a person who has fulfilled the requirements necessary to become a Yoli Member and has fulfilled thevolume purchase requirements listed on page 1 of this brochure under the heading “Qualifying for Commissions”.pg. 2

HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M QUALIFIED TO GET A KIT FOR FREE NEXT MONTH?refer 3, get it free*If you can answer yes to each of the questions below, Yoli will send you a Better Body/Lifetime Kit for FREE.As a Yoli Member or Preferred Customer, refer other PreferredCustomers or Members to any qualifying Better Body/Lifetime Kiton Autoship and you qualify for the Refer 3, get it FREE program.1. Have I purchased an individual Better Body/Lifetime Kit and do I have a Better Body/Lifetime Kit order on Autoship?2. Do I have at least three Preferred Customers and/or three Members who have purchased the Better Body/Lifetime Kit in thelast four weeks and have a kit on Autoship?3. Have my personally referred three Preferred Customers and/or three Members purchased a Better Body/Lifetime Kit with totalCommission Volume (CV) equaling at least three times the Commission Volume of the Better Body/Lifetime Kit I have chosen?To qualify for your FREE Autoship kit** and have your personalAutoship pushed out for 28 days: Three (or more) orders must be from Preferred Customers(PC) with total Commission Volume (CV) being threetimes the Commission Value of the qualifying Better Body/Lifetime Kit you have chosen. All three Preferred Customers must have a qualifying kit onAutoship and their orders must be placed within the samefour-week period.***Note: A limit of one free Autoship kit per person per four week period.Tax, shipping and handling still apply. To qualify for an additional FREE kit: Three or more orders must be from Members withtotal Commission Volume (CV) being three times theCommission Volume of the qualifying Better Body/Lifetime Kit you have chosen. All three Members must have a qualifying kit on Autoshipand their orders must be placed within the same fourweek period.Note: This kit ships at the time commissions are run for thequalification period, and does not replace Autoship orders.There is a limit of one additional free kit per person per four weekperiod. Tax, shipping, and handling still apply.*This program is designed as a benefit for those on the Better Body System and, therefore, is reserved for Better Body/Lifetime Kits only. Additional add-on products donot count toward the “Refer 3, Get it Free” program. **Product earned through the Refer 3 program is considered taxable earnings and will be factored in Members’and Preferred Customers’ 1099 statement at year end as taxable earnings. The Team Office may not list total amounts of free product earned but this does not removethe tax liability of the Member or Preferred Customer. ***The enroller’s four-week period and eligibility week are determined by their enrollment date. The eligible weekis the week they enrolled and every four weeks after that point. They must maintain all requirements until commissions are processed for the eligible 3www.yoli.comKIT ONAUTOSHIPFREE NEXT MONTH IF YOU HAVE50 CV KitA minimum of three Preferred Customers/Members with aBetter Body/Lifetime Kit on Autoship that have purchasedan additional kit: the three additional kits must total atleast 150 CV.100 CV KitA minimum of three Preferred Customers/Members with aBetter Body/Lifetime Kit on Autoship that have purchasedan additional kit: the three additional kits must total atleast 300 CV.200 CV KitA minimum of three Preferred Customers/Members with aBetter Body/Lifetime Kit on Autoship that have purchasedan additional kit: the three additional kits must total atleast 600 CV.Your ipshotuApg. 4

break even bonus The Break Even Bonus (BEB) is a commission designed to helpactive Members and Preferred Customers quickly lowertheir reoccurring costs. The sponsor will receive the BEB on allBEB qualified products (see Yoli price guide) purchased bypersonally enrolled Preferred Customers and Members. (Note:there is no BEB on Initial Fast Start Bonus orders for all newfirst-time enrolled Members.)All active Members and PCs who generate at least 50 PVevery four weeks are qualified for the BEB. Eligible Membersreceive up to their wholesale purchase price during the currentfour week period (maximum of 500).A Member or Preferred Customer’s BEB can be no morethan their total wholesale purchase price. The BEB growswith you and continues to be paid as long as your personalenrollees are active.The BEB is paid to the Personal Enroller only.Example: If you have purchased 50 PV, and you sponsortwo Members, one who purchases 100 PV and the otherone at 200 PV, your BEB is 20.00 plus 40.00, totaling 60.00, which will be adjusted to 59.98 to equal the totalwholesale price of your order. Your BEB completely coversyour order every four weeks*.*PCs and Members will still be required to pay shipping and applicable 5binary team commissionThe Binary Team Commission (BTC) is a great source of residualincome as an Independent Member. When you join Yoli, you will beplaced on the left or right leg of your sponsor’s binary structure. Youearn commissions and rewards based on your personal orders andthe personal orders of those you sponsor and train in just two legs:your left and right. The leg with the most GV is your Power Leg orstronger leg, and the lesser leg is your Pay Leg. The Members yousponsor may place new Members below themselves, thus buildingproduct volume on every order in your binary organization (lessany Fast Start volume). Also, your upline may place Membersbelow you. This volume also counts toward your qualifications andcommissions. As you accumulate GV on both sides of your binarystructure, you will qualify for team commissions based on the totalweekly volume in your Pay Leg. BTC is calculated based on theranks and qualifications found on pages 15-16 of this document.The following rules apply to your BTC payout:All active Members at the rank of Future Star or higher are eligiblefor BTC. These commissions are subject to the earnings cap perrank found on pages 15-16. BTC payout is 10% of Pay Leg volume in a given period. Thisis the equivalent of 5% from both legs down to the volumedepth of the Pay Leg (see diagram on page 6). When yourPV exceeds 200 Personal Volume in a given commissionperiod, the excess volume above 200 is Pay Leg GV and considered commissionable to the active Member.Power Leg volume is reduced each week by the same amountused from the Pay Leg.A Member cannot earn more than 12,500 per business centerper weekly period.Carry Over Volume: unused Power Leg volume carries forwardfrom week to week for up to a rolling 53 weeks, and unused PayLeg volume carries forward from week to week up to four weeks,as long as the Member remains active (50 PV).Pay Leg volume unused due to the 12,500 binary payout capdoes not carry forward.AN EXAMPLE OF A BINARY TREE STRUCTURE You are an Active Member with 100 PV.You participate in the Autoship program or purchase productevery four weeks. You have two personally enrolled active Members. You’ve accumulated 600 GV on your Power Leg. You’ve accumulated 375 GV on your Pay Leg.According to the rank and qualifications description on page 16,you’re qualified as a “3 Star” Member and are eligible for a 10%Binary Team Commission on the 375 GV on your Pay Leg (a 37.50commission). This commission is equivalent to 5% of 750 GV fromboth legs and leaves 225 carry over volume in your Power Leg tostart your next week. You will be able to take advantage of thiscarry over volume in future commissions.Member200 PVMember100 PVPreferredCustomer25 PVLeft SideMember100 PVMember100 PVMember50 PVRight 0 PVMember200 PVTOTAL 600 GVPOWER LEGTOTAL 375 GVPAY LEGpg. 6

unilevel executive matching bonusTo give special incentives to our top Members, we have createdthe Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus (UEMB). This bonus allowstop Members to earn an additional matching bonus based on theperformance of personally sponsored Members and the Membersthey have sponsored, creating the Enrollment Tree. The UEMBpays commissions on increasing depths and variable percentagesbased on rank qualifications. The UEMB pays out according to thechart below. The following rules apply to your UEMB payout: To participate in the UEMB, a Member must be a qualified 5Star Gold or above.UEMB Level OneUEMB Level TwoUEMB Level ThreeUEMB Level FourUEMB Level FiveUEMB Level SixUEMB Level SevenUEMB Level EightUEMB Level NineUEMB Level Tenpg. 75 StarGoldRubyDoubleRubyTriple Ruby15%*20%*25%*30%*10%*10%*10%*10%* The UEMB matches a floating percentage of thedownline Member’s Binary Team Commissions. UEMBfloating percentages are determined weekly in relation tothe baseline percentages detailed below, and the amountof remaining funds are paid after the FSB, BTC, BEB andPools are determined for the period*.The UEMB can never be more than a Member’s Pay Leg(lesser leg) volume.The UEMB is paid on all Members, regardless of rank.The UEMB will compress to the next qualified rcentages listed are the maximum thatcan be earned at the indicated level. Actualpercentages earned are dependant upon thenumber of participants in the shared pool, andmay fluctuate up to the maximum *5%*5%*5%*5%*5%*5%*5%*5%*AN EXAMPLE OF AN ENROLLMENT TREE STRUCTURE All personally sponsored Members will be placed on yourfirst level of the enrollment tree.There is no limit to personally sponsored first level enrollments(unlimited width).Levels are compressed based upon Member’s qualificationsand activity. The UEMB’s will roll up to the next qualified Member.Personally SponsoredLEVEL 115% up to30% matchMember*Note: The percentages in thechart on page 7 do add up to100%. The chart represents thedivision of the total dollar amountpaid out in UEMBs per period,not 100% of commissions. Thesebonuses can grow to becomequitesubstantial,ultimatelypaying more than the BinaryTeam Commissions for Members.Personally SponsoredMemberMemberPersonally SponsoredMemberMemberLEVEL 210% matchLEVEL 310% matchLEVELS 4 - 10(see chart on page 7 for matching percentages)pg. 8

global bonus poolAll bonus pools are paid based on quarterly qualifications (every 10 out of 13 weeks). The quarterly bonuses are paid on the13th week of the quarter. Members are paid in only one poolgroup. This pool is determined by their highest qualifying pool fora minimum of 10 of the 13 weeks.— DIAMOND POOL½% pool for Diamond, Double Diamond, and Triple DiamondMembers with the shares divided as follows: Diamond receives a base of one share per week forqualifying and an additional share for every 10,000 GV in theenroller tree per week. A Diamond can earn a maximumof 10 shares per week. Double Diamond receives a base of 1.25 shares per week forqualifying and an additional 1.25 shares for every 10,000GV in the enroller tree per week. A Double Diamond canearn a maximum of 10 shares per week. Triple Diamond receives a base of 1.50 shares per week forqualifying and an additional 1.50 shares for every 10,000 GVin the enroller tree per week. A Triple Diamond can earn amaximum of 10 shares per— BLUE DIAMOND POOL½% pool for Blue Diamond, Double Blue Diamond, and TripleBlue Diamond Members with the shares divided as follows: Blue Diamond receives a base of one share per week forqualifying and an additional share for every 25,000 GV inthe enroller tree per week. A Blue Diamond can earn amaximum of 10 shares per week. Double Blue Diamond receives a base of 1.25 shares perweek for qualifying and an additional 1.25 shares for every25,000 GV in the enroller tree per week. A Double BlueDiamond can earn a maximum of 10 shares per week. Triple Blue Diamond receives a base of 1.50 shares per weekfor qualifying and an additional 1.50 shares for every 25,000GV in the enroller tree per week. A Triple Blue Diamond canearn a maximum of 10 shares per week.— BLACK DIAMOND POOL½% pool for Black Diamond, Double Black Diamond, and TripleBlack Diamond Members with the shares divided as follows: Black Diamond receives a base of one share per week forqualifying and an additional share for every 100,000 GV inthe enroller tree per week. A Black Diamond can earn amaximum of 10 shares per week. Double Black Diamond receives a base of 1.25 shares perweek for qualifying and an additional 1.25 shares for every100,000 GV in the enroller tree per week. A Double BlackDiamond can earn a maximum of 10 shares per week. Triple Black Diamond receives a base of 1.50 shares per weekfor qualifying and an additional 1.50 shares for every 100,000GV in the enroller tree per week. A Triple Black Diamond canearn a maximum of 10 shares per 10

OVERALL PAYOUT CAPSAlong with the Binary Business Center cap and the individualrank caps, there is a general payout cap of 50% of CV on thecollective payout through the entire commission plan.multiple business centersTop leaders will have the opportunity to add additionalBusiness Centers above their original Business Center in theBinary structure. This re-entry Business Center has the sameincome potential as the original, and one side of the Centeris already maximized based on the volume in your originalorganization. To qualify for an additional Business Centerwhich will be re-entered above your original Center, you mustmaximize your Binary earnings on your original Business Centerat 12,500 per week in the Binary Team Commission plan forfour (4) consecutive weeks.COMPENSATION PLAN SUCCESS AND RESPONSIBILITIESGenerating income as an Independent Yoli Member requires aconsiderable amount of time, effort, and commitment. Thesefigures are mathematical projections based on hypothetical,optimal conditions and should not be considered guaranteesor projections of your actual earnings or profits. Anyrepresentation or guarantee of earnings, whether made byYoli or an Independent Yoli Member, would be misleading.Success with Yoli results from successful sales efforts, whichrequires hard work, diligence and leadership. Your successdepends on how effectively you exercise these qualities.WEEKLY BINARY BUSINESS CENTER CAPAnother cap associated with Binary Hybrid plans is the weekly“Binary” Cap. No more than 12,500 can be earned per weekper Member Business Center in the Yoli Binary Team Commissionportion of the compensation plan. This cap is 2,500 per weekhigher than the average Binary Hybrid 11www.yoli.compg. 12

travel incentivesYoli sponsors exotic vacations and travel opportunities and allows top Members toearn free accommodations at world class resorts and passage on the world’s mostluxurious cruise ships. See for details on Yoli’s incentive car programThe Yoli Luxury Car Program is an incentive and reward program offered to top YoliMembers. Yoli Members can qualify for the Luxury Car Program if: They achieve and maintain the position of 5 Star Gold or above for 3 out of 4 weeks.Their personal enrollment tree volume exceeds 4,000 GV or more per week for 3 out of 4 weeks.They meet all other program requirements.Participants set up their own purchase contract of a lease of a luxury white vehicle(i.e. BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Audi, etc.), and Yoli awards a 600 bonus every fourweeks to the qualified Member to apply towards the lease or loan payments.* If theMember is qualified and decides not to purchase or lease a car, s/he will be paid 300every four weeks. Members can qualify for this bonus through the five year periodestablished at the time of the initial qualification.For more details on qualifications, go to*Note: Members must continue to meet qualifications every four weeks to earn the car 13www.yoli.compg. 14

pg. 15*RANK QUALIFICATION4 WEEK PVMINWEEKLY GVPAY LEGACTIVE ENROLLEES PER LEGWEEKLYCAP**FUTURE STAR50501 500Star1001001 1,0002 Star1002001 1,0003 Star1003001 1,0004 Star1004001 1,0005 Star1005001 1,000**WEEKLY EARNING CAP EXPLANATIONBRONZE1006001 1,0002 Star Bronze1007001 1,0003 Star Bronze1008001 1,0004 Star Bronze1009001 1,0005 Star Bronze1001,0001 1,000SILVER1001,1001 1,0002 Star Silver1001,2001 1,0003 Star Silver1001,3001 1,0004 Star Silver1001,4001 1,0005 Star Silver1001,5001 1,000Much of the volume-paying Membercommissions is shared volume, makingweekly earning caps essential. Caps helpassure Members receive fair and lucrativeincentives, while protecting the company.Earnings caps have been implemented in allBinary/Unilevel hybrids as a safety net, andare applied to all bonuses. These modernday advances have stabilized the plan to thepoint that the new hybrid has no competition.www.yoli.comIn order to qualify at a given rank, a Membermust achieve all leg structure requirementsfor the proceeding rank(s). For example, inorder to qualify as a Gold Star, a Membermust also meet the one Active Enrollee perleg requirement for a 5 Star Silver.BINARY AND UNILEVELRANK*UNILEVELBINARYRANKS AND QUALIFICATIONS — THE 9 PRIMARY AND 36 TOTAL RANKSRANK*4 WEEK PVMINIMUMWEEKLY GV LESSER/PAYLEGENROLLER TREESEPARATE LEGSCONSECUTIVEWEEKSWEEKLY CAPS*GOLD1001,6001 - 1 Star11,0002 Star1001,7001 - 2 Star11,1003 Star1001,8001 - 3 Star11,2004 Star1001,9001 - 4 Star11,3005 Star2002,0001 - 5 Star11,400RUBY2003,0002 - 5 Stars11,500Double2004,0002 - 5 Stars and 1 - 3 Star12,000Triple2005,0003 - 5 Stars12,500EMERALD2006,0003 - 5 Stars and 1 - 1 Star13,000Double2007,0003 - 5 Stars and 1 - 2 Star13,500Triple2008,0003 - 5 Stars and 1 - 3 Star14,000DIAMOND20010,0004 - 5 Stars25,000Double20020,0005 - 5 Stars210,000Triple20030,0006 - 5 Stars320,000RANK*4 WEEK PVMINIMUMENROLLER TREEUNILEVEL WEEKLY GVENROLLER TREE UNILEVELWEEKLY MAX/LEGCONSECUTIVEWEEKSWEEKLY CAPS*BLUE DIAMOND20050,00025,000 max per leg4 25,000Double200100,00050,000 max per leg4UnlimitedTriple200150,00050,000 max per leg4UnlimitedBLACK DIAMOND200250,00050,000 max per leg4UnlimitedDouble200500,00075,000 max per leg4UnlimitedTriple200750,00075,000 max per leg4Unlimitedpg. 16

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compensation plan. 10 ways to make money and earn rewards with the yoli compensation plan! 2 retail profits and rebate bonus program 2 fast start bonus 3 refer 3, get it free 5 break even bonus 5 binary team commission 7 unilevel executive matching bonus 9 global leadership bonus pool 12 multiple business centers 13 travel incentives