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LETTER FROM ISABELToday Is The Daylove the way you look?Do they have more will power? NOPE!How can you easily implement thestrategies I teach you into your busy life?Do they have more money? NOPE!And best of all,You know what the difference is betweensomeone who loses weight and someonewho doesn’t?How can you live each day with energy andlife at your best weight and health?Every month it is my goal to bring you thevery best information so you can live theyear 2014 like you have never lived before.I know that it is a pretty bold statement, butI truly believe each one of us has so muchpotential inside of us, so much we haveto share with the world, and many of usare being held back by our health and ourweight.What would be possible for you if yourweight was no longer an issue? Whatwould be possible for you if right nowwhere you sat reading this, you were atideal optimal health?Writing this first monthly newsletteralmost feels like the day I wrote my firstemail newsletter.Would you have a different job?“What do I write? What do I say?”Would you spend your day differently?I almost can’t believe it’s been 5 yearssince I have been sharing my nutritioninformation with the world, and I still havemy moments where I am.well, a littlespeechless.That’s why I’m here. to help you find thatincredible life I know you so deserve. Tohelp you feel great each day so that it’s nolonger your weight that holds you back.Speechless because the past 5 years havebeen a dream come true for me. Helpinghundreds of thousands of people all aroundthe world was just a mere thought backthen and now it’s a reality.The question I asked myself back then isstill the same question I ask myself today,“How do I help my readers achieve theirgoals? How do I help my readers finallyovercome their weight loss battles onceand for all?”That’s what I’ll be asking myself everymonth as I think about exactly whatvaluable and helpful information I willinclude in each monthly newsletter.Every month this newsletter will be allabout YOU.How can you take care of your body and2Would you do different things with yourfamily?BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014Just like sharing my work with hundredsof thousands of people was only a sheerdream 5 years ago and is now a reality,what is POSSIBLE for you? What is yourdream that when you look back 5 years youwill say,“Wow, I am this incredible person todaybecause 5 years ago I decided to finallylose that weight.”Let’s shorten the time frame a bit.What if you said that 6 months from now?“Wow, I can’t believe how awesome lifeis today because I decided to lose weight 6months ago.”I know this is possible for you because Ihave seen thousands of people all aroundthe world do it. What makes them differentthan you?Do they have more skills? NOPE!The successful person is the person whohas made a final decision that.TODAY IS THE DAY!!!I saw this happen so vividly right beforemy eyes in 2007 when my mother came outof surgery from having a kidney transplant.With tears in her eyes she said,“From this point forward I will doeverything it takes to take care of mybody.”For many of us it does not have to get tothat extreme. If you’re sick and tired oflooking at your closet and not wanting towear any of your clothes, maybe TODAYIS THE DAY!If you’re tired of walking up a flight ofstairs and feeling awful, maybe TODAY ISTHE DAY!And if you’re tired of missing out on thiswonderful journey we call life, maybeTODAY IS THE DAY!Today I leave you with this question.“What is possible for you in 2014?”What will life be like for you when youaccomplish your ultimate goal to loseweight and be healthy? Take some timeout of your busy life to write down, in thepresent tense, what life will look and feellike when you’ve reached that weight andhealth goal you so desperately want.Please don’t skip this valuable exercise.Writing down your goals is one of thebest ways to make them into a reality. Iwould also love for you to share this withme. Please send your answer to this veryimportant question [email protected] this year your year! I am so excitedand grateful to be on this journey with you.

Healthy Living With IsabelOne of the things I enjoy the mostabout being a nutritionist andsharing my principles with theworld is showing people the ins andouts of my busy, hectic life whilestill keeping myself and my familyhealthy along the way. Just becauseI have decided to follow a healthyway of life does NOT mean I haveto miss out on all of life’s coolevents and traveling. I know you’llbe pleasantly surprised to see howeasy it is to keep up with the BDlifestyle wherever you go.What you’ll see here every month isan account of where I’ve been andexactly how I made healthy eatingsimple in every situation. just likeyou’re traveling along with me!» Here’s a recap of one of myfavorite trips last year:One of my absolute favorite eventsof 2013 was my trip to Sayulita,Mexico for Mike Geary’s wedding.Yes, the same Mike Geary that weall love ( and his beautiful bride Nayridecided on a destination weddingat a beautiful resort called PlayaEscondida. For all you non Spanishspeaking folks that means “hiddenbeach,” and the place definitelylived up to its name. Thebeach was gorgeous andcompletely away fromany of the other touristyspots in the area. It wasalso a lot less expensivethan any of the otherhotels and resorts in thearea which was a verypleasant surprise!somewhere Mike Geary chose, Iknew it would be easy to makehealthy choices. Between the foodoptions at the restaurant and theplaces where we ate in downtownSayulita, here is an example of whatmy daily menu looked like:Special note: All the supplementsyou see listed below aresupplements I brought with me.Now, let’s talk food.Because I was traveling6am wake up – I mixed one serving of Athletic Greens with water and took 2 vitamin Ctablets (500 mg each)8am breakfast at resort restaurant – I took one BioTrust Absorbmax (I take 1 beforebreakfast, lunch and dinner immediately before eating) and ordered a 3-egg omelet withvegetables and no cheese (Bonus! All of the eggs at the resort come from chickens thatare pastured at local farms.) I chose sliced fresh fruit (melon, banana, and papaya) insteadof toast.11am – I had my second serving of Athletic Greens mixed with water and 2 vitamin Ctablets. (Why more Athletic Greens? I’ll explain below.)12pm lunch at the resort – 1 BioTrust Absorbmax - I ordered grilled Mahi Mahi over agreen salad with a side of guacamole. I asked for a side of fresh cut carrots and celeryinstead of the corn chips and they were happy to bring it to me. Never hesitate to askfor what you need. Most places are so incredibly accommodating.2pm – I had a third serving of Athletic Greens mixed with water.3BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014

Ok, at this point you’re wondering why the heck I was drinking 3 servings of Athletic Greens each day. The 2weeks prior to leaving for Mexico I was really sick. Like more sick than I had ever been in years. It probably hada lot to do with the fact that I had been traveling so much and not sleeping very much. I decided to firehose mybody with the best alkaline nutrients I know. Athletic Greens! Between the Athletic Greens and the increasedsleep, I came home from Mexico feeling like Super Woman! Ok, back to the food.3pm – Time for a snack! I opted for fresh fruit from the resort and raw walnuts thatI brought with me. I thought it would be hard to get food into Mexico, but it was noproblem at all. The walnuts were in my small cooler that I carried on to the plane on thetrip there.6pm – 1 BioTrust Absorbmax - I ordered Chicken Taco Salad with no sour cream anddressing on the side at Calypso, a restaurant in downtown Sayulita. It was a huge saladwith chicken, tomatoes, guacamole, beans, tortilla strips, and corn over shredded lettuce. Idon’t ever eat corn or tortilla chips, but what the hey, I was in Mexico. I unintentionallycut my dining experience short by eating a whole piece of a jalapeño pepper. Honestly, mymouth hurt so bad, I thought I was going to need medical attention (I’m such a baby!!)After a lot of water, I was over it.While everyone else was digging in to the traditional Mexican desserts like flan and churros,I decided to completely skip all sugar, wheat, and gluten since my body was still recoveringfrom whatever bug had plagued me the week before. I wanted to give my body anopportunity to heal and not come home sick again.Not a bad way to work!4BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014

I am still in awe and deepappreciation of the impact oursite has made on so many peopleall around the world and meetingmembers everywhere is truly a gift.Pam shared with me that she hasbeen a member since my first son(now 4 years old) was born. Can’tyou tell? Look what great shapeshe’s in!!Mike & Nayri – The happy couple!So if you ever see me out and aboutin your town or where you happento be on vacation, please do nothesitate to say hello! And be readyto smile because I will probably askyou to take a picture with me. ;)The most important part of my tripis that I had an incredible time withmy husband and friends. I spent aton of time on the beach, includingan hour-long walk on the beachwith my husband every evening(yes, we like long walks on thebeach), and I never felt like I wasmissing out on anything because Imade different food choices.It was wonderful to spend time withsome of my favorite people in theworld including Craig Ballantyne( and, Dr. Kareem Samhouri (, and Danette May( were so many otherwonderful people there I just can’tname them all (so my apologies if Ididn’t include you).The highlight of the entire trip(besides Mike’s beautiful weddingceremony, of course) was meetinga Beyond Diet member named Pamin the bathroom of Don Pedro’srestaurant in downtown Sayulita.5BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014Me and Pam at Don Pedro’s

RECIPEMAKEOVERWho doesn’t like pizza? It’s eaten around theworld, in a variety of styles and with any of anumber of toppings. Unfortunately, pizza isn’talways the healthiest choice. That doesn’tmean you have to give it up, though. Try thisgluten-free pizza crust for a healthy pizza thatstill tastes GREAT!Coconut Almond Pizza Crust1/2 cup coconut flour1 cup almond flour1 1/2 tsp garlic powder1 tsp baking powder3 eggs1/2 cup coconut or almond milk1-2 tsp olive oil to grease panTomato sauceToppings of choice (veggies, meats, cheese)Preheat oven to 400ºF.Combine coconut flour, almond flour, garlic powder,and baking powder in a large bowl. Mix well.Add in eggs and coconut/almond milk. Mix well.Spread dough out onto an oiled pizza stone or bakingsheet. Place in oven and bake for 10 minutes.Remove crust from oven. Add tomato sauce and anyother toppings.Place back in oven and bake for 10-12 minutes.6BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014

Understanding Toxic OverloadIn this modern age we aresurrounded by more toxins in ourenvironment, homes, and foodsources than ever before. Thesetoxins – chemical compoundsthat are foreign and damaging tothe human body – can come fromsources as varied as the paint fumesin your home, the treatments onyour wood furniture, the pesticideson your vegetables, the pollutionin air and water, or the cleaningsupplies used in your workplace. Weabsorb them not only by ingesting orbreathing them in, but also, in somecases, right through our skin. Andworst of all, a system overloadedwith toxins can suffer all sorts ofproblems including skin rashes,acne, bloating, constipation, weightgain, heart disease, and cancer.Toxin overload can disrupt yourability to balance sugar, metabolizecholesterol, and contribute toconditions like type 2 diabetes.So what do you do about toxicoverload?The Truth About CleansingCleansing WithWhole Foods307That Detox Your Body andRevitalize Your HealthBEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014Both “cleansing” and “detoxing”are hot words these days, butthere is a lot of misunderstandingsurrounding these terms. Manypeople don’t really understand howcleansing (used here as a synonymfor detoxing) works, and they turnto popular fad recommendations thathave more harmful side-effects thanscientific benefits. Fad cleanses thatinvolve taking laxatives, drinkingexclusively liquids, or fasting can

be harmful. These starvation“cleanses” cause dangerousproblems like fatigue, digestivediscomfort, hunger, muscle loss,blood sugar problems, and nutrientshortages.Fortunately for all of us, theonly true “cleanse” we need isour own natural system. Thebody is an amazing, complexthing that naturally rids itself oftoxins through sweating, bowelmovements, breathing and organs(specifically the kidneys, liver andlungs). But even as wonderful asour biology is, if you’re sufferingfrom toxic overload then it iscritically important that you giveyour body the tools it needs – inthe form of good nutrition – toefficiently and effectively do its jobof naturally detoxing.This is why the real key tocleansing the body lies in certainwhole foods.Cleansing With Whole FoodsThe best way to conquer toxicoverload and cleanse your system isto eat whole foods that are packedwith nutrients and enzymes thathelp your body’s natural detoxingsystem. The best whole foods fordetoxing will:1. Have anti-inflammatoryproperties for reducing digestivestress and healing your cells;2. Have anti-microbial propertiesfor eliminating harmful bacteriaand fungi;3. Boost your immune systemso that your body can betterconquer harmful toxins;8BEYONDDIET.COM / January 20144. Remove toxic build-up fromthe system, usually with theright kinds of fiber;5. Rest and soothe yourdigestive system so that it canheal itself from toxic damage;and6. Naturally clean, heal andsupport important detoxingorgans like the kidneys, liver,colon and lungs.Eating these naturally cleansingfoods can give you: Vibrant skin More energy More bowel movements Balanced blood sugar Less joint pain Fewer headaches Accelerated weight lossHowever, eating the foods that willheal and support your system isonly half of the story.When cleansing, it is also veryimportant to AVOID foods thatwill counteract all the benefitsgained by eating cleansing foods.These are foods that containtoxins themselves, like artificialpreservatives, but also foods thatcause inflammation or stress onyour digestive system, like dairy.Foods to stay away from include:all processed foods, sugar, grains,gluten, dairy, red meat, alcohol,caffeine and anything withpreservatives, artificial flavors orcolors, or artificial sweeteners.30 Cleansing FoodsWith The Power To ConquerToxic OverloadHere is a list of 30 foods that haveat least 1 or more of the 6 essentialcleansing qualities listed above:Apples – The old adage about anapple a day isn’t wrong – thesebeauties are packed with the bestkind of fiber (pectin), which bindsto cholesterol and heavy metalsand eliminates toxic build up onthe way out. And that really may bejust what it takes to keep the doctoraway!I love an apple with a handful ofalmonds as an afternoon snack.Not only does it keep me satisfied

until dinner time, it has just enoughsweet taste to conquer any potentialafternoon sugar cravings.Kale – Kale is a liver-boostingsuperfood that has all the rightantioxidants and is high in fiber. Ontop of that, it’s been shown to havethe ability to neutralize harmfulcompounds found in cigarettesmoke.blood vessels.Add 1 quarter of a medium sizedavocado to your eggs in themorning or to your salad at lunchand dinner. I add avocado tosomething every single day!Bell Peppers – These beautifulfruits – yes, technically speakingthey are fruits – are a great sourceof carotenoid nutrients and VitaminC, which have great anti-cancer andimmune-boosting properties.Add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oilto one bunch of kale and massagewell. This makes a delicious baseSlice up some raw peppers for afor any kale salad. Add some freshlemon juice and any of your favorite snack alongside a 1/2 cup of cottagecheese for a super filling and tastysalad veggies.mid-morning snack.Bananas – You probably know thatthese sweet yellow fruits are loaded Carrots – Carrots have a uniquecombination of carotenoids andwith potassium, which is greatpolyacetylenes, which translates tofor your blood pressure and hearta unique capacity for fending offfunction, but you may not knowthat potassium protects and supports cancer, boosting your vision, andreducing cardiovascular problems.your kidneys.Bananas are another one of myfavorite mid-morning or afternoonsnack. Combine 1 medium bananawith 2 tablespoons almond butterand sprinkle some raw cacao nibson top. Delicious!Avocados – The benefits ofavocados for health and weightloss are numerous. They stimulateglutathione, a compound that blocksthe absorption of certain bad fatsand is essential for cleansing liverpathways. It also – bonus! – blocksartery-destroying toxicity in your9BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014{onion powder to the Greek yogurtand you have a delicious dip.Cucumbers – Like other membersof the squash and melon family,cucumbers are a rich source ofantioxidants and an all-naturalinflammation fighter.I love cucumbers in my salad. Ialways find a way to add them in.My sons ask for cucumbers withevery meal. They sprinkle a littlesalt on top and eat them up.Onion – Like avocados, onionsstimulate glutathione (great forCarrots fend off cancer, boost your vision,and reduce cardiovascular problems.}I have raw cut up carrots in myrefrigerator all the time. I loveto add a handful to my breakfastalongside a veggie omelet. It givesme that little bit of a crunch I’mlooking for with my meal.fat loss and energy) and are antibacterial as well as immuneboosting. They also provide anatural shield against cancer andother diseases thanks to compoundslike allocin and quercitin.Celery – Famous for being a lowcalorie, high-fiber snack, celeryhas much more than that to bragabout. It’s a great weapon againstdigestive inflammation and containsa special blend of pectin-basedpolysaccharides (good fiber) thatstrengthen the lining of the stomachand decrease the risk of ulcers.Onions are great to add to sauteedgreens like spinach and kale.They’re also delicious roasted inthe oven with a little olive oil andbalsamic vinegar.I love to combine cut up celery withGreek yogurt as a dip. Add somesalt, pepper, garlic powder, andGarlic – Garlic has been used formedicinal purposes for thousandsof years, and it’s no wonder.These little bulbs support liverfunction, cleanse arteries, clear therespiratory system, and have antimicrobial properties believed to be

capable of fending off 39 differentharmful fungi, bacteria, parasitesand viruses.I use garlic as much as possible. Ialways add it to vegetable sautésand I always add it to soups.Lemons (and limes) – Lemons andlimes are wonderful cleansers (andnot just for your body!). They’reloaded with immune-boostingVitamin C and can naturally healyour cells. Plus – they have anticarcinogenic compounds calledlimonoids which have been shownto fight cancers of the mouth, skin,lung, breast, stomach, and colon.One of my favorite drinks is myhomemade lemonade. Squeeze 1whole lemon into a large glass,add a pinch of stevia, water, iceand mix. This is a great drink forthose people who have a hard timedrinking only water all day long.Summer Squash – These heartyvegetables contain high amountsof valuable nutrients, includingb-complex vitamins, zinc,magnesium, and omega-3 fattyacids. They help with blood sugarmaintenance and prostate health,and contain compounds that areboth anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.I love to make “pasta” fromzucchini and yellow squash using aJulienne peeler. Serve it with pasta10BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014sauce and meatballs and the wholefamily will love it.them combined with Greek yogurtfor a filling mid-morning snack.Kiwi – One of the absolute bestsources of Vitamin C (a greatimmunity booster), these sweetlittle fruits have also been shown toprotect DNA from oxygen damageand contain molecules which bindand remove toxins from the colon.Spinach – Recent studies haveshown that compounds calledglycoglycerolipids in spinachprotect the digestive tract fromdamage, especially inflammation,but spinach’s overall antiinflammatory and anti-cancerbenefits have long been known.Spinach is also a wonderful sourceof calcium and vitamin K.Kiwis are a great addition tosmoothies. Combine 2 kiwis, 1 cupstrawberries, 1 handful of spinachand 1/2 cup water for a quick anddelicious smoothie.Berries – Strawberries,blackberries, raspberries, and{Spinach is a great base for salads.I love combining spinach andstrawberries and drizzling olive oiland balsamic vinegar on top.Mushrooms power-up your immunesystem, have liver-boosting properties, andblock tumor growthespecially blueberries are allwonderful options if you can onlypick one food from this list to go eatright now. Aside from their famoushigh antioxidant content, they alsohave quercitin which stimulatesthe production of liver enzymes.Blueberries have particularly highquantities of a natural aspirin thatreduces inflammation, work hardas an anti-bacterial agent on theurinary tract, and have antiviralproperties that block toxins from thebrain.I love berries (all varieties) addedto my morning oatmeal. I also love}Mushrooms – The shiitake varietyof these wonder foods have somany health benefits it can be hardto list them all. They include anoutstanding ability to power-upyour immune system, liver-boostingproperties, high iron content,cardiovascular support, B vitamins,many minerals, cleansing fiber,protein, vitamin D2, and the provenability to block tumor growth.But don’t shy away from criminimushrooms, either, which are ofteneasier and cheaper to find – thesebutton mushrooms share many ofthe same properties.I love to include mushrooms aspart of my vegetable sautées. Myfavorite is broccoli and mushroomssautéed in coconut oil with garlic.Broccoli – Cruciferous vegetableslike broccoli and cauliflowerare loaded with cancer-fightingantioxidants, but when it comes tocleansing, it’s the liver-boosting

sulfuric compounds that make themsuch a great inclusion.Broccoli is one of my favoritevegetables, not only because it isdelicious, but because there are somany ways I can cook it. I love tosautée it, roast it in the oven with alittle butter or coconut oil drizzledon top, or just eat it raw dipped insome home made dressing.Parsley – This herb may have areputation as a culinary garnish, butdon’t skip eating it just because it’son the edge of your plate. Parsleypacks vitamin C, vitamin K, folate,chlorophyll, and beta caroteneinto a small package. It also raisesglutathione and guards against thedamage of insulin resistance.Fresh parsley is a great addition toany salad. Cut up a handful and tossright in for a delicious taste.Mint – Many varieties of mint arebeneficial, but it’s peppermint thathas been scientifically proven tosooth and relax the digestive tract.This refreshing little herb relievesirritable bowel syndrome, heals thegastrointestinal tract, and has suchstrong anti-microbial powers thatit has been proven to ward againstsalmonella and MRSA. And if allthat isn’t enough, peppermint alsoopens and cleanses the respiratorysystem.I love to make my own mint teaafter dinner. Steep 1 handful offresh mint in 8 ounces of boilingwater. Strain the mint and add rawhoney or a tiny bit of stevia to taste.Ginger – This root has been valuedfor thousands of years for beinganti-inflammatory and for easingnausea, improving digestion, andboosting immunity. But gingerdoesn’t stop there – thanks tocompounds called ginerols andshogaols, it also protects againstcolorectal cancer. It’s even beenproven to cause cell death inovarian cancer tumors.I try and use ginger as much aspossible. I love to use it in Asianinspired dishes, as well as anaddition to soups and salads.Shrimp – One of the moresurprising cleansing foods, shrimphave gone relatively unappreciatedfor too long. In addition to beinga good source of omega-3 fattyacids, heart-healthy selenium andhigh-quality protein, they also haveunusually high concentrations ofastaxanthin. Astaxanthin has bothanti-inflammatory and antioxidantproperties, and it naturally protectsagainst immunity problems. (Forbest results, go with wild potcaught varieties and avoid importedshrimp.)Shrimp is a delicious and easyprotein to add to salads andvegetable sautées. My favorite isshrimp, onions, peppers, and squashsautéed in coconut oil aminosinstead of soy sauce.Salmon – While omega-3s aren’tthe only beneficial thing foundin salmon, they’re certainly themost amazing. The super-highconcentration of these fatty acids11BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014in salmon make them your fastticket to all the benefits of omega3s, including cardiovascular health,stronger joints, better mood, bettereye health, decreased cancer risk,healthier brain, stronger nervoussystem, and more. They also lowercortisol, which is connected tooverall system stress and weightgain.Salmon is another one of my “goto” proteins to include on top ofsalads and sautéed vegetables. Myfavorite is baked salmon seasonedwith salt, pepper and fresh ginger.Eggs – Eggs from pasture-raisedchickens are also loaded withomega-3s and contain 100%“HBV” protein, meaning they havea high-quality, complete protein thatis readily available to the system.They also contain all B vitamins,which heal your body, and can becounted on for those rare mineralsiodine and selenium.Hard boiled or soft boiled eggs arean easy go to snack. Have 3-4 eggsready for you to eat, in the fridge,and you will never be at a loss fora good protein option. Two eggswith raw carrots and peppers is adelicious snack to get you throughany afternoon hunger until dinnertime.Walnuts – These little nuts aregood for cholesterol (they lower the

bad kind), your heart, and your bonehealth. They’re also a delicioussource of minerals and have thoseever-valuable anti-inflammatoryproperties we’re looking for.I love a handful of walnutsalongisde an apple as a great snack.I also top salads with walnuts forsome extra crunch.Cinnamon – Cinnamon containsan agent called cinnamaldehydewhich opens up your blood vessels.It can also brag about being antiinflammatory, anti-microbial, andanti-fungal. This tasty spice reducesblood sugar spikes, normalizesblood sugar in people with type 2diabetes, and has calcium and fiberwhich bind to bile salts and cleanout the colon.{Cumin – Cumin is a great spiceto add to your cleansing meals(it’s delicious in stews, curries,and chili). In addition to beinghigh in iron (great for energy andimmune function), it also stimulatespancreatic and liver enzymes.Chilies – Virtually all chilies andits forms, including chili powder,paprika and cayenne pepper,contain enough capsaicin (thespicy part) to inhibit inflammation,boost your cardiovascular system,clear congestion, and strengthenimmunity. But chilies also aid inthe production of lung enzymes,making them a must for cleansing(even a little bit can help a lot). And(despite what you might assume)chilies are also great for yourstomach, actually killing bacteriaand stimulating stomach lining cellsto secrete protective juices. Still notconvinced you should handle theheat? Chilies have also been provento reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes!BEYONDDIET.COM / January 2014and support weight loss. So grab ahandful – you can’t beat ‘em for ahealthy snack!Almonds are an easy “go to” snackin my house. My kids always askfor them. Keep some handy, alongwith walnuts, for an easy afternoonsnack that will keep you full untildinner time.I love cumin. It combines extremelywell with beef and bison and is adelicious addition to chili and beefdishes.Quinoa – This little seed is gettinga well-deserved reputation foroverall nutrient richness – it’s agreat complete protein source (withall nine essential amino acids),Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory,anti-microbial and anti-fungal, andreduces blood sugar spikesI love adding cinnamon to mymorning coffee. I also use it in mymorning oatmeal.12You can add chili powder tovirtually any dish for some extrakick! My favorite is in chili,meatloaf, or meatballs.}contains some good fatty acids,is high in fiber and calcium, hasdigestion-stimulating phosphorous,and most remarkably, it has aunique blend of anti-inflammatoryproperties (unlike virtually allgrains). Go quinoa!Quinoa is delicious as a side dishor added right into soups andsalads. My favorite is my morningquinoa cereal, topped with walnuts,blueberries and raw honey drizzledon top.Almonds – Everyone who isn’tallergic to tree nuts should be eatingalmonds. They have protein andriboflavin for energy, and enoughmagnesium to relax your veinsand arteries. They lower LDLcholesterol, lower your risk of heartdisease, protect against diabetes,Oregano – This tasty herb containsthymol and carvacrol oils, whichare anti-bacterial and have actuallybeen shown to be more effectiveagainst some infections, likegiardia, than commonly prescribeddrugs. Oregano is also a potentsource of antioxidants, vitaminK, manganese, iron, calcium, andvitamin E.I use oregano as much as possibleespecially in meatballs andmeatloaf. I also love to marinatevegetables in olive oil, balsamicvinegar, oregano, salt, and pepperand then cook them on the grill.For more information, check out thefollowing resources:American Institute for CancerResearch at: http://www.aicr.orgNational Cancer Institute at: http://www.cancer.govMayo Clinic at: http://www.mayoclinic.comWorld’s Healthiest Foods at: http://www.whfoods.comThe Journal of Nutrition at:

»Meal PlansCreating your own meal plans tailored to your tastes and preferences is easy! Use this 1-weekmeal plan as a model when creating your own menu of 3 meals and 2 snacks each day. Thisshows you how to easily incorporate recipes from the Newslet

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