Vehicle misuse extreme testingimc CRONOSflex measurement systems in use at IDIADA proving groundelFig. 1: Extreme vehicle testingIn order to validate chassis components and chassis system behaviour, while also ensuring the correct level of calibration of passive safety ECUs to avoid crash misdetections, IDIADA Vehicle Misuse team, with more than 20 years ofexpertise in the field, drives our customer’s vehicles through different extreme events, such as potholes, ramps,jumps or curbs and evaluates their safety and performance. During manoeuvres, data coming from vehicle (CAN-FD,Flexray, vehicle internal sensor signals ) and from installed sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, displacementtransducers, effort transducers, strain gauges ) is recorded synchronized using imc CRONOSflex systems.

Rough environment for vehicle testingat Applus IDIADA’s proving groundApplus IDIADA is a global partner to the automotive industry with over 30 years’ experience supporting its clients in product development activities by providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services. IDIADA’s success in product development is builton a unique blend of a highly experiencedteam, state-of-the-art test & development facilities and the constant drive towards innovation.Fig. 2: imc CRONOSflex measurement systemWithin its headquarters and proving ground insouth of Barcelona, Vehicle Misuse team offers its customers the possibility of testing vehicles against many different inputs. Those inputs represent not common situations a customer may face on open roads and wouldforce the car to work over their normal operational limits. During these manoeuvres, thedifferent systems involved are closely analysed to evaluate occupants’ safety, vehicledesign and software calibrations.2

Roll-over eventsFig.3: Entering the “Misuse” proving GroundChassis MisuseChassis system and components really sufferwith vehicle driving over obstacles. It is therefore crucial to ensure that all critical parts remain functional, not putting into risk vehiclecontrollability and passengers’ safety. To evaluate movements and deformations, imc systems are used to collect all information coming from the sensors installed on suspensioncomponents, such as strain gauges, displacement transducers or load cells. Together withvisual inspection, driving evaluation and advanced 3D measurements, it is possible to detect any minor problems.Airbag mis-firing calibrationOnce known that chassis performs as expected, it is also important to verify softwarecalibrations, especially for the crash detectionECU, as many different impacts on the vehiclemay cause the system to mis-detect a crashevent, firing the airbags unnecessarily with thepotential risk, once again, for vehicle occupants. In this case, accelerometers and gyroscopes mainly, together with internal vehiclesignals are monitored using imc DAQ runningat high frequency (10kHz).The possibility of connecting to imc systemsthrough WiFi also allows IDIADA Vehicle Misuse team to monitor test data from outsidetest vehicle on real time, understanding howthe vehicle is behaving, even when the eventsare of such severity that the vehicle needs tobe driven remotely using state-of-the-art driverless robots (this including our IDIADA UDrive robot). A clear example of driver-lesstesting is a vehicle rolling over on an embankment. Here, as well as on many other oneshot events, imc CRONOSfex systems reliability becomes essential, as it is not possible torepeat such kind of tests. The usage of imcbattery handles and imc internal SSDs help ensuring that no single data point is ever goingto be lost.Instrumentation needsIn order to record all vehicle and external sensors data, a capable and robust system is required. imc CRONOSflex system did give IDIADA’s team the flexibility to adapt the equipment to each customer and vehicle, includingdifferent modules according to requirements.As a baseline, kit is always ready to record:--CAN or CAN-FDFlexRayExtensiometric accelerometersAnalogic channels(vehicle speed, pressures, displacements,efforts, gyroscopes, etc.)Voltage signals(internal firing signals, tensions, etc.)Strain gauges3

APP eng IDIADA Vehicle Misuse-Test.docx 10/03/2021Is it also important to remark that due to thedifficulty of repeating such types of tests, it isreally important that data is never lost. Is forthat reason that imc CRONOSflex 2000 unitsused are equipped with SSD units, to be ableto record the data both in the acquisition laptop and within the imc DAQ system. Further tothat, all units are equipped with a BatteryHandle with Li-ion batteries to ensure there isalways power in the unit, even if there is a lossof power supply from the vehicle.Fig. 4: imc CRONOSflex measurement system with different channel modules installed in a vehicle bootVehicle misuse tests are considered extremeevents for all three involved parts: vehicle,driver and instrumentation. Not only becauseof the environment (dust and high temperatures) but also because of the high levels ofacceleration vehicles may suffer. For that reason, imc systems toughness is considered anasset. Nevertheless, installation procedure canalso mark the difference, so our techniciansstudy each vehicle and kit requirement to ensure any data point is always kept safe.

APP eng IDIADA Vehicle Misuse-Test.docx 10/03/2021Additional information:imc Test & Measurement GmbHVoltastr. 513355 Berlin, GermanyTelephone:Fax:E-mail:Internet: 49 (0)30-46 7090-0 49 (0)30-46 31 [email protected]://www.imc-tm.comimc Test & Measurement GmbH is a manufacturerand solution provider of productive test and measurement systems. imc implements metrological solutions for research, development, service and production. imc has particular expertise in the designand production of turnkey electric motor testbenches. Precisely outfitted sensor and telemetrysystems complement our customer applications.Our customers from the fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, railway, aerospace and energy use imc measurement devices,software solutions and test stands to validate prototypes, optimize products, monitor processes andgain insights from measurement data. As a solutionprovider, imc offers their customers an attractiveand comprehensive range of services. These include project consulting, contracted measurements, data evaluation, specialist deployment, customer-specific software development and systemintegration. imc consistently pursues its claim ofproviding services for “productive testing”.If you would like to find out more specific information about imc products or services in your particular location, or if you are interested in becoming an imc distributor yourself, please go to ourwebsite where you will find both a world-wide distributor list and more details about becoming animc distributor yourself: of use:This document is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Without permission, the document may not be edited, modified oraltered in any way. Publishing and reproducing this document is expressly permitted. If published, we ask that the name ofthe company and a link to the homepage are included. Despite careful preparation of the content, thisdocument may contain errors. Should you notice any incorrect information, we kindly ask that you please inform us at [email protected]. Liability for the accuracy of the information is excluded.

motive industry with over 30 years' experi-ence supporting its clients in product develop- ment activities by providing design, engineer-ing, testing and homologation services. IDI-ADA's success in product development is built on a unique blend of a highly experienced team, state-of-the-art test & development fa-cilities and the constant drive towards innova-tion. Within its headquarters .