College of Heath, Human Services, & Nursing and Department of Social WorkMaster of Social Work (MSW) ProgramMASTER OF SOCIAL WORK (MSW)PROGRAM PACKET2018-2019Department of Social WorkMaster of Social Work (MSW) Program1000 E. Victoria StreetCarson, CA 90747(310) 243-31701000 E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243- 3170

MASTER OF SOCIAL WORK (MSW) PROGRAMThe CSUDH MSW Program is dedicated to the pursuit of a more just, global society through a critical,theoretical approach to education, scholarship, research, and community practice addressing societaldynamics stemming from the intersection of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, immigration, and socioeconomic status, and membership in other categories historically subjected to oppression, discrimination,and indifference. Located in a diverse, complex urban setting, the program prepares Master level socialworkers to professionally and ethically deliver social work practice grounded in analysis, intervention,evaluation and advocacy which addresses oppression and structural inequality to enhance the well-beingof individuals, families, and communities.MSW Information SessionsFor more information, please come to an MSW Information Session and learn more about our two programoptions, application process, and accreditation status. Prospective students will also have an opportunity toget their individual questions answered.Please check the Master of Social Work website for dates of upcoming information sessions and to sign-uponline: ateThursday, September 6, 2018Time6:00 pm – 8:00 pmLocationEE 1213Saturday, October 6, 2018Thursday, November 9, 2018Saturday, December 8, 2018Thursday, January 10, 20199:00 am – 11:00 am6:00 pm – 8:00 pm9:00 am – 11:00 am6:00 pm – 8:00 pmLSU Ballroom A & BLSU Ballroom ALSU Ballroom A & BLSU Ballroom A & BLSU Loker Student UnionEE College of Extended and International Education*Tentative Dates/locations: Please check website periodically for any changes1000 E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

AccreditationThe program at CSUDH is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) as ofFebruary, 2010. Obtaining full accreditation is a lengthy process involving several steps and lasting for atleast four years. Accreditation is essential for all graduate social work programs especially in states wherethere is licensure, because only graduates from accredited programs are permitted to take the licensingexam. The accreditation process for programs involves several steps: (1) Application; (2) Completion of aninitial self-study referred to as Benchmark 1 followed by an on campus site visit results in admittance tocandidacy. Candidacy is the first level of accreditation and graduates from programs in candidacy aregranted the right to collect hours toward licensure. (3) Benchmark 2 is completed in year two of theprogram followed by another site visit. (4) A Draft Self Study is completed in year three of the program, withanother on campus site visit and a recommendation the program complete a full Self Study and prepare fora full site team visit. (5) During year four the full Self Study is written and a team of social work educatorsvisit campus to review the program. The program is then eligible for full accreditation. (6) Initialaccreditation is granted for four years. The program has been reaffirmed through 2022.Program OverviewThe Master of Social Work program at California State University, Dominguez Hills is strategically locatedto focus on the diverse social service needs and problems particular to the South Bay area of Los AngelesCounty, a large metropolitan area, which includes a socially and culturally diverse population. Because ofthis diversity the program will prepare social work students for contextually competent social work practice,inclusive of the issues of culture, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation,immigration, religion and the effects of bias, prejudice and institutionalized racism. These issues andconcerns may obscure helping efforts if they are not appropriately recognized and dealt with in practice andin social policy development and implementation. Thus, the program aims at increasing students’understanding of the underlying causes and resulting effects of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypingfrom a variety of perspectives and teaches ways of identifying strategies and interventions for addressingthese concerns and problems in social work practice.Grounded in Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, the Department of Social Work has developed apsychosocial, ecological, and cross-cultural orientation to social work practice and is designed toeducate contextually competent social work practitioners. The curriculum is developed and organized as acoherent and integrated whole consistent with program goals and objectives. Social work education isgrounded in the liberal arts and contains a coherent, integrated professional foundation in social workpractice from which an advanced practice curriculum is built at the graduate level.1000 E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

CurriculumThe curriculum is organized around the 2015 (Educational Policy Accreditation Standards) EPAS and isdesigned to prepare students for the following:1.To educate social work practitioners to engage in autonomous, professionally competentpractice, which includes culturally appropriate interventions tailored to enhance the well-beingof individuals, families, and the successful functioning of groups, organization.2.To educate social work practitioners to engage in economic and social justice work through thepractice of culturally and contextually competent interventions at all levels, including analysis,advocacy, direct interventions and evaluation with communities in diverse urban environments.3.To educate social work practitioners to develop a life-long learning philosophy based onongoing self-evaluation of practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations andcommunities informed by social research.4.To educate social work practitioners to engage in ethical social work practice which isconsistent with the values of the profession through expectations and opportunities in workwith clients in community practice.5.To educate social work practitioners to engage in a critical and theoretical approach to socialwork practice through exposure to and participation in faculty scholarship and research in theclassroom and in the community.We have selected the theoretical framework of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as anorganizing principle of the curricula of the MSW program.1000 E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

California State University, Dominguez Hills offers one concentration: Social Work Practice inCommunities (SWPC). The specializations in the full-time program from which students can choose are:(1) Children, Youth and Families, (2) Community Mental Health, and if there is enough interest, (3)Community Capacity Building (based upon student enrollment). Students interested in the CCBspecialization should contact the CSUDH MSW Program Admissions Coordinator for more information.Students in the part-time program share one specialization: Community Mental Health. Courses areevenly divided between foundation and specialization curricula. Field placements in these practiceareas will further expose students to the complex issues that face diverse communities and preparethem for employment in these fields after they graduate.The foundation curriculum is considered the basis for social work practice. The intent of the foundationexperience is several folds: give students grounding in the social work profession.Teach student assessment, practice and research models at all levels of social work practice.Teach them about the social welfare institution and its many facets.Engage them in practice opportunities utilizing the full range of social work roles in workingwith the breadth and scope of social work client systems, and5. Expose them to advanced theory in preparation for autonomous practice.The foundation curriculum coupled with the Social Work Practice in Communities concentration preparesstudents for autonomous professional social work practice. At the advanced levels students are expectedto understand theory, analyze it for its contextual properties and implement cultural and contextuallycompetent practice in one of the specialization areas.Additionally students will be prepared to evaluate their practice, programs and create research questionsthat demonstrate advancement of ideas with specific populations. Students are expected to understand theconnection between personal troubles and issues and realize that social change is a natural extension ofsocial work practice at all levels. They will therefore be prepared to advocate and organize for this end.Under the supervision of program approved Fieldwork Instructors students will complete internship hoursthat allow them to carry out concentration curriculum objectives. And, at the conclusion of theirstudy students will present a capstone project that reflects their knowledge, skills and values asprofessional social workers.Program Requirements and Course ScheduleThe MSW program requires completion of 60 semester credit hours which can be accomplished with twoprogram options:1) A two-year full-time program with classes that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the day,with fieldwork hours on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Fridays.2) A three-year part-time program with year round classes held in the evenings and weekends andfieldwork hours on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Fridays in the second and third years.Special Note: Field placements are held during regular business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) .1000 E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

MSW Course Schedule for Two-Year Full-Time ProgramFoundation Year Course ScheduleSpring SemesterFall SemesterMSW 500 Human Behavior and the Social Environment IMSW 501 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II (3)(3)MSW 510 Social Welfare Policy I (3)MSW 511 Social Welfare Policy II (3)MSW 520 Generalist Social Work Practice I (3)MSW 521 Generalist Social Work Practice II (3)MSW 524 Critical Race Studies in SW Practice (3)MSW 530 Social Welfare Research (3)MSW 540 Fieldwork Practicum I (3)MSW 541 Fieldwork Practicum II (3)Concentration Year Course Schedule: Children, Youth, and Families (CYF) SpecializationSpring SemesterFall SemesterMSW 550 Advanced SW Practice in Communities (3)MSW 523 Social Justice (3)**MSW 570 Fieldwork Practicum III (3)MSW 555 Advanced Practice in Administration andLeadership (3)MSW 580 Seminar in Child Welfare Issues (3)*MSW 560 Social Welfare Policy III: CYF (3)*MSW 571 Fieldwork Practicum IV (3)Elective MSW 592 (3)***MSW 598 Directed Research (Capstone) (3)MSW 599 Project or Thesis (Capstone) (3)* Courses required of CYF specialization only unless approved by specialization instructor**Course will be tentatively replaced with an elective starting Spring 2021*** Suggested elective for CYF specializationConcentration Year Course Schedule: Community Mental Health (CMH) SpecializationFall SemesterSpring SemesterMSW 550 Advanced SW Practice in Communities (3)MSW 523 Social Justice (3)**MSW 555 Advanced Practice in Administration andMSW 570 Fieldwork Practicum III (3)Leadership (3)MSW 582 Seminar in Mental Health Issues (3)*MSW 561 Social Welfare Policy III: CMH (3)*MSW 571 Fieldwork Practicum IV (3)Elective MSW 592 (3)*MSW 598 Directed Research (Capstone) (3)MSW 599 Project or Thesis (Capstone) (3)* Courses required of CMH specialization only unless approved by specialization instructor**Course will be tentatively replaced with an elective starting Spring 2021Concentration Year Course Schedule: Community Capacity Building (CCB) SpecializationSpring SemesterFall SemesterMSW 550 Advanced SW Practice in Communities (3)MSW 523 Social Justice (3)**MSW 570 Fieldwork Practicum III (3)MSW 551 Social Welfare Policy III: CCB (3)*MSW 555 Advanced Practice in Administration & Leadership(3)Elective (3)MSW 571 Fieldwork Practicum IV (3)MSW 598 Directed Research (Capstone) (3)MMSW 599 Project or Thesis (Capstone) (3)* Courses required of CCB specialization only unless approved by specialization instructor**Course will be tentatively replaced with an elective starting Spring 2021MSW 581 Seminar in Community Capacity Building (3)*1000 E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

MSW Course Schedule for Three-Year Part-Time ProgramMSW Intensive ProgramCSUDH – College of Extended & International EducationEvening and Weekend FormatFall Semester Year 1Spring Semester Year 1Summer Year 1MSW 500 HBSE I (3) - SatMSW 501 HBSE II (3) - SatMSW 510 Policy I (3)MSW 524 Critical Race Studies (3) - SatMSW 530 Research (3) - SatMSW 511 Policy II (3)MSW 520 Gen Practice I (3) - WedMSW 521 Gen Practice II (3) - WedFall Semester Year 2Spring Semester Year 2Summer Year 2MSW 540 Fieldwork I (3) - WedMSW 541 Fieldwork II (3) - WedMSW 523 Social Justice (3)**MSW 550 Advanced Practice (3) - SatMSW 582 CMH Seminar (3) - SatMSW 561 CMH Policy (3)MSW 592 DSM (3) - SatMSW 555 Admin & Leadership (3) - SatFall Semester Year 3MSW 570 Fieldwork III (3) - ThursMSW 598 Directed Research (Capstone) (3) ThursSpring Semester Year 3MSW 571 Fieldwork IV (3) - ThursMSW 599 Project or Thesis (Capstone)(3) - ThursYear 1 Total Credit Hours 24Year 2 Total Credit Hours 24Year 3 Total Credit Hours 12Total Credit Hours (60)**Course will be tentatively replaced with an elective starting Spring 2021Notes: Courses on Wednesdays will be held in the evening during the regular 16 week semester format.The two courses designated as Saturday courses will follow an intensive format meeting for four hourblocks every other Saturday for approximately ten (10) weeks along with a hybrid learning component.Field (internship) will run in years two and three following the traditional semester format.1000 E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

MSW Department AdmissionsCSUDH’s Rolling Admissions process accepts applications during a specified application period.Applications may be accepted after the specified application period until the program has reachedcapacity. Once the program is filled, eligible students who have been reviewed may be placed on awaiting list. Applications received after the application period may or may not be reviewed.The application period for Fall 2019 begins on Monday, October 8, 2018 and willclose on Friday, February 1, 2019.The MSW Department has a rolling admissions process, meaning thatapplications are reviewed in the order they are received and until spaces are full.Therefore, applications that are received late in the application period may notbe reviewed if the Program becomes filled. Applicants are encouraged tosubmit their application early. The MSW program only offers fall enrollment; wedo not offer spring or summer enrollment.University guidelines require that all prospective graduate students must apply to boththe University (CSUDH) through Cal State Apply and the MSW department. Students should applyto the university first and then to the department. Students can apply online to the university athttp:// Students can locate the MSW program supplementalapplication at ions CriteriaThe CSUDH MSW program Admissions Committee welcomes applications that demonstrate high academicachievement and potential for professional social work practice.1. Completed bachelor’s degree with a liberal arts background (recommended) from an accreditedinstitution. Coursework should include a minimum of three (3) courses in Behavioral Sciences(social work, sociology, cultural anthropology, psychology, economics, political science, gender or ethnicstudies, etc.); two (2) courses in Humanities (philosophy, history, literature, religious studies, performingor visual arts, etc.); and the two outlined prerequisites.2. Students are required to have a 2.75 GPA in the last 60 semester units (or 90 quarter units) to be admittedto the MSW program. Applicants with a lower GPA may be considered based on their meeting certain othercriteria.3. Students are required to have taken and earned a C or higher grade in one (1) course in HumanDevelopment, or an equivalent.4. Students are required to have taken and earned a C or higher grade in one (1) course in ElementaryStatistics, or an equivalent.5. Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores are strongly recommended if GPA is below 3.0.MSW Supplemental Application packet: E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: When is the deadline for admissions?A: The Department of Social Work will accept applications until February 1, 2019.Q: Can I apply in the spring or summer semester?A: No, not at this time. The MSW program only accepts applications for the fall semester.Q: How long is the program?A: We currently offer a two (2) year full-time curriculum and a three (3) year part-time program.Q: Does the Department of Social Work offer an advanced standing program?A: No, not at this time. Please check our website periodically for any updates or contact the AdmissionsCoordinator.Q: What type of undergraduate degree do I need?A: We invite candidates with an undergraduate degree with a liberal arts background. This includes courseworkin the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and English composition. We believe these set of coursesprovides a solid foundation that adequately prepares students for generalist social work education. However, ifyou have a different undergraduate degree, you may still submit your application.Q: What is the minimum GPA? Do I need to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)?A: We invite candidates who have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the last 60 semester units or 90 quarter units;Candidates who possess a GPA less than 3.0 should strongly consider submitting GRE scores with theirapplication. For candidates that have a GPA of 3.0 or higher the GRE is strictly optional.Q: What are the prerequisites?A: We request that all students have passed at least one (1) course in human development and one (1) coursein elementary statistics. Please check the website for a list of equivalents.Q: Do I need to have completed all the requirements and/or prerequisites before applying for the MSWprogram?A: No, however, at least 80% of the requirements and/or prerequisites should be completed prior to submittingan application. Please note that all requirements and/or prerequisites must be formally completed beforeactually enrolling in the program.Q: Does the MSW program give social work course credit for life experience or previous workexperience?A: In accordance with the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE), the Department of Social Work cannotgrant course credit for life experience or previous work experience.Q: Does the MSW program offer the Pupil Personnel Services Credential(PPSC)?A: No, but we do offer the school social work field hours which would meet the experience requirement for thePPSC. Graduates who have completed all of their PPSC field hours while in our program would then need toapply to and complete a post-MSW PPSC program following graduation.Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding admissions?A: For admissions inquiry, you can send an email to [email protected] E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

Contact InformationDepartment of Social WorkPhone: (310) 243-3170Website: Higgs, MSWMekada Graham, MSW, Ph.D.CalSWECField Consultant/LecturerDepartment Chair & h.eduAdriana Aldana, MSW, MA, Ph.D.Lynn Harris-Henderson, MSW, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorCalSWEC Project Coordinator/Lecturer(310) 243-2186(310) [email protected]@csudh.eduMaria Avila, MSW, Ph.D.Robbie Davis, MSW, LCSWAssistant ProfessorExtendedEducation Field Coordinator/Lecturer(310) 243-2180(310) [email protected]@csudh.eduSharon Chun Wetterau, MSW, LCSWNicole Vazquez, MSW, MPPAssistant Director of Field Education/LecturerDirectorof Field Education/Lecturer(310) 243- 2040(310) [email protected]@csudh.eduSusan D. Einbinder, MSW, Ph.D.Paul Vu, MSW, MPPAssociate ProfessorUCCF Coordinator/Lecturer(310) 243-2349(310) [email protected]@csudh.eduAndridia Mapson, MSW, LCSW, MBA, Ph.D.Maria Ramirez-VasquezStudent Services Coordinator/LecturerAdministrativeSupport Assistant(310) 243-1069(310) [email protected]@csudh.eduPaul DuongTran, MSW, MS, Ph.D.Ana HernandezProfessorAdministrativeSupport Assistant(310) [email protected] Inquiry: [email protected] Important University Phone NumbersCalifornia State University, Dominguez HillsTelephone: (310) 243-3300Website: of Health, Human Services, & NursingTelephone: (310) 243-2046Website: & Records OfficeStudent Financial ServicesBookstoreCashiers OfficeFinancial Aid Office(310) 243-3645(310) 243-3802(310) 243-3789(310) 243-3812(310) 243-3647CHHSN Dean's Office:Dr. Gary Sayed(310 243-2046Welch Hall A-310Welch Hall C-290Welch Hall B-270Loker Student UnionWelch Hall B-270Welch Hall B-2601000 E. Victoria St. Carson, CA 90747 (310) 243-3170

PLEASE SUBMIT APPLICATIONSNO LATER THAN 2/1/2019 TO:1) CSUDH Admissionsthrough California State University’s Cal State Apply locateCalifornia State University, Dominguez HillsOnline applications are encouraged by theCollege of Health, Human Services, & NursingCal State Apply is free to use.You will pay only the application fee charged directly by theCSU campus when an application for admission is submitted.Submit your application today!Personal data entered by the user is not released without the user's express consent and direction.2) MSW PROGRAM l-work/admission/Please have a set of sealed transcripts sent to your mailing address andthen include them with your supplemental application (experience profile,personal statement, three (3) recommendation letters and referenceforms, and financial & time management statement)11

Master of Social Work (MSW) Program MASTER OF SOCIAL WORK (MSW) PROGRAM PACKET 2018-2019. Department of Social Work Master of Social Work (MSW) Program . Application; (2) Completion of an initial self-study referred to as Benchmark 1 followed by an on campus site visit results in admittance to