Email Cipher Outlook PluginTo download Outlook Plugin please click on the link .exeAfter you download the add in please double click on the Icon to install the plugin (Make sureto close Outlook before you start the setup) 844-644-8744 [email protected]

After you press Install please wait for the installation to be completedWhen the Installation is completed you will see the window below please press closeNow you can open Outlook, after you open Outlook please navigate from the menu on the topand press on Email Cipher then Login 844-644-8744 [email protected]

Please use your Email Cipher Credentials (Email & Password) to login and authenticate youroutlook plugin and press OKNow you are ready to use Email Cipher and send secure emailsNow if you click on new email you will see a navigation tab with option to send secure emailas showing below 844-644-8744 [email protected]

To send secure emails please check the box (Send Secure Via Email Cipher) and the box(Save To Sent Folder) As showing in the image below, please press the box only when youwant to send secure emailsNow type your email and attach any documents you would like to send securely via EmailCipher just like you are sending a regular email and click send, when you click send with theoption Send Secure Via Email Cipher you will get a pop up asking you to specify a passwordto protect the message and encrypt it as showing in the image below, enter the password thenclick on Send MailPlease note the recipient of this message will not be able to view the message withoutthe password 844-644-8744 [email protected]

After you click OK you will get a message verifying that the email was securely send via EmailCipher as showing in the image belowNow you will be asked if you would like to text the recipient their password, if you would liketo do so please press on yes as showing in the image belowIf you click yes then you will get a new box asking you to enter the recipient cell phone numberto text them their password as showing in the image below: 844-644-8744 [email protected]

Please enter the phone number and press Send Password, when you click Send Password youwill get a confirmation massage confirming that SMS was send successfully as showing in theimage below:Thank you for being Email Cipher Customer, we work hard to deliver the latest in securitysoftware’s to protect you and your data, if you have any questions or need support feel free tocontact us at any time.You can reach our support department by emailing [email protected] or bycontacting us at: 1-844-644-8744 844-644-8744 [email protected]

outlook plugin and press OK . Now you are ready to use Email Cipher and send secure emails . Now if you click on new email you will see a navigation tab with option to send secure email as showing below . 844-644-8744 [email protected] .