SAP Intelligent Robotic Process AutomationOverview & Quarterly Road MapPraveenkumar A KDirector Product Management, SAP Intelligent RPASAP

Key Outcomes and Objectives2 2021 ASUG Confidential1. Automating the Intelligent Enterprise2. SAP Intelligent RPA - Key Capabilities3. Hyper-Automation Roadmap

Agenda Digital Process Automation with SAP Business Technology Platform SAP Intelligent RPA Solution Overview Way Forward Hyper-automation meets Low-Code Quarterly Roadmap for SAP Intelligent RPA3 2021 ASUG Confidential


Future-Proof Your ProcessesUnderstand existingprocessesSAP Process InsightsDigital ProcessAutomationMonitor processes tooptimize and automateSAP Cloud Platform Process VisibilitySAP SignavioAutomate manual activitiesand consistency checksIntegrate with SAP andnon-SAP appsSAP Intelligent Robotic Process AutomationSAP Cloud Platform Integration SuiteSAP Intelligent Business Process ManagementSAP Process OrchestrationBuild new business processesSAP Cloud Platform Business RulesSAP Cloud Platform Workflow5 2021 ASUG Confidential

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process AutomationAccelerate Digital Transformation by Automating Repetitive Tasks in Business ProcessesWhoExpert developers, citizendevelopers and businessprocess expertsWhatBuild bots to augment andautomate human tasksacross LoBs and IndustriesWhySave time, costs andreduce human errors inbusiness operations. 6 2021 ASUG ConfidentialDesignwith StudioSAPIntelligentRPA 2.0Runwith AgentsOrchestrate and Monitorwith Cloud Factory

Capability OverviewSAP intelligent RPA uses a hybrid architecture model that simultaneously offers the flexibility of cloud-basedorchestrator, collaborative power of a cloud studio and secure, fast execution of a desktop agent. This iscomplemented with a deep integration into SAP business applications and a store that offers packaged industrybest practicesSAP Business Technology Platform7 2021 ASUG Confidential

Best RUN RPA for SAPCapabilitiesConnectors covering all SAP UITech and ControlsNative Connectorsthat Understands theApplicationsFull Spectrumof IntegrationTechnologiesManage RPA Bots Alongwith your SAPLandscapeVisual Activities for SAP IntegrationTechnologiesIntegration with CALM / FRUNSimplified Agent Onboarding,Scheduling8 2021 ASUG Confidential

Simplicity – Evolution of Low Code Bot AuthoringCapabilitiesEnhanced Visual ProgrammingIndustry first capability for recordEmpoweringBusiness UserOne-Recorder to RuleThem AllCollaborative BotBuildingon UI and play-back on API,ensuring bot stabilitySupports developer continuum9 2021 ASUG Confidential

Business Best Practice in Bot Avatars!Capabilities275 Ready to use botsIndustry best practice contentfrom SAP LoB teams andReady to UseContentSAP Eco-System KnowHow Botified!Different content TypespartnersAdditionally Intelligent processcontent and APIs10 2021 ASUG Confidential

Critical Digitalization Challenges1.2.3.Volatile market conditions,with accelerated demandfor cloud solutionsLimited developmentresources, inhibitingdigitalizationComplex IT landscapes, with agrowing number of applicationsmaintained by companies“The pandemic is acceleratingcloud demand, with 59% ofenterprises expecting cloud use toexceed plans due to COVID-19.”1“Lack of skills was cited as thenumber-one challenge in a recentGartner Research Circle survey,and CIOs identified the ‘lack ofskills and resources’ as the biggestbarrier to success.”2Large companies maintain129 different applications onaverage, with the total numberincreasing by 68% since 2015.3“Maximizing the Impact of Technology Investments in the New Normal,” CIO Insider, Deloitte, 3 February, 2021, Khalid Kark, Jagjeet, Gill, and Tim Smith.“Gartner Survey Shows Global Talent Shortage Is Now the Top Emerging Risk Facing Organizations,” 17 January 2019, Justin Lavelle. GARTNER is the trademark and service mark of Gartner Inc., and/or its affiliates and has been used hereinwith permission. All rights reserved.“Employees Are Accessing More and More Business Apps, Study Finds,” The Wall Street Journal, 7 February, 2019, Angus Loten.11 2021 ASUG Confidential

The Potential of Low-Code!Up to 20% of total workforcecould be citizen developers1Employees who report outside of ITand customize or build data ortechnology/solutions41% Business Technologists5% Technologists in Business Unit IT and Data and Analytics Departments5% Technologists in Central IT Departments49% Technology "End Users"1.12CIO Research Team, Gartner (2020) 2021 ASUG ConfidentialBusiness technologist Citizen developer:20% of staff is unable to code, buthas technical acumen and goodknowledge of business processes

Accelerated Time to Value with low-code / no-codeUnified offering across app development, process automation, and digital experienceBusiness ProcessesBUSINESS USERDigital ExperienceEnterprise Resource PlanningSupply Chain Customer ExperienceSAP Work ZoneSAP Launchpad serviceSAP Mobile StartHuman ResourcesCITIZEN DEVELOPERPRO DEVELOPERApplication CompositionAutomationBusiness Process IntelligenceSAP Signavio solutionsSAP Process Insights SAP Process Automation beta Workflow Management Intelligent Robotic Process Automation SAP Business Application StudioSAP AppGyverCustomer InsightsExperience Managementsolutions fromSAP and QualtricsMarketplacePre-built LoB & industry specific content from SAP and partners13 2021 ASUG ConfidentialCITIZEN DEVELOPERDevOpsApplication Lifecycle ManagementLow-Code/No-Code Capabilities

SAP Intelligent RPARoadmap – Q1 ‘22SIMPLESCALESMART14 Unified SAP connector experience (BAPI, API-Hub, Cloud SDK packages) with discovery, automated interface generation, pre-testing and reuse Generic recorder to support in-session technology switch Optimize onboarding experience with embedded help, documentation via SAP Web Assistant Google workspace connector Ability to auto-upgrade the agent from Cloud factory controlled with user preference / setting Dense agent support for Windows server machines UI5 based user tasks for attended automation Extend Document info extraction with smart template detection and pre-delivered content SAP AI business services as generic capability User Behavior Mining based auto-generation of automation Google document services integration 2021 ASUG Confidential

SAP Intelligent RPARoadmap – Q2 ‘22SIMPLESCALESMART15 Generic recorder to support cross application workflows based on declarative user-experience and templates Improve onboarding experience with guided assistance, contextual help and integrated ticketing In-app collaboration experience for Governance – Task markup, real-time exchange SAP One-Domain- Model based events as automation triggers Cloud agent as an extension of desktop agents for API workloads Automation as a reuse skill for Low Code applications Self-healing automation - Rule based distribution, patterns based alerting Document Information extraction enhancements with user-correction, human in the loop and document classification integration SAP Process Insight integration Google AI services integration 2021 ASUG Confidential

SAP Intelligent RPARoadmap – Q3 ‘22SIMPLESCALESMART16 Application embedded automation - discovery and triggering Generic recorder to support end-to-end cross application processes with guided-recordings In-app collaboration experience and Governance – Built-In project support for automation CoEs, cross persona collaboration for automation life-cycle Bot farm in cloud – Auto-scaling Cloud agent with headless browser support Multi-OS agent: Linux support AI Assisted automation building – Content and template suggestion with conversational intelligence Self-healing automation - Learning from error patterns, predicting error situations, soliciting human-in-loop SAP Signavio integration for process mining based automation generation 2021 ASUG Confidential

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SAP Work Zone SAP Launchpad service SAP Mobile Start Low-Code/No-Code Capabilities Application Composition SAP Business Application Studio SAP AppGyver PRO DEVELOPERCITIZEN DEVELOPER Marketplace Business Process Intelligence SAP Signavio solutions SAP Process Insights Customer Insights Experience Management solutions from SAP and .