HELLO, WE AREPROVIDENCE.One of the things that you should know about Providence UniversityCollege and Theological Seminary is that this small post-secondaryinstitution nestled in a quiet, prairie community 30-minutes fromWinnipeg is much more than you ever thought it was. Many of ourgraduates boast of the impact Providence has made in their careersand lives.“Providence has been an incredible experience for me. I love my classesand have learned so much. The community here has been absolutely lifegiving, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.”Savannah Brandt, Providence Graduate 20192 WHO WE AREPROV.CA

1. Providence is offering more university program options than ever before.You can get a degree in Arts, Science, Business or Theology. The average class atProvidence is 9 students. Our professors know their students by name.2. Providence has constructed a brand new, three-storey residence hall thatopened its doors in January 2020. It houses 60 students on the top floors,and features a ‘living and learning’ area with a lounge, kitchen, classrooms andmeeting rooms that are all accessible on the first floor. It’s designed with bigwindows and living spaces with natural light flooding into every corner.3. An average of 60 per cent of students receive institutional aid to help withtuition costs. Because of our Impact 2020 campaign, which has raised more than13.7 million to date, Providence is able to grant a tuition freeze for the 2020/21academic year and offer more scholarships and bursaries to students.4. We are a Christ-centred institution. Christ-centred education means morethan biblically-based academics. It means courses and programs aimed atequipping students to truly make an impact in the world. It means facultywho are genuinely invested in students’ academic, emotional and spiritualgrowth. It means a student body that encourages, grows and learns together.And a community committed to leaving a legacy that far surpasses the walls ofProvidence.5. Providence has newly renovated lecture halls, classrooms and lab spaces.Our Buller Business School was opened in 2016, boasting beautiful new facilitiesfor students. And in the same year, when we introduced a Biology program atProvidence, a state-of-the-art science lab was built to enhance student learning.3 WHO WE AREPROV.CA

6. We offer competitive athletic programs including basketball, volleyball,soccer and futsal. Providence is part of the MCAC, CCAA, NIAC and NCCAAleagues. In 2019, the Pilots Women’s Basketball won the NIAC Championship 7360 against the Trinity Bible College Lions. And the Pilots Men’s Volleyball won theMCAC Championship 3-1 against the Central Mennonite University Blazers.7. Established in 1925, Providence has been in operation for nearly a centuryand is one of the oldest post-secondary institutes in Manitoba. Some of ourgraduates pursue further studies at other universities with transferable creditsfrom Providence.8. Providence offers unique and specialized programs such as aviation andhealth sciences. At Providence, students can study aviation and at the sametime earn a Bachelor of Arts. In the fall of 2019, Providence launched two newacademic programs – a two-year diploma in Business Administration and a fouryear science degree in Health Sciences for students who want to continue studiesin fields such as medicine, pharmacy and physiotherapy. Providence’s programoptions are as diverse and unique as our student population.Some of Providence’s graduates have gone on to: operate tech startups inGermany, train lab technicians in Kenya, establish a Bible college in Myanmar,teach TESOL in SE Asia, start a counselling centre in Rwanda, work as a journalistin Belize, run a 20-acre wellness center in Texas, minister to victims of sextrafficking in Ontario, and serve in addiction agencies here in Manitoba.Our slogan “Your Story Starts Here” speaks to the fact that a post-secondaryeducation at Providence prepares students with the knowledge and characterneeded for leadership and service around the world.4 WHO WE AREPROV.CA

FAST FACTS ABOUT PROVIDENCE Founded in 1925 More than 10,000 Graduates (Alumni) 100-Acre Campus 9:1 Student-Faculty Ratio 20% International Students 130 Students Living On-Campus New Residence Opened in 2020 60% of Students Receive Institutional Aid 20 University College Program Options 15 Seminary Program Options 8 Certificate Options Tuition Freeze for the 2020/21 Academic Year 13.7M Raised in Impact 2020 Campaign To-Date 1400 Providence Supporters5 FAST FACTSPROV.CA

RECENT INITIATIVESIMPACT 2020For the past five years (since 2015), Providence has been raising money through Impact2020: The Campaign for Providence. We originally set a fundraising goal of 12.5 millionand have reached and surpassed this goal, stretching forward to a new goal set by ourBoard at 14.5 million.As of January 2020, we’ve raised 13.7 million with more than 1400 supporters. Since thebeginning of the campaign, we’ve been able to complete some of the following initiatives: Brand new spaces and classrooms for the Buller School of BusinessA state-of-the-art science labA new school courtyard & porchNewly paved roadways on campusUpgrades to campus signageA one-stop-shop Welcome Centre for studentsA new institutional websiteImproved Internet capacities with fiber optics installedNew wireless access points on campusA brand new residenceAdditional academic program developmentA tuition freeze for the 2020-2021 academic year Increased scholarships & bursaries offerings More professional development for employees6 RECENT INITIATIVESPROV.CA

MUR I E L TAYLO R H A L LImpact 2020 made it possible for Providence to build a beautiful, brand new, threestorey “Living & Learning Centre,” showcasing more than just a residence but creativecommunity spaces for study, meetings, food and conversation. Every space isintentionally designed with large windows and lots of natural light flooding into roomsand lounges.In June 2017, our men’s residence, Bergen Hall, burned down. And it was then thatProvidence began the initial stages of planning for a new building. Three Way Buildersstarted construction in January 2019 and we planned for a 12-month build. Even with allof the days lost to cold and rain, Three Way was still able to complete the project in undera year.Now, as of January 2020, we are excited to see 60 of our female students move-in. Theonly remaining items, such as landscaping, sidewalks and a finished exterior coat, willoccur in the spring/summer 2020 when we have a stretch of warmer and drier weather.Providence has named our new residence “Muriel Taylor Hall.” Taylor was among the firstthree faculty members employed to instruct and prepare young people for ministry andmissions when Providence, then Winnipeg Bible Training School, opened in 1925. She isthe longest-serving female Biblical Studies professor in Providence history. Taylor servedfor more than 25 years, and Providence is now honoring her legacy in special tribute toher selfless service to the Lord and her students.7 RECENT INITIATIVESPROV.CA

“It is always a challenge in private Christian higher education to providestudents with the kind of quality education that Providence is known for, whileat the same time doing all that we can to make it economically accessible. Byholding tuition to the current rate for the coming year, Providence is indicatingits commitment to ensuring that our transformational educational programwill remain available to as wide a variety of students as possible.”Cameron McKenzie, Provost & VP Academic“Providence, our institution, our students and Impact 2020 would be no furtherahead if it wasn’t for our supporters. Through their consistent wisdom, prayerand sacrificial giving, Impact 2020 has witnessed incredible support.Thus far, Providence has seen a total of 1,425 supporters invest in Impact 2020and the mission of Providence. Those 1,425 supporters havecontributed a staggering number of gifts totally 9,455.”Cody Quiring, VP External Relations“Our team of Grant Design Group, Pico Architecture and Three Way Buildershas worked hard to not only ensure the new building is completed in a timelyfashion, but also that it looks aesthetically pleasing and is ultimately achievingstudent satisfaction and helping us achieve our Providence mission.”Marlin Reimer, Associate VP for Student Development“God continues to bring us students from all over the world who are leavingwith greater knowledge and confidence to do the work that God has calledthem to do. I’ve visited alumni in North America, SE Asia and Eastern Europeand seen firsthand the difference that they are making in their communities.”Dr. Stan Hamm, Dean of Seminary8 TESTIMONIALSPROV.CA

MARKETING INFORMATIONMAR KE T I N G & CO M M U N I CAT I O N SIf you need any additional information, assistance in setting up interviews and/or helpwith fact checking for your stories (etc.), please contact our Marketing Director.KATHRYN MULOLANI, Marketing DirectorEmail: [email protected]: 204-433-7488 ext. 288Office: 2A16MAI LI NG A D D RES SProvidence University College & Theological Seminary10 College Crescent, Otterburne, MB R0A 1G0ME DI A LI N KSLO G O S9 CONTACT INFORMATIONPH OTO SVI DEOSPROV.CA

Providence has named our new residence "Muriel Taylor Hall." Taylor was among the first three faculty members employed to instruct and prepare young people for ministry and missions when Providence, then Winnipeg Bible Training School, opened in 1925. She is the longest-serving female Biblical Studies professor in Providence history.