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LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDELOEWEN WINDOWS& DOORSLoewen is the leading manufacturerof premium windows and doors for theluxury architectural market in NorthAmerica and abroad.HandcraftedWe are committed to producing handcrafted windowsand doors. Our expert artisans ensure our fit-and-finish isunparalleled. These craftspeople are supported by hightech, automated technologies, but it’s the skilled hands inour makerspaces that have earned us our reputation amongdiscerning architects, builders, and homeowners.AuthenticWe use authentic materials of the highest quality. At our core,Loewen is a designer and manufacturer of wood windowsand doors. We use solid wood laminations, not veneers.Our extruded aluminum is the highest quality. Our operatinghardware is bronze, brass, zinc, and stainless steel - all genuinematerials, not imitations.EnduringOur designs are Enduring, both aesthetically and inperformance. We work tirelessly to create products thatare timeless, whether that means being true to historicalarchitecture or by creating a lasting contemporary design.Behind the outward beauty is a functional performance thatgives you an industry-leading experience for years to come.A2Nautilus HomesA3

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDECONTENTSA4Wood Species A6Aluminum Cladding A7Timber Curtain Wall A8Cyprium Collection A9Custom Shop A10Architectural Services A11Loewen Basics A13Environmental Commitment A14Certifications & Associations A15Our Guarantee A16Color & Cladding A18Interior Paints & Stains A22Durability & Versatility A24Window Hardware A26Door Hardware A30Glazing Options A36Specialty Glazing A40Divided Lites and Grilles A42CAD Drawings & Specifications A49Other SectionsCasement Windows Section BAwning Windows Section CPicture/Direct Set Windows Section DDouble/Single Hung Windows Section EBow, Bay & Corner Windows Section FSpecialty Windows Section GSwinging Terrace Doors Section HSliding Patio Doors Section JBifold Doors Section KLiftSlide Doors Section LMultiSlide Doors Section MTimber Curtain Wall Section NSupplemental GuidesCyprium Collection Section PStormForce Section SNastasi ArchitectsA5

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEWOOD SPECIESAuthenticity is at the core of ourproduct design, we continuously utilizegenuine materials.ALUMINUMCLADDINGOur extruded aluminum cladding isintricately detailed and withstands seriousimpact without sustaining damage.Coastal Douglas Fir - Our StandardLoewen uses only pre-finished extruded aluminum claddingDouglas Fir is North America’s most plentiful softwood species;to better protect window and door exteriors and eliminate theLoewen provides Coastal Douglas Fir as our standard becauseneed for painting. Our thick extruded aluminum cladding retainsit is the best species for luxury projects. Coastal Douglas Fir isits shape, resists denting and lasts longer than roll-formedthe premium grade of Douglas Fir, being the strongest and mostaluminum. In addition, Loewen’s window cladding is set awaydurable of all the soft woods. Not only does it give our productsfrom the underlying wood, creating an airspace that improvesa rich, warm texture, it is also remarkably tough and resilient.performance.By choosing Coastal Douglas Fir as our standard we promise abeautiful future for our customers.F E AT U R E SF E AT U R E SWithstands serious impact without sustaining damageThe strength of Coastal Douglas Fir lies in its high naturalresistance to moisture absorption, decay, and insect infestationCoastal Douglas Fir out-performs other Douglas Fir species andvastly outperforms other soft wood species (such as pine, etc.)Solid Coastal Douglas Fir is our standard where it is anupgrade for others; when offered as an upgrade, many of ourcompetitors typically only provide it as a thin veneer over lessermaterialsA6Allows intricate extrusion detailingProvides the malleability necessary to clad many sizes andshapesDelivers unequaled environmental durabilityProvides a stable substrate that enhances paint and anodizedperformanceAvailable in many window and door configurations:Available in many window and door configurations:Windows Awning, Casement, Double Hung, Direct Set, Timber Curtain Wall, Specialtyshapes and Custom configurationsWindows Awning, Casement, Double Hung, Direct Set, Timber Curtain Wall, Specialtyshapes and Custom configurationsDoors Terrace Swing, Sliding Patio, Bifold, MultiSlide and LiftSlideDoors Terrace Swing, Sliding Patio, Bifold, MultiSlide and LiftSlideA7

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDETIMBERCURTAIN WALLStunning Panoramic Vistas are HereCYPRIUMCOLLECTIONLiving Finishes in Copper and BronzeLoewen Cyprium features copper and bronze clad windowsand doors unique in design and construction. The CypriumThe Loewen Timber Curtain Wall system embodies the spirit ofcollection is artisanal in detail, including hand-soldered exteriorcontemporary architecture with minimal framing and cleanerjoints and rich, tactile depth of texture in the thick metalsightlines, allowing for the most expansive views. Configurationcladding and deep profiles.options are limitless, including vertical walls, rake-heads, cornerunits, and integrated operable windows and doors.These hand-wrought living surfaces develop distinctive patinasthat adopt and define the individual aesthetic character of thehomes to which they belong.Available in many window and door configurations:A8WindowsAwning, Casement, Picture/Direct Set, Specialty Shapes and CustomConfigurationsDoorsSwinging Terrace and LiftSlide (through DDS approval)A9

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEARCHITECTURALSERVICESCUSTOM SHOPOur highly regarded Custom Shop worksin unison with our customers to createfluid and ever changing, and our highly-regarded Custom Shopworks in unison with our customers to create distinctive piecesbased on their specific design requests. Whether you arelooking for custom glazing, custom species, distressing, stains,or custom exterior casings, we can provide a solution for you.In addition to Loewen’s Architectural Services, ourlarge dealer network including territory managersand sales professionals throughout Canada andthe United States serve and assist the architecturalLoewen’s Architectural Services division was created withcommunity. These Loewen professionals are able tothe imagination and passion of Architects in mind. Thisprovide detailed information, service and pricing forconsultative service connects Loewen’s technical expertise andall Loewen products.manufacturing experience with visionaries who live to design,create and inspire.Loewen representatives are available for informativeproduct demonstrations, office/site visits, architecturalunique, made -to-order pieces.We understand that no two projects are exactly alike. Design isDealer Networkluncheons (which may qualify for AIA ContinuingContact us by emailEducation Credits), or other functions that [email protected] expertise.Contact us by phoneUnited States or Canada:800.563.9367Product Samples & DisplaysOutside of North America: 431.305.0888Portable product samples and displays are availablethrough Loewen Territory Managers and the dealernetwork. These tools aid in understanding productE X A M P L E S O F C U S T O M O P E R AT I O N S A N DC O N F I G U R AT I O N Sdifferences and features.Loewen products are displayed at trade and homeLarge pivot doorsshows, including large national conferences and localexhibitions.Custom entry doorsStrut operated pass through awningsTilt/turn windowDutch doorsInswing CasementsHoppersPre-finishing (paint or stain)Available in various window and door configurations.A10A11

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDELOEWEN BASICS1* The window corner sectionillustrated is Douglas Fir Awning/Casement unit. Doors andother window models may haveconstruction and performancedifferences. Review with yourAuthorized Loewen Dealer for afull understanding of the Loewenproduct line.42Loewen windows are highly customizable.3Whether you are retrofitting an elegant5traditional home or seeking a contemporary6look, Loewen has the ideal solution.11Loewen engineering results in uncommon strength and12durability, enabling dramatic design, innovation and inspiration.1378915Performance101416171Our windows and doors are among the highest performingCoastal Douglas Fir for strength and rigidity (otherspecies available).in the industry. Performance keeps homes comfortable andenergy efficient, and strength protects against the worst nature2can deliver. We achieve this through a commitment to produceLaminated sash for enhanced structural stability and atight weather seal.the highest quality products possible, using only the highest11 Mortise and tenon sash corner joinery, forquality materials. Loewen provides solutions ideal for diverse3 Dual seal on glass units for long hermetic seal life.environments from the cold, harsh North to sunny South andstructural stability.tropical storm threatened regions4Natural clear wood interior, ideal for staining or12painting.Loewen products are engineered to comply with and exceedTall bottom rail available to create a customarchitectural look reminiscent of traditionaljoinery and to enhance structural stabilitybuilding codes in North America. Each test is conducted by5 Profiled sash edge for a finished look and integrationan independent agency and is based on extreme conditionsand strength.with Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) bars.and varying product sizes. Code compliance is a fundamental13 Airspace between wood and windowaspect of our product design. Many of our products meet the6 Optional extruded aluminum cladding, for lowperformance requirements for Energy Star . The NationalFenestration Rating Council empirically shows that Loewenmaintenance, available in a wide range of colorsproducts are among the industry’s best in terms of thermal(Cyprium cladding available).cladding, for air circulation and addedinsulation value.14performance.7 No metal-to-glass contact, ensures improved energySecondary weatherstrip to deflect winddriven rain from primary seal.efficiency.1589Continuous primary weather-stripping, forTriple seal glazing system available on metal clad unitsmaximum protection against air and waterto effectively block moisture infiltration.infiltration.Hidden venting channel allows condensationto escape, increasing seal and sash life.16Polypropylene liner for added protectionfrom the weather.10 Authentic stile and rail construction. No mitered sashcorners.A12Steve Wisenbaker ArchitectsA13

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEENVIRONMENTALCOMMITMENTCERTIFICATIONS& ASSOCIATIONSEnvironmental stewardship is aligned with many of the coreLoewen windows and doors are engineered to comply with —values that are present in Loewen. We understand ourand exceed — building codes in North America and beyond.customers’ commitment to environmental sensibility and ourEach test is conducted by an independent agency, based onbrand reflects our commitment to alleviating our environmentalextreme conditions and varying product sizes. Code a fundamental aspect of Loewen design and engineering.We practice environmental stewardship in not only ourmanufacturing processes, but in our product offering as well.Nearly 100% of the wood fiber used in the production ofLoewen products is derived from forests that are sustainablyharvested. Some of the certification include CanadianStandards Association (CSA) certified, and Programme for theEndorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)Our products are empirically shown tobe among the industry’s best in terms ofthermal performance.Loewen’s outstanding energy efficiency attributes and use ofsustainable materials are ideal for use in structures designed underLEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).Loewen is a socially responsible corporation, buying ethicallyLoewen seeks to reduce-reuse-recycle. Wemanufactured products and recognized for our leadershipunderstand the dynamics of down-cycling andin energy conservation and environmental protection. Weaggressively design systems optimally efficient inprove the success of our brand through our environmentalconsumption. Loewen builds windows and doors ofcommitment.the highest quality to ensure long product life.Loewen was the recipient of the Tree Canada FoundationTo this end, our products are made to be repairedEterne Award, honoring us for “environmental leadership andand can be removed and re-installed. Once again,commitment to taking action on global climate change throughproduct quality is at the crossroads of efficiency andthe planting of trees.”responsible design.We recycle virtually all of the wood waste created in theBy manufacturing wood windows and doors, we use amanufacturing process. For example, during our frigid Canadianrenewable resource and an efficient natural insulatorwinters, we even heat our plant with sawdust. We also recyclethat consumes less energy than alternative materialsglass, aluminum, weatherstripping, solvents, motor oil and a home. And, because wood is the foundation ofWindow & Door ManufacturersAssociation (WDMA)Hallmark Certification verifies that manufactured products are thesame as tested products.Energy Star PartnerMany of our products meet the performancerequirements for Energy Star .Texas Department Of Insurance (TDI)Florida Building CodeEfficient Windows CollaborativeThe TDI is a dynamic leader in responsible state, national, andglobal regulation, consumer protection, and market viability.The Florida Building Code is the strictestcode in the United States for resistance to wind-borne debris andwind-loading for fenestration products. Many Loewen certifiedproducts meet high velocity wind zone 4 standards.Loewen is a founding member of theU.S. Department of Energy’s EfficientWindows Collaborative.Fenestration Canadaour business —everything that we do relies on thisresource — we support re-forestation initiatives.* Not all products meet every certification.A14A15

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEOUR GUARANTEE33Support, Consideration and ServiceOur warranty is the written proof of our commitment to quality. Loewen windowsTWENTY / TWENTY / TWENTYW A R R A N T Yand doors are made to last, and we have always stood behind our product withunsurpassed support, follow up, and service.The strength of a warranty is based on the quality of the windows and doors andLoewen metal clad productscarry a 20 year warrantycovering paint, glass and woodcomponents.the confidence of the company behind them. When you have been building customwindows and doors for decades, you know that the first step in having a credibleVisit loewen.comfor complete detailswarranty is the integrity of your products.T H E LO E W E N A DVA N TAG ECOMPETITION WARRANTIESFull 20-year warranty on glass, wood components, and paintMay promote a longer warranty even if it is limited orfinishes on clad product.not inclusive for all parts.We guarantee our products for the full length of our warranty,May be prorated warranties that reduce themeaning our support does not reduce over time.manufacturer’s liability as the product ages.Complete coverage for all color finishes on our aluminum cladVinyl and wood fiber clad exteriors may carry a colorexterior including protection against fading and chalking for 20fade only warranty or none at all.years.Warranties on paint that extend past those of the paintFull 10-year coastal warranty on painted finishes within one milespecifications will not extend the life of the paint finishof the coastline.and are always limited.Fully supported warranty service with our network of LoewenWarranties that cover various distances from theexperts and regional dealer inspections.coast often do not consider the specific effects ofcoastal weather conditions.Full 2 years labor warranty.Confusing language - for example: a lifetime warrantyagainst corrosion for an exterior component thatcontains no metals really needs to cover against UVdeterioration and chalking.A16Coates DesignA17

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDECOLOR& CLADDINGSuperior Aluminum CladdingLoewen uses only pre-finished extruded aluminum claddingto better protect window and door exteriors and eliminate theneed for painting. Our thick extruded aluminum cladding retainsits shape, resists denting and lasts longer than roll-formedaluminum. In addition, Loewen’s window cladding is set awayfrom the underlying wood, creating an airspace that improvesthermal performance.The broad variation in Loewen sizes, shapes and designs andthe demanding environmental conditions that our productencounters require an alloy that has the ability to:Withstand serious impact without sustaining damageAllow intricate extrusion detailingProvide the malleability necessary to cladmany sizes and shapesDeliver unequaled environmental durabilityProvide a stable substrate that enhancescolorfast paint performanceAAMA 2605 / 70% Kynar FinishesLoewen’s finish palette provides the perfectfinishing touch for fulfilling your vision, while alsoproviding industry leading quality and performance.Loewen’s paint formula includes 70% Kynar 500PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) resin, which offersthe greatest resistance to weathering, fading andchalking. This ensures a beautiful finish that will lastwhen cared for properly. With excellent appearanceand durability, these paints meet the specifications ofthe American Architectural Manufacturers Association(AAMA) 2605.A18Square Three Architecture Bernard Andre PhotographyA19

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEStandard Paint Palette (AAMA 2605)Additional Custom Paint Palette (AAMA 2605)We have worked with industry professionals and designers to define our palette of exterior metal clad colors and finishes. TheseWhen personal style or design dictates a unique color solution, just tell us what your wish is. Our standard range of aluminumpaints meet the specifications of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605. The qualities of this paintclad colors is enhanced with the choice of true custom color specification. The integral cross matching system and colorprovide robust weathering, fade, and chalk resistance and a beautiful finish that lasts for decades when cared for properly.approval process ensures that you get the exact color you want every time.AAMA 2605 / 70% Kynar FinishesAAMA 2605 / 70% Kynar FinishesAlpine WhiteWhiteLinenDover GreyStorm GreyStone GreyAntique WhiteStonybrookAsh GreyCharcoalBarnacleWinter WheatGraphiteTuscany BrownSteel Matte BlackBlackMidnight BronzeCountry RoadSeashellDriftwoodSahara SandSedona BrownSableHarvest GoldRiverbedCorrettoKodiakWoodland GreenHartford GreenCranberryBordeauxNewport BlueCanadian ThistlePortobelloCappuccinoCandy AppleCanyon RedRiver RougeOlive GroveRocky MountainAdmiral BlueMediterranean BlueChesapeake BlueDeep SeaSage GreenSea GrassForest GreenIsland HunterLiberty lassic CopperSteel Matte BronzeAnodized Finishes (AAMA 611)A durable alternative to painted coatings, our Anodized Finishes offer a rich matte look that reduces sunlight glare and allowsthe aluminum to maintain its metallic appearance. In addition to the aesthetically desirable etching, our Anodized Finishing alsoincreases resistance to abrasion.*Anodized finishes are not recommended in coastal environmentsS TA N DA R D A N O D I Z E D F I N I S H E SClearDark BronzeADDITIONAL ANODIZED FINISHESChampagneLight BronzeCopperMedium BronzeExtra Dark BronzeBlackDue to technical print limitations colors and finishes may not be exactly as shownA20Due to technical print limitations colors and finishes may not be exactly as shownA21

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEInterior Paint PrefinishingInterior/Exterior Stains & DistressingLoewen offers two standard factory applied, interior paint finishes for Douglas Fir units. Pre-finishing is available in Jet BlackWe offer stains for our wood products through our Custom Shop. Our expert craftspeople ensure that stains are accurately andor Oxford White.consistently applied for an enduring finish. In addition to staining, optional wire-brushed distressing can be applied.All components are prepped and painted before final unit assembly. The application includes multi-step process includingsanding between coats as well as time in the drying ovens. The coatings are a premium waterborne finish of a proprietaryblend of self-crosslinking acrylic and urethane resins that are specially formulated to provide exceptional finish properties.Jet BlackCedarCinnamonClearCoastal GreyEbonyRich MahoganySpanishSpanish OakTusconWesternRed MahoganyOxford WhiteWirebrushed TusconWirebrushed WesternA22Wirebrushed Coastal GreyA23

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEDURABILITY& VERSATILITYVersatility is one of the key elements in the Loewen productEach Loewen product, whether standard or custom,offering — there are more than ten trillion possible combinationsmay be further personalized by choosing the Loewenof standard Loewen products.Cyprium Collection or through the use of SimulatedDivided Lites, exterior casing options and metal cladIn addition to this massive standard selection matrix,paint selection in a variety of colors and finishes. AnLoewen products are available in custom shapes, sizes andarray of hardware finishes further expand the varietyconfigurations.and customization of each window order.Douglas Fir Durability WoodSpeciesSpecificGravityDouglas Fir outperforms Hemlock & PineImpact allel to grain)(perpendicular to grain)(load perpendicularto grain)HardnessResistanceto Decay(density)(height of drop causingcomplete failure)Weight OverInchpsipsilbsUSFS GradeVolumeDouglas 6,4601,500830SlightWestern Hemlock0.4523.07,200550540Slightly tonon-resistantPonderosa Pine0.4019.05,320580420Slightly tonon-resistantDouglas Fir Fastener Retention WoodSpeciesDouglas FirPonderosa PineA24This chart shows the force required to remove fastenersNailScrewHinge189 lbs527 lbs743 lbs98 lbs392 lbs486 lbsA25

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDERotogearWINDOWHARDWAREContemporarySelecting a style and finish that reflects your unique taste is acritical part of creating the right look.Satin NickelWhiteMatte BlackFaux BronzeBright BrassBut choosing hardware involves more than just appearance— function and operation are essential, which is why Loewenoffers a wide range of handles, locking systems and otherProvencehardware choices — from the most traditional to the mostcontemporary. Hardware must also offer intelligent design andflexibility. This is why Loewen provides designs such as thefoldaway handle, useful when window coverings fit tight againsta window or when access space is limited.Satin NickelWhiteMatte BlackAntique BrassBrushed ChromeFaux BronzeLinenOil Rubbed BronzeFor hard-to-reach windows, optional motorized operators canbe activated by a simple wall switch or battery operated remotecontrol.PUSHOUT HANDLEDouble HungSash LockTangoSatin NickelBrushed ChromeA26WhiteFaux BronzeMatte BlackLinenBright BrassAntique BrassSatin NickelWhiteMatte BlackAntique BrassBrushed ChromeFaux BronzeLinenOil Rubbed BronzeBright BrassOil Rubbed BronzeA27

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEPushoutTraditionalSatin NickelWhiteMatte BlackBright BrassUnlacquered BrassFaux BronzeLinenOil Rubbed BronzeRustic BronzeBrushed ChromeMatte BlackBright BrassFaux BronzeAntique BrassContemporarySatin NickelA28WhiteLinenOil Rubbed BronzeC O N T E M P O R A R Y R O T O G E A R H A N D L E I N S AT I N N I C K E LA29

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEDOORHARDWARERodosLoewen doors are available with a wide range of hardwareoptions. We constantly review our hardware selection and newoptions are regularly added. Consult your Authorized LoewenDealer for the most current information.Satin NickelResistaTerrace DoorMatte BlackOil Rubbed BronzePolished BrassResistaAntique BrassBrushed ChromeResistaOil Rubbed BronzePolished BrassResistaAntique BrassBrushed ChromeResistaVeronaDallasSatin NickelResistaSatin NickelResistaMatte BlackDark BronzeMetallicPolished BrassResistaRustic UmberMatte BlackSand Cast BronzeMeranChurchill Rustic BronzeSatin NickelResistaA30Matte BlackOil Rubbed BronzePolished BrassResistaAntique BrassShropshire Rustic BronzeBrushed ChromeResistaA31

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEMultiSlide & Patio DoorFlush HandleMiamiSatin NickelSatin Nickel PVDMatte BlackBronze PVDPolished Brass PVDWhiteMatte BlackBronzeFaux BronzeLiftSlide DoorSand Cast BronzeFlush HandleChurchill Rustic BronzeSilicon Bronze DarkDark Bronze LustreWhite Bronze BrushedBotticelliMarcosSatin Nickel PVDMatte BlackBronze PVDOil Rubbed BronzeAntique BrassSatin NickelOil Rubbed BronzeBright BrassMatte BlackDark BronzeFontanaSatin Nickel PVDA32Matte BlackBronze PVDOil Rubbed BronzeAntique BrassPolished Brass PVDA33

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEStorm & Screen DoorTampaSatin NickelBlackOil Rubbed BronzeConcordBlackA34Steve Wisenbaker Architects Kasten Builders Paul Dyer PhotographyA35

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDEGLAZINGOPTIONSWe pioneered True Triple Glazing in the 1970’s, which is a testament to our approachLoewen Sealed Units offer ideal solutions for any environment.True Triple Sealed UnitsWith countless glazing configurations and LowE coating options,we ensure that you can choose the perfect blend of protectionand comfort - no matter where you live.on innovation. For premium energy performance, we’ve made triple glazing availableacross our entire product line.with LowE surface coatings for maximumperformanceTriple glazed, with multiple layers of LowE coatings and two1/2” airspaces filled with Argon gas and stainless steel thermalspacer bars. Our LowE Triple features full 1/2” airspaces toLowE Window Systemsmaximize energy efficiency unlike other window systems thatuse lesser performing narrower airspaces.LowE is a high-performance glazing system that offers greatthermal value in a variety of climate zones. They also protectLoewen standard 1/8” (3mm) double strength glass providesfurnishings by limiting much of the damaging ultraviolet radiationgreater strength and clarity over thinner glass, making ourthat causes fading and related damage. The charts on page A38products more insulative, more soundproof, more resistant toshow the comparative performance of each Loewen Windowimpact and considerably more resistant to stresses caused bySystem.fluctuations in temperatureLoewen standard sealed units contain Argon gas in allLowE Doubleairspaces and machine applied primary and secondaryDouble glazed, with one or more layers of LowE coating andgas retention and increasing strengthsealants, reducing the chance of seal failure, improving (13mm) airspace filled with Argon gas and stainless steelthermal spacer bar.Venting channel built into the sash helps dissipate shouldcondensation or moisture occurSTAINLESS STEELSPACER BARVENTING CHANNELLoewen standard 1/8” (3 mm) double strength glass offersgreater strength and clarity over thinner glass, making ourStainless steel spacer bar is less conductive than aluminumproducts more insulative, more soundproof, more resistant toand structurally superior to silicone foam type spacersTRIPLE SASHimpact and considerably more resistant to stresses caused byfluctuations in temperature.Sash cladding does not touch the glass which reducesthe opportunity for thermal conduction Loewen standard sealed units contain Argon gas and machineapplied primary and secondary sealants reducing the chanceof seal failure, improving Argon gas retention, and increasingstrength.A36A37

LOEWEN TECHNICAL GUIDELowE Compared With Clear Double &Triple Pane Glass UnitsLowE Coating OptionsWe offer as many glazing configurations and LowE coatings as there are climates so our window performance can be built toU-VALUE*S O L A R H E AT G A I N(SHGC)*This chart illustrates theThis chart measures theThis chart measures the ratioresistance of heat transfer throughpercentage of ultraviolet radiatedof solar heat gain through athe glass. Lower U-Value indicateswavelengths allowed to beglazing system compared to angreater insulating capabilities.U-Value measured at center of glass.provide comfort in any environment.U V T R A N S M I T TA N C E *LoE3 – 366Ultimate PerformanceLoE3 – 340Ultimate Solar ControlLoE2 – 272All- ClimateHighest level of year-round comfortGreatly reduces oppressive solarYear-round, well balancedfor every climateheat gain & glareperformance and comfortBetter insulator (low u-value) andBest insulator (low u-value)Better insulator (low u-value) andtransmitted through the glazingunobstructed opening.system.78solar heat blockage (low SHGC).70moderate solar heat blockageThree layers of silver (LoE3 340)58%Three layers of silver (LoE3 LowED366TripleClearTwo layers of silver (LoE2 272)LowELowET180-180 ClearLowELowET180-180 r2%LowELowET180-180 T366-180LoE – 180Passive Solar GainLoE – i89Roomside LoEIdeal for passive solar applicationsIndoor lite, surface #4 (double) orHEAT-SMART GLAZING FABRICATION#6 (triple) reflecting more heat backDouble PaneTriple PaneDouble PaneTriple PaneDouble PaneHEAT-SMART GLAZING FABRICATIONSTANDARD GLAZINGTriple PaneSURFACEhigh solar HEAT-SMARTheat gain GLAZING FABRICATION1* Ashrae calculated values Window 5.2One layer ofsilver (LoE 180)STANDARD GLAZING 1/2" airspace (13 mm) Does not apply to sealed units with capillary tubes installed1SURFACENote: Information in these charts compares the center of glass performance levels of the sealed unit only when manufactured with different glazing options. They are not representative of overallwindow performance, which depends on many factors including grille options, such as simulated divided lites, grilles between glass, produ

Tilt/turn window Dutch doors Inswing Casements Hoppers Pre-finishing (paint or stain) Available in various window and door configurations. Dealer Network In addition to Loewen's Architectural Services, our large dealer network including territory managers and sales professionals throughout Canada and the United States serve and assist the .