Our Signature series uses patentedSolocarbon technology. Solocarbon is theonly heater on the market clinically shownto raise core temperature, lower bloodpressure and aid in weight loss.Congratulations!You are now the owner of a Signature sauna. WithSunlighten infrared heat, you are empowered to improveyour quality of life. Just follow our assembly instructionsand sauna protocol to begin your wellness journey withthe very best in infrared therapy.WARNING:Do not use this sauna to treat any health problemswithout consulting your physician. Sunlighten, Inc. doesnot provide medical advice, education or treatment. Ourinformation should not be relied on in making decisionsabout your health. Always consult your physician formedical advice.2

TA B L E O F C O N T E N T SPRE-INSTALLATIONSpecifications . . . 4Pre-Installation Info . 5OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSControl Panel .Warm Up Time/Usage . .Sauna Protocol .Health/Safety .6789FAQ . . 10TROUBLESHOOTING. 13WARRANTY . 14A seperate packet with assembly instructions is included with your sauna.3

S I G N AT U R E S E R I E SS P E C I F I C AT I O N SSIGNATURE IDimensions(W x L x H)PowerNEMA 5-20RUSA / CAN37.8” x 39.8” x 78”96 cm x 101 cm x 198 cmU S: 120v, 1350 watts, 20aIntl: 240v, 1350w, 8aDEDICATED 120V 20A CIRCUIT REQUIRED. SEE RIGHT IMAGE.SIGNATURE IIDimensions(W xL x H)Power50 1/4” x 45 1/4” x 78”130 cm x 117 cm x 198 cmNEMA 5-20RUSA / CANU S: 120v, 2006 watts, 20aIntl: 240v, 2006w, 9aDEDICATED 120V 20A CIRCUIT REQUIRED. SEE RIGHT IMAGE.SIGNATURE IIIDimensions(W x L x H)Power62.4” x 46.1” x 78”158 cm x 117 cm x 198 cmNEMA 5-20RUSA / CANU S: 120v, 2035 watts, 20aIntl: 240v, 2035w, 9aDEDICATED 120V 20A CIRCUIT REQUIRED. SEE RIGHT IMAGE.SIGNATURE IVDimensions(W x L x H)Power80.9” x 56.1” x 78”206 cm x 142 cm x 198 cmNEMA 6-20RUSA / CANU S: 240v, 2500 watts, 20aIntl: 240v, 2500w, 11aDEDICATED 240V 20A CIRCUIT REQUIRED. SEE RIGHT IMAGE.*A true dedicated circuit is a circuit that runs from the dedicated wall outlet to the breakerbox with its own switch in the breaker box and nothing else on that line. Plugging yoursauna into a non-dedicated circuit will hinder the sauna’s ability to warm up properlyand void your warranty.*FOR COMMERCIAL FACILITY: If only 208v is available, a Buck-Boost transformer must beinstalled to provide the correct electrical specifications for the unit to operate.4

P R E - I N S TA L L AT I O NINSTRUCTIONSP R E - I N S TA L L AT I O N1. Have a certified electrician install a dedicated circuit for the sauna.Failure to do so will void all warranty.2. Remember, your sauna should be assembled by 2 or more people.3. Do not place plumbing or plumbing fixtures in or around the sauna.4. Keep all liquids away from the heating panels and electronics.5. Install sauna on a level surface.6. Install sauna in an area that is dry and protected from the weather. Ifthe sauna is to be installed outside or exposed to the weather, youare requred to have an authorized Sunlighten cover over your sauna.Failure to do so will void all warranty.7. Keep flammable objects and corrosive chemical substances awayfrom the sauna.8. Installation of the sauna in an area below standard room temperaturecan increase warm up time.WARNINGTo reduce risk associated with hazardous voltage & fire: Unplug the sauna from the electrical outlet before storage or whennot in use for extended periods of timeDo not operate the sauna if it is not on a dedicated electrical circuit,or has a damaged power cord or plugIf the sauna is not working properly or an odor persists, immediatelyunplug the saunaDo not leave the sauna unattended while turned on, or in useNever cover the floor grate5

O P E R AT I N G I N S T R U C T I O N S1Control Functions1Ti m e D i s pl ay2Time Control3Power4Temperature Display5Temeprature Control6Interior Lights7Exterior Lights23456CONTROL PANEL1.Press the Power button to turn on your sauna.2.Top Display: Press arrow Up or Down to set desired session time (sauna heaterswill automatically turn off when time has reached 0).3.Bottom Display: Press arrow Up or Down to set desired temperature.Note: Press both temperature arrows simultaneously to change from celsius tofahrenheit. After 5 seconds the display will show actual interior temperature.64.Press outside button to turn On/Off exterior lights.5.Press inside button to turn On/Off interior lights.6.Media Player: You must independently turn the Media Player on or off. It is notconnected to the main control panel. Please refer to the instruction manual thatis enclosed in your packaging on how to use Media Player.7

WARM UP TIME & USAGE GUIDELINESThe controls are preset to 60 minutes at 150 F. However, the inside cabin temperatureis not intended to reach this. Our saunas are based on the infrared wavelength and notcabin temperature. Allow the sauna to warm up for 30-45 minutes. The sauna heats upat an average of 1 degree per minute. Follow these steps for proper warm up:1.Make sure your sauna is plugged into a dedicated circuit installed by a certifiedelectrician.2.Check the settings on the keypad. The default setting should be set to 150degrees and the timer set to 60 minutes.3.When turning sauna on for the first time, ensure each heater is warming up aftera couple of minutes. If they are not, check roof connections.NOTE: Your sauna may require additional time to warm up depending upon thetemperature of the surrounding environment. Keep in mind, you are required tohave an authorized Sunlighten cover over your sauna if it is outside or exposed tothe weather in order to maintain your warranty.4-Hour Timer Mode Turn off the sauna Press and hold the power button until the timer display reads “4h” ( 15seconds) The unit will now be in “4-Hour Timer” mode and will stay in that mode untilthe unit is powered offTo cancel “4-Hour Timer” mode: With the unit off, press and hold the powerbutton until the display turns on.Reservation Mode Turn off sauna Press the timer up and timer down arrows simultaneously A digit will appear on the timer section of the screen to indicate the numberof hours before the sauna turns on When the timer counts down to “0,” the sauna will turn on for a 60 minutesession and will be set to 150degreesTo cancel a reservation, press the timer up and timer down arrows simultaneouslyuntil the time display turnsoff. At this point you can turn the sauna on normally.7

SAUNA PROTOCOLFollow this quick guide for the optimal sauna experience.PRE SAUNA SESSION Hydrate with at least 8 oz. of water to prepare your body for an increase in coretemperature. Pre-heat for approx. 45 minutes. Depending on room temperature, your saunawill heat up a degree per minute. Use Bamboo Carbon Towels to absorb sweat during sessions.SAUNA SESSIONS Begin your session when your sauna reaches 100 F. The optimal sauna experience occurs between 100 and 130 F. To get your body accustomed to infrared therapy, start with 10-15 minute sessionsat 100 F every other day. Gradually increase towards 40 minute daily sessions in the optimal temperaturerange.* Don’t be surprised if you don’t sweat during the first few sessions. Sweating will increase with regular use, removing toxins and leaving you feelingrefreshed and rejuvenated. For added intensity, use Pure Sweat amplifying cream to increase sweating,circulation and to boost results.POST SAUNA SESSION Drink at least 24 oz. of water or electrolyte to rehydrate. Dry off with Bamboo Carbon Towel. Cool down naturally or with a refreshing shower. Every six months, clean wood and glass with our Natural Sauna Cleaning Kit.Available at*Listen to your body. Be aware of excessive detoxifying. If you begin to feel symptomssuch as nausea, fatigue, or flu-like symptoms during your sauna session, discontinue useimmediately. If these symptoms continue, consult your physician.8

H E A LT H & S A F E T YOur infrared saunas operate with the same efficacy in your home as in a medical facility. Likeall professional equipment, you may put yourself at risk if you do not fully understand howto use the sauna. Infrared sauna use as creating a cure for or treating any disease is neitherimplied nor should be inferred. Drinking an electrolyte-replacing water or a sports drink isstrongly recommended before and after use.IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS Never sleep inside the sauna while it is on Do not use harsh cleaning agents on the interior of the sauna Do not stack or store objects on top of or inside the sauna Do not use during an electrical storm, as there is a remote risk of shock Altering or tampering with any electrical connections on the power supply is dangerousand will void the warranty Do not attempt a repair without consulting Sunlighten first. Unauthorized repairattempts will void the warrantyPRECAUTIONSIf any of the below apply to you, consult your physician prior to sauna use: Medications Pacemaker / defibrillator Children Alcohol/alcohol abuse Elderly Fever Chronic conditions / diseases associatedwith reduced ability to sweat or perspire Sensitivity to heat Pregnancy Hemophiliacs / individuals who are proneto bleeding Joint Injury Cardiovascular conditions ImplantsFor more information on saunas and contraindications,

F R E Q U E N T LY A S K E D Q U E S T I O N SASSEMBLYCan I assemble my sauna outdoors?Yes, if you protect it with a Sunlighten canvas sauna cover. If you place your saunaoutdoors without a Sunlighten cover, your warranty will be void. The sauna coversare custom made and may not arrive until after you receive your sauna. Do not installyour sauna outdoors prior to receiving your cover. Doing so will void the warranty!Check the sauna cover annually for normal wear and replace as needed. Saunamanufacturer warranty is one year.How much room is required arround my sauna for setup & maintenance?We recommend 4-12 inches of clearance around the back, sides and top of the saunato access plugs and for general maintenance. Leave at least 4 inches behind the unitto allow the electronics to cool.What surfaces can I set my sauna on?You can set your sauna on tile, concrete, carpet, laminate or wood. Always have yoursauna feet installed. Remember to make sure that your sauna is level regardless of itslocation for optimal use. If your sauna is placed outdoors, make sure there is adequatedrainage so that water cannot pool around the base of the sauna. If placed near or oncool surfaces (like concrete and basement walls), warm-up can be impacted.How do I install Chromotherapy and Acoustic Resonance Therapy?Sauna accessories have separate user manuals. Refer to the appropriate GEHow long does it take for my sauna to warm up?The controls are preset to 60 minutes at 150 F. However, the inside cabin temperatureis not intended to reach this. Our saunas are based on the infrared wavelength and notcabin temperature. Allow the sauna to warm up for 45-60 minutes. The sauna heatsup at an average of 1 degree per minute. If located outside or in unheated garage,additional warm-up time may be required. If you prefer the sauna hotter, let it warmup longer.Can I use my sauna everyday?For most people, daily sauna use is okay after your body has become accustomedto infrared therapy. Drink increased amounts of water to stay hydrated. Listen to yourbody and stop your session if you feel any discomfort.10

How long can I use it each day?40 minutes is the recommended session length. See the sauna protocol on pg. 27.What is the best temperature to use my sauna?First, it is important to understand that health benefits are a result of efficient infraredemissivity, not air temperature. Sunlighten saunas are 95-99% emissive to deliver thehighest concentration of infrared. With that, the optimal sauna experience occursbetween 100-130 F. During your first few sessions, start at a lower temperature of100 F and gradually increase in later sessions. Everyone has different preferences andtolerances for heat. The most important thing is to listen to your body. Keep in mind,if you’re sweating at 115 F you’re getting the same benefits as if you’re sweating at150 F.What is the micron range of the heaters?The design of a Solocarbon heater allows for most of the far infrared wavelength to benear 9.4 microns, which is the level at which the human body absorbs infrared energy.Can I touch the heaters?No. Do not touch the bare heater surface when the heaters are on, or have recentlybeen on.How much will the sauna cost to run a month?The sauna runs on the same wattage as a blow dryer and will cost very little to runmonthly: typically 15 to 35 cents per hour. This varies with model and your local utilitycost. Your utility company can help you understand a more exact per hour cost ifneeded.Are the EMF levels safe?Yes. Patented Solocarbon panels are 100% quality controlled by Sunlighten to ensurethe safety and effectiveness of each individual heater.What is the wattage, voltage, and amps of my sauna?See electrical specifications on page 4.Why do you recommend using Bamboo Carbon towels?Bamboo Carbon towels will make your sauna experience more comfortable and willkeep the sauna clean. Bamboo Carbon is anti-fungal and deodorizing, emits infraredrays and is highly absorbent. Use on the bench, floor and backrests for optimumcomfort and cleanliness. Bamboo Carbon towels can be purchased at

MAINTENANCEHow do I clean my sauna?Sunlighten’s Natural Sauna Cleaner is made specifically for use with your sauna. Atleast every six months, dampen a cloth with Sunlighten All Natural Wood Cleaner.Clean glass door and windows with Sunlighten All Natural Glass Cleaner. You maydust the outside of the sauna with a dry dust cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners onyour sauna. Light sandpaper can be used to treat stains on the inside of the sauna.Sunlighten Natural Sauna Cleaning Kit can be purchased at do I care for the heater fabric?The heater fabric remains as a covering over the heater panels. This is to protect theheater surfaces from any scratches, etc. It is also there to prevent physical contactbetween the skin and the heaters as the sauna is being used. To clean, wipe fabric withslightly damp cloth. We recommend doing so at least once every six months. Only doso when sauna is turned off.Is it normal to see cracks in the wood?Yes, wood is a living material that continues to respond to climate conditions, evenafter being manufactured into a sauna. During normal operation, wood may crackslightly due to changes in moisture level. These cracks may appear or disappear withthe changing seasons, but will not affect the structural integrity of the sauna. Oursaunas are shipped around the globe, and can experience slight blemishes, scratches,or scuffs from the transit of this sauna. In most cases these blemishes on the exteriorof the room can be concealed by using a small amount of furniture polish, oil, or otherfurniture treatment. The interior blemishes, scratches, or scuffs can be either left alone,sanded, or combination of gluing and sanding. Please avoid any treatment containing,benzene, or a high concentration of alcohol. However, if you detect major cracking ordamage that jeopardizes the functionality of your sauna, please submit pictures

TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDEISSUESOLUTIONAn electrical component isnot working after assemblingCheck all connections - A newly assembled unit with a non-functioningelectrical component (control panel, heater panels, lights, speakers) willmost likely have a missed or loose connection.Sauna has no powerThere could be a tripped breaker due to a power surge or not beingplugged into a dedicated outlet. Flip the breaker switch (a black resetbutton located to the left of the power box on the roof.) If there is still nopower, check the power cord connections on the roof and make sure theyare secure. Also verify the outlet power.Slow warmup timeEnsure each wall panel is heating and that you have the CORRECTelectrical specs on a DEDICATED CIRCUITFor other troubleshooting questions, please contact customer care at 913.754.0831 x7.13

WARRANTYUS / CANADAResidential:Limited lifetime (7 years) on cabinetry and heaters; 3 years on controls; 1 year on stereo.*Commercial:5 years on cabinetry and heaters; 1 year on controls, bench, floor, backrest and stereo.**Limited Lifetime Warranty covers normal use for the lifetime of the product which isdefined as 7 years. Warranty is limited to replacement parts only and does not includecosts for crating of glass door or freight for parts shipped past 90 days from the date ofreceipt of goods. The cost of labor and/or service technicians is not included.Sunlighten warrants the sauna to be free of defects in material and workmanship.This warranty extends only to the original retail or wholesale purchaser of the sauna andterminated upon transfer of ownership. The sauna must be purchased and used withinone year of the manufactured date. Freight charges to and from the customer are theresponsibility of the customer. This includes freight charges for parts shipped to enablethe services of the sauna.This warranty is void if the sauna has been altered, misused, abused or exposed towater. Such instances shall include operation or maintenance of the sauna in deviationto the published instructions, including operating on a non-dedicated circuit. Thewarranty extends only to the manufacturing defects and does not cover the damagesresulting from mishandling of the product by the owner.Sunlighten Corp. shall not be liable for the loss of use of the sauna or other incidentalor consequential damages. Under no circumstances shall Sunlighten Corp. or any of itsrepresentatives be held liable for injury to any persons or damages to any properties.Specifications are subject to change without notice.ATTENTION:Shipping damage must be notated on the Bill of Lading (BOL). Sunlighten must benotified of any damage to your sauna within three (3) business days of signing the BOL.Failure to notify Sunlighten within the established time frame will result in the ownertaking full responsibility for cost of ALL REPLACEMENT PARTS including shipping andhandling fees.14

ETL SAFETY CERTIFIEDThe ETL Listed Mark is proof of product compliance (electrical,gas and other safety standards) to North American safetystandards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) in 50 statesand Canada and retailers accept the ETL Listed Mark as proofof product safety.15

version 0.1US / CANinternational7373 W. 107th St. Overland Park, KS 66212877.292.0020 sunlighten.comcontact your local Sunlighten representative

the sauna is to be installed outside or exposed to the weather, you are requred to have an authorized Sunlighten cover over your sauna. Failure to do so will void all warranty. 7. Keep flammable objects and corrosive chemical substances away from the sauna. 8. Installation of the sauna in an area below standard room temperature