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Percipio: The newintelligent learningplatform from SkillsoftToday’s learner demands the easy to use andcurated channels and micro-learning videos.intuitive experience at work that they haveAdministrators are able to create and assignbecome accustomed to from consumer brandslearning paths, visually monitor progress usinglike Google, Amazon, and Netflix. Our solutioncharts and graphs, and show how learningis Percipio, the intelligent learning platform thatdrives value in their companies.delivers an immersive learning experience.Percipio is powered by Skillsoft, the leader inUsing Percipio, learners can make the most ofcorporate eLearning, the only provider thattheir precious time and create lasting changedelivers a truly immersive learning experienceinside their organizations. Learners decideand a multimodal content library of courseware,when, where, and how to learn throughvideos, and books.“Percipio is the most advanced intelligent learning platform on themarket. The latest release delivers more control over the contentand user experience, creating more personalized learning andproviding access to the best curated content on the marketin a truly immersive experience.”Chad Gaydos, Chief Operating Officer of the Skillsoft Group

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“Th e curate d le arning paths wil l h el p my l ea r ner s s el f- d ir ec t th eirlea r ni ng , w hich is part of the c ul tura l c h a ng e we a r e tr y ing to b uil di nsi d e our organization, and w il l a l s o h el p th e c ura to r s m o r e ea s il ya ssi g n lea rning to fill key skill g a p s . Th is wil l s ave us tim e a nd ta l entcura ti ng inte rnally in the organiza tio n. Al s o , th is h el p s ens ur e th a tour pe ople are follow in g b es t of b r eed l ea r ning p a th s .Laura Garza, Executive Director of Human Resourcesand Talent Development, Praxair”

ELSA: EMBEDDED LEARNINGGive users the ability to search, discover, and learn in the context of theireveryday work using the Embedded Learning Synchronized Assistant (ELSA)browser plug-in. Learners can search a term in ELSA to find videos, books, andaudiobooks without leaving their browser.“Pe rcipio ELSA se ts a new s ta nd a r d by ena b l ing em b ed d ed l e a r n i n g .You neve r le ave yo ur wo r k to l ea r n. Th a t’ s a g a m e c h a ng e r .Todd Maddox, Ph.D., Learning Analyst at Amalgam Insights, Inc.”

Key Benefits of PercipioINCREASE LEARNERENGAGEMENTUse an intelligent eLearning platform modeledafter the consumer web experiences learnershave come to expect with a simple interface,personalized learning playlists, and one-clickaccess to content.S AT I S F Y M U L T I P L ELEARNING MODALITIESAllow learners to choose how they want to learnusing videos, books, audiobooks and more.A C C E L E R AT E L E A R N I N G A N DI N C R E A S E U T I L I Z AT I O NEngage learners with a consumer-like experience,micro-learning (three to five minute videos) thatfits into busy schedules, and a mobile app solearning can happen anywhere, anytime, and onany device.DRIVE CONTENT DISCOVERYMake it easier for learners to discover usefulinformation that aligns with their interests.

CLOSE CRITICAL SKILL GAPSExperienceover500pre-curatedchannelsmapped to the competencies that mattermost to leading global companies and assignlearning paths to specific audiences.D E M O N S T R AT EL E A R N I N G I M PAC TShow how learning activity supports key businessobjectives and quantify program value with outof-the-box reporting using charts and graphs.FIND CONTENT , Netflix, and eBay to quickly find microlearning videos, courses, channels, and books.DEPLOY ANDMANAGE EASILYUtilizeacloud-basedcontinuously updated.applicationthatis

BRANDED SITESMake Percipio unique to your company by adding your logos and customizing images,color schemes, and the welcome page.

C U S TO M CO N T E N TPersonalize your company’s learning experience by adding internal and third-party content(e.g., YouTube, TED Talks, etc.).

Features & FunctionalityMODERN, SIMPLE, ANDINTUITIVE DESIGNLEARNER-CENTERED DESIGNEnable learners to discover and consume content andself-direct their learning.PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCEProvide learners with a personalized homepage, the abilityto create playlists, pick up learning where they left off, andreceive assignments.MICRO-LEARNING AND COMPETENCY BUILDINGFocus on targeted learning needs with short videos (three to fiveminutes) and over 500 channels help learners build competenciesand skills.ENHANCED CONTENT DISCOVERYAllow learners to find exactly what they need when they need itusing Elastisearch.SELF-SELECTED PLAYLISTSAdd any type of content to a playlist to access at another time on your personalized home page.

PERSONALIZED LEARNINGPERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONSDiscover content that is best suited to address a learner’s specificareas of interest based on a quick two-step onboarding assessment.CURATED CHANNELSUtilize engaging content that automatically updated andis mapped to align to competencies and skills valued byleading organizations.EXPERTLY CURATED CONTENTWatch, read, and listen to content that is curated across over 500 channels and automatically updated by Skillsoft’sexpert curators.

Try Percipio a complimentary 14-day trial at

Try Percipio a complimentary 14-day trial at . Today’s learner demands the easy to use and intuitive experience at work that they have become accustomed to from consumer brands like Google, Amazon, and Netflix. Our solution is Percipio, the intelligent learning platform that delivers an immersive learning experience. Using Percipio, learners can make the most of their precious .