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Important information &phone numbersADAC breakdown assistance (landline)0 180 2 22 22 22(6 cent /call German landline; max. 42 cent/min from mobile netwoks.)Information from road expertsTraffic signs and signalsin Germany(German Highway Code – StVO)ADAC breakdown assistance (mobile phone)22 22 22Article 40 Warning signs - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4(all mobile networks)Article 41 Signs giving orders - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6Article 42 Information signs - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10Article 43 Traffic control devices - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 18Special signs - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 18Supplemental signs (selection) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 20Important traffic rules in Germany - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 24PublisherAllgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.Transport AffairsAm Westpark 8, 81373 MünchenFax 49 89 76 76 45 67E-mail: [email protected] rates and discounts please call 49 89 76 76 62 71Product no. 2831554StVO update: August 2009 2010 ADAC e.V.Any form of reproduction by any media is subject to the permissionof Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.2 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany3 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany

**156159162Article 40 Warning signs101Danger ahead102 Unmarked intersection ahead with priority from right103Bend to right105 Double bend (first to right)108Steep hill downwards110Steep hill upwards112Uneven road113* Risk of snow or ice114 Road slippery when wet or dirty115* Falling or fallen rocks116* Loose chippings117Side winds120 Road narrows on both sides121 Road narrows (right)123Road works124Traffic queues likely ahead125 Two-way traffic128* Opening or swing bridge ahead129* Quayside or river bank131Traffic signals133Pedestrians in road ahead134* Zebra crossing136Children crossing ahead138Cycle route ahead140* Cattle142Wild animals144* Low-flying aircraft or sudden aircraft noise150** Level crossing with gate/barrier or half-barrier ahead151 Level crossing without barrier or gate ahead153** Countdown marker (left) to level crossing with gate or barrier156 Countdown marker (right) indicating that level crossingis 240m ahead159 Countdown marker (right) indicating that level crossingis 160m ahead162 Countdown marker (right) indicating that level crossingis 80m ahead* Warning sign no longer included in the German Highway Code(1 September 2009); its erection may only be authorised in specialrisk situations.** For level crossings, one standard sign (151) will now be used.4 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany5 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany

52502512532542552562582592606 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany214-20Article 41 Signs giving orders201 St. Andrew’s cross; railway traffic has priority205Give way206Stop and give way208 Give priority to vehicles from opposite direction209-20 Turn right ahead209-30 Ahead only211-20 Turn right214-20 Ahead or right only215Roundabout220One-way-street222-20 Pass by on right, i.e. keep right223.1 Shoulder lane open to traffic223.2 End of shoulder lane223.3 Shoulder lane ends224 Bus/tramway stop (also school buses)229Taxi rank237Route for pedal cycles only238Horses only239Pedestria ign)340Lane separator/centre line341Wait line350Pedestrian crossing353* One-way street354Water protection area355** Pedestrian subway or bridge356Crossing guards357Dead-end street358First aid station359** Repair service360** Telephone361** Filling station363Police station366** Camping and caravan site367** Tourist information375** Hotel376** Restaurant377** Snack bar378** Toilets380* Advisory speed limit381* End of advisory speed limit385Place name sign386.1 Tourist attraction386.2 Tourist route386.3 Geographical area containing several tourist attractions* Traffic sign deleted from the German Highway Code;its erection may no longer be authorised.** Traffic sign no longer included in the German Highway Code;it may still be erected.13 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany

430432434437388* Shoulder unsafe for multi-track motor vehicles389* Shoulder unsafe for vehicles with a permitted gross weightover 3.5t and for tractors390Toll motorway391Toll road392Customs post393 Information sign posted at international borders394 Red band on lamp posts indicate that streetlight does not stayon all night401Federal Highway route number405Motorway route number406 Motorway interchange number(exits, three and four-way interchanges)410European route number415Federal Highway direction sign418 Primary road direction sign419 Secondary road direction sign421 Advance direction sign for designated type of vehicle422Routing for designated type of vehicle430Direction to motorway432Direction sign to important local destinations434Consolidated direction sign437Street name signs438Advance direction sign439 Advance direction sign including lane configuration440 Motorway entrance direction sign442Routing for designated type of vehicle* Traffic sign deleted from the German Highway Code;its erection may no longer be authorised.43843944044214 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany15 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany

see .1467.250150553154555159016 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany448 Motorway exit, four or three-way interchange ahead448.1 Sign indicating off-motorway truck stop449Motorway interchange advance directional sign450 Motorway interchange countdown markers(three bars, two bars, one bar)453 Motorway distance board454Diversion sign455.1 Numbered diversion route457.1 Diversion ahead457.2 End of diversion458Diversion routing460 Provisional diversion route ahead466 Provisional diversion route schematic467.1 Recommended alternate route467.2 End of recommended alternate route501 Lane crossover at contra-flow road works505 Lane crossover at contra-flow road works with width restriction531 The number of lanes reduces from three lanes to two(closure of one lane)545 Extension from two to three lanes with minimum speed by lane551 Lanes added to another roadway590Complicated traffic route17 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany

600605linksIV615620616I610rechtsII625IIIV18 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany630Article 43 Traffic control n markerTraffic coneMobile lane closure boardMobile lane closure board with flashing arrowReflector guide posts (left, right)Bend aheadParking hazardSpecial SignsIRabies (sign to warn of a rabies outbreak area)IIChurch services (Catholic Mass)IIIChurch services (Protestant service)IV NATO military bridge classification signs indicatingcarrying capacityV Green-arrow signRight turn on red permitted after coming to a stop and yieldingto all other traffic and pedestrians19 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany

1020 / Traffic signs and signals in GermanySupplemental signs (selection)1000-10 Direction, left1000-21 Location of hazard, right1000-22 Use opposite sidewalk1000-31 Two-way traffic e.g. bicycle lane1000-32 Bicycles intersecting1000-33 Bicycles travelling in either direction1001-30 Distance (metres) to which prohibition applies1002-10 Priority road turns left in the intersection1004-31 Stop ahead (100m)1004-32 . 200m ahead1005-30 Zipper merge 200m ahead1006-30 Trail of oil1006-31 Smoke1006-32 Loose chippings1006-36 Accident hazard1006-37 Toads crossing1006-38 Congestion hazard1006-39 Tree overhang1007-30 Snow/ice hazard1008-30 Priority changed1008-31 Routing changed1010-10 Children allowed to play on the road and shoulder1010-11 Winter sports along the road1010-13 Caravans allowed to park for over 2 weeks1012-30 Start1012-31 End1012-32 Cyclists must walk1012-34 All green signals (“green wave”) at .kph»Allowed«-Signs1020-11 Disabled persons with parking permit no. . allowed1020-12 Cyclists and residents allowed1020-13 Inline skaters allowed1020-30 Residents and local traffic allowed1022-10 Cyclists allowed1022-11 Mopeds allowed1022-12 Motorcycles with and without sidecar and mopeds allowed1024-10 Passenger cars allowed21 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany

1052-371052-381052-391060-111060-101060-3022 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany1024-13 HGV with trailer allowed1024-14 Buses allowed1024-17 Motor vehicles and tractor vehicles with 25kph maximum(permissible) speed allowed1026-30 Taxis allowed1026-32 Public transport vehicles allowed1026-35 Delivery vehicles allowed1026-38 Agricultural and forestry vehicles allowed1028-30 Construction vehicles allowed1031 Exemption from traffic ban according to §40(1)of the Federal Immission Control Act1040-10 Winter sports along the road between 10-16hrs1040-30 Restricted times (16-18hrs)1040-32 Parking disc 2hrs1040-33 Parking with parking disc in designated area, 2hrs1042-30 Restricted times (weekdays only)1042-35 Restricted times (6-22hrs, Sundays and public holidays only)1042-36 School bus (restricted to daytimes)1044-10 Disabled and blind people only1044-30 Residents with parking permit no. . only1048-10 Passenger cars only1048-11 Passenger cars with trailer only1048-12 Only vehicles over 3.5t and their trailers, excluding passengercars and buses1048-15 Only vehicles over 3.5t, also with trailers1048-17 Motorhomes only1049-11 Overtaking of slow-moving vehicles that cannot exceed 25kph1049-13 Only vehicles over 3.5t, buses and passenger cars with trailers1052-30 Speed and overtaking restrictions for the transport ofhazardous goods1052-31 Speed and overtaking restrictions for vehicles carrying waterpollutants1052-35 Indication of weight1052-36 “Wet surface” sign supplementing sign 2741052-37 No stopping/waiting on shoulder1052-38 Soft verges1052-39 On shoulder1060-10 Sliding danger for vehicles pulling trailers on downhill sectionwith strong side wind1060-11 Also bicycles and mopeds1060-30 Grit23 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany

Important traffic rules in Germany Alcohol– blood alcohol limit is 50mg per 100ml. Directionsign colours:On motorwaysOutside built-up areasIn built-up areas Emergencyblueyellowwhitenumbers: 110 for the police, 112 for an ambulance. Motorcyclistsmust ride with their headlights on at all times. Motorcyclistsand their passengers must ride with helmets on at all times. Motoristsapproaching a motorway traffic jam are recommended to switchon their hazard warning lights. Specialroad signs announce the approach of filling stations, motels andservice areas. These are usually open 24hours/7days. Whileovernight stays on parking areas are allowed, camping activitiessuch as putting up chairs and tables are not. Speed limits for passenger cars and vehicles up to 3.5t:without trailer with trailerIn built-up areas:50kph50kphOutside built-up areas:100kph80kphOn motorways:80kphRecommended maximum speed: 130kph Fogregulation: a speed limit of 50kph applies on all roads if visibilityin fog, snow or rain is less than 50m. If visibility is further reduced,the speed has to be adapted accordingly. Foglights may be used in fog or snow or when visibility is generallyreduced. Rear fog lights may only be used when visibility is less than 50m. Vehiclesbreaking down on motorways may only be towed to the nearestsuitable garage. The hazard warning lights of both vehicles must beswitched on. Immobilised vehicles are reguired to leave the motorwayat the next exit. Seatbeltsmust be worn by drivers and all passengers. Children under12 years old or shorter than 1.5m must use an approved child seat.If the child restraint system is not suitable for the child’s size and weight,the fine is 30 Euros; if no restraint system is used, it is 40 Euros. Unlessyou use a hands-free car kit, the use of mobile phones is prohibited whileyour vehicle is in operation. The fine for non-compliance is 40 Euros.tread depth must be at least 1.6mm. This also applies to foreignregistered vehicles. Vehicle equipment must be appropriate to weatherconditions. Make sure you use suitable tyres and have antifreeze inyour washer system.2831554/05.10/15’ Tyre

6 /Traffic signs and signals in Germany 7 / Traffic signs and signals in Germany 201 St. Andrew's cross; railway traffic has priority 205 Give way 206 Stop and give way 208 Give priority to vehicles from opposite direction 209-20 Turn right ahead 209-30 Ahead only 211-20 Turn right 214-20 Ahead or right only 215 Roundabout 220 One-way-street