Santa Ana CollegeFire Technology1530 W. 17th Street, B10 Santa Ana CA 92706-3398 (714)564-6845August 2022Dear Firefighter I Candidate:Welcome to Santa Ana College, home of the largest, finest and oldest fire technologyprogram in California! You have made a wise career choice. Your success will dependon whether you have the proper attitude, tenacity and mental discipline to achieve yourgoal. Our staff and counselors are ready to help you succeed. Our graduates haveattained firefighter positions in many departments in California, throughout the UnitedStates & abroad.The Santa Ana College Fire Academy program is administered under the guidance ofthe Orange County Fire Chiefs’ Association and is nationally recognized as a premierfire-training program. This program meets the Orange County Fire Service standardsand has been approved by the State Fire Marshal and the State Board of Fire Services asthe First Accredited Regional Fire Academy in California. Our standards far exceedthe minimum qualifications and training required for California Firefighter ICertification. Additionally, our graduates receive certificates in Vehicle Extrication,Hazardous Materials First Responder, Firefighter Survival, Rescue Systems I, FireControl III and Low Angle Rope Rescue.Our office has moved on the SAC Campus! We are now located in “B10”, near thepool. Please come by, as we are now open, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm. If you areremote & would like to speak to someone in the Fire Technology Office, please call714-564-6845 and kindly leave a message with your name, email and phone number.You will receive a call back within one business day. If you prefer to send an email, allstaff/faculty emails can be found on the Fire Technology Website. We are happy to helpyou attain your career goals! SAC Fire Technology StaffSanta Ana College Mission Statement:Santa Ana College inspires, transforms and empowers a diverse community of learners.Fire Technology Mission Statement:The Santa Ana College Fire Technology Department serves a diverse community of students. The program providesstudents the opportunity to develop the technical, academic and professional competencies required for fire andemergency service professions, as well as, transfer to higher educational institutions. The department is committed todeveloping civic leaders that advocate, champion and engage in the ethical administration of public policy.

INFORMATION SHEET/NEW STUDENT PROCEDURESFIREFIGHTER 1 PROGRAMSTEPS TO COMPLETE ELIGIBILITY FOR BASIC FIRE ACADEMYSTEP 1.To learn as much as you can about gaining entry into our academy, please sign up onlinethrough our Career Center for the next available Fire Technology Orientation. You willneed to have a student I.D. # for the college to sign up. Also, read all about the degree optionsavailable, such as our most popular Public Fire Service Option, online in the Santa Ana Collegecatalog.You have made the decision to become a firefighter. There is considerable competition forevery job, so provide yourself with every chance of success. Be properly prepared to takemaximum advantage of all opportunities that will help you achieve your goal. The more youhave to offer a potential employer the better your chances of being hired.MEASURE YOUR EXISTING SKILLS AND ABILITIESSTEP 2.Our Assessment Center (AC) will send you an email with your English and Math placementrecommendations based on your self-reported high school grades and GPA that you provided inyour SAC application.Students who do not have access to their high school transcripts or studied outside of the U.S.can take the Guided Self Placement, which is available on the AC website. It will take about3 business days for students to receive an email.Students can also meet with a Counselor in the AC during the drop-in hours, listed on theirwebsite. The Assessment Center is located in the Library building on the second floor (L-223).Their Phone # is (714) 564-6148Students with an AA degree or higher are exempt from 3SP requirements, which include,placement, orientation, and educational planning.GENERAL EDUCATION IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THIS TRAININGSTEP 3.Study Smart! Take your courses in the recommended sequence to achieve high grades incourses required for this major. If you are working, do not take a class load greater than youcan successfully handle. Completion of general education classes before you begin yourstudies in this major will improve your chance for success. General education courses arelisted in the catalog and should be reviewed with the Counselor before enrolling.

TAKE THE FIRE TECHNOLOGY CORE CLASSESSTEP 4.All core classes must be completed with a grade of “C” or better to be eligible for theBasic Fire Academy. Fire Technology 101 & 102 must be taken prior to taking 104, 105and 106.3.0 Units - Fire Technology 101, Fire Protection Organization3.0 Units - Fire Technology 102, Fire Behavior and Combustion3.0 Units - Fire Technology 103, Principles of Fire & Emergency Services Safety & Survival3.0 Units - Fire Technology 104, Fire Prevention3.0 Units - Fire Technology 105, Building Construction for Fire Protection3.0 Units - Fire Technology 106, Fire Protection Systems3.0 Units - Fire Technology 121, Physical Fitness for Public Safety Personnel0.3 Units - Fire Technology 121L, Physical Fitness for Public Safety Personnel - Performanceand AssessmentOPENING A FILESTEP 5.Upon successful completion of Fire Technology 101 & 102, emailbarker [email protected] to complete a Prerequisite Verification check-off sheet and“open your file”. Keep your address, phone numbers & email up-to-date with theFire Technology Office, in addition to the Admissions Office, in case we need tocontact you.FIRE ACADEMY 008, PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST (BIDDLE)STEP 6.A physical ability test is required to be eligible for the Basic Fire Academy. You registerfor the class online under FAC 008. All students must pre enroll & pay, as there is noon-site enrollment. The physical ability test is a pass/fail exam. Once your file is open, itis your responsibility to make and turn in a copy of the Physical Ability letter into ouroffice, (keeping the original for yourself). Most Fire Departments require a physicalability test prior to employment.The Physical Ability test was designed to identify persons who can meet the physicaldemands of a firefighter. To pass the Physical Ability Test, candidates must complete allof the events successfully within the required time standard of 9:34. This test wasdeveloped and validated with firefighters from 41 different cities in both Orange and LosAngeles counties. The test is a work sample test designed to simulate tasks performed byfirefighters during fire suppression operations and other emergencies. BE ADVISED IFYOU PASS THIS ASSESSMENT AT A MINIMAL LEVEL, YOU MAY NOTHAVE THE STRENGTH AND STAMINA NECESSARY TO SUCCESSFULLYCOMPLETE THE ACADEMY.

Candidates may only participate in the test once in a single day (once per semester). Ifyou fail, you may return on a subsequent test day for another attempt. Physical Abilitytests are scheduled approximately once per month during the fall and spring semestersand can only be taken 6 months at a time with our college. Physical Ability trainingclasses (FAC 018 B, C & D) are also offered throughout the semester for students whoneed additional workouts and training towards the Biddle. The FTC 121L class will alsoprovide you with a description and an opportunity to practice the Biddle test.EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN ISTEP 7.You must complete an Emergency Medical Technician I course that leads to NationalRegistry. Upon completion of your EMT Course you must take & pass the NationalCertification Exam to receive certification in the state of California as an EMT. Thismust be done prior to attending the academy. If you possess the “California StateLicense EMT Card” you may also provide us with a copy of that. It does supersede the‘National Registry Card.’Note: Please bring a copy of your National Registry card or CA EMT License toFire Technology Office, B10, for your file. Prerequisite for most EMT courses:CPR Healthcare Provider Card.MEDICAL EXAMINATIONSTEP 8.A medical exam is required for all academy students prior to their academy placement.You can use any physician you choose. However, be sure your doctor understandsthe requirements and you know what your costs will be up-front.Your doctor will need the NFPA 1582 Standards booklet and the medical form tocomplete your medical examination. You can purchase the National Fire ProtectionAgency, 1582 Standards (NFPA 1582) booklet from the Firefighter Bookstore and obtainthe medical exam form from the Fire Technology Office. A list of providers is includedin that packet.In addition to a completed medical exam form, you must provide the Fire TechnologyOffice with a signed statement from a licensed physician stating you meet the standardsof NFPA 1582. Turn in a copy of the front page of your medical report form whichhas the doctor’s approval and signature. Keep the original for yourself. Themedical examination is comprehensive because it is very similar to the exams firedepartments use to screen new employees. The medical exam will let you know if youmeet minimum medical hiring standards. This medical is valid for two years from thefirst examination date.If you are unable to meet the NFPA 1582 medical requirements, you may not qualify foremployment as a firefighter. You may want to consider other options in the fire servicesuch as fire protection engineer, fire inspector, investigation, sprinkler installation, etc.

TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE BASIC FIRE ACADEMYSTEP 9.It is a first come, first serve basis. Students will be placed immediately in the nextavailable academy upon successful completion of all academy prerequisites.The academy prerequisites students must have completed are listed below:A. You have ‘opened a file’ with the Fire Technology Office, B10, aftercompletion of FTC 101 & 102 with the grades posted.B. Passed all Prerequisite Classes with a “C” or better grade:FTC 101, Fire Protection OrganizationFTC 102, Fire Behavior & CombustionFTC 103, Principles of Fire & Emergency Services Safety & SurvivalFTC 104, Fire PreventionFTC 105, Building Construction for Fire ProtectionFTC 106, Fire Protection SystemsFTC 121, Physical Fitness for Public Safety PersonnelFTC 121L, Physical Fitness for Public Safety Personnel - Performance andAssessmentC. Provide the Fire Technology Office with a copy of your “National RegistryCard” from an EMT course which meets DOT standards. If you possess the“California State License EMT Card” you may also provide us with a copy ofthat. It does supersede the ‘National Registry Card’D. Provide the Fire Technology Office with a copy of your Official BiddleCertificate - FAC 008 - Physical Ability Test (NOT done in FTC 121L)E. A complete Medical that has been checked off & signed by either Dr. listedon our Medical Form or by your own Dr.If it becomes necessary for a student to give up their spot in an academy prior tonotification of the Pre-Academy (P.A.M.) meeting, and they notify the Fire TechnologyOffice, the student will be assigned to a future academy.If a student fails to meet deadlines they will forfeit their spot in the academy.STEP 10.An Academy Coordinator will notify candidates, by email, of:Basic Fire Academy start dateRegistration informationPre-Academy meeting date (P.A.M.)So please make sure your contact information is current in your file.

BASIC FIRE ACADEMYSchedule – Full Time - Approx. 16 weeks, Monday through FridayAcademy Broken down - 17.0 total unitsFAC 060A – FF1A (BFA) – 10.0 unitsFAC 060B – FF1B (HazMat) – 1.0 unitFAC 060C – FF1C (Wildland FF1) – 2.0 unitsFAC 063 – RS1 - 0.5 unitsFAC 031 – Vehicle Ex - 0.5 unitsFAC 076 – LARRO - 1.0 unitFAC 007 – Physical Training & Orientation - 2.0 unitsThere are 24 subject areas:Apparatus, Tools & Equipment – 16 hours*Vehicle Extrication - 24 hoursBehavioral Health/Cancer Awareness – 8 hoursBreathing Apparatus/Search & Rescue – 32 hrsCareer Development – 4 hoursCombined Drill – 8 hoursCommunications – 4 hours*Confined Space Rescue Awareness – 8 hours*EMS (Continuing Education) Skills – 24 hoursFacilities Maintenance/Equipment Issue – 8 hrsFinal Academy Exam – 4 hours*Fire Behavior & Control – 48 hours*Firefighter Survival –16 hoursForcible Entry - 8 hours*Hazardous Material First Responder- 28 hoursHose Operation - 60 hoursICS-100 / ICS-200 / ICS-700 / ICS-800 – 4 hrsOrientation - 8 hoursLadder Operation - 52 hours*Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational – 24 hrs*Physical Ability Test – 8 hours*Rescue Systems I - 40 hoursRopes and Knots - 8 hoursSalvage Operations - 24 hoursVentilation Practices - 32 hours*Wildland Fire Control - 64 hours*State Firefighter I Certification Testing (Written & Skills) – 36 hoursTotal Hours for Fire Academy Instructionand Testing – 600 hours*Certification GivenThe Basic Fire Academy has strict grooming standards. The candidates should possess a high degree ofself-discipline, maintain a positive mental attitude to handle stress, and be able to adjust easily to astructured organization. The Academy emphasizes attitude, teamwork, self-confidence, self-discipline,quick thinking and the ability to follow exact instructions and orders.Nondiscrimination PolicyThe District is committed to equal opportunity in educational programs, employment, and all access to institutional programs and activities. TheDistrict, and each individual who represents the District, shall provide access to its services, classes, and programs without regard to nationalorigin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race or ethnicity, color, medical condition, genetic information, ancestry, sexualorientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, or military and veteran status, or because he or she is perceived to have oneor more of the foregoing characteristics, or based on association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceivedcharacteristics. The Chancellor shall establish administrative procedures that ensure all members of the college community can presentcomplaints regarding alleged violations of this policy and have their complaints heard in accordance with the Title 5 regulations and those ofother agencies that administer state and federal laws regarding nondiscrimination. No District funds shall ever be used for membership, or for anyparticipation involving financial payment or contribution on behalf of the District or any individual employed by or associated with it, to anyprivate organization whose membership practices are discriminatory on the basis of national origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, genderexpression, race, color, medical condition, genetic information, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability,pregnancy, or military and veteran status, or because he or she is perceived to have one or more of the foregoing characteristics, or because of hisor her association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Inquiries regarding compliance and/orgrievance procedures may be directed to the District’s Title IX Officer and/or Section 504/ADA Coordinator.RSCCD Title IX Officer and Section 504/ADA CoordinatorJohn Didion2323 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92706Phone: (714) 480-7489Equal Employment Opportunity ClauseThe parties to this contract agree to promote equal employment opportunities through its policies and regulations. This means that both partieswill not discriminate, nor tolerate discrimination, against any applicant or employee because of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientations,national origin, age, disabled, or veteran status. Additionally, the parties will provide an environment that is free from sexual harassment, as wellas harassment and intimidation on account of an individual’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, orveteran status.

notification of the Pre-Academy (P.A.M.) meeting, and they notify the Fire Technology Office, the student will be assigned to a future academy. If a student fails to meet deadlines they will forfeit their spot in the academy. STEP 10. An Academy Coordinator will notify candidates, by email, of: Basic Fire Academy start date