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Table of ContentsTitlePageIntroduction .1Safety Information .1How to Contact Fluke Calibration .2Before You Call Technical Support .3System Requirements .3Hardware Requirements .4File Locations .5Legacy Applications .6Fluke Calibration Software Conversions .6Installation and Licensing .7New MET/TEAM Server Installations and Upgrades .9New MET/TEAM Client Installations and Upgrades .9New MET/CAL Workstation Installations and Upgrades .10Stand-Alone Installations and Upgrades .10Fluke MET/TEAM Server Installer .10Installer Prerequisites .10Installation Process .11Prerequisite Installation .11Setup Wizard .13Fluke MET/TEAM Mobile Prerequisites Installer .15Prerequisites .16Installation Process .16Fluke MET/TEAM Customer Portal Installer .17Installer Prerequisites .18Installation Process .18Installing MET/TEAM Customer Portal on a Non-Domain Machine .20Configuring SQL Server for Access from a Non-Domain Machine .21Configuring MET/TEAM Customer Portal a Non-Domain Machine .22Fluke MET/CAL Client Installer .24Installer Prerequisites .24Installation Packages and Prerequisites .24Installation Process .25MET/CAL Run Time Installation.27i

Fluke Calibration SoftwareInstallation GuideMET/CAL Editor Installation.30Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Installer .31Prerequisites .32Installation Process .32Configuring SQL Server to Allow Remote Connections.35Configuring MET/TEAM Server for MET/TEAM Mobile .36Configuring Application Pool Recycling Settings .38Licenses .39License Agreements .40ii

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IntroductionFluke Calibration Software is a software distribution that bundles three softwareproducts: MET/TEAM MET/CAL Run Time MET/CAL Editor (Procedure Editor)MET/TEAM is a browser-based application that requires no client installation. Itprovides the following basic features: Multitasking windows Compatibility with MET/CAL Run Time and MET/CAL Editor Supports Crystal Reports Flexible, custom UI Group-based permissionsThis guide describes how to install and upgrade different software packages includedwith MET/TEAM. For installations of MET/TEAM only, you can ignore all references toMET/CAL.Safety InformationInstrument calibration can require the calibration system to generate or measuredangerous voltages. The operator and the procedure writer must be aware of possiblehazards.1

Fluke Calibration SoftwareInstallation Guide WarningTo prevent possible electrical shock, fire, or personal injury: Never use a screen saver when using the Run Time orProcedure Editor applications. Screen savers will hide thehigh voltage safety symbol. The Run Time and ProcedureEditor programs control test instruments and can causethem to output dangerous voltage levels. The high voltagesafety symbol indicates when dangerous voltage is present. Use interconnect wiring and adapters rated for the highestvoltage and current levels carried. Never touch exposed conductive portions of signalinterconnect wiring, even after instruments have beenturned off. Only touch the insulated portion of a connector. Firstdisconnect the interconnect wiring at the source, then at themeasurement side. Always use insulated adjustment tools. If the calibration program is abnormally terminated, verifythat the front panels of source instruments indicate standbymode. When writing procedures, make sure that proceduresminimize the time during which dangerous voltages areapplied.How to Contact Fluke CalibrationTo contact Fluke Calibration, call one of the following telephone numbers: Technical Support USA: 1-877-355-3225 Calibration/Repair USA: 1-877-355-3225 Canada: 1-800-36-FLUKE (1-800-363-5853) Europe: 31-40-2675-200 Japan: 81-3-6714-3114 Singapore: 65-6799-5566 China: 86-400-810-3435 Brazil: 55-11-3759-7600 Anywhere in the world: 1-425-446-6110Alternatively, you can send an email directly to calibration software experts: omTo see product information and download the latest manual supplements, visit FlukeCalibration’s website at register your product, visit join the user community of Fluke Calibration software, visit

MET/TEAM, MET/CAL Run Time, MET/CAL EditorBefore You Call Technical SupportBefore You Call Technical SupportSometimes you can find the answer by yourself, so before you call for support: Check the manual Check the online helpIf you find it necessary to call for support, write down the information that helps thesupport person to resolve the issue more efficiently: Product name, applicable licenses, version, and serial numbers Manual title, part number, and version Operating system and version Network information if applicable List of steps necessary for the problem to reappear Version of Crystal ReportsSystem RequirementsFor the system to operate properly, some required frameworks and other softwarepackages must be installed on the server and some client computers. These prerequisitepackages are detailed in the sections that follow. The Fluke Calibration Softwaredownload and media include all the necessary prerequisite software packages. Individualinstallation files that you download from the web do not contain the prerequisite softwarepackages. To install correct prerequisite software packages, you must always use the fullinstaller for new installations and major upgrades.NoteAlways run Windows Update after the installation process is complete. Thisaction updates your system with the latest security patches.The MET/TEAM Server, MET/TEAM Customer Portal, and MET/TEAM Mobilesoftware only run on the following platforms: Windows 7 64-bit Windows 8 64-bit Windows Server 2008 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Windows Server 2012 64-bitNoteAttempts to install and run MET/TEAM Server on other operating systemsincluding "Home" editions of Windows are not supported.The MET/TEAM Server database must be hosted by a 64-bit version of Microsoft SQLServer 2008 R2 (or later[1]) database. The installer includes the Express edition of SQLServer 2008 R2 which should be sufficient for stand-alone or small networked databases.For larger databases, it is recommended that you use a full version of SQL Server.Installing the MET/TEAM Server database on a 32-bit version of SQL Server is notsupported. The MET/TEAM Server installation configures the MET/TEAM website to behosted by Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 or later.[1] Using a version of SQL Server other than SQL Server 2008 R2 will limit some of the product'scapabilities, including MET/TEAM Mobile.3

Fluke Calibration SoftwareInstallation GuideThe MET/TEAM website can be accessed from any computer that is running acompatible web browser. MET/TEAM is compatible with all modern web browsers thatsupport HTML5 such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.The MET/CAL Run Time and MET/CAL Editor client software run on these platforms: Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) Windows 8 (32 and 64-bit) Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)NotePrior versions of Windows are no longer supported.Hardware RequirementsThe minimum recommended PC requirements are:MET/TEAM Server 2.0 GHz quad core processor or equivalent 16 GB of RAM 20 GB of available hard drive spaceMET/TEAM Client 1.0 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent 2 GB of RAMMET/CAL Client 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent 4 GB of RAM 6 GB of available hard drive spaceThe optional General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) connects a PC to a programmableinstrument. Before installation, make sure that the optional GPIB (IEEE 488) Interface isinstalled. Fluke Calibration Software only supports GPIB controllers from NationalInstruments.You can download hardware drivers from the National Instruments website: you plan to use or calibrate National Instruments PXI cards, the PXI chassis must beconnected to the workstation computer before the computer is powered on. Also, anytime you need to insert or remove cards from the PXI chassis, the workstation computerthat the PXI chassis is connected to must be powered off first. For more information, visitthe National Instruments website:

MET/TEAM, MET/CAL Run Time, MET/CAL EditorFile LocationsFile LocationsTable 1 gives the default location for files that are distributed with Fluke CalibrationSoftware. Custom installations can differ.NoteDuring installation, all paths can be customized except for the path to themetcal.ini file.Table 1. File LocationsMET/TEAM FilesMET/TEAM Website%IIS Root Folder%\METTEAMMET/TEAM Customer Portal Website%IIS Root ke\METTEAM\InstallersDatabase determined by Microsoft SQL Server MET/TEAM Email Alert Engine Files%ProgramFiles%\Fluke\METTEAM Email Alert EngineDatabase Update Scripts%ProgramFiles%\Fluke\METTEAM Database ScriptsMET/TEAM Mobile Check-In/CheckOut EAM Import sMET/TEAM Import ET/CAL Shared Files (located on server computer)[1]Root gramData%\Fluke\METCAL\shared\reportsAccuracy rogramData%\Fluke\METCAL\shared\picPrompt User ramsClient ET/CAL Files (located on client computer)[2]FSC Help%ProgramData%\Fluke\HelpExecutables and DLLs%ProgramFiles%\Fluke\METCAL and%ProgramFiles%\Fluke\METCAL d files are installed by MET/TEAM Server and can be accessed from client computers by mapping\\ servername \metcal (where servername is the name of the server where the files are installed) toa local drive letter[2] Files installed by MET/CAL Run Time and MET/CAL Editor[3] To access the metcal.ini file, use the shortcut to the %ProgramData% folder installed with the MET/CALclient software%IIS Root Folder% typically resolves to C:\inetpub\wwwroot.%ProgramFiles% typically resolves to C:\Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Windows platforms and C:\ProgramFiles on 32-bit Windows platforms.%ProgramData% typically resolves to C:\ProgramData on Windows Vista/7/Server 2008/Server 2008 R2and C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data on Windows XP/Server 2003.5

Fluke Calibration SoftwareInstallation GuideLegacy ApplicationsMany applications that support Fluke Calibration Software directly refer to the metcal.inifile in the Windows directory. These applications should be modified to use the path inTable 1. Then, they can function with MET/CAL Run Time and MET/CAL Editorversion 8.0 and later.In the interim, you can maintain a copy of the metcal.ini file in the Windows directory toallow these applications to work. In this case, the information in the ini file that located inthe Windows directory does not update with operations within MET/CAL. After youmake a related edit, you need to copy the file from the MET/CAL maintained location tothe Windows directory. The Fluke Calibration program group gives a shortcut to the%ProgramData% folder.Fluke Calibration Software ConversionsBefore new Fluke Calibration Software installations or conversions, archive allprocedures, accuracy files, correction files, and other support files.After a conversion, some files and menus created by a previous installation are notdeleted. For example, when you convert from Fluke Metrology Software, Sybase willremain intact on the server computer, and some other application files will remain intacton client computers. Directories specific to MET/CAL Run Time and MET/CAL Editorcan also be left intact. You can delete these directories only after all references to themare removed from the metcal.ini configuration file.You cannot directly convert all previous versions of MET/BASE systems toMET/TEAM. Table 2 summarizes the version upgrade requirements and restrictions.After the conversion to a MET/TEAM system from a MET/BASE system, you mustmigrate the data from the MET/BASE Sybase database to the MET/TEAM SQL Serverdatabase. A migration utility is available for this task. [email protected] for additional details.6

MET/TEAM, MET/CAL Run Time, MET/CAL EditorInstallation and LicensingTable 2. MET/BASE ConversionsMET/BASEVersionConversion Process8.x7.3 SP1 Build 387.3 SP1 Build 37Direct conversion to the current release of MET/TEAM includingMET/CAL v8.x. No special requirements.7.3 SP17.37.2 SP37.2 SP17.27.1.1 SP1Direct conversion supported in current release of MET/TEAMincluding MET/CAL v8.x. Must run DBUpdate to update thedatabase to v7.3 SP1 before migrating data to MET/TEAM.Existing folders and files specific to the current version are notautomatically removed by the installation. Custom applicationshortcuts must be removed manually.After installation, the Sybase database service must be manuallydisabled to prevent it from launching when the server PC isrebooted. Refer to “Starting and Stopping the Database Engine” inthe Fluke Metrology Software Installation Guide for moreinformation.7.1MET/BASE and MET/TRACK need to be uninstalled manually.Once the database has been migrated into MET/TEAM, Sybasecan be uninstalled. and lessAn upgrade to MET/BASE version 7.3 SP1 is required first. Followthe upgrade steps for the selected upgrade version. Then run theMET/TEAM installation.Not supported.Installation and LicensingFluke Calibration Software allows stand-alone and client/server (networked) installations.In a stand-alone setup, the MET/TEAM Server, MET/CAL Run Time, and MET/CALEditor are installed on the same PC. In a client/server setup, MET/TEAM Server isinstalled on a server PC, whereas the MET/CAL Run Time and MET/CAL Editor areinstalled on individual client PCs. Floating licenses for the clients are stored inMET/TEAM.The MET/TEAM Server installer included on the distribution media is used to install theMET/TEAM websites, including the MET/TEAM and Customer Portal websites.This MET/TEAM installer also copies the following installers to a shared folder on theserver computer: MET/TEAM Mobile Prerequisites installer MET/TEAM Customer Portal installer MET/CAL Client Installer, including MET/CAL Run Time and MET/CAL EditorWhen you need to set up client computers or install the Customer Portal on a separateserver, these installers can be accessed from client computers over the network. Refer tothe installer sections for more details.7

Fluke Calibration SoftwareInstallation GuideFigure 1 shows the flowcharts of MET/TEAM and MET/CAL installation in aclient/server setup and stand-alone setup.Install PrerequisitesInstall PrerequisitesInstall SQL ServerInstall SQL Server- 2008 R2 Express included- Can use existing SQL Serveror edition other than Express- Can be installed on otherserver if desired- 2008 R2 Express included- Can use existing SQL Serveror edition other than ExpressSetup ServersSetup ComputerInstall MET/TEAMServer- MET/TEAM- Customer Portal (optional)OPTIONALInstall Customer Portal- Only if installing on separateserver- Installer is on MET/TEAMServer’s shared folderInstall MET/TEAMServer- MET/TEAM- Customer Portal (optional)Setup ClientInstall MET/TEAMMobile PrerequisitesInstall MET/CAL Client- Run Time and/or Editor- Optional- Installer is in MET/TEAM’sInstaller folder- Only if using MET/TEAMMobile- Installer is in MET/TEAMServer’s shared folderStand-Alone InstallationInstall MET/TEAM Client- Run Time and/or Editor- Oon MET/CAL workstations- Installer is in MET/TEAMServer’s shared folderClient/Server InstallationFigure 1. Installation Flowcharts8gxl001.eps

MET/TEAM, MET/CAL Run Time, MET/CAL EditorInstallation and LicensingNew MET/TEAM Server Installations and UpgradesWhen you do a new server installation or an upgrade, or when you convert from aMET/BASE system, follow the steps outlined in “Fluke MET/TEAM Server Installer” onpage 10.MET/TEAM requires a connection to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server, either on theserver where MET/TEAM is being installed, or on another server on the network. Thefree version of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SQL Server Express) is included with theinstaller. However, you can either use an existing installation of SQL Server or install adifferent edition of SQL Server. If you choose the latter, SQL Server must be installedand accessible prior to the MET/TEAM Server installation process. You can skip theinstallation of SQL Server Express when prompted. For a new server installation, select the Server Installation option on theConfiguration Options dialog. To use all default settings:o Select the Complete Install using Default Settings option on the SetupType dialog.o For a customized installation, select the Choose Features and CustomizeSettings option on the Setup Type dialog.Subsequent dialogs will prompt for custom settings.If you are converting your system from MET/BASE, the MET/BASE database needs tobe migrated to MET/TEAM. A migration utility is available for this task. [email protected] for additional details. If you are upgrading from an earlierversion of MET/TEAM, be sure to use the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio torun any required database update. The scripts should be run before you log on theMET/TEAM web site.Once the MET/TEAM Server is successfully installed, you may run MET/TEAM bydouble-clicking the shortcut created on the desktop and log on using this built-inadministrator account: User name: admin Password: adminIt is highly recommended that you change the password on this built-in administratoraccount immediately and create individual user accounts for all users of the system. Afteryou have logged on, you need to request and apply your licenses. Refer to “Licenses” onpage 39 for details. To install the MET/CAL client applications on workstationcomputers, you can connect to the server’s MET/TEAM shared folder and run theMET/CAL client application installer.New MET/TEAM Client Installations and UpgradesBecause the MET/TEAM application is browser-based, no client installation is required.You can make a shortcut to the website or add the MET/TEAM website to your Favoritesfolder in your web browser on each client computer.If you have purchased and plan to use the MET/TEAM Mobile feature, you must run theMET/TEAM Mobile Prerequisites installer on the mobile computer. This installer iscopied to the server computer in the MET/TEAM shared folder during MET/TEAMServer installation. Refer to “Fluke MET/TEAM Mobile Prerequisites Installer” onpage 16 for details.If you have purchased and plan to use the MET/TEAM Customer Portal feature, and the9

Fluke Calibration SoftwareInstallation GuideCustomer Portal website needs to be hosted on a different server than the MET/TEAMwebsite, you must run the MET/TEAM Customer Portal installer on the other servercomputer. The MET/TEAM Customer Portal installer is copied to the server computer inthe MET/TEAM shared folder during MET/TEAM Server installation. Refer to “FlukeMET/TEAM Customer Portal Installer” on page 18 for details.New MET/CAL Workstation Installations and UpgradesTo do a new MET/CAL client workstation installation or an upgrade, follow the stepsoutlined in “Fluke MET/CAL Client Installer” on page 21.Before you install the software on a new workstation, make sure the server has beenproperly set up and the MET/CAL shared folder has been mapped to a drive letter on theworkstation computer.For upgrades, the MET/CAL Client installer will launch the appropriate feature installersbased on the features that are currently installed on the computer.Stand-Alone Installations and UpgradesWhen you do a new stand-alone installation or upgrade, follow the steps outlined in“Fluke MET/TEAM Server Installer” on page 10.MET/TEAM requires a connection to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server, either on thecomputer where MET/TEAM is being installed or on another computer on the network.The free version of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SQL Server Express) is includedwith the installer and should be sufficient for any stand-alone installation. However, youcan either use an existing installation of SQL Server or install a different edition of SQLServer. If you choose the latter, SQL Server must be installed and accessible prior toMET/TEAM Server installation. You can skip the installation of SQL Server Expresswhen prompted. For new stand-alone installations, select the Stand-alone Installation option onthe Configuration Options dialog. To use all default settings, select the Typical Install using Default Settingsoption on the Setup Type dialog. For a customized installation, select the Choose Features and CustomizeSettings option on the Setup Type dialog. Subsequent dialogs will prompt forcustom settings.Fluke MET/TEAM Server InstallerThe Fluke MET/TEAM Server installer is launched from the AutoRun program.Typically, this program opens automatically when you insert the MET/TEAMdistribution media into the host PC.This installer is used to perform new installations and upgrades in a server/client or standalone configuration. It is designed to install all prerequisites automatically.10

MET/TEAM, MET/CAL Run Time, MET/CAL EditorFluke MET/TEAM Server InstallerInstaller PrerequisitesFor the MET/TEAM Server installer to complete successfully, some prerequisites mustbe installed. The installer automatically installs these prerequisites as necessary. Theprerequisites include (but are not limited to): Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express SP1 with ToolsNoteSQL Server installation is optional. You can skip it if you already have aninstance of SQL Server installed or if the database to be used is located onanother server. SQL Server must be version 2008 R2 or later. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Objects Microsoft SQL Server System CLR Types Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Native Client Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (full) SAP Crystal Reports 13 Runtime SP3 Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Microsoft Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Microsoft PowershellNoteWhen you uninstall the software, none of the prerequisites will beuninstalled automatically. To uninstall prerequisites, use the Windows Control Panel Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Featuresoption.Always reboot the computer when prompted to ensure the successfulinstallation of all prerequisites.Installation ProcessNoteIf you download MET/TEAM Server installer and plan to run theinstallation from a local hard drive, you must keep the path to the rootfolder of the installer files to a minimal length. For example, use C:\Tempor C:\Temp\metteam. Attempting to run the installation from a folder thathas a long path can result in “Error 1308 - Source file not found” errorsand fail to install all files properly.Prerequisite InstallationTo install from the distribution media:1. Make sure that the minimum PC requirements are met. See “System Requirements”on page 3 for details.NoteThe active user must log into the PC as system administrator in order tocomplete the installation process.11

Fluke Calibration SoftwareInstallation Guide2. Insert the distribution media.a. When AutoRun is enabled on the host PC, the AutoRun Splash Screen willlaunch.b. If AutoRun is not enabled, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the root folderof the installation media, and double-click the AutoRun.exe file to launch theAutoRun Splash Screen.gxl003.jpggxl004.jpg3. Click the Fluke MET/TEAM Server item in the Install Software column on theright to launch the installer.The language selection dialog displays.4. Select the language to use for the installation and click OK.5. If any prerequisites need to be installed, click Install to install the prerequisites.If the expected version of SQL Server is not found on the PC, a prompt will be displayed,asking if this prerequisite should be installed. Unless you want to use an existing instanceof SQL Server installed on this computer or on another computer on the network, youmust select Yes to install SQL Server. Refer to “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 ExpressInstaller” on page 32 for details on how to complete the SQL Server installation. 12NoteAlways reboot the computer when prompted to ensure thesuccessful installation of all prerequisites. If a reboot is required when installing on a Windows 8 computer,you must navigate to the Desktop for the installation process toresume. The Microsoft WAS and IIS prerequisite always appears even ifWAS and IIS are already configured on the computer. Thisensures that all of the necessary modules are installed. The installation of all prerequisites can take a significant amountof time, especially Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .NET 4.0Framework.

MET/TEAM, MET/CAL Run Time, MET/CAL EditorFluke MET/TEAM Server InstallerSetup WizardOnce the prerequisites have all been successfully installed, the Welcome dialog displays.To set up the installation:1. Click Next to proceed.If a previous version of MET/TEAM Server is found on the machine, a promptdisplays, showing that MET/TEAM Server will be upgraded. The installer detects allsettings used for the installation of the previous version, uninstalls the previousversion, and installs the current version with minimal user interaction.2. For new installations, the License Agreement dialog displays. Check the I accept option.The Configuration Options dialog displays.3. Select an option and click Next .a. If you plan to install MET/TEAM for use on this computer only, selectStand-alone Installation.b. Otherwise, select Server Installation.The Setup Type dialog displays.4. Select an option for installing features on this computer, and click Next .gxl005.jpggxl006.jpgThe installer provides two options: Typical Install using Default Settings: installs typical features that use thedefault settings. Select this option for the simplest installation process.NoteThis option will not install the Customer Portal website on this computer. Choose Features and Customize Settings: allows you to select individualfeatures for installation and to select installation paths and other customizablesettings. Select this option when you have specific requirements such as for filelocations.5. If the Choose Features and Customize Settings option was selected, the foll

The MET/TEAM Server, MET/TEAM Customer Portal, and MET/TEAM Mobile software only run on the following platforms: Windows 7 64-bit Windows 8 64-bit Windows Server 2008 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Windows Server 2012 64-bit Note Attempts to install and run MET/TEAM Server on other operating systems