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Top 7 Reasons to Design with PTC CreoCreo is the industry’s leading 3D CADSoftware. We’ve been at the cutting-edgeof CAD for over 30 years helping youcreate great digital prototypes.If you’re looking for speed and flexibility to meetyour tight deadlines or are in the initial stages ofyour concept design, our products lets you createprototypes quickly and easily.Creo gives you all the tools you need in oneplace to help YOU innovate.To find out more about Creo, contact sales here.PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo It’s no secret that you’re under pressure to develop more and better products in lesstime. Your 3D CAD solution should enable your best work, allowing you to make themost of innovative ideas quickly and to add advanced capabilities when you needthem. The tool you need is Creo.PTC delivers the most scalable range of 3D CAD product development packages on the market today. Creopackages are easy to use, competitively priced, and always upgradeable so they meet your specific engineeringdesign needs and varied business requirements as you grow. Creo. Never compromise.PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo 1Work More Efficiently with Parts and AssembliesUse ‘view changes’ to quickly and easily find what’s beenmodified in your assembly. It’s just as easy to restructure,rename, or reorder components. Finally, the componentplacement constraints and 3D Dragger offer more intuitiveworkflows. Just think what you’ll create with the extra timeyou have.No part design is beyond Creo, and loading assembliesshouldn’t be like playing a game of chance. With CreoParametric you can retrieve your assembly and get startedfaster. When the assembly loads, youa see a simplifiedrepresentation. The software loads the relevant detail youneed when you need it. Search your model tree with asingle right click.PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo 2Easily Transform Your 2D Concepts into 3D ModelsYour concept designs deserve better than a napkin. Capture your inspirations withCreo Sketch (a free download), and when you’re done, transfer your ideas to CreoParametric. Directly open your sketch onto a plane and display it along with other2D and 3D geometry. You can easily move, rotate, and even scale the sketch. Whoknows what you’ll design thanks to this accelerated process?PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo 3Conquer Late StageDesign ChangesYou still remember the name of the guy from Marketingwho needed that design change on a Friday afternoon.Thanks to flexible modeling capabilities in Creo, you canaccommodate even the most radical late-stage designchanges. Quickly. Never again get stuck rebuilding amodel because you couldn’t update it without breakingthe original constraints. Instead, select and edit geometryand then head off for vacation knowing that the entiredesign will automatically update. Save time, reduce errors,and send Marketing a post card.PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

4Quickly Create Freeform Shapes andSurfaces during Concept DesignYou don’t need to be a ceramic artist to appreciatehow fun and easy it is to model forms with clay. You justpick it up and start shaping something. We’ve designed theFreestyle modeling features inside Creo Parametric to give youmuch the same experience. Start with a primitive shape, like acube or a sphere, and use intuitive tools to push and pull until youhave the design you want, complete with curvature continuousproduction ready surfaces. If you’re designing something like the pedallocation geometry for a bicycle, you’ll need to alignyour freeform geometry directly to existingparametrically controlled geometry. TheAlign capability inside Freestyle makesthis easy. A few clicks and you’redone. You’ve just added designintent to freestyle geometry andsaved significant time as well.PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo 5Overcome the Challenges of Your Multi-CADEnvironment with Unite TechnologyDo you consider a career change each time a customer or supplier sends you a model ona different CAD system? With Creo’s Unite technology, you can open data from commonCAD systems directly into Creo. No need to import and convert data you are not changingand no need for the original authoring CAD system. Instead of worrying about lost designintent, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of collaboration: product quality, desirability andon-time delivery. The Creo Collaboration Extensions make your job even easier. You canintegrate updates to non-Creo data seamlessly as well as exchange Creo models in themost common CAD formats (including CATIA, Siemens NX, and SolidWorks) without thepresence of licenses from these software systems.PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo 6Master Creo Functionality with PTC UniversityWe think the letters P, T and C spell CAD. We also want youto get the most from the software, so Creo ensures that,whatever your goals, you are able to learn quickly. Forexample, when you start the software, you will now see adedicated window with all the new content in your release.Our Getting Started tutorials and guides have also beenincluded to give new users a jumpstart.PAGE:12345678You’ll find that Creo Parametric has a revamped help systembuilt on Google indexing. Help is now fully searchableon the web, offering faster access to information whencombined with the PTC Learning Connector, a contextsensitive learning tool embedded in Creo. Learn on the flywithout interrupting your workflow.9101112 PTC.COM/CAD

Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo 7Be Confident in Your Ability to Adapt with Creo’sScalable SoftwareJust as important, your Creo package is fully customizable.Mix and match to meet your own changing needs orto support your expanding organization. You will neveroutgrow Creo.Nobody ever wants less closet space and it’s the samewith software. You know Creo offers strategic designadvantages: a suite of product design tools with a broadrange of capabilities ranging from simulation to computeraided manufacturing and product data management.PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo Trust the Creators of Innovative 3D CAD SolutionsCAD capabilities for their detailed design process Whateverthe design tasks, the Creo software package can make thejob quick and easy, leaving you – and everyone on yourteam – free to focus on realizing the creative potential thatwill move your business forward.We invented 3D parametric CAD. We know that designprofessionals can’t risk having tools that jeopardize theirproduct, process, or productivity. With Creo, you nevercompromise. Tens of thousands of organizations worldwiderely on Creo to give them the newest, most innovative 3D 2015, PTC Inc. All rights reserved. Information described herein is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be taken as a guarantee,commitment, condition or offer by PTC. PTC, the PTC logo, Product & Service Advantage, Creo, Elements/Direct, Windchill, Mathcad, Arbortext, PTC Integrity, Servigistics, ThingWorx,ProductCloud and all other PTC product names and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of PTC and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All other product or company names are property of their respective ��1015PAGE:123456789101112 PTC.COM/CAD

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Top 7 Reasons to Design with Creo Author: PTC Subject: PTC delivers the most scalable range of 3D CAD product development packages on the market today. Creo packages are easy to use, competitively priced, and always upgradeable so they meet your specific engineering design needs and varied business requiremen ts as you grow. Keywords