BPM Studio 4Private Edition1


BPM out this manual .System requirements .Package contents .The installation of software22. installation .7The First Program Start .9Defining Driver and Audio Parameters . 10Description of the program33.01.The Program Window of BPM Studio . 113.02.Player . Functions .Pitch .Fine Adjustment of Sliders .The Player Window .667121213133.03.Playlist . 153.03.1. Basic Functions . 153.03.2. Ajustable Column Width and Content . 163.04.Preview Player . Archive .File Archive .Adjustable Column Width and Content .Sorting Order .171719193.06.Loop Sampler . 203.06.1. Using the Loop Sampler . 203.06.2. The Loop Sampler display . 213.07.Sample Player . 213.07.1. Editing Samples, and Assigning to keys . 213.08.Cross Fader . Counter .Monitor Player of BPM Counter .BPM determining in manual mode .BPM determining in automatic mode .232323243

BPM StudioContentContentDescription of the . Editor .Loading and displaying a title .Adjusting display range .Marking ranges, and exporting into files .Adjusting volume and pitch .The Toolbar .Functions of different markers .Working with Cue Points .25252526262626273.11.File Info Box . .Audio channels .The Equalizer .Loading and storing equalizer settings .Recoder .29292930303.13.CD-Player / CD Writer .3.13.1. CD-Reader .3.13.2. Encoding Audio-CDs .3.13.3. CDDB-Query .3.13.4. Copying Audio CDs (Ripping) .3.13.5. Encoder .3.13.6. CD-Writer .3.13.7. Creating Audio-CDs .3.13.8. Creating Daten-CDs .3.13.9. System test in test mode .3.13.10. Deleting CD-RW's .32323232333434353637373.14.BPM Studio File Formats . rogram Options .Presets .Options .Audio I/O .Storing .CDDA-Copy .CD-Writer .39394042434445

BPM StudioContentContentDescription of the ditional Functions .Normalize Function .Suchen Dialog .The PreAmp Function (Limiter) .The Backup- and Update Functions .Interface for Visualisation Plugins .First Steps withBPM Studio Software44.01.Where can I get MP3 files? . 504.02.How can I play MP3 files? . 504. do I work with Playlists? .Adding titles to a Playlist .Modifying the title order .Storing a Playlist .Loading a Playlist from hard drive .Adding title sequences to analready loaded list .Appendix54949494949495151515151514.04.How can I change title information? . 524.05.Ripping and Archiving of Audio-CDs . 534. do I use the Sampler most efficient?Single Play .Scratch Mode .Configuring the Sample Player .5.01.Keyboard use . 585.02.Tips and instructions . 605.03.Support, Contakt . 605.04.Glossary56565757. 625

BPM StudioCongratulations to yourpurchase of BPM Studio!With BPM Studio software and control units fromALCATech, you have exceptional systems foraudio editing and administration at yourdisposition. With your purchase, you have chosento follow a completely new way in multimediaapplications. BPM studio is a next generationaudio-player, providing all new ways of playing,editing, and archiving audio files. These systemshave been developed explicitly for dance clubsand DJs, although, due to their wide spectrum offeatures, they are utilized in many other areas aswell. Currently BPM Studio is the only softwareon the market, capable of playing and archivingdifferent audio file formats to the extend it does.An experienced Team of DJs has tested this software inprofessional use, while still in it’s developmentphase. It is subject to frequent quality control, andimprovement. A modern design, ergonomic userinterface, and the remote control units allow forsave handling even under most difficultcircumstances. You will be surprised about themany new opportunities BPM Studio will offer you,regardless if you are an entry-level user or aprofessional. To ensure that you will be able totake advantage of the programs extensivefeatures, and work effectively with it, it is highlyrecommended that you thoroughly study thismanual.BPM Studio is also available as professional levelMP-3 DJ software (BPM Pro).6Introduction1.01. About this ManualThe BPM Studio Manual provides detailedinformation about operating soft- and hardware.It is intended to help you with your initial phase ofworking with this system, and to provide answersto frequently asked questions. It is recommendedto install the software before studying this manual.To do so, follow the instructions in the followingchapter. Also, this chapter covers systemrequirements, and delivered supply. This manualrequires you to be familiar with your operatingsystems major functions and conventions, as wellas knowing how to use your mouse. Bold andunderlined terms are covered more extensivelyat another part of the manual. This part of themanual covers functions of different control units.Please be aware that not all functions areavailable at all control units.1.02. System RequirementTo use BPM Studio you need at least the following: IBM compatible PC with Pentium II 400 MHzor higher 128 MB RAM or higher 20 MB available hard drive spacefor program files SVGA graphics adapter with a minimumresolution of 800x600 16 Bit sound card CD-ROM Drive Windows XP/7/8

Installation1.03. SupplyPlease make sure that following parts arepresent:1. BPM Studio Pro CD2. Manual3. Registering post cardBPM Studio4.) Clicking [YES] will confirm the installation. Youcan still abort at this point. If you confirm,installation files will be copied to your hard drive.5.) Now setup will prompt you to ensure that noother applications are running during theinstallation process. At this point too, you still havethe option to abort the installation, by clicking on[CANCEL]2.1. Software InstallationThis program needs to be installed to your harddrive from your CD. It can not be executed directlyfrom CD.1.) Insert your installation CD into your CD-ROMdrive.2.) If your PC has auto notify enabled, theinstallation program will now be started. If thisisn’t the case, choose run in your Windows startmenu, and enter: ”D:\setup”, D representing yourCD-ROM drives drive letter.3.) Now the setup for the main application,additional modules, and the online manuals willstart.6.) If you proceed by clicking [next], setup willdisplay the ALCATech end user licenseagreementChoose install BPM Studio to start the installation.Please read it carefully and only continue theinstallation process if you agree to adhere to thelicense terms. Confirm you agree with the licenseagreement by clicking the [YES] button.7

BPM StudioInstallation9.) The following dialog box confirms that newentries have been created into the Windows startmenu for BPM Studio LE, and other useful links.7.) At this point register your version of BPMStudio to your name by entering your first andlast name and, if applicable, your companiesname. Click [NEXT] to confirm.8.) Now, optionally, you can specify a path forthe program files, other than the default. It isrecommended though to use the default path,since this simplifies possible support questionslater on. The path to the default directory is:c:\program files\alcatech\BMP Studio Private.If you already installed a previous PrivateEdition, the old version will be overwrittenand the new installation will work with theold settings.8Of course you have the option to use another,already existing group, or to rename this entry.You can always go back by clicking the [BACK]button.10.) The unpacked program files will now becopied to your hard drive, according to thepreviously defined parameters. Throughout thisprocess you will continuously be informed aboutinstallation progress, and remaining storagecapacity of your hard drive11.) Upon completing this process, accordingentries will be added to your Windows registry,and program shortcuts will be created in the startmenu:

InstallationPlease be patient at this point, since this maytake a little while12.) In order to complete and apply changesmade to your system, a Windows restart is nowrequired. You also have the option to cancel andrestart the system later, this is not recommendedthough.After a system reboot several shortcuts will beadded to the windows start menu.Also, a BPM Studio icon has been created onthe desktop. Now you can start BPM Studio forthe first time.BPM Studio2.04. The First Program StartDouble click the program icon onthe desktop or, from yourwindows start menu choose:programs - ALCATech - BPMStudio. The program will now start, and ask if youwant the small player to be default player for MP3 files. If you do not want the player to be yourdefault program fo

BPM Studio Introduction Congratulations to your purchase of BPM Studio! With BPM Studio software and control units from ALCATech, you have exceptional systems for audio editing and administration at your disposition. With your purchase, you have chosen to follow a completely new way in multimedia applications. BPM studio is a next generation