79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:43 UhrSeite 1Blood glucose monitorMediTouchInstruction ManualPlease read carefully.Art. 79026

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:43 UhrSeite 2Contents1 Explanation of symbols . 12 Safety information .2.1 Always observe the followingpoints .2.2 Instructions for your health .2.3 Instructions on how to usethe blood glucose test strips .2.4 Instructions on how to usethe control solution .445783 Useful information . 93.1 Items supplied and packaging . 93.2 Special features of theMEDISANA blood glucosemonitor MediTouch . 104 Getting started . 114.1 Inserting the battery . 114.2 Setting the time anddate (initial settings) . 125 Operating . 145.1 Using the control solution . 145.1.1 Why do I need to perform atest with control solution? . 145.1.2 Performing a test withcontrol solution . 145.1.3 Evaluating the test result . 175.2 Preparing the blood glucosetest . 185.2.1 Using the lancing device . 185.2.2 Inserting the lancet in thelancing device . 185.2.3 Using the AST cap . 215.2.4 Using the alcohol pads . 235.3 Determining the blood glucoselevel . 245.3.1 Performing a blood glucosetest with a blood samplefrom the finger tip . 245.3.2 Evaluating a test result . 275.3.3 Unusual test results . 275.3.4 Comparing your test resultswith a laboratory result . 286 Memory . 296.1 Saving the test result . 296.2 Accessing and deletingtest results . 307 Miscellaneous . 327.1 Display and troubleshooting . 327.2 Cleaning and maintenance . 367.3 Technical specifications . 377.4 MEDISANA MediTouchaccessories . 387.5 Disposal . 388 Warranty . 39

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:44 UhrSeite 3Device and controlsMonitor and lancing device Battery compartment (on the back)MonitorDisplayTest strip-Button for switching on andentering/selecting Insertion slot for test strips Trigger button -Button for confirming/selectingLancing device clampLancing deviceSlider switch for ejecting lancet(on the back)Protective cap (can be removed withcan be replaced by the AST cap.Cap end (adjustable) )

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:44 UhrSeite 4Device and controls Display Time (hours:minutes) Number of test result Blood glucose reading Battery symbol (low battery) Insert test strip Apply the blood sample or control solution System error Date (month:day)FrontTest strip Blood sample area(absorbent slot) Reaction cell Grip/holder Insert in the directionof the arrow Contact electrode Explanation of symbols on page 3 Back

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:44 UhrSeite 11 Explanation of symbolsThe following signs and symbols on items, packaging and in the instruction manualbear important information:This instruction manual belongs to thisdevice. It contains important informationabout starting up and operation. Readthe instruction manual thoroughly.Non-observance of these instructionscan result in serious injury or damage tothe device.NOTEThese notes give you usefuladditional information on theinstallation or operation.WARNINGThese warning notes must be observedto prevent any injury to the user.Catalogue numberLOT numberSerial numberCAUTIONThese notes must be observed toprevent any damage to the device.Manufacturer1

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:44 Uhr1 Explanation of symbolsIn vitro diagnostic medical device (forexternal use only)This blood glucose monitor correspondsto the requirements of the EU guidelines98/79 for in vitro diagnostic devices andbears the CE marking (conformancelabel) CE 0483.Contains sufficient for n tests n Control solutionProtect from sunlightBiohazardProtect from moistureDo not re-useCR2032 lithium battery ( 3 V )Use byStorage temperature limitation2System errorButton for confirming/selectingButton for entering/selectingSeite 2

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:44 UhrSeite 31 Explanation of symbolsbefore meals (AC)after meals (PC)Morning, from 4:00 am to 10:00 amMidday, from 10:00 am to 04:00 pmEvening, from 04:00 pm to 10:00 pmNight: from 10:00 pm to 04:00 amHypoglycemia (low glucose)1.1 - 3.3 mmol/L (20 - 60 mg/dL)3

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:44 UhrSeite 42 Safety InformationIMPORTANT INFORMATION!RETAIN FOR FUTURE USE!Read the instruction manual carefully before using this device, especially thesafety instructions, and keep the instruction manual for future use.Should you give this device to another person, it is vital that you also pass onthese instructions for use.2.1 Always observe the following pointsContraindicationProper use This system is intended for taking an adult’sblood glucose test from the finger tip, alternativelyfrom the ball of the hand or lower arm.4 The system is not suitable for diagnosing diabetesfor children younger than 12 years. For use onolder children ask your doctor. It is not suitable for diagnosing diabetes or fortesting the blood glucose levels of newborn babies.

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:44 UhrSeite 52 Safety Information This device measures in mmol/L. The unit is only to be used for the specific purpose describedin this instruction manual. Any misuse will void the warranty. Only use the accessories which have been recommendedby the manufacturer (test strips, control solution) with thismonitor. This device is not designed to be used by persons (includingchildren) with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities,or by persons with insufficient experience and/orknowledge, unless under observation by a personresponsible for their safety, or unless they have beeninstructed in the use of the device. Children must be supervised to ensure that they do notplay with the device. Do not operate the device in the vicinity of highfrequencytransmitters, e.g. microwave and short wave transmitters. Do not use the device if it is not working correctly, if ithas been dropped or has fallen into water or has beendamaged. Protect the unit from moisture. Should moisture enter theunit, remove the battery and stop using it immediately.Contact your authorised service centre. If a fault occurs, do not try to repair the unit yourself.Attempts to do so will void the warranty. Refer all servicingto authorized service personnel. Always keep the monitor clean and store it in a safe place.Protect the monitor from direct sunlight to prolong itsservice life. Do not store the monitor and the test strips in a vehicle,bathroom or refrigerator. Extremely high humidity can affect the test results. Arelative humidity of more than 90% can cause incorrectreadings. Store the monitor, the test strips and the lancing deviceout of reach of children and pets.2.2 Instructions for your health This blood glucose monitor is intended for actively testinga person’s blood glucose at home. The reading from ablood glucose home-test system does not replace aprofessional test performed in a laboratory. The monitor is intended for external use only (in vitro). It is not suitable for diagnosing diabetes or fortesting the blood glucose of newborn babies.5

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:45 UhrSeite 62 Safety Information Only use fresh, capillary whole blood from the finger tipsfor the test. You may only adapt the procedure for using products athome and self-monitoring, if you have first received theappropriate training to do so. Do not change any treatments as a result of your bloodglucose reading without first consulting your doctor. Your monitor only requires one small drop of blood toperform a test. You can get this from a fingertip. Usedifferent place for each test. Repeated lancing in the sameplace can lead to infection and numbness. Test results below 3.3 mmol/L (60 mg/dL) are an indicationof hypoglycemia, meaning the blood glucose level is toolow. If the reading is above 13.3 mmol/L (240 mg/dL),symptoms of a high blood glucose level (hyperglycemia)can occur. Consult your doctor, if your readings areregularly above or below these levels. If the test results display “HI” or “LO”, perform the testonce again. If you obtain a “HI” above 33.3 mmol/L(600 mg/dL) or “LO” below 1.1 mmol/L (20 mg/dL)reading again, consult your doctor immediately and followhis instructions. Dehydration or a lack of water (such as from sweating) canresult in incorrect readings. If you think you are suffering6 from dehydration or a lack of water, consult your doctorimmediately. If the proportion of red blood cells (haemotocrit level) isvery high (over 55 %) or very low (under 30 %), this coulddistort the test results. If you have followed the instructions in this manual andsymptoms persist which are not associated with yourblood glucose level or your blood pressure, consult yourdoctor. For additional advice on your health, read the instructionmanual for the test strips carefully.WARNINGRisk of infection Used test strips and lancets are considered to behazardous, biological non-biodegradable waste.Carelessness when disposing of these items canlead to the spread of infection.If necessary, consult your local waste disposal- company, your doctor or pharmacist.

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 72 Safety InformationWARNINGRisk of infection(continued from page 6) Dispose of your used test strips and used lancetscarefully. If you dispose of the used parts withthe household rubbish, make sure you wrapthem first to avoid harming or infecting otherpeople. Medical staff or others who use this monitor onmore than one patient must be aware that allproducts or objects which come into contactwith human blood must be dealt with as if theyare capable of spreading viral diseases, evenafter cleaning. Never use a lancet or the lancing device onmore than one person. Use a new sterile lancet and a new test stripfor every test. Lancets, test strips and alcohol pads aredisposable. Avoid getting hand cream, oil or dirt in or onthe lancet, lancing device and test strip.2.3 Instructions for using the blood glucosetest strips Only use these with the MediTouch monitor. Store the test strips in their original container. To avoid contamination, only touch the test strips withclean, dry hands. When removing the strips from thecontainer and inserting them in the monitor, only touchthem using the grip (holder). Close the container again immediately once you haveremoved the test strip. This keeps the test strips dry andfree of dust. Use the test strip within three minutes of removingit from the container. The test strip is intended to be used only once. Do not useit again. Write the opening date on the label of the container whenyou open it for the first time. Observe the expiry date. Thetest strips can be used for approx. three months afteropening the container or until the expiry date, whichevercomes first. Do not use test strips which have already exceeded theexpiry date, as this can distort the test result. The expirydate is printed on the container.7

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 82 Safety Information Store the test strips in a cool, dry place but not in therefrigerator. Store the test strips between 2 C and 30 C (35.6 F - 86 F). Do not freeze the test strips. Protect the strips from damp and direct sunlight. Do not apply the blood sample or control solution to thetest strip before you have inserted it in the monitor. Only apply the blood sample or the control solutionprovided on the test strip slot. Applying any othersubstance will lead to an imprecise or incorrect reading. Do not bend, cut or adjust the test strips in any way. Keep the container with the test strips away from children.There is a risk of choking from the lid. The lid also containsdesiccative substances which could be dangerous if theyare inhaled or swallowed. This could also lead to skin andeye irritations.2.4 Instructions on how to use the controlsolution Only use MediTouch control solution. Only use with the MediTouch test strips.8 Write the opening date on the label of the container. Thecontrol solution can be used for approx. three monthsafter opening the container or until the expiry date,whichever comes first. Do not use the control solution after the expiry date. The ambient temperature for using the control solutionshould lie between 10 C - 40 C (50 F - 104 F). The temperatures for storing and transporting the controlsolution should lie between min 2 C and max 30 C(35.6 F – 86 F). Do not store the solution in therefrigerator and do not freeze it. Shake the bottle with the control solution well before youopen it. Wipe away the first drop and use the second oneto ensure a good sample for a precise test result. To ensure the control solution does not get contaminated,wipe away the remaining solution on the tip of thecontainer with a clean cloth before closing it again. The control solution may stain your clothing. Rinse thesoiled clothing with water and detergent. Do not put any excess control solution back in thecontainer. Close the container carefully after every use.

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201214:10 UhrSeite 93 Useful InformationThank you very much3.1 Items supplied and packagingThank you for your confidence in us and congratulations!The blood glucose monitor MediTouch that you havepurchased is a top quality product from MEDISANA.In order to achieve the desired effect with your MEDISANAMediTouch blood glucose monitor in the long term, werecommend that you read the following information on itsuse and maintenance carefully.Please check first of all that the device is complete and is notdamaged in any way. In case of doubt, do not use andcontact your supplier or your service centre.The following parts are included: 1 MediTouch blood glucose monitor from MEDISANA 1 MEDISANA lancing device 10 MediTouch blood glucose test strips 10 MediTouch lancets 1 MEDISANA control solution 5 Alcohol pads 1 AST cap 1 CR2032 lithium battery 1 Storage bag 1 Instruction manual 1 Quick reference guide 1 Diary for diabeticsThe packaging can be reused or recycled. Please disposeproperly of any packaging material no longer required.If you notice any transport damage during unpacking,please contact your supplier without delay.9

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 103 Useful InformationWARNINGPlease ensure that the polythene packing is keptaway from the reach of children!Risk of suffocation!3.2 Special features of the MEDISANAMediTouch blood glucose monitorMeasuring your blood glucose level regularly can be a greathelp when dealing with your diabetes.This blood glucose monitor is designed so that you can useit easily, regularly and anywhere you choose. The lancingdevice can be set to the sensitivity of your skin. The diabeticdiary provided helps you to recognise and record the affectof your eating habits, sport activities or medication on thetest results. Always consult your doctor about your testresults and treatment.10This monitor is intended for actively testing a person’s bloodglucose at home. It is not suitable for diagnosing diabetes orfor testing the blood glucose of newborn babies.Your MediTouch blood glucose monitor from MEDISANAconsists of five main parts: the blood glucose monitor, thelancing device, the lancets, the test strips and the controlsolution. These parts are specially designed to be usedtogether and for their quality to ensure precise test results.Only use MediTouch approved test strips, lancets andcontrol solution for your blood glucose monitor. Precise testresults can only be ensured when the monitor is usedproperly.Only use fresh, capillary whole blood for the test, preferablyfrom the finger tips.The monitor measures the blood glucose level very precisely.It has an automatic memory for 360 readings with the dateand time.It also calculates the average level using the blood glucosereadings from the previous 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days. Thisallows you to monitor any changes and discuss them withyour doctor.

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 114 Getting started4.1 Inserting thebatteryThe monitor runs on a 3 VCR2032 lithium battery.One battery usually lasts forapprox. 1000 tests.Different types of CR2032lithium batteries havevarying degrees of capacity.Insert the battery suppliedwhen you use the monitorfor the first time andreplace it with a new onewhen “LP” or the batterysymbol appears in thedisplay.To do this, open the batterySymbol for low batterycompartment on the backof the device by gently pressing on the panel in the directionof the arrow and insert the cell battery (3 V CR2032 lithiumbattery). Make sure that the positive terminal ( ) is facingup. Put the lid of the battery compartment back on and pushit until it clicks into place.When changing the battery, the memory retains thecontents. However, you might have to reset the time anddate afterwards.WARNINGBATTERY SAFETY INFORMATION Do not disassemble batteries! Remove discharged batteries from the deviceimmediately! Increased risk of leakage, avoid contact with skin,eyes and mucous membranes! If battery acidcomes in contact with any of these parts, rinsethe affected area with copious amounts of freshwater and seek medical attention immediately! If a battery has been swallowed seek medicalattention immediately! Only replace with batteries of the same type,never use different types of batteries together or- used batteries with new ones!11

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 124 Getting startedWARNINGBATTERY SAFETY INFORMATION(continued from page 11) Insert the batteries correctly, observing thepolarity! Remove the batteries from the device if it is notgoing to be used for an extended period! Keep batteries out of children's reach! Do not attempt to recharge these batteries!There is a danger of explosion! Do not short circuit!There is a danger of explosion! Do not throw into a fire!There is a danger of explosion! Do not throw used batteries into the householdrefuse; put them in a hazardous waste containeror take them to a battery collection point, at theshop where they were purchased!124.2 Setting the timeand date(initial setting)If you want to use thememory you must set thetime and date first.1. When you insert a battery,the monitor switches onautomatically.

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 134 Getting started2. The last two digits of the yearflash in the display.Press, to enter the year andpress, to confirm.3. Repeat step 2, to enter the dateand time. The area flashes for thesetting being made at the time.13

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 145 Operating5.1Using the controlsolution5.1.1 Why do I need to perform atest with control solution?When you perform a test with controlsolution, you will find out whetheryour monitor and test strips workproperly and deliver exact readings.You should perform a test in thefollowing cases: You are using the monitor for thefirst time. You have a new container of teststrips. You suspect the monitor or teststrips might not be working properly. The monitor has been dropped. You have repeated a test and theresults are still lower or higher thanyou expected.14 You are practising the test procedure.5.1.2 Performing a test withcontrol solution.WARNINGBefore you perform a testwith control solution, readsection 2 on Safetyinstructions (p 4 - 9),carefully, especially items2.3 Instructions on using theblood glucose test strips(pages 7 - 8) and2.4 Instructions on how touse the control solution (p. 8).1. Insert a test strip into the monitorin the direction of the arrow. Thesymbol appears automatically.

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 155 Operating3. Place the monitor on a levelsurface, such as a table.4. Unscrew the cap of the containerfor the solution and wipe the tipwith a clean cloth.NOTES Select the “CtL” setting, toavoid recording the data withthe control solution in thememory for blood glucosereadings.2. Presstwice, “CtL” appearsin the display.Press, to confirm. Iforremain in thedisplay and no other entries aremade then the test results willbe saved in the memory withor.5. Press the container so that a tinydroplet forms on the tip of thecontainer.6. Place the drop onto the bloodsample area on the end of the teststrip.7. Do not get any control solution onthe top of the test strip.15

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 165 OperatingBefore you remove the test strip,check whether the result lieswithin the range indicated on thetest strips container.8. When a sufficient amount ofcontrol solution has been absorbedby the reaction cell you will hear abeep. The monitor starts acountdown of approx. 5 secondswhich is shown in the display.9. In the display, a test resultappears.1610. Once you have compared thetest reading with the readingindicated on the test stripcontainer, remove the test stripand throw it away.

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 175 Operating5.1.3 Evaluating the control testresultThe permissible range for the controlsolution reading is indicated on thelabel of the test strip container. Yourtest result must lie within the rangeindicated. Make sure that you comparethe test result with the correct range.If the control test result lies within therange indicated on the test stripcontainer, then the monitor and thetest strips are working accurately.If the control test result does not liewithin the range indicated on the teststrip container, then the followingoptions will be displayed to rectify theproblem:CauseRemedyHas the test strip been lying aroundopen for a long time?Repeat the test with a test strip that hasbeen stored correctly.Was the test strip containerproperly closed?The test strips are damp.Replace the test strip.Did the monitor work properly?Repeat the test as described in section5.1.2. If problems persist, get in touchwith the service centre.Is the control solution soiled or has itexceeded the expiry date?Use new control solution to check theperformance of themonitor.Were the test strips and controlsolution stored in a cool, dry place?Repeat the control test using strips andsolution that have been storedcorrectly.Did you follow the steps of the testprocedure properly?Repeat the test as described in section5.1.2. If problems persist, get in touchwith the service centre.17

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 185 Operating5.2Preparing a bloodglucose test5.2.1 Using the lancing deviceThe lancing device enables you tohygienically and easily draw a drop ofblood for the blood glucose test and itis quick and painless.The lancing device can be set to thesensitivity of your skin. You can adjustthe tip to 5 different lancing depths.Twist the cap end in the appropriatedirection until the arrow is pointing tothe number for the lancing depth youwant.Consult the following for the suitablelancing depth:- 1 - 2 for soft or thin skin3 for normal skin- 4 - 5 for thick or callous skin18WARNINGNever use a lancet or a lancingdevice that belongs to anotherperson.Use a new sterile lancet foreach test.Lancets are intended to beused only once.Used test strips and lancetsare considered hazardous,biological non-biodegradablewaste.Dispose of them taking intoaccount that they are capableof spreading infection.Dispose of the lancets so thatthere is no risk of injury orinfection to other people.5.2.2 Inserting the lancetsinto the lancing deviceBefore using the lancing device youneed to insert a lancet.WARNINGBefore performing a bloodglucose test and before usingthe lancing device, make sureyou read section 2 on thesafety instructions carefully(p 4 - 9), especially item2.2 Instructions for yourhealth (p 5 - 7) and2.3 Instructions on how touse the blood glucose teststrips (p. 7 - 8).

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 195 Operating1. Wash your hands with soap andwarm water. Rinse and drythoroughly. If you are out ortravelling or the circumstancesprevent you from washing yourhands, you can also rub the areaof skin you have chosen for theblood sample with a specialcleansing pad.(see 5.2.4, p. 23).2. Open the lancing device bytwisting the cap in a clockwisedirection and then remove it.Insert the lancet all the way intothe cup without twisting it inthe lancing device.3. Twist off the protective cap ofthe lancet carefully, retain to aiddisposal of the lancet after use.19

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 205 OperatingMarkings for lancing depths4. Replace the cap on the lancingdevice and tighten by turning itin an anti-clockwise direction(not too tight).205. Set the appropriate lancing depth,as described on p.18.6. Set the lancing device byextending it until it clicks intoplace.If it does not click, it is probablyalready in position from when youinserted the lancet.The lancing device is ready to use.Do not lance your finger beforethe monitor and test strips areready to use.

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 215 Operating5.2.3 Using the AST cap7. Once the monitor and test stripsare ready and the area of skin hasbeen cleaned, place the lancingdevice on a finger tip (preferably atthe side) and press the triggerbutton.Draw a drop of blood by gentlymassaging the area. Make surethat the blood droplet does notsmudge and perform the test asdescribed in 5.3.1 Performing ablood glucose test (p. 24).It is generally recommended that ablood sample for a blood glucose testperformed at home is taken from thefinger tip. If you are not able to take ablood sample from your finger tip, youcan also take one from another part ofthe body (AST), such as the ball of thehand, lower arm, upper arm, thigh orcalf using the lancing device.In this case, exchange the protectivecap on the lancing device with the ASTcap. After inserting the lancet, put thetransparent AST cap on the lancingdevice instead of the protective capand tighten.Note that the AST cap is not intendedto be used for a blood sample from thefinger tip.WARNINGIn the case of low glucose(hypoglycemia), the bloodsample must be drawn fromthe finger tip, as any changesin the blood glucose level arequicker to detect from a bloodsample from the finger thanfrom any other part of thebody.The readings from a finger tipblood sample and from anotherpart of the body can lead tothe readings which radicallydiffer from one another.Therefore, always consult yourdoctor before you perform ablood glucose test using ablood sample from anotherpart of the body.21

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 225 OperatingThis is how to do it:The blood sample canalso be taken from:Any finger tip can be usedfrom either hand for a bloodsample.Finger tip (example)Upper armLower armThighBall of the handCalf221. Select a part of the body that issoft, not too densely covered withhair and not near a bone or a vein.2. Massage the area gently to preparethe skin and to improve thecirculation.3. Hold the lancing device against thelancing spot for a few seconds andthen press the trigger button.4. Wait until a blood drop formsunder the AST cap with a diameterof approx. 1.4 mm.5. Remove the lancing device fromthe skin carefully and proceed inthe same way as for the normalprotective cap (see 5.3.1 Performinga blood glucose test, p. 24onwards).

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:46 UhrSeite 235 Operating5.2.4 Using the alcohol padsNOTEThe starter pack of yourMediTouch blood glucosemonitor contains 5 alcoholpads.The pads are saturated with75% ethanol.Use the alcohol pads toprepare the skin for the bloodsample if you are out andcircumstances prevent youfrom washing your hands.After using an alcohol padthe skin must be allowed todry properly.Tear open the alcohol pad wrapping atthe place indicated.Remove the alcohol pad and wipe theskin firmly where the blood sample willbe taken. Wait a few seconds until thealcohol has completely evaporatedfrom the skin to avoid causing incorrectreadings.Do not use the pad again and throw itaway immediately after use.WARNINGThe alcohol pads are forexternal use only.Avoid contact with eyes, lipsand mucous membranes.The alcohol pads aredisposable.Note:If necessary the alcohol pads canalso be used to clean the surface ofthe monitor (see 7.2 Cleaning andmaintenance, p. 36).23

79026 MediTouch GA/GB 09 01 12.qxd:Blutzucker-Messgerät09.01.201213:47 UhrSeite 245 Operating5.3Determining the bloodglucose level5.3.1 Performing a blood glucosetestWARNINGBefore performing a bloodglucose test and before usingthe lancing

Blood glucose monitor MediTouch Instruction Manual Please read carefully. Art. 79026 gerät 09.01.2012 13:43 Uhr Seite 1