GEMeasurement & ControlDruck DPI 612 Flex SeriesRange Flexible Pressure CalibratorsThese fully self-contained pressure test and calibration systems have interchangeablepressure modules for flexible ranging, generate pneumatic or hydraulic pressures,measure process signals and supply loop power. They provide all the convenience of theDruck DPI 610/615 series with significantly improved generation capabilities, higheraccuracy and simplified touch screen operation.Features The complete pressure calibrationtool: pump, measure, analyse Best in class Pressure accuracy Fast and dependable from vacuum to1000 bar/15000 psi Easy to use touch screen No in-the-field leaks with quick-to-fitpressure adaptors & hoses

Druck DPI 612 Flex SeriesPrecision engineeringRange Flexible Pressure CalibratorsPerformance is a function of precision engineeringThe Druck DPI 612 Flex series is the fifth generation inthe DPI 600 family, which was first introduced in1984. The DPI 600 family revolutionized test andcalibration by providing all the tools for pressuregeneration and signal measurement in self-containedportable packages. The DPI 600 soon became theindustry workhorse and today it is simply known asthe “Druck.”Building on the technical legacy and more than threedecades of experience in pressure sensor developmentand calibration, the DPI 612 Flex series provides all theconvenience and reliability of a true “Druck,” yet offersinterchangeable pressure modules, higher accuracyand significantly improved pressure generation.Dependable and efficient pressure generationThree model choices to generate from 95% vacuum to1000 bar/ 15000 psi 20 bar/300 psi in 30 seconds100 bar/1500 psi without gas bottles and regulators1000 bar/15000 psi hydraulic pressureFlexible pressure ranging – swap the module not theinstrument Re-range for different applications and expand thesystem over time 31 interchangeable pressure modules from 25mbar/10 inH20 to 1000 bar/15000 psi Accuracy from 0.005% FS “Hot swap” without tools, seals or cablesFor convenience and to protect your budget, thepressure modules are fully interchangeable betweenthe DPI 612 Flex series and the DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrator / communicator series.Leak free, field serviceable pressure connections “Quick-to-fit” pressure adaptor/hose systemrequires no tools or sealingSimple touch screen operation Application DASHBOARD, quick TASK selection andFAVOURITES storage Fast, three touch set-up for any application Calculates PASS/FAIL errors, documents results andinterfaces with calibration softwareThe innovative design of the DPI 612 Flex seriespressure systems achieves efficient generation andprecise control through the use of carefully selectedmaterials with high tolerance machining and perfectfinishes.The choice of case materials and precision mouldingensures that DPI 612 Flex are rugged and weatherproof.State-of-the-art analogue and digital microelectronicscontribute both accuracy and processing power toprovide a class leading pressure and electricalcapability with unique pressure re-ranging and simpleto-use interface.

Performance is a functionof precision engineering

Pressure generationPressure accuracyQuick, effortless and dependableDruck technology throughoutThere are three models in the Druck DPI 612 Flex seriesto generate pressures from 95% vacuum to 1000 bar/15000 psi. Their dependable, high performancepressure systems provide quick and easy generationwith great accuracy. DPI 612 pFlex: 95% vacuum to 20 bar/300 psi DPI 612 pFlexPro: 95% vacuum to 100 bar/1500 psi DPI 612 hFlexPro: 0 to 1000 bar/15000 psiThe pFlex pneumatic versions have a simple selector tolet you convert from vacuum to pressure and with thehigh efficiency hand pumps and volume adjusters youcan generate accurate pressure quickly and with ease.The hFlex hydraulic version has an internal reservoir forhydraulic oil or water, a priming pump to expel air fromthe connected system and an intensifier to quickly andeasily generate pressure. They’re fast, 20 bar/300 psi pneumatic or 1000bar/15000 psi hydraulic in less than 30 secondsGenerate 100 bar/1500 psi without potentiallydangerous bottled gasErgonomic design and a detachable hand/shoulderstrap make the DPI 612 Flex equally at home in thefield or on a calibration benchProven mechanical designs provide simple-to-use,dependable systems with long service lifeUsing advanced “Druck” silicontechnology from the flagshipDPI 620 Genii series, the PM 620interchangeable pressuremodules achieve up to 0.005%FS accuracy.Taking stability and temperature errors into accountover the one year calibration period, the DPI 612 Flex ismore than twice as accurate as its predecessor. This isexpressed as a total uncertainty to give you completeconfidence in the measurement accuracy betweenannual calibrations.Electrical capabilityJust as important as pressure accuracyPressure range flexibilityThe closest thing to a pressure multi-meterThe DPI 612 Flex utilises PM 620 interchangeablepressure modules allowing in-field re-ranging to thehighest accuracy and most suitable range for anyapplication The DPI 612 Flex series combines the comprehensiveelectrical measurement and sourcing capability of theDPI 610 series, with higher accuracy and simplifiedconnections.Field interchangeable, automatic detectionSimple screw fit: no tools, sealing or cables required31 ranges: 25 mbar/10 inH2O to 1000 bar/15000 psiAccuracy from 0.005% FS e.g. 0.001 bar/0.015 psierror @ 20 bar/300 psiThe PM 620 is the latest development in digital outputsensor technology and incorporates key innovations toallow pressure re-ranging without the need for tools,sealing, cables or user set-up. The modules cost afraction of fixed range instruments and can becalibrated independently, so you can benefit fromreduced inventory, shared resources, lower cost ofownership and less down-time for annual calibrationchecks.P1P2 IDOS mAVMeasure Source P2 IDOS is an optional external pressure sensor mV 10Vdc24V Switch The DPI 612 Flex electrical measurement accuracyincludes one year stability, temperature errors andcalibration uncertainty, making it three times moreaccurate than the DPI 610 series.For ease of use the electrical connectors have beenrationalised to four 4mm sockets.

Quick-to-fit pressure connectionsNo more leaks, service downtime or frustrationMaking leak-tight, pressure connections is inevitably frustrating. The DPI612 Flex series have quick-to-fit adaptor and hose systems with timesaving advantages over conventional methods: All adaptors, hoses and accessories, including the dirt and moisturetraps, are quick and simple to fit. No tools or sealing are required andconnections are leak free every time. A damaged thread on an instrument pressure port often necessitatesa costly repair and significant downtime. With the DPI 612 quick-to-fitsystem damaged adaptors are very simply replaced in-the-field. Making leak tight connections wastes time and for several joints, itcan take longer than a calibration. The DPI 612 Flex system is provento significantly reduce set-up time.Simplified touchscreenHow many key presses to configure your calibrator for the next job?DPI 612 Flex calibrators have the same user interface design as the unique andaward-winning DPI 620 Genii (Measures magazine innovative product of 2014). The DASHBOARD allows quick application selection without menus or specialkeys - just tap the app. The TASK menu provides a library of popular configurations, so from thecalibrator screen three simple gestures will completely reconfigure the DPI 612Flex for the next job. From the FAVOURITES menu it’s even quicker to access regularly used andcustomised TASKS. The touch screen only shows function keys when they’re required, making itquicker and simpler to use than complex keypads with special function keys andkey combinations. Application connection diagrams can be viewed on screen.Typical TASKCheck box to add this TASKto FAVOURITESOutput mAMeasure pressureConnections for mA lit in greenEasy as 1, 2, 31) Swipe from right to left2) Touch a menu choice3) Touch to select a TASK

Fully documentingLet the calibrator do the workThe DPI 612 Flex is a simple-to-use “everyday” tool formaintaining and calibrating pressure instruments anddue to its processing power and advance software, theautomation of procedures reduces even the mostcomplex task to a few simple user actions. Automated calibration proceduresPASS/FAIL error analysisMulti-channel data logging8Gb (nominal) user memoryConnectivity with leading calibration andmaintenance software including 4Sight from GESave time by automating your calibration proceduresProcedures generated by calibration managementsoftware can be downloaded to the DPI 612 Flex. Theseare presented as a list of work orders and when selected,each one will configure the DPI 612 Flex to calibrate aspecific device and report a PASS/FAIL condition. The datais recorded digitally ready to be uploaded to themanagement software.Using the DPI 612 Flex with automated proceduressignificantly reduces calibration time, from typically 40minutes to less than 10 minutes including the time to setup. Further time is saved when evaluating the data andcreating calibration reports because these operations areautomated within the software. User accounts and access levelsAsset databaseAutomated schedulingDefined proceduresSupports portable field and fixed workshop calibratorsData analysis, certificate generation, archivingExtensive connectivity including the DPI 611, DPI 612,DPI 620 and PACE series of instrumentsPlease visit ecal-calibration-managementsoftware for more information and a free 30 day trial.Avoid surprises and re-work with PASS/FAIL erroranalysisThe error of a device being tested is displayed live with aPASS or FAIL indication. Zero and span adjustments canbe evaluated in the field as they are made.Diagnosing faults? Data log multiple channelsData from three channels can be logged simultaneouslyby manually touching a record button or automatically ata user set interval. Data can be reviewed on screen or thedata file can be transferred to a PC for further analysis.4Sight calibration and maintenance softwareCalibration softwareConnect to leading calibration and maintenancesoftwareThe DPI 612 Flex integrates with leading calibration andmaintenance software including Intecal and 4Sight fromGE. Typically such applications provide an automated andpaperless solution to calibration and realise significantbenefits including reduced operating costs, regulatorycompliance and improved process efficiency.4Sight is the new state-of-the-art, integrated, web-basedSoftware as a Service (SaaS). Maintains compliance with industry standards Provides a full-time and date stamped audit trail Significantly reduces your operating costs Provides automated paperless solutions Ensures that you are always ready for an audit Optional web hosting means no IT overheadIntecal calibration management software4Sight is a scalable solution from a single user to multipleusers across multiple sites to give you total control for allyour calibration and maintenance tasks.Intecal is a simple to use single PC application whichprovides an asset data base with defined procedures thatcan be downloaded to the DPI 612 calibrator. It willautomate your calibration process and provide accurateaudit ready data.4Sight will help you comply with regulations, reducerunning costs and improve process efficiency. As yourcalibration manager, its automated workflow, robust dataand complete traceability will significantly reducecalibration and maintenance costs.

Please visit ght-calibration-and-maintenancesoftware for more information.Advanced featuresPressure leak test: Set the settle and run times thenautomatically test for leaks. The start and end pressuresare reported along with the pressure drop and leak rate.Max/min: Captures maximum and minimum values andcalculates the mean.Step and ramp mA output: Simply configured forsimulating transmitters into control loops, testing valvepositioners and checking safety systems. The function hasprogrammable end points, manual or automaticsequencing and the following options for quick set-up: % step: The step size is defined as a percentage. Forexample 25% provides five test points. Defined step: The step size is set as a mA value. Span check: Toggles between zero and span. Ramp: A linear ramp with programmable travel anddwell times - perfect for dynamically testing switches.Relief valve: Captures the venting pressure of a reliefvalve.Scaling: Scales the measured value into a process value.For example, mA expressed as %. Flow correction isavailable for scaling differential flow transmitter outputs.Resolution: Adjustable from four to seven digits thismatches the displayed value to that of the test device foreasy comparison.25% step manual advanceRAMP automatic cycleNudge: Makes a small incremental change to a mAoutput - great for determining trip values.Switch test: Captures pressure switch actuation and deactuation values and calculates the hysteresis.Help: The DPI 612 Flex is provided with a multi-lingualquick user guide to get you up and running without delay.For convenience, the full manual is stored digitally withinthe instrument and can be transferred to a PC for viewingor printing.In the help application you can also view wiringconnection diagrams.On-screen user manual

Druck DPI 612 Flex Series SpecificationsDPI 612 pFlex low to medium pressure pneumatic calibrator with range flexibilityThis model is ideal in low to medium pressure applications from a few mbar/psi to 20 bar/300 psi.Ordering informationPressure rangeRechargeableHoseCarry caseDirt moistureProductModelRange(g gauge, abs IO620-IDT621namebarpsiDPI 612PFXThe following standard DPI 612 pFlex kits include a PM 620 pressure module and accessories as indicated 2A0 to 2 abs0 to 30 abs 7A0 to 7 abs0 to 100 abs 20A0 to 20 g/abs0 to 300 g/abs 1G-1 to 1 g-14.5 to 15 g 2G-1 to 2 g-14.5 to 30 g 7G-1 to 7 g-14.5 to 100 g 10G-1 to 10 g-14.5 to 150 g 20G-1 to 20 g-14.5 to 300 g For other pressure range and accessory combinations please use the “00” pressure range and order PM 620 pressuremodules and accessories as separate items.Pressure module not included00 Each DPI 612 pFlex includes battery charger ( IO620-PSU), carrying strap (IO612-STRAP), test leads (IO61X-LEADS), userguide and calibration certificate.Ranges shown as g/abs can be used in sealed gauge or absolute mode via a software featurePlease refer to the PM 620 pressure module specification table for pressure accuraciesDPI 612 pFlex general specificationMaximum working pressure20 bar / 30 psi pneumaticMaximum vacuum-95% of atmospheric pressurePressure mediaNon-corrosive gasesPressure connectionQuick-to-fit connection system. G1/8 female and 1/8 NPT female adaptors are providedSize and weight350 mm x 170 mm x 145 mm ( 13.7 in x 6.7 in x 5.7 in) excluding accessories3.4 kg (7.5 lb) including battery and pressure moduleGeneration systemPressure/vacuum selector, high efficiency pump, fine adjuster, precision release valve

Druck DPI 612 pFlexPro low to high pressure pneumatic calibrator with range flexibilityThis model excels in a wide range of applications from a few mbar/psi through to 100 bar/1500 psi. It retains the low tomedium pressure capability of the pFlex, but incorporates an advanced generation system extending its range five times.The pressure intensifier makes generating pressures from a few mbar/psi through to 40 bar/600 psi much quicker andeasier and on the occasions when high pressure is required from a clean gas source, the pFlexPro is a safe and easy-totransport alternative to bottled gas.Ordering informationPressureRechargeableHoseCarry caseDirt moisturePressureProductModelRange(g gauge, abs absolute)batterytraprelief IO620-PRV-PXnamebarpsiDPI 612PFPThe following standard DPI 612 pFlexPro kits include a PM 620 pressure module and accessories as indicated 20A0 to 20 g/abs0 to 300 g/abs-P3 20G-1 to 20 g-14.5 to 300 g-P3 35G0 to 35 g0 to 500 g-P4 70G0 to 70 g0 to 1000 g-P5 100G0 to 100 g0 to 1500 g-P5 For other pressure range and accessory combinations please use the “00” pressure range and order PM 620 pressure modules andaccessories as separate items.Pressure module not included00 Each DPI 612 pFlexPro includes battery charger ( IO620-PSU), carrying strap (IO612-STRAP), test leads (IO61X-LEADS), user guide andcalibration certificate.Ranges shown as g/abs can be used in sealed gauge or absolute mode via a software featurePlease refer to the PM 620 pressure module specification table for pressure accuraciesDPI 612 pFlexPro general specificationMaximum working pressure100 bar / 1500 psi pneumaticMaximum vacuum-95% of atmospheric pressurePressure mediaNon-corrosive gasesPressure connectionQuick-to-fit connection system. G1/8 female and 1/8 NPT female adaptors are providedSize and weight350 mm x 170 mm x 160 mm ( 13.7 in x 6.7 in x 6.3 in) excluding accessories4.1 kg (9 lb) including battery and pressure moduleGeneration systemPressure/vacuum selector, high efficiency pump, pressure intensifier/fine adjuster, non-return valve, precision release valve

Druck DPI 612 hFlexPro very high pressure hydraulic calibrator with range flexibilityThis model generates hydraulic pressure to 1000 bar/15000 psi using water or mineral oil from its internal reservoir.Ordering informationPressureRechargeableHose kitCarry casePressureProductModelRange(g gauge, abs absolute)batteryrelief namebarpsiDPI 612HFPThe following standard DPI 612 hFlexPro kits include a PM 620 pressure module and accessories as indicated 200G0 to 200 g0 to 3000 g-H2 3500 to 350 g/abs0 to 5000 g/abs-H3 7000 to 700 g/abs0 to 10000 g/abs-H4 10000 to 1000 g/abs0 to 15000 g/abs-H5 For other pressure range and accessory combinations please use the “00” pressure range and order PM 620 pressuremodules and accessories as separate items.00Pressure module not included Each DPI 612 hFlexPro includes battery charger ( IO620-PSU), carrying strap (IO612-STRAP), test leads (IO61X-LEADS), fluidbottle, user guide and calibration certificate.Ranges shown as g/abs can be used in sealed gauge or absolute mode via a software featurePlease refer to the PM 620 pressure module specification table for pressure accuraciesDPI 612 hFlexPro general specificationsMaximum working pressure1000 bar / 15000 psi hydraulicPressure mediaDe-mineralized water or mineral oil (ISO viscosity grade 22). 100cc internal reservoirPressure connectionQuick-to-fit connection system with G1/8 female and 1/8 NPT female adaptors350 mm x 170 mm x 170 mm ( 13.7 in x 6.7 in x 6.7 in) excluding accessoriesSize and weight4.7 kg (10.4 lb) including battery and pressure moduleGeneration systemPriming pump, pressure intensifier/fine adjuster, non-return valve, precision release valve

Electrical measurement and sourceTotaluncertainty10 C to 30 C(50 to 86 F)for one year%Rdg %FSAdditional error10 C to 30 C& 30 C to 50 C(14oF to 50oF and86oF to 122oF)%FS/ CResolutionMeasure modeDC Voltage /- 200 mV0.018 0.0050.0010.001 /- 2000 mV0.018 0.0050.0010.01 /- 20 V0.018 0.0050.0010.00001 /- 30 V0.018 0.0050.0010.0001Current /- 20 mA0.015 0.0060.0010.0001 /- 55 mA0.018 0.0060.0010.0001Source modeDC Voltage10V (Fixed, 25mA max.)00.100.00124V (Fixed, 25mA max.)0100.001Current0 to 24 mA0.018 0.0060.0010.0010 to 24 mA (internal loop power)0.018 0.0060.0010.001FS full scale. Rdg readingTotal uncertainty includes reference standard uncertainty, temperature errors, NLH&R andtypical long term stability for one year (K 2).General SpecificationsDisplaySize: 110 mm (4.3in) diagonal. 480 x 272 pixels. LCD colour display with touch screenInternal memory8Gb (nominal) user memory for automated procedures, calibration data and data log filesLanguagesPressure unitsOperating temperatureEnglish (default), Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish25 pressure units are available for the user to select (country restrictions may apply)Calibration certificates are provided with data in three pressure units based on bar, psi (or inH2Oor inHg depending on range) and Pa-10o to 50oC (14o to 122oF). 0o to 40oC (32o to 104oF) when powered from optional mains adaptorIO620-PSU. For DPI 612 hFlexPro 4 to 50 C (39 to 122 F) with water as mediaStorage temperature-20o to 70oC (-4o to 158oF). For DPI 612 hFlexPro 4 to 70 C (39 to 158 F) with water as mediaIngress protectionIP 54. Protected against dust and splashing water from any directionHumidity0 to 90% RH none condensing. To Def Stan 66-31, 8.6 cat IIIShock / vibrationBS EN 61010-1:2010 / MIL-PRF-28800F CLASS 2. 1 m drop testedAltitudeUp to 2000mEMCBS EN 61326-1:2013Electrical safetyBS EN 61010-1:2010Pressure safetyPressure Equipment Directive - Class: Sound Engineering Practice (SEP)Enclosure materialsPolycarbonate, polyamide, polypropylene, acrylic, cottonApprovedCE markedLithium-ion battery GE Part number: CC3800GE supplied as standard; Capacity: 3800 mAh14.1Wh. Nominal voltage: 3.7 V. Charge temperature: 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F) Dischargetemperature: -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F). Charge/discharge cycles: 500 70% capacity.Battery eliminator / charger (GE part number: IO620-PSU) supplied as standard.Alternatively 8 AA alkaline cells (not supplied)For lithium-ion battery 12 to 26 hours depending on functionsFor AA alkaline cells 18 to 26 hours depending on functionsPower supplyBattery lifeConnectivityUSB type A, USB type mini BExternal pressure modulesIDOS (intelligent digital output sensor) pressure modules can be connected via a USB converter P/N IO620-USB-IDOS toprovide a second measurement channel or to isolate the pressure media from the generation systems.Multiple parameter display capabilityThe display can be configured to show a maximum of three simultaneous reading windows as follows: pressure, electricalmeasurement or electrical source, IDOS external pressure module

PM 620 Interchangeable Pressure ModuleThe PM 620 is the latest development in digital output sensor technologyincorporating a number of key innovations to allow pressure re-ranging ofcompatible equipment. A simple screw fit makes both the pressure andelectrical connections without the need for tools, sealing tape, cables or plugsand digital characterisation allows interchangeability without set-up orcalibration.PM 620 pressure module specification and recommended useModelPressure rangePrecision(NLHR)%FSTotal uncertainty0o to 50 oC(32o to 122oF)for one year%FSOrdering informationPM d PM 620 pressure module and IO620-PRV-XX pressurerelief valve (PRV)PneumaticHydraulicDPI 612 pFlexDPI 612 pFlexProDPI 612 hFlexPro(20 bar/300 psi max) (100 bar/1500 psi max) (1000 bar/15000 psi max)PM 620PRVPM 620PRV P1P1P1P1P6P2P7P7P3 P1P1P1P1P6P2P7P7P3P4P5P5PM 620PRV H2H2H2H2Gauge ranges (referenced to atmosphere) /- 0.025 g /- 0.07 g /- 0.2 g /- 0.35 g /- 0.7 g /- 1 g-1 to 2 g-1 to 3.5 g-1 to 7 g-1 to 10 g-1 to 20 g0 to 35 g0 to 70 g0 to 100 g0 to 135 g0 to 200 g /-10 inH20 g /-1 g /-3 g /-5 g /-10 g-14.5 to 15 g-14.5 to 30 g-14.5 to 50 g-14.5 to 100 g-14.5 to 150 g-14.5 to 300 g0 to 500 g0 to 1000 g0 to 1500 g0 to 2000 g0 to 3000 .0251112222222222222Absolute ranges (referenced to vacuum)0 to 0.35 a0 to 1.2 a0 to 2 a0 to 3.5 a0 to 7 a0 to 5 a0 to 35 inHg a0 to 30 a0 to 50 a0 to 100 a0.030.020.0150.0150.0150.080.070.0520.050.0522222 P1 P1 P1 P6 P7 P1 P1 P1 P6 492222222222 P7 P3 P7 P3 P4 P5 P5Dual use sealed gauge and absolute*0 to 10 a0 to 20 a0 to 35 a0 to 70 a0 to 100 a0 to 135 a0 to 200 a0 to 350 a0 to 700 a0 to 1000 a-14.5 to 150 a-14.5 to 300 a0 to 500 a0 to 1000 a0 to 1500 a0 to 2000 a0 to 3000 a0 to 5000 a0 to 10000 a0 to 15000 5 H2 H2 H2 H2 H3 H4 H5FS full scaleNLH&R Non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatabilityMedia 1 compatible with non-corrosive gas/fluidMedia 2 Compatible with stainless steel* The reading can be referenced to ambient air pressure, allowing the same module to be switched between absolute and sealed gaugemeasurementDPI 612 Flex pressure resolution is adjustable from 4 to 7 digits.Total uncertainty includes reference standard uncertainty, temperature errors, NLH&R and typical long term stability for one year (K 2).PM 620 General Specification (where different from DPI 612 Flex general specification)Maximum intermittent pressure2 x full scale pressureMaximum working pressureIngress protectionSize and weight110% of full scale pressureIP 65 (protected against dust and jets of water)L. 56 mm. Dia. 44 mm. 106 g

Ordering InformationPlease provide the ordering information highlighted inthe specification tables. For example, to order astandard DPI 620 pFlexPro kit with a 300 psi gaugepressure module order DPI 612, PFP, 20G. This willinclude the accessories indicated in the DPI 612 pFlexProspecification table.To order a DPI 612 Flex with a different pressure moduleto those indicated in the specification table, for example,0.35 bar gauge, use DPI 612, PFX, 00 and then order thepressure module PM 620, 0.35 bar g and anyaccessories as a separate items.AccessoriesNote – accessories identified by * are supplied asstandard with applicable DPI 612 models except DPI612-XXX–00. Please refer to the specification tables.*Carrying case (P/N IO620-CASE-3)A protective carrying case with shoulderstrap and large pocket for accessories.*Dirt and moisture trapPrevents contamination of the DPI 612pFlex pneumatic systems and crosscontamination from one device undertest to another. The trap connectsdirectly to the DPI 612 pFlex pressureport and replicates the quick fitconnection for compatibility with thehose and adaptor kits. Not for use withDPI 612 hFlex models.*P/N IO620-IDT621: Maximum working pressure 20bar / 300 psi.*P/N IO620-IDT622: Maximum working pressure 100bar / 1500 psi.Quick-to-fit hose and adaptor systemThese high pressure hoses and adaptors are compatiblewith the pressure ports of the DPI 612 Flex, DPI 611 andDPI 620 series and are quick-to-fit without tools orsealing.*IOHOSE-NP1: Pneumatic hose 1m/3.28ft. Maximumpressure 40 bar/600 psi.Spare/replacement rechargeablebattery (P/N CC3800GE)Spare/replacement lithium ion batteryfor the DPI 611 and DPI 612 Flex series.Spare/replacement mains adaptor(P/N IO620-PSU)A universal input mains adaptorconnects to the DPI 612 to chargebattery and power the instrument.Input voltage 100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz. Mains socket adaptors areprovided.Battery charging station (P/NCX6100GE)This external battery charging stationand universal input mains adaptorsallows a spare battery to be chargedindependently of the DPI 612 forminimum instrument down time. Acomplete charge cycle takes approximately 6.5 hours.(CX6100GE Not available in Korea).USB cable (P/N IO620-USB-PC)Connects the DPI 612 to a PC.IDOS to USB converter (P/N IO620-IDOS-USB)Allows connection of an IDOS universalpressure module to the DPI 611. P/NIO620-USB-PC is also required toconnect the converter to the DPI 612USB port.USB to RS 232 cable (P/N IO620-USB-RS232)Connects the DPI 612 to an RS 232 interface.*IOHOSE-NP2: Pneumatic hose 2m/6.56ft. Maximumpressure 40 bar/600 psi.*P/N IO620-HOSE-P1: Pneumatichose 1m/3.28ft. Maximumpressure 400 bar/5800 psi.P/N IO620-HOSE-P2: Pneumatichose 2m/6.56ft. Maximumpressure 400 bar/5800 psi.*P/N IO620-HOSE-H1: Hydraulic hose 1 metre/3.28ft. Maximum pressure 1000 bar/15000 psi.P/N IO620-HOSE-H2: Hydraulic hose 2 metre/6.56 ft.Maximum pressure 1000 bar/15000 psi.P/N IO620-BSP: Pressureadaptors G1/8 male andG1/4 male, G1/4 female,G3/8 female and G1/2female.P/N IO620-NPT: Pressure adaptors 1/8” male and1/4”male, 1/4” female, 3/8” female, and 1/2” female.P/N IO620-MET: 14 mm female and 20 mm female.

P/N IO620-COMP Comparator adaptorFor greater efficiency, two testdevices can be connected atthe same time. The adaptorconnects to the pressure portof the DPI 612 and provides twooutlet ports.Related ProductsFor information on the wide range of pressure,temperature and electrical test and calibrationequipment please visit our web site at*Pressure relief valveProtects the PM 620 pressure module and the deviceunder test from overpressure.Part number Compatible Factory settingmodelbarpsiIO620-PRV-P1 PFX / PFP115IO620-PRV-P2 PFX / PFP5100IO620-PRV-P3 PFX / PFP30435IO620-PRV-P4 PFP60870IO620-PRV-P5 PFP1001500IO620-PRV-P6 PFX / PFP345IO620-PRV-P7 PFX / PFP12170IO620-PRV-P8 PFX / PFP18260IO620-PRV-H1 HFP50725IO620-PRV-H2 HFP2003000IO620-PRV-H3 HFP4006000IO620-PRV-H4 HFP70010000IO620-PRV-H5 totototototototototototoAdjustable rangepsi13to15745to 10032230 to 46060435 to 870100870 to 1500316to451290to 17018175 to 26050145 to 725200725 to 2900400 2900 to 5800700 4350 to 100001000 8700 to 15000Screen protector (P/N IO61X-PROT)Replacement touch screen stylus (P/N IO61X-STYLUS)Replacement test lead set (P/N IO61X-LEAD)Replacement shoulder strap (P/N IO612-STRAP)Intecal calibration management software (P/NINTECAL10)Simple to use, single PC installation of Intecal supportingportable field calibrators including the DPI 6

The Druck DPI 612 Flex series is the fifth generation in the DPI 600 family, which was first introduced in 1984. The DPI 600 family revolutionized test and calibration by providing all the tools for pressure generation and signal measurement in self-contained portable packages. The DPI 600 soon became the