1Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.CURRICULUM VITAEYoun-Kyung ‘Lydia’ Kim, Ph.D.2014 Distinguished Scholar of International Textile and Apparel AssociationDepartment of Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism ManagementCollege of Education, Health, and Human SciencesUniversity of TennesseeKnoxville, TN 37996-1911(865) [email protected] Address:806 Farragut Commons Dr.Knoxville, TN 37934(865) 288-0353 (H)(865) 919-9533 (C)EDUCATIONYearDegree : Professional Women’s Catalog Use andIts Relationship with Their Clothing Involvement andLifestyleAdvisor: Dr. Betty FeatherUniversity of North CarolinaGreensboro, Greensboro, NorthCarolina1986M.S.MerchandisingThesis: The Influence of Clothing Color of OlderWomen on Impression FormationAdvisor: Dr. Esther MeachamOhio State University,Columbus, Ohio1979B.S.Textiles and ClothingSeoul National University,Seoul, South KoreaPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEDateAugust 2006 –PresentPositionProfessorRetail and Consumer Sciences Program,Department of Retail, Hospitality, and TourismManagement,College of Education, Health, and Human SciencesFaculty Development LeaveAugust 2011 –December 2011August 2012Director of Graduate StudiesJuly 2016August 2003 – Associate ProfessorJuly 2006Retail and Consumer Sciences Program,Department of Retail, Hospitality, and TourismManagement,College of Education, Health, and Human SciencesOrganizationUniversity ofTennesseeLocationKnoxville, TNUniversity ofTennesseeUniversity ofTennesseeUniversity ofTennesseeKnoxville, TNKnoxville, TNKnoxville, TN

2Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.August 1999 –July 2003Associate ProfessorSchool of Merchandising and HospitalityManagementGraduate Program CoordinatorSchool of Merchandising and HospitalityManagementAssistant ProfessorSchool of Merchandising and HospitalityManagementUniversity ofNorth TexasDenton, TXUniversity ofNorth TexasDenton, TXUniversity ofNorth TexasDenton, TXAugust 1991 July 1993Assistant ProfessorApparel, Textiles, and Design DepartmentUniversity ofWisconsin-StoutMenomonie,WIAugust 1986 July 1990LecturerDepartment of Clothing and TextilesUniversity ofNorth CarolinaGreensboroGreensboro,NCAugust 1987 July 1989Graduate Research AssistantDepartment of Clothing and TextilesUniversity ofNorth CarolinaGreensboroGreensboro,NCAugust 2000 –July 2003August 1993 July 1999H O N O R S a n d A WA R D SYearDescription2019Invited speaker foranniversary on “Creating EmotionalConsumer Experiences,” September 27.2019College Senate Faculty Mentoring Award2018Faculty advisor for Chung Wha Ki. The drivers and impacts ofsocial media influencers: The role of mimicry.2018Kim, Y-K., Ha, S., & Park, S. Competitive analysis for men’sclothing retailers: A correspondence analysis and Rasch treemodel.Distinguished Alumna for the 100th anniversary of Clothing andTextiles as a department20172017Award/Honor50thFaculty award for superlative research, teaching, or serviceCollege of Human Ecology,Seoul National University,South KoreaCollege of Education,Health, and HumanSciences, University ofTennessee, 2,500Honorable Mention,Doctoral DissertationAward Competition,Korean Scholars ofMarketing ScienceBest Paper Award,Colloquium on EuropeanResearch in RetailingDepartment of Consumer,Apparel, and Retail Studies,University of NorthCarolina-GreensboroJacquelyn Orlando DeJongeFaculty Award, College ofEducation, Health, andHuman Sciences,University of Tennessee, 3,000

3Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.2017Ha, S., Childs, M., Fairhurst, A., & Kim, Y-K. After the Fire:Community Recovery Plan in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.2017Ki, C., & Kim, Y-K. Sustainable versus luxury fashion purchase:Applying Self-Determination Theory2017Yang, K., Kim, J., & Kim, Y-K. (2017). The effect of brandconsciousness on interpersonal influences, brand values, andpurchase intention: Cases for American and Korean collegestudents.Kim, S., & Kim, Y-K. The impacts of regulatory focus andtemporal distance on evaluation of online consumer reviews.20162014Cho, E., Fu, W., Koo, W., & Kim, Y-K. Ethnic-inspiredproducts: From the experiential consumption view.2014ITAA Distinguished Scholar2014Song, S., & Kim, Y-K. Law enforcement officers’ high-visibilitysafety apparel: The effect of their attitudes on wearing behavior.2014Song, S., Cho, E., & Kim, Y-K. Social media opinion leadership:Relationship to personality and flow experience.2012Best Reviewer Award for Clothing and Textiles ResearchJournal.2011Yang, K., Kim, Y-K., & Lee, H. The effect of brandconsciousness on susceptibility to interpersonal influences andconsequent response on brand equity and purchase intention:Cases for American and Korean college students.2008Faculty advisor for Kelly Atkins. The smart shopping construct:Scale development and validation.Frances Speight ClarkFaculty Enrichment andDevelopment award,College of Education,Health, and HumanSciences, University ofTennessee, 2,000Best Paper Winner, Family& Consumer SciencesResearch Journal, Apparel,Textiles, andMerchandising trackHonorable Mention, 2017Journal of Global FashionMarketing Best PaperAwardPaper of Distinction Award,ITAA, Merchandisingtrack, International Textileand Apparel Association.Paper of Distinction Award,Culture track, InternationalTextile and ApparelAssociation.ITAA DistinguishedLecturer, InternationalTextile and ApparelAssociation, 1,500First Prize: GraduateStudent Best Paper Award,International Textile andApparel Association.Nominated as the BestPaper Faculty Award,American CollegiateRetailing Association.Best Reviewer Award,International Textile andApparel AssociationBest Paper Award,International Textile andApparel AssociationKorean Academy ofMarketing Science JointSymposium.Morris Mayer DissertationAward ( 1,000), AmericanCollegiate RetailingAssociation

4Youn-Kyung Kim, 99719951989Lee, M., Kim, Y-K., & Kim, H. Segmenting online auctionconsumers. American Collegiate Retailing AssociationFairhurst, A., Jolly, L., & Kim, Y-K. A cross-cultural study oncultural tourism: Working with Polish craft retailers and tourists.International Textile and Apparel AssociationKim, H., Kim, Y-K., Jolly, L., & Fairhurst, A. Customer love:Antecedents and outcomes. International Textile and ApparelAssociationLim, C., Kim, Y-K., & Park, S. Consumer perceptions towardretail attributes of value retailers: Functions of gender andrepatronage intention. American Collegiate Retailing AssociationLee, M., Atkins, K., Kim, Y-K., & Park, S. “Competitiveanalyses between regional malls and big-box retailers: Acorrespondence analyses for segmentation and positioning”American Collegiate Retailing AssociationKim, H., & Kim, Y-K. “Escapism, consumer lock-in, attitude,and purchase: An illustration from an online shopping context”American Collegiate Retailing AssociationJosiam, B., Kinley, T., & Kim, Y-K. “Involvement and the touristshopper” International Society of Travel & Tourism Educators.Best Professor, Professional Leadership ProgramCollege of Business and Administration, University of NorthTexasAmerican Textile Manufacturer’s Institute Award (as aMerchandising division at University of North Texas)International Textiles and Apparel AssociationDistributed Learning PioneerCenter for Distributed Learning, University of North TexasWinner of the Citation for Distinguished Service to InternationalEducationUniversity of North TexasDeveloping Scholars AwardUniversity of North TexasCertificate of Recognition Student Support Services ProgramUniversity of North TexasInternational Student ScholarshipUniversity of North Carolina-GreensboroTEACHINGArea of Expertise:Consumer ExperienceBrandingSustainable ConsumptionTourism ShoppingBest Paper AwardSara Douglas Fellowship( 2,000)Best Paper AwardMerchandising 1:Management trackBest Paper AwardBest Paper Award ( 1,000)International Council ofShopping Centers (ICSC)Best Paper Award ( 1,000)International Council ofShopping Centers (ICSC)Best Poster Paper Award 3,000 3,000 2,500 2,000

5Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.I.TeachingCourses Taught:Content AreaCourseTitle (G denotes graduate course)Institution*ResearchRHRM 614Theories in Retail, Hospitality, and TourismManagement (G)Research Methods, Models and Measurement (G)Literature and Thought (G)Research Methods (G)Honors Class: Consumer ResearchSeminar (G)Research Methods (G)Research Applications (G)Consumer Product and Service Development (G)Honors Class (co-teaching)BrandingRetail PromotionExperiential Retailing (G)Concept Merchandising (G)Promotional Strategies (G)Merchandising Practices (G)Visual Merchandising and Small Store PlanningFashion MerchandisingGraduate Seminar in Retailing (G)Special Topic: Catalog Retailing (G)Fashion Merchandising PromotionsConsumer Analysis (G)Consumers in the Global MarketplaceConsumer Studies in Apparel and Home FurnishingsInternational Trade and Retail Analysis (G)International RetailingGlobal Merchandising (G)Global Textiles and Clothing IndustriesConsumers in a Global MarketInternational Economic Trends in Textiles and ClothingPresentation TechniquesSelf-Presentation in BusinessAesthetics and EnvironmentApparel Construction and AnalysisFashion FabricsIntroductory Consumer TextilesSocial-Psychological Aspects of ClothingAdvanced Field ExperienceField Experience Paper & /CorePresentationApparel &TextilesFieldExperience*UT:RHTM 616RHTM 615RCS 562RCS 497RHTM 590SMHM 5300SMHM 5400RCS 538RCS 497RCS 441RCS 415SMHM 5800SMHM 5600SMHM 5550SMHM 5240SMHM 4090SMHM 3490ATD 790ATD 755ATD 329RCS 541RCS 341SMHM 3750RCS 511RCS 421SMHM 5650SMHM 4010SMHM 2750ATD 519SMHM 3450ATD 400SMHM 2360SMHM 1320ATD 200CTX 241CTX 351SMHM 3500ATD 398University of TennesseeUNT: University of North NTUW-StoutUNTUNTUW-StoutUNCGUNCGUNTUW-Stout

6Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.UW-Stout: University of Wisconsin-StoutUNCG: University of North Carolina-GreensboroNew Curriculum Development (Credit courses passed university curriculum review process):CoursesDescriptionHonors: ConsumerResearchRCS 497 (3 credit hours)Understanding the key concepts and methods of consumermarket research, and apply the knowledge and skill studentsgained to solve real-life retail problems.RCS 441 (3 credit hours)Explore branding concepts related to consumer experiencesderived from consumption of branded products, services,retailers, persons, and places. Investigate how the brandingconcepts influence consumer attitudes and behavior. Identifysuccessful branding strategies to maximize consumerexperiences and to improve retail sales.RCS 441 (3 credit hours)Explore experiential retailing of tangible and intangibleproducts, services and experiences that encompass utilitarianand hedonic consumption. Apply strategies for planning,developing, and presenting products or services to consumersusing experiential components of the retail industry to create atotal consumer experience.RCS 538 (3 credit hours) – graduate courseCritical analysis of consumer product and service developmentprocess in services industry. Strategies for developingconsumer products, services, programs, and service processesfrom conception to implementation and evaluation. [Firsttaught in Spring 2004]BrandingExperientialRetailingConsumer Productand RetailingResearchApplicationsSMHM 5600 (3 credit hours) – graduate courseInvestigate merchandising strategies such as entertainmentretailing, thematic merchandising, branding, lifestylemerchandising, brand extensions, co-branding, and strategicalliance as opportunities to expand customer base andincreasing profit. Examine product and service transformationsin response to total consumer experience. [First taught in Fall2002)SMHM 5800 (3 credit hours) – graduate courseExplore tangible and intangible products, services andexperiences that are linking merchandising and hospitalitysegments. Apply merchandising strategies of planning,developing, and presenting products and services in retailsettings that provide a total consumer experience. [First taughtin Summer 2001]SMHM 5400 (3 credit hours) – graduate courseExecute research projects with implications for fashion-InstitutionUniversity ofTennesseeUniversity ofTennesseeUniversity ofTennesseeUniversity ofTennesseeUniversity ofNorth TexasUniversity ofNorth TexasUniversity ofNorth Texas

7Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.oriented or hospitality industries. Emphasis is onconceptualizing problems, analyzing and interpreting data, andwriting for industry and/or scholarly dissemination. [Firsttaught in Summer 1999]SMHM 3750 (3 credit hours) – undergraduate courseExploration of motivations influencing consumer purchase anduse of apparel and home furnishing products. Acomprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge base willbe used to investigate various individual and environmentalfactors as they relate to the consumer purchase process and itsoutcomes. [First taught in Fall 1997]Consumer StudiesUniversity ofNorth TexasII. Teaching Grants/Awards:AuthorKim, Y-K.DateTitleAgencyAmount2014Faculty First ProgramUniversity of Tennessee, Officeof Information TechnologyHonorariumKim, Y-K.2000Kim, Y-K.1999Teaching for Technology Grant,“Research Applications”Teaching for Technology Grant,“Promotional Strategies”Center for Distributed Learning,University of North TexasCenter for Distributed Learning,University of North Texas 4,000(Funded) 6,000(Funded)III. Student AdvisingMajor Professor:Ph.D. StudentsUniversity of TennesseeFrankel, SarahZaman, Md MostafaAlshammari, FatenKwon, HyunjinKi, Chung WhaSong, So YoungKim, SeeunFu, WeiEntered Ph.D. program in Fall 2017. (Co-chair)Entered Ph.D. program in Fall 2016.Entered Ph.D. program in Spring 2014.Received Ph.D. degree in Summer 2019.Dissertation: The influence of shared attention on product evaluationReceived Ph.D. degree in Summer 2018.Dissertation: The drivers and impacts of social media influencers: Therole of mimicryReceived Ph.D. degree in Spring 2017.Dissertation: Modeling the consumer acceptance of retail service robotsReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2016.Dissertation: The Impacts of Regulatory Focus and Temporal Distance onthe Evaluation of Consumer ReviewsReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2016.Dissertation: Eco-Fashion Consumption: Cognitive-Experiential SelfTheory

8Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.Yoon, DonghwanKoo, WanmoKim, YunheePark, HyejuneBhardwaj, VerticaKumar, ArchanaLim, Chae-MiAtkins, KellyLee, Min-YoungFogle, AlyciaKim, Hye-YoungNute, Carol Lynn S.Received Ph.D. degree in Summer 2015. (Co-chair)Dissertation: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advertising andConsumer Responses in the Lodging Industry: Functions of GreenMarketing Motive and Appeal TypeReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2014.Dissertation: Online Store Atmospherics: Development of a GenderNeutral Measure3Received Ph.D. degree in Fall 2014.Dissertation: Organic Food Consumption: Application of the Means-EndTheoryReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2011.Dissertation: The Role of Social Network Websites in Consumer-BrandRelationshipReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2010.Dissertation: The Effects of Consumer Orientations on the Consumptionof Counterfeit Luxury BrandsReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2010.Dissertation: The Effect of Store Environment on Consumer Evaluationsand Behavior Toward Single-Brand Apparel RetailersReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2009.Dissertation: Luxe-Bargain Shopping: Consumer Orientations, PerceivedValues, Satisfaction, and Future IntentionsReceived Ph.D. degree in December 2008.Dissertation: The Smart Shopping Construct: Scale Developmentand ValidationReceived Ph.D. degree in Summer 2007.Dissertation: Bidding as a Shopping Experience: The Impact ofConsumer Characteristics and Hedonic Shopping Motivations onShopping Values in Online Auctions Influencing Consumer Preferenceand IntentionsReceived Ph.D. degree in Summer 2007. (Co-chair)Dissertation: The Influence of Atmospherics on Consumer Perceptions ofService Quality, Merchandise Price, and Merchandise Quality InfluencingBehavioral Intentions: A Retailing Study of Outlet MallsReceived Ph.D. degree in Spring 2007.Dissertation: Toward Customer Love: Investigating the Antecedents andOutcomes of Satisfied Customers’ Emotional Attachments to RetailersReceived Ph.D. degree in Summer 2005.Dissertation: Acculturation and Food Retailer Store Type: DeterminingHispanic Consumers' Attitudes Toward Store Attributes in the SanAntonio MarketMaster’s StudentsUniversity of TennesseeAtkins, KellyReceived M.S. degree in Summer 2005.Thesis: Analysis of Town Center Mixed-Use Developments to DetermineKey Retailer Success Factors

9Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.Zhang, WeiChadaga, ShubhaReceived M.S. degree in Summer 2004.Received M.S. degree in Summer 2004.University of North TexasPookulangara, Sanjukta Received M.S. degree in Spring 2003.Thesis: Viability of Multi-Channel Retailing: Function of Retail Synergyand Consumers’ Perceived Benefits and Costs.Buhrman, TiffanyReceived M.S. degree in Summer 2002.Thesis: Effects of Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Satisfaction on MallConsumption.Sanchez, MarissaReceived M.S. degree in Summer 2002.Thesis: A Comparison in Mall Shopping Behavior Between HispanicAmericans and Anglo-Americans.Pak, Yoon JooReceived M.S. degree in Fall 2002.Kumar, ShefaliReceived M.S. degree in Spring 2000.Thesis: Consumers’ Intention toward Internet Shopping.Kim, Yeon SookReceived M.S. degree in Spring 2000.Problem in Lieu of Thesis: Gift Shopping: Motivations and ShoppingBehavior.Han, SeunghaeReceived M.S. degree in Summer 2000.Chandra, RikoReceived M.S. degree in Summer 1998.Aoyama, YumiReceived M.S. degree in Spring 1998.Park, JinsooReceived M.S. degree in Spring 1998.Independent Research Project: Social Advertising: Impact onConsumers’ Perception and Purchase Decision.Palani, PonmozhiReceived M.S. degree in Fall 1996.University of Wisconsin-StoutGuo, ChuangpuReceived M.S. degree in 1992.Thesis: Female College Students' Clothing Catalog Use: Its Relationshipwith Their Lifestyle and Perceived Importance of Clothing Attributes.Dissertation/Thesis Committee Member:Ph.D. StudentsUniversity of TennesseeBedford, SergioEntered Ph.D. program in Fall 2016.Jung, EunkyeongEntered Ph.D. program in Fall 2016.Alqahtani, ThamerEntered Ph.D. program in Fall 2015.Huang, RanEntered Ph.D. program in Fall 2013.Suntithammasoot, Cherry Entered Ph.D. program in Fall 2012.Kaewnopparat, Justin Received Ph.D. degree in Fall 2017.Doss, MelanieReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2016.Sneed, ChrisReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2014.Talbert, JamesReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2014.

10Youn-Kyung Kim, Ph.D.Daniell, RippBeckman, EricSneed, ChrisDoss, MelaniePark, JeesunWilhoit, SarahLee, HyunjooSmith, SylviaYang, KiseolPark, HyungchulKim, MinsungRankin, KellyReceived Ph.D. degree in Fall 2013.Received Ph.D. degree in Fall 2013.Entered Ph.D. program in Fall 2009.Entered Ph.D. program in Fall 2010.Received Ph.D. degree in Fall 2010.Received Ph.D. degree in Spring 2010.Received Ph.D. degree in Fall 2008.Received Ph.D. degree in Summer 2007.Received Ph.D. degree in Fall 2006.Received Ph.D. degree in Summer 2005.Received Ph.D. degree in Fall 2004.Received Ph.D. degree in Summer 2004.Master’s StudentsUniversity of North TexasKnight, Dee K.Received M.S. degree in Spring 1996.Undergraduate Student Mentor:Katrina Laemmerhirt, Consumer Perceptions of Sustainability in the Fast Fashion Industry: WillThese Companies Need to Change? Global Leadership Scholars Senior Thesis. BusinessAdministration 497. Spring 2015-Spring 2016.IV. Teaching Professional Development:Empowering Women to Deal With Unit-Level Conflicts. Commission for Women Office of theProvost Human Resources, University of Tennessee, March 29, 2019.Canvas Online Class Workshop. Office of Information Technology, University of Tennessee, May10, 2017.Blackboard Online Assessment Workshop. Office of Information Technology, University ofTennessee, November 14, 2013.Adobe Captivate Workshop. Office of Information Technology, University of Tennessee,September 23, 2013.Camtasia Workshop. Office of Information Technology, University of Tennessee, September 4,2013.World Wide Web Course Tools, Center for Distributed Learning & Academic Computing’s WebSupport Team, University of North Texas, Fall 1998 (8 sessions).Teaching with Technology Workshop. University of North Texas, May 1996.Welcoming Diversity. University of North Texas, July 1, 1994Learning Styles. University of North Texas, November 12, 1993Improving the Student-Teacher Relationship. University of North Texas, November 1, 1993Multimedia Presentation Systems. University of North Texas, October 27, 1993Presentation Skills. University of North Texas, September 10 & 17, 1993

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Knoxville, TN 37996-1911 Knoxville, TN 37934 (865) 974-1025 (865) 288-0353 (H) [email protected] (865) 919-9533 (C) . 1999 Distributed Learning Pioneer Center for Distributed Learning, University of North Texas . (Credit courses passed university cu